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It was a joke, lol.
Well have another then! lol

General / Re: A very serious announcement. (Encouraged to read)
« on: June 18, 2013, 07:14 pm »
I'm sorry to hear that man! If he's having trouble like that he needs help not damn punishment! What kind of FU place is that? Sorry if anyone's from Singapore but that is just CRAZY
Man I'm not big on praying but in this case I'll send one your way. Best of luck to you all man.!!!

I never got a thank! LIAR! >=O
Yes u did XD

On this MMO I use to play (I was little XD), I was a Wind Mage. So my name was Thewindmage. =P
 Then, that account was hacked, so I created a new account with a similar name so my friends would recognize me. It was Thewindlord.
 I've used it since :P
I almost forgot it was Windlord, smh





I was feeling alone at the time in social life, my favorite name is Alex, and I have a family of six.

There are many more reasons, probably, but I don't know them. #Subconscious
A6! :D

Concer-tony ( :P )
Used to be my Skype name (don't bother looking it up)
From this:

Instrument I play for various things :)

Well, it is a name, but not mine! (mine begins with E)

You will normally see me on other sites as boy101 (101 - just a number - emergency service number and the number on Mr. Anderson's door - Matrix :p and boy because I'm male, so why not!

If you wanted to know...
Cool! You should post your music sometime! I'll check it out.

Well, my current username (Elroy) is just a shortened version of my original one (elroysice). Back when I was younger, probably in early elementary school, I was obsessed with this game, Mario Power Tennis for the GBA. It was somewhat enticing due to the fact that, along with its Golf counterpart, was one of the only Mario game with human characters other than Mario and friends. My favorite of these human characters was this kid named Elroy. He was basically the second most OP character in the entire game, mainly due to his power shot. Power shots are basically just magical shots. His Power shot coated the ball in ice, and if the opponent managed to hit it back, they would be frozen for a short period of time. This is how I came up with my username 'elroysice.'

It's not 'Elroy Sice' (whatever that means), it's 'Elroy's Ice.'
Ohhh Elroys Ice, damn I was like "What is a sice?"
I've been wondering that for awhile dude!!!lmao!
Mystery solved.

My favorite soccer player is Wayne Rooney, and he's number 10. lol

Rooney!! One of my buddies faves too.
I love this little leprechaun kick! lol

You haven't thanked mine :c
Sorry bro! Fixed!

Same lol. I always thought his real name was either T. Bremise or T.B. Remise. I didn't even know remise was a word.
I've heard of it... but I couldn't use it in a sentence probably XD
"I'm feeling remise"..maybe, idk
Tbrem, where are you? Straighten us out lol.

My original username was Daydream... haha I chose it 'cause I daydream a lot... ^_^

I guess the pronunciation is obvious xD
Me too...still do. lol
Actually JUST had a mini daydream of waffles and syrup for a sec XD
True Story-Thanks Iball  ::)

I like waffles and it is a cool word. :p
Add butter and syrup and you have one of the best things Man has ever produced for breakfast. Second only to bacon.

Did I miss Thanking anyone? Sorry I got a bit outta order here.

I guess Iball is sorta my nickname, and I don't know why I added the 4
Prounced eye-ball four
What about Waffle?

I feel how you pronounce my username is kinda obvious XD
Well, i liked the colour blue and i like wolves. So i tried the generic "bluewolf" which was taken.
So i thought back to a picture i found before, it was of a blue wolf that looked like it was glowing.
Thus, Glowingbluewolf

AKA Glowie  ^-^

I'm just kidding. I know what all this means. But I specifically picked it because of the song, 21 Guns.
Ahhhh! Got'cha now.


I came up with it one day, trying to come up with an email address. TB is my initials, And I like the word remise, even though half the things you type the word remise in says it isn't a word...
 I kinda thought your last name was Bremise lol. I thought that sounded odd together, Thomas Bremis LMAO. Derp for Death
I got'cha now.    T.B Remis.
Still, your name has taken on its own pronunciation, we all call you T-brem   :D

I'll give the backstory on my most popular alts. lol

willturner -- my full name is really long, so I usually just go by Will Turner

flooser -- bleeping loser. I don't know why I called it that, lol. Saw the word somewhere, thought it was funny or something.

chaosx -- I was honestly just making random alts for the hell of it. I thought Chaos X sounded cool.

09w -- I made the account in 2009, and w for will

ohninedubya -- I said the above username out loud

8bitgamer -- I like old NES games, lol

charismatic -- meh. cool word. make it into username. ???. profit. Krazykid actually helped me come up with this. It was originally going to be charismaniac, but it was already taken.

6an6sta6rillz - I used to use the alias gangstagrillz on tinychat. Someone mentioned me being the devil (no idea), and I changed my name to 6an6sta6rillz as a joke. Someone changed my forum name to it.

charisswag -- charmander is swag. I was talking to whtever on tinychat and he changed my name to this, don't remember why.
Charis you get two thanks for your in depth history of usernames  :D

I hate this username. I only chose it because I had nothing better back then.
But if  not for YOU, who would be BLUE? Perhaps over time, it will become like a SHOE, getting more comfortable until it's just right for YOU.  :D
Dr. Death's poems.

I don't know how I for mine.....
Military funerals have a 21 gun salute. Usually only 7 guns fired three times though.
I like it as a name tho, takes on a new meaning of badassness.

Ripto is a villain of Spyro: Ripto's rage, aka Gateway to Glimmer. When I joined the forums I planned on making my username Boemchak, (which has another interesting history cause I use it for everything). But for some reason it didn't work. So I created Ripto. Which I am very thankful for because this username got noticed by sto4, since he is a spyro fan. And thus I stayed on sploder instead of leaving.
Not only that, but it just sounds epic too. RIPTO....

So my friend that showed me Sploder his name was mario530 so I added a 1 mario531. So were's that thank we were talking about?
Thanked! Sorry, I had to run for a bit earlier.

My MS name, Beefburito, was born by me thinking of a name.  I was like, "Okay, I need a name, what have I eaten recently?  Oh yeah, last week I had a Beef Burrito," Then I took off 1 r just because lol.

It's pronounced beehf-berr-ee-toh
LOL, Yep! Your on my friends list beefy.  :))

Weird story, across my street some cops were arresting a family who were hiding drugs in there home. When I was watching then I was eating a brownie... well then 2 weeks later I signed up and I remembered the yummy brownie with the police. Brownie + Cops = Browniepolice!  8)
XD awesome. Made me think of police eating weed brownies or something.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Decided to throw an extra zero in there.
XD I always think of you as Mr. Blank lol.

from my book
from my head
from my mind

I love how blackholes are operating, so yeah
They're growing, they can decrease and they catch everything. But once something is in a blackhole, nothing can save it.
That's why I love this name
My favorite object in the entire universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No force of nature is more powerful in my opinion.

WOW at all the replies! Sorry I had to go for a bit! Thanks for everyone's input!

Mine is pronounced Dud-kee

I wanted something that would be easy to remember and something that would sound funny. I remember a funny name I heard for a small village in central Poland, called Dudki, and I thought it was a funny name, so I decided to stick with that.

>_< Although, nowadays I wish I could get a name change.
Nah man! That's YOU now! Keep it, it's original and has a certain ring to it!

well this account is an alt i made a long time ago and i needed a name so i looked around at stuff and on my moms desk was sme medicine or something called Zymox. so i switched the m for an n and there you go zynox was born.

its pronounced Zie-knocks not like the idiots *cough*shad*cough* that call me zee-knocks
XD That's pretty cool!

It's basically supposed to be Trey T.
First name and initial of last name.
When I first started to use forums and things, my typing skills were terrible,
so I wanted a name that was easy to type. More like fast than easy.
I've used it for like most of my online profiles.
And I told myself if I became a rapper, that's the name I would use.
SEE! I was pronouncing it wrong in my head lol. I got ya now!

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