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General / One of the Best Movie Theme's Ever
« on: June 25, 2012, 06:37 pm »

Survival of the Fittest

Chapter 1
Mrezman pov

Our plane is delayed.  We wait for an hour, until finally it arrives.    Me and the other pilots coming on the trip sit near the back, while the soldiers+ sit in first class.  I’m really looking forward to this trip.  We’re all flying overseas to some remote island, where geoff has a cottage.  He’s gonna show us the blueprints for our new city, the IOS.  It is going to be amazing, one of the best ones yet.  I hear the engines buzz to life.  Finally, we are on our way.  In less, than a day, we’ll all be meating the architect of Sploder city and the Forums.  I am so excited.  Suddenly, I here a familiar voice in my ears.
   “would you like a drink, sir?”  I look up, and see Shadross holding a bottle of coke.  
   “Shadross?” I say, bewildered.   “You’re a flight attendent?”  His face slightly darkens.
   “It was Jammy’s idea.  He said he would make  me a prisoner of war if I didn’t.”  he says.  I frown.  Prisoner of War is the forums term for “torture chamber”.  Poor shadross, forced to be a flight attendent.  I ask him to poor me a glass.  After he’s done, he moves behind me to help n8mo and trans.  Then I here a huge CRASH followed by a small crinkle.  I look behind me and see shad on his knees, in front of a bunvh of shards of glass.
   “What’s wrong?”  I say.  Shad looks up me, and I feel very sypathatic.
   “I dropped the bottle.”  Says shad.  One of the larger glass pieces rolls down the hallway.  
   “I’ll get it.”  I say.  I run after the piece, only to watch it pick up speed and smash the window.    
   “NO!”  The piece rolls into the engine of the plane, and soon after then engine bursts into flames.  Weegee’s voice comes over the speaker.
   “Hear ye hear ye.  This is your co-pilot, superluigi.”  He says.  “We are going to crash.”

Chapter 2.

Yugioh77 pov

Jammy manages to put us down in the water.  All the privates + areabsolutely fine, and our life jackets allow us to swim to the nearest island.  Tfandmetalmusic has a portable DVD player, but it’s out of batteries.  The generals and lts have their guns, the soldiers have swords, but us privates have nothing to hunt with.  Plus, the island is deserted anyway, except for the occasional rat.  There’s nothing to eat.  Shad is sulking under a tree.  I feel bad for him, because he is my friend, but it is kinda his fault we got in this mess.  I’m doing alright, but Jagger isn’t.  He didn’t havee a life jacket, so he had to swim under his own steam.  He’s looking very angry.  He walks over to Shad.
   “On your feet, idiot.” he says, threat in his eyes.  Shad looks up at him.  
   “I said ON YOUR FEET!”  with that he kicks Shad across the cheek.  Blood drips down his chin.
   “Jagger, come on, it’s not all-“ Jagger throws me against the tree, and I slump to the ground.
“You’re in for it, splode.”  Says Jagger to shad.  Shad gets up and picks up a tree branch.  Jagger just smiles cruelly.
   “Piece of splode.  It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”  He punches shad in the stomach.  
   “YOU’RE FAULT, splode!”  Jagger grabs shad’s branch and smashes shad with it.  Shad falls to the ground, and Jagger kicks his head.  
   “No…  Jagger…”  says shad.  
   “Shut up!”  says Jagger, and kicks shad again.
   “Please…  NO!...”  
   “SHUT UP!”  Jagger graps shad by the neck, and tightens his grip.  I have to do something…  I see the branch, next to Jagger.  Shad catches my eye, and sees what I’m planning.  I spring off the ground, but feel a pain in my arm.  It’s hurt from y scruffle with Jagger!  I grab it anyway, regardless of the pain, and heft it high, over Jagger’s head…  CRACK!  I smash it down onto Jagger’s head, and he falls down on the ground.  I find his pulse…  He’s still alive.  But I can’t say the same for Shad.

Jackjoshseb pov

I can understand Jagger, Yugi and Shad having an argument, but THIS?  One of them is dead now, and trans says Jagger has a serious concusion.  Yugi’s lucky the Generals decided not to punish him, and still let him keep his MainSite police badge.  When Jagger recovers, he’s gonna be banished from the forums.  If we ever get off this god-forsaken island that is.  
   “You alright?”  says a voice from behind me.  It’s Moola.
   “Yeah, just mourning Shad.  He was a good friend.”  Moola frowns.

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