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K guys, post who you think has the weirdest,disturbing or JPW* signature ever!

just plain wrong

General / Who is Steve Perry?
« on: April 18, 2013, 01:28 am »
Anyone know??

General / Calendar error
« on: April 05, 2013, 04:20 am »
My birthday is on the 10th not the 11th

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I,William2542 am doing my third application for a reviewer and I'm reveiwing today Blockhead,The Crystals of darkness by minjazemunka241981
The story line is after blockhead saved the world twice!,He went to have a vacation in London. He soon finds out that an evil necromancer called Zarek cursed London and made it full of zombies,ghosts, you get the drill

Today I'm dividing it up into 3 sections,which are

Let's start with art. The art in the game is very detailed. Zombies are roming about the world map, pictures of ghosts stare at you, even the evil pumpkins look realistic!

Gameplay: the main idea for the gameplay is to get the 4 crystals of darkness and use them to destroy Zarek. The world is divided into a map like Old-school Mario levels. Area 1 is a town riddled with zombies and has the blue crystal
area 2 has evil clowns and death traps to get to the red crystal. Area 3 has the green crystal and it's guarded by pumpkins, evil pumpkins.
Area 4 is the last area and is Zarek's castle. It has skeletons and fire shooters. The last level is when you have to fight Zarek himself. To defend yourself through the whole game you have light barriers you can shoot by pressing the space bar

Difficulty: Just below hard. The areas have got death traps throughout them and have hidden paths. E.g. In area 1 there are some bricks that are lighter than others that you have to jump on to get to the crystal, and on level 2 you have to go pass the ferris wheel. But... one of the carriges has spikes on them and the ferris wheel is very fast  so itt'l be hard to avoid them.

Overall: Extremely good. The graphics are realistic, gameplay is just right and the traps can fool even the best of gamers.

Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

This is my review on mimicry and I will divide this review in 3 parts

1.mimicry is a puzzlling pps game and the idea is that you are two players, black and white. When you move white[you cand only control white] black moves in the OPPOSITE direction :o so you have to avoid puzzles just focusing on white. Worse is that you cant touch blocks of your same colour!!!!!! This game has 8 intruging, difficult, puzzling levels. I like that.
2. Hard! Those  levels have rising difficulty. I got up to 6![People would normally get to 6] Each level introduces something new like moving platforms, thin walkable surface, it's so hard ittl look like sceptile's "Sceptile goes to the sun" look easy![not to be rude]
3. If I put this game on the machine which tells how puzzling a game is[puzzletron] It will explode 72 TIMES SIMULTANEOUSLY! It'snot all about direction and caution, it's also about timing,reaction,skill and strategy. Nice one Tbrmise!
Gameplay 8/10
Difficulty 9/10
Puzzle[your guess is as good as mine]10/10
overall 10/10
mimicry is a game by Tbrmise

Okay this is my review on mariomanguy's game sploder fighters reptile king. Sploder fighters is a series about several sploder members[me included] fight sceptile and his minions.

Gameplay: pretty good, I like how you have to jump over the gaps in the sewers and dodge the policeman bullets and release the lizards.... yet also funny in some parts.

Puzzle: two words: NOT GOOD [no offence] The only puzzle there is is" Where am I going to land" "how do I avoid these bullets" Actually there is practicly no puzzle :o

Difficulty: Okay, yet needs more obstacles in the game. Even a new guy could win this easy.

Overall: i see this is a story based game with action and player parts in it but not that much. I liked it and so will you... I think
gameplay 4/5

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