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Then i shoot the very hungry hungry hippo called hippo and and evrthing goes again.

...Wackyy got out of the lava pits by building a teleporter out of pizza, and squished the n00b force, and alex, and sploder forums, and the internet, the world, the galaxy, and EVERYTHING THERE IS KNOWN TO MAN, and built an invincibility armor shop...

Then they bit off alex's head and turned into frogs...Then they threw grenade at the very hungry hungry hippo called hippo (see page 61 or 60) and they got squished by geoff who banished Wackyy (DON'T SEND ME TO POW CAMP.. It's a joke. And don't put that banish 3vil eternity thing on me, and don't ban me) to the lava pits...?.....

Did a poop on alex's head. Then they tasted their poop...

Then started operation on nolanalex, removed poison candy (wth?) and he comes back to life.

Pages: 1 ... 17 18 [19]