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sorry peter you're not a rater anymore

The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: July 19, 2012, 10:07 pm »
1. Hello my name is ruinmasterz, and I would like to become a Main Site Moderator.

2. I have been on the forum for 5 months and I have also been on the MS for 5 months.

3. A Main Site Moderators job is to keep Sploder safe and suitable for all ages. Main Site Moderators restore games or restore awards that were deleted by a player. Main Site Moderators have many responsibilities. Those responsibilities are to warn, ban, permanently ban, IP ban, restore games, restore graphics, delete rude things, etc. Main Site Moderators will warn players for many things such as flaming other players, swearing, cursing, spamming, hacking, being racist, being violent, sending hate messages, spamming, making rude, making rude or inappropriate games, graphics, names, awards, prank games (Level Up In Seconds or Level 250 Glitch) etc. Main Site Moderators will ban members if they offend the rules multiple or many times. If players do something so severely bad they may skip the warn and go directly to the ban or possibly a permanent ban or if so severe an IP ban. Players will be permanently banned if they offend the rules for so many different times. Although if players are permanently banned they do have the option to create a brand account except they will start at Level 1, lose there avatar, lose all there games and they won't be able to be restored, they will lose all there awards, they will lose all there friends except they may add them all to there new account, they will lose all graphics, etc. If players have been IP banned all there accounts ever made on that certain computer will be deleted and that computer will never be able to login or make a new account ever again. If you or someone you saw has been bullied in any of these ways we suggest you contacts a Main Site Moderator they will give the player bullying the victim a warning, a ban, a permanent ban, or possibly an IP ban. If you see someone do won of the things on the list above don't hide it, report it and tell a Main Site Moderator right away.

4. You should vouch me because I only posted one application. I didn't ask anyone to look at my application. I didn't just ask to be a Main Site Moderator I actually typed a review. If I don't end up becoming a Main Site Moderator I won't grunt or complain. I didn't post anything off topic. If I were to ask a question I would whisper it to a co-owner. I haven't tried enforcing the rules myself especially because it clearly states not to post off topic and enforcing the rules would be off topic in my case. Therefore I have completed all the rules successfully. I also think you should vouch me because I know all the rules of Sploder. I am active often too.

Thank you for your time, ruinmasterz

Hey you seem like a great rater! Want to join the rating team?

Basic Training / Im New
« on: July 19, 2012, 08:00 pm »
He asked for our game links so I gave him them

anoang nice, it had an interesting story line.

Basic Training / Im New
« on: July 19, 2012, 02:53 pm »

matt be a little bit reasonable. I give it 3/10.

Nice entry, but not 10/10

Game Hyping / Weekend of Sploder - Results announced!
« on: July 18, 2012, 05:07 pm »
I'll join.

Welcome, to Ruinmasterz Game Making Contest

To enter, simply post the link to your game. Any games that have a rating of 10/10 will win. Winners will each win an award.

If you can give awards and would like to help give them out to winners please message me.

Winners So Far
None :(

Non-Winners Ratings
ZONGO Version 2 - 8/10

massive update on the look

you got accepted for now

matt youre hired for now.

sto4 way too hard nearly impossible

patelio3 nice it's cool and hard I especially like the black and white screen I nearly won

sto4 nice and it's hard too

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