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General / Re: the killer mixtape
« Last post by marcvider on Yesterday at 08:03 pm »
OMG He's actually here.
Sploder Games / Re: [HYPE] NinjaApocalypse - Hexcatz (Platformer)
« Last post by Gami on Yesterday at 07:44 pm »
Looks good!
General / Re: the killer mixtape
« Last post by sticki on Yesterday at 05:45 pm »
look at what I made a while back
Sploder Games / [HYPE] NinjaApocalypse - Hexcatz (Platformer)
« Last post by HexCatz on Yesterday at 05:37 pm »
Explore each level looking for crystals while performing perilous platforming, mild puzzle solving, and epic combat. I haven't thought that much of a story yet. Right now I have level 2 out of 5 completed. Here is a screenshot of my work.
General / Re: the killer mixtape
« Last post by seanthechinaman on Yesterday at 05:10 pm »
You named your mixtape the killer ??
Basic Training / Re: Not necessarily new but hello.
« Last post by marcvider on Yesterday at 03:21 pm »
I still look forward into competing for the last and my first ever EGD next year. Have it a go.
Inner Rage / Re: Political Debates on Sploder
« Last post by marcvider on Yesterday at 03:19 pm »
I am pretty sure most people on the website are ages 17 to 28.. we aren’t all kids. I think it’s fine to debate about politics outside of the usual conversation. We are at an age where we really need to form our own specific political identity.
My point is not specifically about age, but about what this site is all supposed to be about. Politics is in the same category, but does not belong here, therefore, intoxicating this site with it is utter bullsplode.
General / Re: My REAL name
« Last post by Bolsillos on Yesterday at 03:03 pm »
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