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way to many

Geoff hunter :o

the man

pros are dead  :(

General / Re: Coders School
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:42 pm »
signed up

sweet love


love pancakes

-Barb Wire set (5 R each]
-Cannon (15 R each)
-Catapult (15 R each)
-Archer Guards (15 R each)
-Mortar (20 R each]
-Arrow Sentry [30 R each)
-Moat W/bridge (35 R each)

Village Defense:
-Swordsmen ground Guards (30 R for squad of 5) [ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO BUY]
-Village Wall (100 R)
buy all this x1
and 3 captains 1 swordsman

blue rocks

Name: Bob
World Bobton

2 thanks is pretty good for me thank you and goof luck I thing I have no chance up against some of these apps


Carry on searching
buy 6 sharp shooters play for me at 3:30


He called me names, always laughs at my face, ruins my life, rubbing the fact that I'm gonna go to PoW again in my face, and HE IS EVIL!!! >:( >:( >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:D >:D >:D

I wish I could shove atorch up his face so he could DIE!  >:D
you could easy get banned for saying that

its ok but the grammar could be better and more written

I swear none of this was copied or reused.

My Application
What Being a Moderator Means to Me?
I have always wanted to be a moderator ever since I joined Sploder. I am an active member who plays a lot of games.  I would like to help protect Sploder so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.
What Powers a Moderator has?
I will do this in order of seriousness.
A moderator can give warnings which will appear on the player’s home page.  (Only viewable to you) These are issued, well as a warning to stop them doing it again.
Small cases such as those below is when it should be issued.*
If they have repeated the offence a ban or restriction can be used. A ban would stop a player being able to login a toll for maybe two or more weeks or a smaller ban for maybe just a few days just as a less serious warning. Users can have their accounts restricted by Moderators, such as not being able to post or give awards. These should usually not be permanent.
*These can be for advertising, spamming, a bit of bad language. Dodgy games/graphics.
Permanent Ban is a serious ban that will stop you logging in forever. Only should be used in serious cases.
This is used when someone has done something really bad, like black mailing etc.
Other Powers
IP powers, a mod can see your IP code (Your computers unique code) and can put a restriction on it to stop you making new accounts. This can be used to track down hackers and to make sure bans are kept.
Mods can delete posts and flag games and graphics. Flagging is when it is not suitable and will go through trial on whether or not it should be deleted.
Moderators have special pages which show all the bans and warnings so that they can keep an eye on warned members.
A mod can return deleted games that have accidently been deleted
Spamming and Flaming
Spamming is when people post the same comment repeatedly. It is also when you post too many emotions. Advertising games is also spamming.
Flaming is hostile aggressive behaviour against another player.
Final Notes
If I was to become a Moderator I would keep up my duty every day I could. Show no biasedness and most of all support the well behaved and punish the players who break the rules.
Thank You for Reading

so ill post my app

can I post app now how long do we have till voting starts?

search the maximum  every day could you play for me chlorede

lovely class

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