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General / Re: Whats the brand of the shoes u usually wear?
« Last post by Firey on Today at 02:20 PM »
Yeah, I get everything at the dollar store.
General / Re: What are tags even for?
« Last post by Apod on Today at 02:17 PM »
im pretty sure he adds that himself to every post he can, he's a user i dont see him online that much
General / Re: What Is Your Age (Poll)
« Last post by Firey on Today at 02:17 PM »
At least 49% of the forums are adults now. Interesting.
b i g b o y
Rpfg's, Groups, Forum Games, and Contests / Re: Heart Day ♥♥♥
« Last post by Firey on Today at 02:16 PM »
Nobody has posted in this for almost 4 years.

♥         ♥
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General / Re: I Remember...
« Last post by kof on Today at 02:05 PM »
But it was against the rules.
it don't directly concern you so yous a snitch\
General / Re: The Return: A Sploder Story
« Last post by chucky12 on Today at 01:57 PM »
"Stay still, you crazy bot," Chuck says as he tries to repair Robroto's brain.
"How do you even know him?" Zor asks.
"He was a failed experiment," Chuck admits, sighing heavily. "I tried my best to make him, but I couldn't fix everything, apparently."
Chuck puts all the wires and any hanging objects, like the right eye of the robot, back into place, before he wraps the robot in white medical tape.
"We need more people," Giovanni says, urgency clear in his voice.
"I know," Chuck admits.
That night, Zor finds it hard for him to sleep.
"Chuck?" Zor asks.
"What's gonna happen if . . . we can't save Sploder before Flash City is demolished?"
"Then we fight tooth and nail to survive," Chuck says. "Just because an outdated city might end Sploder as we know it doesn't mean that we should give up."
The two adults fall back asleep.
Booyah makes double sure they're asleep, before he gets up.
"Brocky," he whispers. "Let's go."
"I don't know," Brocky sheepishly says.
"Come on!"
Booyah resorts to pulling Brocky up by force. However, this makes her snap.
"NO!" She exclaims, before kicking Booyah below his stomach. "If you want a toy, go find some little princess off of the streets. I'm staying here."
"Fine!" Booyah says. "You'll want to come. Sooner or later!"
With that, Booyah runs off.
Brocky can't sleep.
What am I worried about? she wonders. Then, she sees Robroto. Oh yeah: him.
Poor Robroto was still awake, unable to rest whatsoever.
Brocky sat next to the small robot.
Chuck sighs, getting up.
"Still awake?" Chuck asks.
"You are too," Brocky points out. "I'm guessing you heard Booyah run off."
"I'm not worried about him," Chuck says. "If all he's gonna think about is his manhood, then we don't need him around."
"Will Robroto be alright?" Brocky asks.
"He should be," Chuck says. "Unfortunately, he's always gonna have that limp."
Suddenly, a fancy car arrives at the campsite, and Tanner steps out.
"Any luck?" Tanner asks.
"It's over, Tanner," Chuck says rather reluctantly.
"Wait, his name's Tanner?" Brocky asks.
Eh? She can . . . see them?
"Indeed," Tanner says. "Hmm, I'm surprised you can see me."
"I did find it odd that you barely talked to them," Brocky says more to Chuck than anyone."
"It's hard," Chuck admits. "I'm afraid to get attached."
"Why?" Brocky asks.
"Because it's hard to let go when you lose them."
"But isn't it better to at least know them? Even if the memories hurt, wouldn't it be better to have some memories instead of no memories?"
Chuck sighs.
"I don't know," Chuck admits after a minute. "I'm 18, yet I'm unsure of mostly everything in my life."
"We were the lucky ones," Geoff says as Lucifina wraps his wounds. "I fear the worst for my people."
"Can't you go up to them and tell them to 'let my people go?'" Bob asks.
"First of all," Geoff says. "I'm not Moses. I have no stick, nothing that I could use. Second of all, we're talking about tryin' to convince robots to let us go. It's not gonna happen. When you program something, it's almost impossible to reprogram it sometimes. It's just sad that . . . Flash City is going to be demolished. To think that some of my people may have died for . . . absolutely nothing."
"They won't die in vain," Bob says firmly. "We're gonna win this thing. We'll have to scout around and group together with the other resistance groups, but we can do it. Of course, if you're willing . . ."

More coming soon.
General / Re: 1,000 posts
« Last post by Startrek on Today at 01:54 PM »
Oh congrats man.
General / Re: Whats the brand of the shoes u usually wear?
« Last post by Leah | Patient on Today at 01:49 PM »
i dont think my trainers even have a brand? that or its just so splode ive never heard of it
General / Re: What Is Your Age (Poll)
« Last post by Startrek on Today at 01:39 PM »
At least 49% of the forums are adults now. Interesting.
General / Re: post here for an opinion
« Last post by Eldar on Today at 01:39 PM »
Nothing different from every other opinion thread then  :::):
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