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I hope that too. XD

A mod once warned me for "Talking about rape with chains" Such an idiotic reason to warn someone. =P

Think of a idea for revenge  ::),no didnt imagine anything.

*dashes forth and strikes GG with so much force that I move completely through her body, moving so fast that my own shadow can't keep up*
Not again  :'(.

General / Re: Casper needs advice on a crush
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:54 pm »
I can make it look like an accident. (:< If we team up....
I can make the graves.

*Draws the Shade* So, you have a complaint? (:<
Yeah I have a complain  >:D.

*steals minjaze's spell book,for killling mr. person reasons.

General / Re: Casper needs advice on a crush
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:49 pm »
Go for it casper.

Complain to Mrperson then, I am 'SURE' that he will be very understanding on that subject.
Mrperson, show our guest here to your 'complaint department'
Fine but you know scourge should have police.

I will have to make revenge byself.

So he wont go to jail  >:(.
Seriously he raped me it was horrible and he didnt even make a good job even tinkerbell gave me more fear.

It's his job. ;)

He even has a theme song dedicated to that. xD
So he wont go to jail  >:(.

Can someone put mr.person i jail he rapped me  :'(.

Okay who of you are bastards?

General / Re: Are Your Parents Devourced?
« on: March 11, 2013, 05:32 pm »
He may be a pedo, but he doesn't listen to every conversation through the phone with a guy called 'privacy'.
His not mature enough to be pedo but he doesnt know defently whats privacy.

Thank you. And the cameras?
I destroyed them.

General / Re: I've just relized how much of an idiot I am.
« on: March 11, 2013, 05:28 pm »
You realize it until now,well then your very slow as well.

Just give me the money...

...and remove the cameras.

You must follow my command; I am a SCOURGEian General.
Okay  :'(,here have the 500 $

If anyone harms the doggy...

- Dramatic music plays -
Thank you



Perv alert
Take the good things with the money of those nude pictures I can buy food for  cerberus if he still lives.

Err... nothing suspicious here, i'm DEFINITELY not digging a grave for Cerberus, because my arm is definitely NOT extremely toxic...
Hmm that makes sense.

Minjaze please dont be mad because I out more cameras in your bathroom,your body is just so addictive to see  :'(.

*Goes buy real dog food.

*Silently digs a grave in the woods*
Nothing suspicious here...
Go checks whats he is doing,minjaze (accidently)hit him with the showel.

Hey minjaze want to be the villain in the new ppg game im gonna make?

No cat food, sorry =/
Oh no I better stop cerberus before she eats it then.

You're a very smart doggy Cerberus, so I'mma make some rules for you to follow.

Cerberus' Feeding Regulations
1. Cerberus is the only one authorized to clean out the corpse bin.
2. Cerberus, no chewing on Generals'+ arms.
3. Cerberus is authorized to chew on the Neophytes' arms whenever she wishes.
5. Cerberus is the only guard dog allowed to eat prisoners :D
6. If you're buying regular pet food, make sure you buy it for all three heads.
7. No red rubber balls.
8. No grenades in the food bowl.
9. Make sure the water bowl is filled with clean filtered water from the SCOURGE water filtration plant.
10. You can only give Cerberus weed if I allow so.

^^These rules apply to all SCOURGE members
Is it allowed if I give her cat food,thats what I bought,dog food is too expensive.

EATEATEAT. *Eats geoffsgrandpa*
Oh no I forgot to tell you what I bought wasnt dog food it was cat food dont eat it..

Okay I bought food, cerberus eat.

General / Re: Who Annoy You On These Forums?
« on: March 11, 2013, 05:12 pm »
Redstorm and me,redstorm is cool but annoys me too much.

The doggeh needs food... DX
Ill buy some food then,even if that takes all my money  :'(.

General and Pet Trainer... XD

Now Cerberus, go clean out the corpse bin. And if you see Geoffsgrandpa, you can go eat him too.
Dont do it I have a bomb inside me and because I dont taste so well I already tried to eat myself.

What a msm means to me:Its great responsability first ,you must take the job serious,They bann and stop any members that violate the sploder rules,example showing pornography,insulting members spamming,  hacking,starting flame wars,or making inapropiate games.List of powers a moderator has:-Banninng members:Moderators must bann  members once they violate the rules,the moderator must give a warning to the member who is violating the rules,if the member keeps violating the rules,the moderator is forced to bann the member,if the moderator does not follow the rules and uses his powers bad his badge will be taken away,the regular bann will only be temporarily,ip bann means forever,-Ip check:At this way moderators will know the alts members have ,as well this lets moderators ip bann the members in extremely violates of the rules, Restore and delete games:if you want a game  you accidently deleted or other reasons, you can call a moderator to restore them, moderators can only delete games in extreme cases of inapropiate games,-Delete messages:Moderators have the power to delete messages in case of innapropiate words or insults. What reasons could be a member banned for:-spamming: its repeating words with no sense,-Flame wars:There are a union of members insulting thereselfs,Hacking:Entering a members                                                                                                       account without permission,just advice this may get you ip banned,if you give the member your password this isnt considered as hack,Inapropiate games or graphics:You may get banned for showing innapropiate games and graphics like nudity example or other type of                                                                                                                                                                                                                  inapropiate graphics,as well you can get banned for making hate games possibly,a example:the justin bieber hate games or others.Pornography:Well in my opinion I dont think we have to worry to much of that in ms though always be careful for porn graphics and stuff,this might get you ip banned,as well giving porn websites links. Hope you like my application.                                                                                                                                             

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