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General / AMA (Including opinions, why not)
« on: March 09, 2019, 10:45 pm »
since i am oh, so bored...

Hello friends, welcome to the brand new Reviewer Recruitment of 2019! I'm not gonna explain much on how to apply as it's fairly simple. Just follow the steps below and soon you may be walking out of the Reviewer Lane with a brand new R badge!!

The steps are as follows:

1. Make a thread in the Reviewer Lane, review written and prepared; preferably in a format similar to: "Review Title" - A Review of Joji Goes to Taco Bell by pepperedSteak

2. Copy and paste your review into the thread, and press create new topic! It's that simple.

Below I've written a few basic points of how to increase your chances of getting accepted, and wowing the recruiters in the process. Of course, this is all based on my personal subjective opinion and while I'd recommend to use these tips to the best of your advantage, you're not required to at all. ANYWAY, they are as follows:

-First and foremost, you should try to make your review as interesting to the reader as possible. Even with correct grammar, even with a lengthy review, the last thing you want is for the review to seem to "drag on" constantly. Monotony is something you definitely want to avoid when writing the review; keeping the reader's attention is crucial.

-Keeping what I said above in mind, you also want to have a good understanding of punctuation, grammar, and correct use of wording. as a example, your gonna want too avoid this kind of sentance structure wholly; bc it says a ton about the way u'd rite if u get acceoted or in this case. denied. If you have trouble with this kind of thing, which is completely acceptable, there is always free grammar checking software available if you need it. I would recommend Grammarly.

-Remember to never be afraid to make your review as unique or different as possible!! This goes hand and hand with my first tip; something I'd expect is for readers to want variety and uniqueness between the reviews they read, and doing so would keep them not only interested, but wanting more as well. Having your own style, signature, sense of humor, etc is something I feel that should be encouraged much much more when writing reviews.

-And finally, if you can, try to get some decent length in. I'd say 8 paragraphs seems to be the sweet spot, going over all aspects of the game (story, art, scenery, gameplay, etc) all while trying your best to keep it unique and interesting. If you think of something for your review but end up going "Awh, that would never work...", try fitting that idea in the best you can!!! It definitely wouldn't hurt to try.

.....aaaaand that's it! I wish you the best of luck in writing your review and hopefully getting it accepted! Believe it or not, reviews help the mainsite out a lot in terms of activity and livelihood and we could use as many of them as we can get.

Quick side note: Similar to the MSM recruitment, we ask you to not resubmit a denied application for a full 2 weeks as that time frame gives you a chance to go over what you did wrong and how to improve substantially in your next application. Good luck to all applicants!!

For the upcoming reviewer recruitment, we need at *least* 5 reviewer recruiters so the accepting/denying process could become a lot easier and smoother for not only the recruiters, but the applicants themselves. The more the better! Apply below, and in a format similar to:

MS Username:
List off your qualifications and why you think you'd be good for the job. Some examples would be how active you are around both the mainsite and forums, how many reviews you have, how active you would be if you get the job, and things in a similar category. It's not hard, but try to make yourself stand out the most!!

Current recruiters:
pepperedSteak (Co-Lead)
Seanthechinaman (Co-Lead)
Meta KnighT (Futuremillionaire)
Crazykittyzz (Sivershadows)

Hello and welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved MSM recruitment center of the wonderful year of 2019, hosted by yours truly!! Just follow a few simple steps and soon enough you’ll be walking outta this thread with a shiny new MSM badge!

If you happen to fail, you will have to wait 2 weeks to reapply. This will give you some time to go over maybe what you did wrong and what you can improve on with your next application. Just remember that if you attempt to reapply before the 2 weeks are over, you will NOT be sent the test again so don’t even attempt it. With that out of the way, let’s get to the process of applying...

Part One: A Simple PM

The first thing you’re gonna do is PM me something along the lines of:
“I’d like to apply for Moderator…”
...aaaaand that’s it! You will be sent the test by me whenever I see the PM.

Part Two: The Test

While I won’t give out much information on the test, I will say that it comprises of multiple sections, all based on written answers. I wish you luck!

Part Three: Application review

When you complete and submit your application, it will then be judged by me and 7 other active moderators and if everything seems to check out (70% yes vote), you’ve successfully passed the MSM test and will be placed on the big man’s To-Do list! Wooo awww yeah hooray!!!!!!  :o :o :o :o 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :P :P :P :P ;D

And with that, I hope you have at least a general understanding of the application process and how it works. Good luck on the test and I hope you pass, much love!!


Current applicants +their status:
Firepinch - Accepted!!
Boytucker - Denied...
Ethan2009 - Accepted!!
Applepieofdooms - Accepted!!
Seanthechinaman - Accepted!!
Goldoptimus - Pending, awaiting the finished test
Lifedollars - Denied :cc and banned from applying. Broke numerous mainsite rules
Bricc - Pending, going over the finished test
Startrekzooka - Pending, awaiting the finished test
Duck - Pending, awaiting the finished test
Awesomefinnz - Pending, awaiting the finished test
Starcraft1234 - Pending, awaiting the finished test

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