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Change it to the title I have changed it to or else...
EGD13 Hyping / Re: [HYPE] The Chamber Of Magic - Ethan2009
« Last post by Rockyroad797 on Today at 06:13 am »
I'm like 3/4 done
Update to level one added.
Lv 1: 90%
Lv 2: 90%
Lv 3: 50%
Level 4: 10%
Boss battle (lv 5): 0 %
 Over a year of work and I'm only 48% done  :)) (if you take the average)

3/4 and 48% are nothing equal.
Yes it does, he legit does not exist. I explained why. There has only been 2 Mewtwos ever made, one does not mega evolve the other mega evolves into Mega Mewtwo Y, therefore Mega Mewtwo X does not exist in the anime.
Master106, if mega evolution exists in the anime, which it does, then all mega evolutions exist in it.
Personal Exhibition / Re: WASTE MY TIME
« Last post by Bolsillos on Today at 01:05 am »
It literally has my sister's old signature on it.
Tell your sister she's a brilliant artist. Her creation is one of the best things I have ever seen.
General / Re: Contact with maiphantomhive?
« Last post by Bolsillos on Today at 01:03 am »
Shut up
Rocky, acting like that won't help. If anything, it'll just fuel the fire. Trust me. I know from experience on here.

The only solution is to ignore it.
General / Re: Contact with maiphantomhive?
« Last post by Bolsillos on Today at 01:01 am »
She changed her username, though I assume the request is still there. Give her some time and it should be accepted soon
What's her new username? I had undone the request and was going to try again.
Does she even know who you are Bolsillos
Yes, she does. We used to talk before I cut her off early last year in fear of doing harm to her. I had already hurt so many I did not want to hurt anyone else. I had cut off contact with everyone from here, until I made peace with my demons late August of last year.
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