Author Topic: Can You Soldiers Explain What the Different Ranks Do.  (Read 451 times)

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Can You Soldiers Explain What the Different Ranks Do.
« on: June 27, 2012, 06:02 am »
can you soldiers explain what the different ranks do. (in this layout please.)

commander in chief








pow member

pow dentani


gameshow host

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Can You Soldiers Explain What the Different Ranks Do.
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2012, 09:27 am »
Commander in Chief: These guys can do anything, they have all of the powers available on this site, they're in charge. Examples of CiC are: Geoff, and the CiC alts that some Generals have.
General: This is anyone who has the banner above their username that says, "Forum Moderator." They can promote and demote people (Ex. Send them to or from POW), and they can do everything that the lower ranks can.
Lieutenant: They can Fuse, Close, and Delete discussions, stuff that Majors were originally allowed to do. They also have a category of their own called "Lieutenant League"(Originally called "Major League"). And last but not least, they can read IP addresses.
Soldier: Similar to Privates, but they can see the Barracks. Soldiers and above are allowed to bypass, too, but not in General. Also, about a month ago, Soldiers were given back their ability to sink threads, something that only Majors+ used to be able to do. Because of this, many Soldiers were demoted to Privates, although some kept their place as Soldiers, and Casper11 was (Re)promoted back to Soldier through the HKgames.
Private: This is what you are right now, don't worry, I'm one too. As a Private, you don't have any special powers, but you can see General, EGD, HKGames, Game Sharing,
Reviewer Lane, RPFG's, Basic Training, Ideas, Main Site Office, Bugs, and Private Massages. At least it's better than POW.
Applicant: Applicants are users that are about to be allowed on to the forums. They can only see Game Sharing and Basic Training, although when the forums were created, Applicants could also see General, Bugs, and Lounge (A category that no longer exists). ;(
Grunt: Grunts have just been released from POW, and they can see General, Bugs, and something else. However, they're usually put back in their original rank, especially if they get POW'd on accident.
Outcast: Similar to Grunt, but you have an embarrassing label above your comment.
POW: You must have been very naughty if you go here, Because all you can see is POW camp. It's no fun at all, so if you want to see what it's like, work your way to Lieutenant.
There's also a version of POW called POW Censored, where you can see POW, but you can't post.
POW Detainee: This is just above Giblet, all you can see is Detainee Camp, a PM created by the General that POW'd you. However, if you're lucky, you may have another PM or Two left in your inbox.
Giblet: Only the REALLY bad users are sent here. You can't see ANYTHING except for your account page. All you can do is Log on, Log off, and POSSIBLY edit your account. If you have an alt, you get POW'd and your alt is sent here. If you want to change to a different account, ask a General to Gib your old account. Why? You can only have one account on the forums at a time.
Class Clown: A bizzarre rank created by Brocky, where he demoted several users to here as a prank. I'm not sure about a Class Clown's powers, but I do know that they have a label above them saying, "I think I'm funny."
No Access: The worst of the Worst. At this state, you can't even log on, and you're basically locked from your account! D:

I'm not a Soldier, but I hope this helped!