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Reviewer Lane / Re: Activeness Question
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:07 pm »
Thanks, I'll do it.

General / Re: NeW PLaTFoRMeR LaUnCHeD!
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:46 am »
It's pretty cool, I have to admit!

You aren't allowed to bump applications...

Did you know you are not allowed to bump your applications?

Reviewer Applications v.2 / [Denied - Application] A Bleach Game
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:38 am »
Name:  Bleach Ichigo and Renji Multiplayer
Creator:  Minikemon
Game type: Physics Game Creator

Pre thoughts:
Well since I’m so into Bleach, I was obviously intrigued by this virtually new game. It only came out at the end of May so I thought I would try it. Hold on a sec, I’ve gotten ahead haven’t I? Okay I’ll explain; One day I was bored and decided to search around for any Bleach Games. Naturally there were a lot, I mean, I wasn’t the only one watching Bleach! So yeah, I was going to go to some other Bleach game that was the most intriguing but I saw that it had already been Reviewed. I was disappointed, but happy that I could go continue in my search of a new game that was overlooked somehow. This particular game piqued my interest and seemed alright, so I decided to play it. When I clicked on it I realised the name doesn't even suit it! It does not have anything to do with a multiplayer!

I was very disappointed with the creativity in this game. There was no creativity what-so-ever!  It had the basics, yeah, but nothing exceptional or worth mentioning. All Minikemon did was place a platform here and there and a couple of spikes. All of the animation went by too fast to be seen so, I continued a pain-stakingly long time figuring out what it actually was. Unfortunately I came to an unsightly conclusion. Most of them had NOTHING to do with bleach. Just some random monster created by one of the talented graphic designers.

I played some other Bleach games first obviously, but unfortunately most of them were even worse. It seems that this creator has taken ideas here and there and jumbled them in a game. It wasn’t very original. He could definitely improve on this one! I was pretty frustrated as I could not find any originality which made it hard for me to think of things to write. Most of them were just many enemies jumbled together.

There were no puzzles... That’s all I can say, seriously? The whole Bleach Anime involves puzzles and you didn’t even include one single puzzle in there? WHY?! All he did was to put platforms here and there and put enemies in a couple of columns. All you needed to do was to drop down and vwa la, you win! And most of the levels all you needed to do was to watch and it only lasted for two seconds at the most. The last level was the only one that could even be considered a puzzle. But the thing was it wasn’t created very successfully because you could not see the top to collect the last coin. What the?!

There was no challenges either! Now that I am thinking about this whole review I don’t see the point of continuing, BUT I already came this far, why even consider going back? I spent too much time on this, I couldn’t waste all of my work could I? So now here I am laboriously going through this review, thankfully I have nearly finished. Where was I? Oh yes; Minikemon gave much too much life and you could not lose unless you were in the last level where you could not see where you were going, and therefore dying trying to retrieve the last coin. There was no challenge involved that was successful or even there!

Creativity: 1/5
Originality: 1/5
Puzzles: 2/5
Challenge/Difficulty: 2/5
Fun: 1/5
Overall: 1.75/5

Feature Worthy:
No, this game has nothing a feature worthy game has, I would not consider it for a millisecond.


Reviewer Lane / Activeness Question
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:35 am »
It says that in-active Reviewers will be demoted. Does that mean that  you need to keep posting Reviews? If so, what is the time maximum time frame for not posting without receiving a demotion?

Bleach 1-85. Naruto 1-70 and One Piece 1-60 are up.

Lol, it has been pretty active lately. Thanks for all the users that have advertised my Forum! I hope a lot more people will join.

Guests are watching Anime and one new member has joined!

I found a better one! I use it for minecraft etc.

We have received 2 new members, and a promotion has happened. More Anime videos are going up, up, up!

If you do not need sound then use your Dell webcam if you have a Dell computer/laptop. If you need details them feel free to PM me. It's free by the way. The sound can easily be added on my Audacity and use Windows Media player to add it on. So you record the screen and sound at the exact same time. I use it all the time!

Anime Videos are up! Bleach episode 1-43 and Naruto 1-12. You can also request your favourite Animes! More promotions coming this way and Forum has been redesigned with more boards and Twitter page has been crazy!

Gamekid  has recently signed up.

More guys joined and well we've sorted out everything! Head Mod position is open and I am on the look out for more promotions; Hence General needed.

Wow, 1 more member joined 5 seconds ago!

I new member joined today! And Pink Fedora has been promoted to General. But due to his mis-doings he may be demoted.

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