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Game Hyping / Lectred Z 2 the Light Side of Sins (Fixed Code)
« on: July 09, 2012, 07:56 am »

    Lectred Z 2 The Light Side Of Sins
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General / Hey Lord! *Trollface*
« on: July 08, 2012, 09:51 am »
How can Ravi unban himself without being online?

This is the Sequel to the 2 part original. It features quite a few different gameplay features from the first, for example, every two levels are exactly the same block layout. Only difference is how you are forced to explore, enemys, fluxes between the two worlds, ect. It all makes sense in game play. It also features only two new suits that both serve unique functions and different beam shots. Light has less mass and is smaller, but goes faster and longer. While dark is has decent mass, and is bigger then the normal shot, but only goes a somewhat small distance. If you have any questions, ask. This game is one parted compaired to the other one.


General / Soldiers/ Demoted Soldiers Come Here for a Second
« on: July 07, 2012, 01:58 am »
All the following is for a ppg I have in the works, you can look at my hype thread if you want. Now, first to you current soldiers, post if you want to be included in my game as hero/enemy, you will most likely be both. Now for you former soldiers, post if you want in as being 'bricks'(Strong private heros)/ Enemys, again, most likely both, if you post please say which you are.

This is a new project soon to be worked on. There will be two installments, one playing as privates against soldiers, the other soldiers against privates. Screenies to be posted.


Pro: Massive numbers.
Con: Have little power.

Soldiers: Decent power.
Con: Little numbers.

It looks like may be an even battle.

General / Published Gunman Squash
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:04 am »
Yup, enjoy :3 I'm not posting the link in general until I am for sure I can

Game Hyping / Lectred Z (Pt 2)
« on: July 06, 2012, 12:12 am »

    Lectred Z Pt2
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General / *Wild Bill Gates Appeared!*
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:03 am »
bill-gatesWhat shall you do?

General / How Many of You Know TheSchnookle?
« on: July 02, 2012, 08:33 am »
Welp, earliar I was contacted by him via email, I didn't know he knew my email, but I got a message about deleting his MS account, which I don't beleive is possible. He gave me a password and whatnot. Now I was scepticle about this being him legit, so to prove it, I tried the password provided on his account... I logged in successfully... I don't know what to do... Lol halp?

You can have volume on, but be warned that when I start spamming shots it gets loud.

The video was under processing in youtube when posted, so it may not show up if you come here right away

Game Hyping / Lectred Z [Part 1]
« on: July 01, 2012, 05:50 pm »

    Lectred Z
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Well, Lectred Z was something I drew as a younger kid, he was the epic bounty hunter. Having tons of kewl suits and weapons. Well, the time has come to make these drawing a game. Now if you are wondering why this is for door haters, it's because there are many different doors to explode and shoot out of your way in this game. I'm also trying a few new PPG ideas out on this game and am putting more effort into the graphics and space usage then any of my other games, so to sum it up, this will probably be my best ppg yet. I only have nine levels done so far, but enjoy the screenies. NOTE: On the second pic that enemy has been removed.

General / Awkward Things to Do in a Elevator with Others.
« on: June 26, 2012, 06:18 pm »
1. Occasionally Meow.
2. Everytime someone presses a button, make explosion sounds.
3. Tap on someone's shoulder when you are the only other one there and act like you didn't do it.
4. Draw a box and yell out "THIS IS MY PERSONAL SPACE!"
5. Pull out a banana and pretend you are on a the phone.
6. Make airplane noises while the elevator moves.
7. Ask a random guy "How is my daughter doing?"
8. When the elevator stops drop and roll and yell "TERRORIST ATTACK!"
9. Start playing with a yo yo and say WOOOT, WOOOT.
10. Just state out in a silent moment you have killed cats before.
11. (Credit to blonk) You state to the others with a straight face "Now you all may be wondering why I have gathered you here..."

Welcome heros! You shall embark on a quest to obtain a legendary sword said to grant all wishes to thou who holds it. Your app will be short and simple...
Here is mine I guess, lol. All people who join start off with 50$.

Name: Ebony Knight Of Despair
Element: Dark
Clan: The Immortals

And that's it! Here are elements and clans you have to pick from.

Cloud: Can weild the legendary Staff Of Gale, this element gives a boost in speed and health regeneration.
Aqua: Can weild the legendary Trident Of Storms, this element gives a boost in defense and health regeneration.
Stone: Can weild the legendary Hammer Of Magnitude, this element gives a boost in defense and offense.
Magma: Can weild the legendary Blade Of Infernos, this element gives a boost in speed and offense.
Dark: Can weild the legendary Whip Of Dread, this element gives a boost in offense and health regeneration.
Light: Can weild the legendry Bow Of Judgement, this element gives a boost in speed and health regeneration.
Overworlder: Can weild the legendary Blaster Of Energy, this element gives a major boost to offense.
Underworlder: Can weild the legendary Drill Of Destruction, this element gives a major boost to defense.
Nuetralworlder: Can weild the legendary Guantlet Of Balance, this element gives a major boost in offense and defense, but decrease in health regeneration and speed.
Forest: Can weild the legendary Club Of Growth, this element gives a massive boost in health regeneration.

Clans: Clans are teams with other members, and can lend each other weapons, trade weapons/cash and even team up against enemies. You can always do this with the same element.

The Warlords: Elements that can join: Magma, Cloud, Stone, Dark.
The Immortals: Elements that can join: Dark, Light.
The Explorers: Elements that can join: Overworlder, Underworlder, Nuetralworlder, Forest.
The BloodAngels: Elements that can join: Cloud, Magma, Light, Aqua, Overworlder.
The Spys: Elements that may join: Aqua, Underworlder, Stone, Forest, Nuetralworlder.
The Union: All elements may join.

!!!NOTE: Story battles are to be moved to your custom pms I sent you, team battles are to take forth here. Now you guys can enjoy not having to tell me what you want to fight >.>

General / Whoa Whoa Whoa, Wait...
« on: June 25, 2012, 05:57 pm »
There's a Thunderleaf, a Deathleaf, and a Burningleaf?! .....My god.....

General / Shad's To-Do List
« on: June 25, 2012, 04:08 pm »
To-Do? I meant Voo-Doo, run now, I haz black magic! >:D

General / Lolwait...
« on: June 24, 2012, 06:09 am »
So we aren't allowed to post game links in General, but wut about in EGD? There is no rule against it...

Out of all of them, only one wasn't actually hid, Otenko the Flower follows you, anyways, all of the requests that were put in go as this...

The Milkman (A very specific Milkman to be exact)
A Nyan Cat
Sonic The Hedgehog
A sign with Pikachu saying Drink Gatorade
Link from LoZ
Otenko Teh Flowa
A sign saying WARNING!!! TROLLS!!! with a trollface on it

General / Looks Like I'm Going Without Any Sleep Again
« on: June 23, 2012, 04:56 am »
I'm sick of my mother saying I don't help her with craap, and since she has work on my birthday she decided to throw a party tommorow, but she's such a sissy little baby and stay up and clean, so I said I would do it for her, and specifically stated the reason being in these exact words "so you'll shutup and stop lying and whining about how you 'do all of the work' even though i do a decent portion of your work" that lazy bum thinks she can pi-ss me off, well she's lucky I back off from her, otherwise I would have ripped her  throut out by now, then she couldn't say I don't don't do anything around the house... ugh.... Anyways, you guys have anything interesting happening? I need some sort of entertainment while I mindlessly skip sleep so I can host my party.

General / Suspiciously Named Thread
« on: June 22, 2012, 05:30 am »
Nothing to see here, move along.

General / A New 'meme' I Made
« on: June 21, 2012, 01:40 pm »
Please note there is vulgar language on it, so do not go to it if you do not wish or are not allowed to view inappropriate language.

General / EGD Gunman 6 Poster (Hand Drawn on Paint)
« on: June 17, 2012, 01:44 am »
Drawing people isn't my best skill, but I tried....

Still deciding how to hold sign-ups in the new forum, so don't request yet please and thank you.

Required Questions:
Good, Evil, Or Neutral?
Skilled Fighter, Magic Power Fighter, Soldier, or Non-Fighter?


Remind me to update the site sometimes pl0x.

Characters:                             Roles:                 Current Status:
Boredgame                              Good              Living(Magic Power)
Applepieofdooms                      Villain                    Living(Skilled Fighter)
Shadross                                  Unkown               Unkown(?)
Jaggertoo                                  Villain                   Living(Soldier)
Qyqt2                                         Good                 Living(Skilled Fighter)
JackJoshSeb                            Villain                   Living(Magic Power)
Bobifes1                                  Villain                Defeated(Magic Power)
Greenhat99                               Nuetral               Living(Skilled Fighter)
Liamnight                                    Nuetral              Living(Soldier)
Chucky12                                    Good                 Living(Non-fighter)
Bubbledme                                  Villain                     Living(Magic Power)
Enzo186                                        Good                 Living(Magic Power)
Prodigy                                          Villain                  Living(Magic Power)
Stormbolt                                 Villain                       Living(Magic Power)
Startrekzooka                              Good                      Living(Skilled Fighter)
Bluestinks1                                 Good                        Living(Soldier)
Budzopen                                 Villain                   Living(Skilled Fighter)
Krazykid849                         Creapy           Living(Everyones favorite Pedo)
Filiptokic                              Good                         Living(Skilled fighter)
Peruguy2005                       Nuetral                        Living(Magic Power)
Al3xhw                                 Villain                        Living(Magic Power)
Stanleykitten                    Nuetral                            Living(Skilled fighter)
Tacco11                             Villain                             Living(Magic Power)
Hadiclank                              Villain                         Living(Magic Power)
Moolatycoon                             Villain                        Living(?)
Thewindlord                            Villain                    Living(Magic Power)

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