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Sploder Games / [HYPE] Geoff's Cave
« Last post by 20ethan09 on Yesterday at 05:28 pm »

Adventure to Geoff's cave and convince him to save Sploder, or all will be lost.

Ah, I  see.
Where did Finnz go? He hasn't posted here in a while.

(I'm going to pause our rp here because there's a lot happening that made me take a break from sploder for idk how long...)

Where did Finnz go? He hasn't posted here in a while.
I have always preferred playing Platformer or Physics Puzzle games on Sploder, maybe I have not played something in the other Sploder engines that struck a chord with me, but that was always the case. Obviously, I went into A Step Too Far not expecting anything that special, but I was wrong.


The amount of care and detail that went into the gameplay was astonishing. Practically every feature of the Arcade maker was utilized in making this game, and it works immensely. My attention was always on the game, as it would keep on introducing new and fun scenarios. From the platforming to the puzzles to the intense enemy encounters, A Step Too Far is nearly perfect in terms of gameplay.


Another strong part of this game has got to be the graphics. Like with gameplay, you can see the attention to detail in each level this game has, it’s pretty. The colour palette of each level makes sense, and there is a great usage of custom textures here as well. Another win for A Step Too Far.


This game can be pretty difficult, which in my opinion works in the games favour. The puzzles and enemy encounters can be quite the task to complete, but the game is very, very well balanced. It’s like it knows exactly where I tend to fail, and that’s where checkpoints and health items are. The balance with the difficulty makes for a challenging yet satisfying experience.


The flow of the game is a bumpy road. When it's flowing well, it is really flowing well; the puzzles and enemy encounters are spread out perfectly and the difficulty is steadily increasing, and then the stage ends at the perfect moment, but that isn’t always the case. A couple of stages, while consistent with the fun gameplay, can drag on for too long which can get rather tiring. 


This game is riddled with creativity. From the puzzles to the level design, to the environments, you can tell the developers really filled this game with all the care they could. The story, following Lordelar trying to stop Futuremillionare in carrying out his evil plan, was fun, the great usage of each asset in the game, is all just a joy to experience.

Overall, this game is really good. I did not expect much but was pleasantly surprised by what I played. I will definitely be playing some more non-plat/physics games after this.

Final Ratings:
Graphics: 10/10
Difficulty: 7/10
Game Flow: 6/10
Creativity:  9/10
Overall: 9/10 (Really Loved)
Sploder Games / Re: [Crash] - Lordeldar
« Last post by 20ethan09 on Yesterday at 11:07 am »
Very good 10/10 would play again
Sploder Games / [Crash] - Lordeldar
« Last post by lordeldar on Yesterday at 11:06 am »
Play here!

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