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Darkness has risen. Six teens will be chosen to fight it. With magnificent cars that turn into animals, they have to stop it Before the world is sucked in to a black hole. If it is, everyone will die and the universe will disappear forever....

1969 Mustang Fastback (Horse)
2001 Dodge Viper (Giant Snake)
1990 Silver-Blue XJ-S Jaguar (Jaguar)
2012 Beetle RS (Gigantic Bug)
1968 Black Pontiac Firebird OHC-6 (A Flaming Bird)
2010 Dodge Ram Dakota (Ram)

General / The Best Nazi Zombie Quotes
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:16 pm »
These are not in order!!!!

Richtofen: No power? How suspicious...or OBVIOUS!!!
Richtofen: Do not touch the DOCTOR!!!
Dempsey: Killin' Zombies since 1945. Oorah.
Dempsey: F*** YOU FIDO!
Dempsey: Can somebody turn the f***ing power on now???
Dempsey: I'm out of bullets, can we drink Vodka now?
JFK: You don't have to forgive your enemies but never ever forget their names!
Richard Nixon: It seems the Pentagon has been breached!!!
JFK: Zombies. Alright guys, lock and load.

General / Who has COD: Black Ops for PS3?
« on: August 10, 2012, 03:49 pm »
Add me plz. I'm EpicBlast123

General / Warfare Easter Egg Suggestions
« on: August 10, 2012, 02:44 pm »
There will be many easter eggs you can do, like I am making one where you have to go through all these different traps, and the scenery makes a code that you have to use later in the game. Have any ideas for other ones?

General / Linkin Park-Bleed It Out [PARODY] Nazi Zombies
« on: August 09, 2012, 02:45 pm »
Yeah here we are in an Apocalypse
Hand grenade pins flying everywhere
Throw ‘em up and let them go bye
Blowing out there freaking minds!
MP40 No excuse
Find a new place to camp and shoot
Blast ‘em up from atop these roofs
Reload quick so I will not die
The truth is you can be a noob
Kill yourself, man I don’t care
Unlocked the upstairs and hid up there
With an Kar98 right off of the wall
Yeah, I got the RayGun
Heading back to get more ammo
Say your prayers before we die
And then just hope to win!

I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lot’s of blood!
I’m shooting them!

Go fix the windows
Crappy game with a bunch of jerks
Found a shotgun, COME AT ME BRO!
Co'ck it back and shoot like mad
Someone help me
I’m infected
Zombies are hanging onto my face
Crying scared come in here now!
I can’t contain them I’ll soon be dead
Wow this hurts, I won’t lie
It doesn’t matter how hard I try
Half the bullets fell out of my gun
And these Zombies are not satisfied
So don’t start ignoring them
Help me man or I will die!
I say my prayers and hope to live
Thank you for reviving me!

I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lot’s of blood!
I’m shooting them!

I have a lot of scars
I’m trying to run away
I WILL NOT DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lot’s of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
I’m shooting Zombies and I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lots of blood!
Yes I see lot’s of blood!
I’m shooting them!
I’m shooting them!
I’m shooting them!

This was made for my new game, The Undead

General / My COD Game Ideas
« on: August 03, 2012, 01:04 pm »
Call of Duty: World War III

"Война все, что нужно, с войной все проблемы в нашем мире не будет решена. Американцы превратится в пыль! Я не забочусь ни о чем больше. Я буду делать то, что я хочу, и я буду взрывать землю." Translation: "War is all that is needed, with war every problem in our world is solved. The Americans will turn to dust! I don't care about anything anymore. I will do what I want, and I will blow up the earth....." this is a quote from Makfrontof. He is a Russian terrorist. Trying to blow up America, it won't work.

In this game you would have to do campaign. You would go through and fight and get to Makfrontof. Then you would kill him and blah blah blah.

Call of Duty: Zombies

This would be a game of just Zombies. It would be a Zombie Campaign, and you could do normal online Zombies. No normal campaign, no multiplayer. Just zombies. It would have maps and the story from Call of Duty: World At War all the way through Black Ops 2 and it would have new things never before seen.

RPFG's, Groups, Contests and Forum Games / Element [Epic RPG Game]
« on: August 02, 2012, 06:38 pm »

Present day and the world is falling apart. The Element Crystal is the only thing helping us, and it is dying. Losing it's power. Random people have been chosen to get power of the Elements, and they must restore humanity by finding the Element Crystal and putting the Elements back into it, so that the Earth can be a good place again. With their element powers and weapon, these brave souls will help save the world.

Create A Character

How you create your character is simple. You need to be detailed and specific though, for example saying "I have a jacket on" you should say "I have a dark brown leather jacket on with pockets on the side" and if you do that, you'll be fine. All you need to tell me is your name, appearance, gender, and starting weapon which you have to choose from the weapon section.

List Of Elements

Here is a list of all of the elements that you can choose from, you can make weapons with the elements, you get new attacks, and certain elements let you upgrade to have more than one element!


There are so many weapons. Some are newly created, some are default, but no matter what there is a huge variety of weapons that you can buy. If you're new, you can pick one weapon but it has to be labeled 'STARTER' or else you can't buy it.

Sword- $50 (STARTER-FREE)
Nambu- $100 (STARTER-FREE) ~WW2 Weapon Limited Time Only~
Ninja Stars- $55 (STARTER-FREE) ~Ask for pack options~
Twisted Metal Sword- $300 ~Ask for description~
RayGun- $10000 ~Ask for description~ ~Limited Time Only~
MP40- $450 ~WW2 Weapon~
MP5K- $700 ~Epic Machine Gun Package Single Gun~
EPIC GUN PACKAGE ~Ask for description~
WW2 GUN PACKAGE ~Ask for description~
NINJA PACKAGE ~Ask for description~


You can buy weapons, but you can also make them using Resources. You can get many different resources many different ways.
Wood-Chop Down Trees
Plastic & rubber-Buy Some At The Shop
Metal-Use Metal Detector
Paper-Make Some Out Of Scrap Wood
Glass-Break Windows Or Anything Else That Is Glass

I was playing COD WAW Nazi Zombies and I go to the mystery box 3 times and the third time I get the RAYGUN!

General / Why does everyone hate my storylines?
« on: August 01, 2012, 04:23 pm »
Seriously what the f***?


Story: November 14th, 1945. A huge war had started and there was a group of scientists, Group 3000. They were experimenting with different chemicals to help America win the war. They mixed many different chemicals together and mixed them with toxic acid, the two mixed creating this horrible chemical. The leader of Group 3000, Dr. Fanrig, stole the chemical so the Army would not use their special chemical for useless weapons. Fanrig had traveled to Germany and soon found an undiscovered island named Geisterhaus Erde, which meant Haunted Earth in German. He stored bucketloads of the chemical there so it would never be found.

December 17th, 1967. A group of German teenage travelers had somehow found the island, and they decided to explore. They ended up stranded and searching for food and water. They found the chemical and thought it was water so they ended up drinking it and turning into horrible flesh eating Zombies. The rest of the chemical had spilled and ended up all over the island and other places of the earth. The chemical spread everywhere turning most of the human race into Zombies.

August 5th, 1980. The American Army had traveled to the island and found more and more of the chemical. They stole it and kept it from ever being found again. Out of sight from everyone. The world was peaceful, no more Zombies, and the human race had been restored.

September 11th, 2001. Many tragedies had happened, and another one had yet to come. One man had broken into a secret place and burst pen the vault and found the chemical. He studied it and studied it more, soon figuring out how to make it. He added more and more chemicals, and added things like gasoline and oil. He then held 1500 people hostage, and when they did something wrong they got Zombified. It was sick. After about three years something huge had happened.

 February 28th, 2005. The virus had spread to a hospital, and the Zombies were blasted and ripped open for Autopsy. They found loads of the chemical inside the Zombies, and they had hidden it somewhere that is still a mystery. The architects that had designed and created the hospital decided to build in a panic room, along with many other buildings. Dr Jash, the last doctor of Group 3000 had stored supplies in the buildings to help fight the Zombie Apocalypse, and he then died.

Present day. The chemical had spread all over the world. Only a few men had not yet been infected. Dr Fanrig had turned into a Zombie and was killed, but his son was normal and alive. Dr Fanrig Jr figured out what his father had done and wanted to help solve the problem. Another doctor from Group 3000 had became an Army General, and also helped because he knew how horrible it had become. You are the main man, with a team of very little, you need to stop the Apocalypse from happening, or die trying.

Types of Zombies:
Big Zombie
Newborn Zombie
Half Zombie

Sequels Planned:
Return of the Undead

Theme Song: Bleed It Out-Linkin Park

~~A Simple Guide~~

Hello, this is A Simple Guide. A Simple Guide is a not really a guide, it's just my tips and tricks to certain things. In this case, it is making a platformer game. I will be talking about different things, and this may be a somewhat long guide. So grab some Doritos and an MP40 and read the guide!

Of course if you are reading this you are either a person who wants to know my secrets to game making, or a Lt+ looking to see if you should sink this. This was only made for one of those reasons.

There will be three parts to this guide. Setup,Creation,and Finishing. Each part will talk about different things in it. Now this is just an introduction talking about the basics, and now let's start talking about what you wanted to hear about: Platformer games. Now if you think I am going to tell you everything it takes to make a plat like one of mine, you're wrong.

~~Continues In Next Post~~

General / Do you like mah signature?
« on: July 30, 2012, 07:35 pm »

General / Gaming Poll
« on: July 30, 2012, 12:21 pm »
Mine would be WAW and MW3

General / I'm Comfused
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:59 am »
How do you make a signature???

Game Hyping / Intensity Games
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:27 pm »

Intensity Q&A

What Is Intensity Games?
Intensity Games is a game label.

What Is An Intensity Feature?
An Intensity Feature is not a real feature, but it will be on the Intensity Features section in this thread. If you get an Intensity Feature, you have a good feature-worthy game. Warning that this is not a real feature, but it is still an honor.

Can I Join Intensity Games? If I Can, How?
Of course you can! Post a link to the Sploder Game that you want in Intensity and if I like it you will become a member and have your game in the sponsorship!

What Is The Members List?
It is simple. Once you register a game with Intensity Games, you become a member. Meaning you are able to publish any Intensity. So Intensity Games has a very basic contract, or rules, to go by.

When you sign up for Intensity games you are automatically a member, and the games you choose can go under Intensity. We do not accept collab accounts. With single members, if they have an alt and they want their main channel to put it up for Intensity, both must become members. For single members it is simple. Give me a game to put under Intensity and I will accept or Deny it. I also rarely deny games. I will only deny noobish or extremely bad games, another reason to not accept is if they are impossible, or if I just don't have a feel for the game. So sit back and have some extra fun with your Intensity Games.

Helpers, Owners, and Co-Owners
Kyleissocoollike- Helper

General / HTML Test
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:10 pm »
<font color="Red">Does this work?">

General / My Games in the Making:
« on: July 28, 2012, 10:51 pm »
Nightmares of the Underworld
Capture The Flag
I will start working on Sonic The Hedgehog 2 soon :)

General / REMOVED (Sink and Close plz)
« on: July 28, 2012, 10:45 pm »

General / This Song Make Me Tear Up....
« on: July 28, 2012, 08:43 pm »

General / [HYPE] Warfare [HYPE] (Futuristic Army RPG)
« on: July 28, 2012, 06:47 pm »

Inspired by the Call Of Duty Series.

Story: 10003 years from now, in 3015, the world was peaceful. Come March 13, everything changed. The leader of the EMDS, which stands for Evil Monster Defensive Systems, attacked. His name is Rocky, his nickname: Rock Solid. He and his team, along with their minions have taken over the world, making it into dust and sending the world into terror. It's up to you to stop them. You are with the FSA, Futuristic Space Army. You need to stop Rocky, Thor, George, Demon Samurai Kikuchiyo, BigBot, and FlameTroll. It won't be easy, but I know you can do it. The world is becoming worse every second, the place is full of nothing but Warfare.

Sequels Planned:
Warfare II
Fire And Ice
Fire And Ice II
Ninja II
Warfare The Final Chapter
Too Much Warfare
Warfare Means Death
Warfare XI
Warfare XII
Warfare 4000
Historic Warfare

(There may be more, then again these may not get made)

Progress Log Coming Soon.
Character Bios May Be Coming Soon

General / I Love This Song!
« on: July 27, 2012, 03:06 pm »

General / Shadross
« on: July 26, 2012, 10:07 pm »

General / Who Has Call of Duty: World at War for PS3?
« on: July 26, 2012, 10:03 pm »
If you do, want to play?
If you don't, buy it. It may be old but it is still awesome!

Sonic's Sploder World Wide News Informer!

Hello there, and welcome to...ugh! the name's too long! Meh, let's just call it SSWWNI. Or, Swisswini? Nevermind that, let's get up to the important things!

Promotion.Refresh.Promotion.Refresh.Hey, Look! Another Promotion!
Written by: Sonicdude102
Now, if you guys know what I mean, then you know about all the extremely major promotions going on. Budzopen,Metallica48,Netshark,Jcaldwell,Paccreator,and Sailormoon16 have all been promoted to soldier.  7Grant2 got re-promoted to General, and Bobbler went from Soldier to POW-Detainee to Outcast and right back to Soldier within a week. MrDragon got a promo to Lt, finally! So yeah, lots and lots of promotions like BOOM BOOM BOOM! I just don't get it.....

New Rules? Well Then...You're Such A Bleeping Bleeping Bleep, You Bleeping Bleep!
Written by: Sonicdude102
New rules have been made because of a mass destruction of Sploder Forums because of one or more Soldiers+ power abuse. If you remember, many people were acuse of sinking every thread in General, and a certain member of the forums named Bobbler, the one that I mentioned earlier, made inappropriate threads to make the forum calm and less strict, and that is why the new rules were applied. Now, basically every word in the book can be said or bypassed except for the F word, and some other inappropriate and vulgar words. Some other new rules include DBOT, No Spam, and some other things that are listed right here. Credit to MrDragon and the other Lt's+ for making the new rules and for making Sploder a fun place for users.

Congrats To Geometric!
Written by: Sonicdude102
Off-topic of the forums for a while but congrats to Geometric and Spikedog13 for getting features! Geometric mostly, since Spike no longer comes on here. Anyway, Geometric had real talent, and pretty recently he has gotten a review and a feature on one of his best games titled as "Nexus" and Geo did a great job on the game from what I had played. So I would just like to say congratulations to Geometric for the review and feature, and good luck for the future!

Sonic's Sploder World Wide News Informer Important Things
Written by: Sonicdude102
Before I end this article of SSWWNI, which is too long to be an abbreviation, I need to tell you about some important things about these articles. I put lots of hard work into making these, so please do not post here for randomness, or at all! If you have a question or comment just PM me. Also, if you want to write for my long-titled news thread, PM me an article and become apart of our staff! If you make it I will congratulate you in your very own article of..I'm not typing that again! I am serious about those two things though. Thank you for reading and new articles will be up soon!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hello, and welcome to SuperHero Revolution this is a work-in-progress so please do not post.

General / Who Here Has Made a Mini Movie?
« on: July 25, 2012, 07:57 pm »
When they were younger with your friends? I see people do it all the time on YouTube. When school starts I will try to get my friends to make one, but first I need a camera :P

General / I'm Planning on Writing a Screenplay
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:37 pm »
2 ideas. One is a slasher movie and the other is an action flick.

Born and raised on a farm, Jack always worked with rakes, pitchforks, and shovels. He worked with knives and chainsaws and axes, all kinds of blades. One night he woke up in the middle of the night, sleepwalking. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a barbeque fork. Murdered his mom and dad. A year later he was still never caught. He designed a mask made of rubber, with ice cold steel inside. Carved out big eyeholes, and covered them in black netting. Same with the mouth. He painted the mask and designed it. Grabbed 4 knives, a barbeque fork, a steak knife, a butcher knife, and a kitchen knife, he then left on his killing spree. They all called him.....Jakk Knife


General / Butterball Is Torturing Us on Tiny D:
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:53 pm »
She's playing James Blunt!

General / The 3 Sins!
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:45 am »
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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