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Name:Read ^
Why I want to join:Blue is my favorite color
Does my avatar have blue in it:If it doesn't appear,refresh the page
Do I support blue:OF COURSE!!! ;D

Posted By: deathleafAmber changed her avatar :O


Ok,I was denied 4 times,I'm denied at life and only Chuck Norris likes me.Lol.But,anyways,my application(I hope it's final)

So,today I'll review Stunned by Sack.Sack is a famous Sploder member.He only makes feature worthy games.So,I was searching for a good feature worthy game.So I've remembered Sack and choosed his newest game.Sadly,this game hasn't big amount of views.So,let's move on,I'm not going to spend all day on the intro:

Well,I'm pretty sure we are all aware of Sack,if you are not,you didn't register on Sploder.Sack holds Reviewer's position.Reviewers understand the sense in games (Uh...I think).So,Sack is Epic Game Maker,that's the words that characterize him.So,like all his games,I rated it 4.5 :).Now,let's talk about Thumbnail:

Well,it looks plain.All I really can see is that there's a little bit of decorations,darkness,switches and monsters.It's a little bit disappointing,I wanted to see a thumbnail that looks active.But,unfortunately,in this game you're just slowly walking across the game.Now about our review,which we are waiting for...

This game is full of tips:with each corridor you have a picture of the game,and it makes game not so difficult:)Ok,now I'll tell you about gameplay,and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
The game starts off the hall with two blue doors.All that you need to do is climb-out of hall.So,we all understood that we need blue key,of course.Once you climbed out,you see three ways:one of them locked by OneWay Door.Now remember my words:you're getting a full picture with each corridor.Second way closed by switches.Third way is the only way to start our adventure.You are getting up with staircase.Now we are searching for our first "real" battle.Sadly,there aren't as I call them "Real battles".We only can see some enemies.Snarley blocks our way:we need to defeat him.The power-ups and health were quite limited.

Unfortunately,there aren't puzzles.I was searching for a game that includes many puzzles and traps in it,but I was guided by the logic:if this game made by popular member of Sploder,so it will be interesting and will include a lot of traps and puzzles.

There aren't so many as I wanted,but that was enough for me.I'll tell you the secret:I only like games that includes traps,I don't like to complete them -_-.

Scenery wasn't awesome as I was waiting for,but it's was enough,same as I said to Traps.So,there aren't much to talk about,so let's move on.:)

There aren't enough action to talk about it.So,as I said it's not a "Real Battle" game.You don't need to use your logic,or challenge.This game was between "Relax Style" and "Adventure style".


Feature Worthy?:
Well,when I clicked "Play" button,I thought that this game will be feature worthy.After overall I understood that this game isn't.I hardly believed it,as this game was made by Sack.Sack is Epic Game Creator.

It was ORRS (Official Rus Reviewing Station)

General / Official Sploder Birthdays
« on: December 23, 2011, 08:36 am »
20th of January 2001

What's about my APPlication?
Hello! Today I'll review a game by Avatar1097.Avatar1097 is nice friend.He makes good games,but,sadly,he hasn't featured.He made awesome game called Pressurised.I liked this game.And you can try this game too.I'm going to make a review on it.So,let's start our review:

Pressurised has a short story line,but that's enough to play Avatar's game:
The king sentenced you to a life in prison or complete this course to be sent free when you killed the prince. you choose kill the prince,but was that a mistake...?


Level 1

Now we are going to kill the prince.Game starts from a trap:You're falling in lava and there you will die...of course if you won't jump from it.Many Sploder members like traps on the start.It makes game better:Why? Because if your game isn't very good at the beginning then more likely another member probably won't want to finish the game. Avatar has added beginning that will catch your eye,and you will want to finish,but game is so hard! Well,lava isn't very good trap:you can easily stay alive.Avatar understood it too,so he has added another trap:checkpoint in lava.It's invisible! Probably,you will get in this trap,as there is a thor.Battle with him won't take many time,but will take your health.Once you've done with thor,get some cookies for health.Then you will head to the hall with green key and one additional life.You may think:now,when I got a heart,I can lose one life with no worries:You are jumping in lava...and then you lost one life...But then lost second as there is a checkpoint in lava.But you can stay alive and now green door won't be locked as you've a green key.Then you got in a hall.Your mission is:jump under the hall and get power gluv:it will help you throw a small wheel in orange switch.Then try to get out with jumping on spikes.Then you will climb higher and higher.Then you need to try jump and don't get at start again:in lava pit.And you will see a finish:now you need only to climb the walls and get crystal-then go to exit.

Level 2

There aren't much to talk about in second level,but it looks good.First we are going to eat some cookies to restore our health.Then you need to pass crushers.It's very easy.Now destroy the turret and climb the wall.Now jump in lava pit and get a mace there.Don't touch MagicSwitch: Don't be so curious!Now with mace we can destroy a wall that we saw when we destroyed the turret.But I won't say the walkthrought anymore:I don't want to say all secrets of Pressurised.

Now let's talk about cons:

There aren't much,but...

1.Avatar didn't really care about background
2.There aren't much decorations.
3.You can't really challenge there:this game is like a puzzle

Ok now let's talk about enemy placement:
Sadly,I didn't see many enemies there:only traps.This game has a thor:is that enough? I don't think so.

Block placement:
AW THERE ARE MANY BLOCKS AND I GOT BORED OF IT.That's enough to say.But you are getting bored from blocks very fast.

-_-.Didn't I say?

Well,how do you think:for somebody it's enough,but for me it's not big amount.

It's very creative:who will put the prince story and factory in one game? :D

Let's watch the final verdict:

1.Enemy placement:1/5
2.Block Placement:3.5/5 (For getting bored from blocks)

Hope you agree with my final verdict.

It was *ORRI (Official Rus Reviews Inc.)*

My final words:BLOCKS!!!

I think it's better than 1st

*World 1.1 New Leaf Dojo*

Today I will review Moolatycoon's game"World 1.1 New Leaf Dojo".It's one of games series"Worlds" like I call it.Worlds series became very popular.That's the reason why I choosed this game.It's featured game.It has 4950 views.Normal amount for a featured game.Moolatycoon is one of the friended Sploder users.So,let's start.


We came to the dojo to learn arts and test our skills,don't forget! Well,and Moolatycoon didn't forget it too.Our dojo is full of torches and statues outside.First that we can see is wizard.He will help you test your skills and study arts.Let's talk about Dojo design:

*Design*-The design of our Dojo is better outside.Inside we must study,so we don't need decorations.We only have walls inside.But that's enough when you are trying to escape from bats,thugs and crushers :)
Well,it's there's not so many decorations to talk about.But Moola has added more tiles.
As we came here to test our skills,let's show them to other people!Try to pass crushers and lava.
Our Dojo has 5 levels in it.Each becomes harder than level that you have finished.

Decoration/block placement-Well...You have a lot of place to play on.This game has Dojo tematic,and it doesn't changing.You won't see pool in one place and dojo in another.It makes "New Leaf Dojo" way better than other players' dojos.
Dojo is full of traps.Only touch that tile and then *BANG* and now you are in lava pool!
It has elements of sudden.My advice:Don't touch if you don't know what is it :)

Enemy placement-Dojo isn't full of enemies unlike traps.Sadly,but you can only see enemies on the ends of levels.
Well...There are only easy to beat enemies like thugs,bats,ninjas and others...
There is a zone with a lot of lava and bats.They might give you high damage,as they can throw you in lava.You are trying to get out,but...You lost.Restart all the game.
Moolatycoon has used enemies.Not many,but enough to lose.

Puzzles/traps-He he...It's full of it.Didn't you understand?
Well,there isn't enough traps to be lost on level 1 or 2.I was very confused on level 5.
Also,my favourite trap was level 4 speed as it was easy.I could hardly believe my eyes-how this trap got on level 4?!
If you finished first 3 levels,you need to only be scared on level 5 :)...And then...Diploma!

Fun-This game was very good.I've highly rated this game for a lot of traps.I liked them.

Now let's watch final verdict:

Design 4/5...only because you need more decorations!
Block placement 5/5
Enemy placement 5/5 for lava and deathly traps!!
Puzzles/traps 5/5
Fun 5/5

Overall 24/25

Next time make more decorations...


Ok,I will make another one

Today I will review "Circumvent".This game is Minifrog7's and Ckmbud's project.This game has been featured.And I agree with Editors' choose:this game is really good and also it has many traps.

You, a young Lieutenant who fought for Canada in WWI was held hostage. The Nazi's held you in a prison and around it was advanced technology and security systems. You have to escape the jail, filled with mutated monsters and conquer the Nazi's and win the war before being prosecuted.
Game is full of darkness.Only objects that you can good see are eyes of our character and lava.You can easy get in trap,and that adds to Circumvent more interest.Ok,let's talk about levels.Sadly,this game has only 1 level.But it's not short and easy as you may think.First that you can think:"I'm in trap.How will I get out of here?!".I thought the same.But one of blocks (I won't say which) is a backwall.You will see more fake "traps" at your way.Next time:you need to get a blue key and try to do not touch lava.Only some masters can do it.In this game you need more moment that I liked the most was an inscription that says "You will spend holidays with me".Nice summer holidays...It's hard and long level,but I hope this game isn't impossible and somebody will complete good is this game:

Block placement/decoration:3/5...only because this game hasn't decorations and It getting bored
Puzzles/traps:5/5...for darkness.It adds to "Circumvent" more traps which players can't see
Enemy placement:2/5 as "Circumvent" hasn't many enemies.But it has a lot of lava!!!


I hope next time in another game there will be more enemies and decorations ;-)

I think it's short,isn't it?

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