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Video Games / Re: Rate The Game Above You.
« Last post by seanthechinaman on Today at 03:17 am »

Half Life 1
Personal Exhibition / Re: Drawing MS Members
« Last post by pepperedSteak on Today at 03:03 am »

if you can, make me have a black long sleeve top and a long purple skirt. the rest could be random
Game Discussion / Re: HTML5 Creators
« Last post by seanthechinaman on Today at 02:54 am »
I have a few Platformer suggestions:

Better water physics (floating enemies are currently quite inconsistent)
Broader destruction conditions (for example, melt blocks should be melt-able through any source of fire, be it flamethrower or Snarley)
Obviously, smoother controls
General / Re: I Remember A Time...
« Last post by mk6520 on Today at 02:43 am »
sadly the admins and mods would rather just abandon everything except for the Discord server
Its like we need new admins,new mods,new developers etc
Music / Re: I Need A Few Song Suggestions.
« Last post by mk6520 on Today at 02:42 am »
General / Re: B
« Last post by mk6520 on Today at 02:41 am »
Eee should be eek
No its eee,eek means disgusting
why are you creepy
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