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The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: January 21, 2012, 10:20 am »
Username: npc10000
Time on MS: 10 months
Time on forums: 5 months

What a Mod Is: A moderator, on Sploder, is a special member who has the ability to warn, ban, or IP ban a member who is not obeying the Terms of Service. Being a moderator is an important job, because without them, Sploder would be a chaotic site filled with obscene  games and swearing, and geoff would have probably deleted the site. If Sploder were a banana split, Geoff would be the person who makes the ice cream, the members are the ice cream, editors are the different flavors, and reviewers are the toppings that make the ice cream (members and games) look more appealing. Where are the mods? They are the bowl, of course. Without them, the ice cream would melt and fall apart.

Why Should I be a Mod: I think I should be a moderator because I think I am a mature member who can settle conflicts easily. I do not think, if I become a mod, that I will abuse my power. I will be a fair, yet strict moderator. I have read the Terms of Service, and I can keep a cool head with major conflicts like the jaden/sceptile thing (which is STILL going on!).

The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: January 18, 2012, 07:21 am »
Greetings, recruiters. I am npc10000.

I have been on Sploder's mainsite for 10 months now. I was accepted into the forums on September 9th, 2011.

A Main Site Moderator's job is kind of like a security guard. They watch over Sploder and keep it safe. It is their duty to Geoff and the rest of Sploder a safe and healthy way for fellow users to be creative and have fun.

I think you should vouch for me because I think I am a reasonable and mature member. I know the Rules and Terms of Service very well, like no dating, no excessive swearing, etc. I can handle just about anything, from members who post hearts in other's pages to obscene games and swearing. I think I will be a good, yet strict, Main Site Moderator, yet I will never abuse my power.

I posted a review, but the mouse Im using doesn't allow me to copy and paste. Could you look at it? It's called "(Applicant) Supersonic Kaboom" or something like that.

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