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Cool, I actually made it into top five so far? Thank you everyone.

Well, this review isn't review worthy, so no, but if I do become a reviewer in the future I may re-review it.

General / Re: Post for my opinion
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:51 pm »

Idk. Moderator maybe...

Yeah mines at 31, they are hard to find  :))

Ok, thanks.

Thank you all  :).


Bump :D. I really appreciated the feedback that I got and would love more.

I guess I could do that for you.

Fangdam... This is your second application you have posted here in a few days. You can only post one for now. Read the front page for more info.

Thank you. I think it depends on how good your review is, not your rank.

Thank you very much on your helpful views. I have made a few edits which I hope explain my views better.

That is good. I have 3 as well. Good luck to you, and to everyone else.

Bumpty Dumpty.


I did some edits if that is ok.

Bump  :)

Good luck everyone. Some quite nice applications going around.


Thank you for two "thanks" on my application.

I don't think so. Anyway, I changed the he's to she's. Thank you for your views everyone.


We will see what happens. I posted my application.

Well, here is my application then:
When I was new to sploder, and to this day, when I see spams, flames, bullying and other nasty things, I want and wanted to stop it.
I also want to stop cyber bullying on sploder, because cyber bullying has the potential to take a life, and a life is very important.
Another thing I would like to stop is: on my profile and on many other people's profiles, it has become very common of people saying the link of their new game, and saying please play, and I would love to help stop most of this by giving a warning to the advertisers of their games.
When I joined sploder, I wanted to be a moderator, but realised it was too big of a job for me, but now I am ready.
I am happy and prepared to help people in need, and I will also be happy to be very active as a moderator.
Lately I have become a lot more mature then I used to be, and one thing I have learned is to help people, and it will be very easy to help people by being a moderator.
I would be very strict on the moderator rules, even if I would have to IP ban my best friend, as well as executing the job nicely while being fair.
Overall, the main reason I want to be a moderator is to make the sploder a better place, and making people think before they act (for example, just before you click that send button, think about what it could do to a person).

Powers of moderators:

IP Banning:
IP banning would forbid a member to come on this site and make accounts by banning their "Internet Protocol" (which is technically your internet connection's code). You would use it when the problem has gone too far and there is no other solution. For example, you warn someone for making harmful games, but they keep making offensive games afterwards, so you ban them for a few days, but when their ban is over they continue, then you know you don't want this person on sploder, and you IP Ban them forever. I would use this when people have stepped way over the line, and have broken the rules uncountably.

A moderator may ban people from going on their account because they have done something against the rules. A moderator can also ban people from certain things like posting comments, because they constantly spam and flame. I would ban people who do something very wrong intently, continues to do something wrong (like make inappropriate games) , or harm someone and also if people continuously spam and flame, after a warning.

A moderator may warn people for one time or accidental offences against the rules, just to get the warned person thinking straight again. The moderator can delete your warning when they think it is time. I would use this for people who did something wrong accidentally (without their intent or knowledge) or a one of action.

Verbal Warnings:
A verbal warning is just a message that a moderator may send to a person if they have not really done anything bad, but may have just clipped a warning, so you just tell them not to do that in the future. I would use this to tell people who are new to sploder if they broke a rule, how they broke it, and not to do it in the future. I may also give a verbal warning to people who did something very unintentionally, but may have accidentally broken the rules.

Quarantining a user:
Moderators may quarantine a user. This would make the user be under the watch of all moderators. I would use this if I suspect someone has done something wrong, but I can't prove it, so I watch over them for a little while.

Reports and reported pages (etc):
A moderator can view reported pages, comments, graphics, and messages, and choose an action to deem on the reported piece, or just to do nothing at all, because it's not serious. I would view the reports very often to help members with harmful comments, and I would also use it to put a stop to inappropriate things, and check out the problem with any reported item. I also have the power to report a person, like to tell people that this person is a bot.

Hack Log:
A moderator can view a hack log, which is a list of the hackers IP and name, the amount of attempts to get in the account, and the date it happened. After reviewing the hack logs, a moderator can give out a hack warning, or even a hack ban. Some moderators may post to the person who has been hacked to change their password. I would look at the hack log very commonly to do my best to stop hacking.

Lost Games:
Moderators can view a list of lost games which they can search games on it and restore it for a user. I would use this if a user asks nicely for their game to be restored.

Flagging Games:
Moderators can show a game to Geoff if it has too many views to delete it. Usually flagged games are games which are harmful or inappropriate. I would use this if a game has too many views for me to delete, but may have: inappropriate graphics, harmful to a person, or contains a swearing in the game.

Ban Appeals:
A banned member can write to the moderator that banned or warned them to release them from their status, but if they spam this comment, their communications on sploder will be cut. I would use this if a member gives a genuine apology, and a good reason.

Main Site Moderator Panel:
A moderator can view a log of his or her fellow moderators and what ever moderator actions they have done. I would check the history now and then to learn from the other moderators actions, and I would use it to see if the person I am about to deem banned etc doesn't already have that status on them.

Post Deletes:
A moderator has the right to delete any posts if they believe it is mean or wrong. I would use this to delete harmful comments and spam.

Award Deletes:
A moderator can delete any award they think is against the rules. I would use this if someone rights harmful words into the award.

Define spamming and flaming:
Spamming is when a user posts pointless (usually advertisements) comments over and over with the same context. Flaming is when two users don't agree on a personal opinion (like politics) and start arguing, creating what is known as a flame war.

Final Words:
I know that being a moderator is a big tough and strict job, but if I become a moderator, I promise I would never bend a rule, not even by an inch, and I would stand up to the job and make sploder a better place. I would love a completely safe enviroment on sploder (even though it is very safe now) and be able to help keep it safe for the minors that join sploder too, getting rid of spammers, flamers, and even the occasional bullies.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my moderator application.

- abe27633

“Ever since I was just a little boy I always wanted an adventure, so I decide to break in the court yards of the dark king and explore the land beyond, but now I am lost”.

Game: Dark King by sadyoshi.

Pre Thoughts:
Well, the thumbnail looks interesting, but it does not show any scenery at all, just pink. I wonder what I am in for and I don't know what to expect.

The storyline is pretty unique, featuring the dark atrocious character named the Dark King, and his evil companions. The storyline seems to revolve around the point that you were imprisoned in the place you live, but ever since you were a little boy you wanted to go on an adventure, and you decide the time for that adventure is now. You are in for a good one. As you explore the world beyond your land, you get lost in the kingdom of the Dark King, and you must fight his companions and their traps in a series of challenges to get out.

The difficulty of the Dark King is very high, as you encounter countless enemies and puzzles. I find this game has a just right difficulty because I had to replay a few times to get far enough to review it, but it did not bore me to death. The game may be impossible, or ultra hard (it shows level 10 at the start of the game), but I myself have not managed to complete the game yet, nor has anyone else.

The puzzles of the Dark King are usually very hard to get past, and you feel like smashing your head to your keyboard when you realise how you get past them, but this effect is what makes puzzles of this game very good. The first thing you do is a simple challenge, but you may not realise how to do it the moment you start playing, which is the thing I like about sadyoshi's puzzles in the Dark King. The first minute you don't how the heck to get past this puzzle, the next minute you are cracking up on how easy the puzzle is. For example, you need to hit the sandblock until it breaks on one of the levels, so you can get through. There is a very hard puzzle on level 2 where you must swim up lava to get a crystal without dying.

The enemy's in the game were well placed, usually being surrounded by or near lava, adding to the challenge of the enemy. Note that the enemy's of the first level are quite useless.

The scenery of the game gives you this impression that it is and looks so complex that it is in impossible, yet it is possible to get quite far into the game, which makes a nice contrast. The way sadyoshi has made this effect is by adding many different sceneries and challenges which look like the ones in impossible games, including on level one, even though it is so easy. The scenery is very complex, graceful, and the small details reflect the time and energy sadyoshi has put into the game, which is a big job from her, and she has done the scenery very well. The colours of the scenery vary, and this makes the scenery quite unique. The design and shapes she has put into the whole map and all of the levels are a very nice touch sadyoshi has given the game. An example of the nice design is the start of the level's. The start of every single level's detail is supreme.

It is very easy to appreciate the scenery and detail sadyoshi has put into the game, as well as the energy that he has put in it, which reflects throughout the game. The overall maps of the level's are very complex and good, which is one of the things I am talking about.

-Excellent Puzzles
The puzzles where so good that honestly, it surprised me.

-Addictive Challenge
You crave to win this game when you play it, which is a very good thing in a game.

-Unique Storyline
The game had a very good storyline, and it was very enjoyable.

-Too Hard
The game is sort of too hard. I mean that sadyoshi could have tried make it challenging, but possible, because some parts seem impossible.


The game is very creative with unique puzzles and challenges.

The placement of traps and puzzles where very good, but enemy placement could have been better.

The game is quite original. I have not quite seen many similar games, and the thing that makes it the most unique is the challenges, which have a different aim than usual games. For example, to break through many of the challenges you must to risk your life, which makes your heart skip a beat.

The addictiveness is very awesome, because when you die you usually make a mistake, and you play it again because you realise your mistake. For example you die, you realise in what a stupid way you died, so you retry it. That is a very good effect in the dark king.

This game should have been made easier, no offence sadyoshi, that is probably the only bad thing about your game. For many people getting past level two will be impossible, because you have to swim through a bit of lava to get one out of two crystals.

Obviously the difficulty of this game impacted a little on the score, but sadyoshi still has a few work ons, like for example she could elaborate a bit more on the map. What I mean by "elaborate on the map" is she worked very hard at the beginning but didn't try as hard towards the end of maps.

Feature Worthy? I don't really think so, because usually too hard/impossible games don't get featured, but I think sadyoshi has the potential to get a feature worthy game. She could have also worked harder on the end of her maps. Otherwise, I really liked the game.

Final Thoughts:
I really like the game, and it is very addictive. The puzzles in the game are pretty supreme, so I would class this as one of the better games I have played.

I honestly have no idea... I am pretty sure he is busy with other things. Just be patient, sooner or later he will probably announce it.

Reviewer Applications v.2 / Re: [Application]"This" Was Awesome!
« on: June 15, 2013, 03:07 am »
Good luck Pai my buddy.
If you don't make it in this time, make sure you are longer and more thorough next time.

Hi wolfun, you can't apply yet. Save your application for when spell announces the new moderator. Also, thoroughly check your application, and work in it a bit more. I saw many mistakes.

I apologise. I copied it and will post when the winner is announced.

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