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General / Post to See If I Like You
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:14 am »

Posted By: liamnightPrivate

Posted By: xploder584Btw I can see you as a great and mature reviewer.

Thank you, I appreciate that. :)

Posted By: amberstone12Bump. :)

Anyway, so that's the main review, I hoped you enjoyed reading that, now onto the ratings for this game:

Blocks/Block Placement: 5/5 - The blocks were placed very well, some parts made it tricky to get passed, well done.
Enemies/Enemy Placement: 5/5 - All different varieties of enemies, well spread out.
Scenery: 5/5 - I enjoy a game with good scenery.
Puzzles: 5/5 - Got me thinking, moderate difficulty but still gets you thinking.
Action: 5/5 - Good portions of action, all in different areas.
Overall: 5/5 Full Marks!

Well done, Egnite for making a really great game, I think it deserves its Feature and I expect a lot more excellent games coming from you, it was fun, puzzle-packed, the blocks were placed perfectly, well done. All of the above sums up a great game that I love!
Thank you for reading,

Hi there. I'm Amberstone12 as you can all see, today I decided that I wanted to do a Reviewer Application, but you know, I can never find the right game. I look in the Featured games section, hmm... But I have found the right game at last, and it didn't take me ages to find, it was made by the one, the only, what's the word... marvelous game-maker, how's that? Egnite. The game I am reviewing however, is if you look in the title again you'll see, is called Eclipse. And yes, the name reminds me of the movie Eclipse, although doesn't really relate to the movie anyway, so best we get on with the review.

In Eclipse you get plunged into a game packed with creativeness, action, puzzles, er... no lag and lots of fun! This game was Featured a while back, but I know that Egnite uses his talents in making excellent and Feature-Worthy games. And the good thing is that it isn't one of those ridiculously-hard-to-win-featured-games, no, it's possible! (Why make an impossible game, then?) I haven't played a game very similar to this one so it is unique in its own way. Good. From the Thumbnail point of view, I'd say it looked fun, and the name made it look fun as well, so I gave it a try and what do you know, here it is in my Reviewer Application!

I think the block placement was excellent, with backwalls placed in some places to try trick you into thinking it was solid and would hold you up. What I liked about this game was that in different parts Egnite would use different blocks to make it decorative and interesting. And the blocks weren't the usual boring ones we use everyday, they were different, at least he actually searched for nice blocks to place! In every place he put different blocks, he didn't reuse them; otherwise it would look like the same part all over again. The blocks were placed in such a way it would make you nervous to even dare jump to the next one, which will make you think of a way to get passed the obstacle. An obstacle with just blocks...

The enemies were just like the blocks, except moving around and stuff, they were placed in different places all the time, they were all different, and some were difficult to get passed even. But all in all, the related to the game and the scenery well. Where ever they were, the colour that they were always matched the blocks they were placed on, I noticed that. That made them sort of blend in with the blocks, and camouflage themselves (well not really, but you get the point); that was great to see. And another great thing was that; let's use a Mongol as an example, they weren't cramped up together, like four of them in one spot, they were spread out which left you with some breathing room.

The scenery for this game is great, it has a desert-like theme, although some parts weren't exactly desert related but the majority of the game was like a desert, and if you read the description, it tells you that you are in the desert, and the game relates to it perfectly. It looks almost sandy with all the blocks that makes you think that if you could be in the game right now you would be in a desert. It's nice. I love games with a desert-like theme to be honest, so this gets a thumbs up. You feel almost lost  in this game, in the desert, it has a good and welcoming feel to it.

There  were plenty of puzzles in this game, not too difficult, not too easy, moderate. The puzzles were moderate to get past but it was that you had to think of what to do before you carried on. Some of them made you nervous that oh, if you land there then you'd be trapped and die, and if you land there you'll live. Some parts you really had to be careful because death was around the corner if you didn't get through the puzzle perfectly. Sometimes you'd have to think and try make your way through it, but fail and die because there was a sneaky trick up its sleeve.

There was also a pinch of action in the game, you know, with the enemies and puzzles and all that. Some parts didn't have action at all, but others was where a fast-paced bit of action took place. In most parts you had to jump and dodge quickly before it was too late. The right amount of action always makes the game more fun. Like places with lava you had to be very careful and would make you end up jumping all over the place trying not to touch even the slightest bit of it. Ah, the memories... In fact, a lot of parts for me I was jumping around in the game, if it were real It would be quite awkward...

General / Funny/Cute Pic Blog
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:17 am »

Posted By: NellacPrivate.

Posted By: boredgameOh look, we're heading to the same place. x3 Almost the same age too, lol.

Whoa, how strange, lol.

Name: Amber
Age: 25
Destination: New Zealand
Back story: Amber had a very stressful life, she had no money, and got kicked out of her apartment for not paying her rent. Desperate to find a new home, she wanted to travel to New Zealand, where her parents were, to get help, buy a new house and get a new job, and successfully got onto the boat.

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