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Don't say that to Spidapig. It is rude and you are just... Negative to him!
I'm not negative. I just have anger issues, I don't want him accepting or denying my applications. That's all..

I wont be surprise dif you get banned,seriously..............
I get banned for stating a point directly to the recruiter that denied me. If I get banned, I could care less. That just shows that the Sploder Staff are un-professed. Why would I even be bothering here being judged by 14 year old's. I'm 16, I shouldn't even be on Sploder if this is the case...

Don't argue with the recruiters. One of the rules of the Reviewer Application.
Well, is there any rules obliged to the recruiters? They must give me feedback, and descriptive negative or positive comments. Although this ' Recruiter ' was very negative and had no reason to be in such a way. Bad impression for that fat pig. :D

Don't pretend to add personal things like getting the drink of water.  That's not clever.  It's annoying.  Denied.
I'm not gonna be ' mean ' to you " Pig " but I worked my butt off, 7 times and you deny me for the stupidest reason. You gave me no feedback, and your just intimidating.



Game: CinderBlocked
Format: Platformer
Creator: Ethgamma

Engaging variety and refreshing complexity make CinderBlocked a supremely rewarding experience, once you come to grips with it. The game is noticed quickly to be challenging, well for me at least.- Give me a second, I've got to get a nice cold drink of water.. - Alright back to topic. The Platformer has all the elements that an amazing puzzled game should require, witch is great amount of depth and variety, gameplay encompasses a wide range of playing styles, match flow varies hugely from game to game, RTS and SPS elements are both exceptionally well-handled. What it wasn't taking good place of was something most games don't notice to do in Sploder, witch is not enough levels. The lack of hands-on effort makes matches initially intimidating. Makes more of the show of giving this a so-called ' Short Game '.

Some games are easy to pick up and play. Others require you to learn, improving and developing skills as you go. The description and the story line was great as needs to be put out as a series game. Much respect for this gamma. Hehe, ahh my jokes are just terrible....

CinderBlocked is a game of hints and allusions, a game where you're never sure what's going on or what's coming up. The story of CinderBlocked is revealed in little snippets upon completion of a level; nothing is made too clear right away, because this game is all about revealing (or, more accurately, protecting) memories in the mind of a little pix. As you progress, more and more is revealed about the characters story, what happened to his/her memory, and who he/her actually is. In a small way, it's quite compelling, like an After School Special with tower defense gameplay thrown in. If you know what I mean *wink*. Ahh I do have a dirty mind.

Like in most puzzled games, the gameplay of CinderBlocked is pretty straightforward: on one side of a path (or multiple paths) is the memory, your home base. On the other side is a nightmare key switch that, at regular intervals, generates skull doors puzzles with a variety of strengths and weaknesses to understand them.. These doors move along the pathway toward your memory, and you must build and direct a series of "companions"--autonomous powerup entities--on the sides of the pathway to interdict and destroy the puzzles. Different companions do different things: projectors beam out a continual shaft of light that slowly degrades enemy health within its cone of effect, while punchers slam the ground and stun enemies, slowing them and cracking open any armor they might have, for example. As you progress through the game, new companions are unlocked, adding new abilities and wrinkles to the defensive game-play. Encore for that amazing pro......Uh oh, I've got to go to the washroo-oohhh-ooooom.

A successful defense of your memory relies on a good combination of these companions, placed properly, and a little bit of luck, because CinderBlocked disguises which types of enemies are coming at you under a cloak of shadows until they get to areas you've already placed companions in. You've also got some spells on your side, each one unlockable after a victory of a puzzle scenery, along with the ability to unlock power-ups for your companions. Spells tend to cause area-wide effects--either buffs for your companions, or damage to the enemy--and are powered by killing bad-fudging puzzles out of your way, who drop little orange spell-power spheres when the companions destroy them. Well in my mind at least.

It's all painstakingly balanced, and games play very smoothly. No design/tile feels unfair, although they're far from easy, especially at the end. Plus, once you've beaten a puzzle with powered-up enemies. In some points of the game it reveals some backstory, as well. Much of the challenge of either normal or nightmare puzzles comes from using your relatively limited resources/power-ups (generated at regular intervals by companion miners) as efficiently as possible, by choosing the most effective companions for the enemies on a given level, placing them in as complementary a fashion as you can, and using spells when you need them. It's certainly good fun, but it gets very repetitive very quickly, so CinderBlocked is best played in short bursts.  ??? In-Tell-E-Gince is waring off me now. I'm losing my brain!


Puzzles: 9.1

Tiles: 7.8

Difficulty: 9.8

Storyline: 7.6

Gameplay: 7.9

Overall Rate : 8.5 a " Great, Difficult, Challenging " game that has people engaged and addicted. (Like me)

Still, these are minor quibbles in the grand scheme, and they likely won't interfere with your enjoyment of CinderBlocked's gameplay. As tower defense games go, it does just about everything well, and while it lacks long-term depth, it does make strides to compensate for that with its unconventional storytelling. You've also got to be a genius to beat this game, seriously....

Feature Worthy? :
This game is ' Feature Worthy ' due to it's ability's and design. It's magnificent in multiple ways. Editors need to take a look at this guy.

~ Rediculous Reviews.

Note : I can't believe I shared every little detail I said and did (Interactions) while doing this review. YOU GUYS ARE SUCH A FAMILY!!

General / Re: I Find Girl's Feet Very Attractive
« on: November 10, 2012, 05:39 pm »
Yes, I agree. I find that very sexy/attractive, and somewhat when I see a female's feet I say ' Ner ' as my own random phrase. I had this phrase when I was 10 years old. Very weird.... Just giving out my opinion.

10/10. ;)

General / Re: Israel
« on: November 09, 2012, 04:44 pm »
My thoughts on Israel.

They are united with the USA currently to take down Iran. But inside the truth seeks independent truth. Witch means, Israel has done harsh and terrible things but I'm not going to judge since this isn't the right ' site ' for this type of debate. Their are many children under the age of 13 that go on the forums. So I suggest going to ' Yahoo Answers ' or something.

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: [Application] Cookie Monster?
« on: November 04, 2012, 11:01 am »

Its an excellent review, but it is just kind of boring. You have excellent description, just try to give it a personality now.
This will be taken action for. ;)

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: [Application] Cookie Monster?
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:41 am »

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: [Application] Cookie Monster?
« on: November 03, 2012, 04:54 pm »
Hey that's pretty good this could be in for a chance
Thank you.


Archived Reviewer Applications / [Application] Cookie Monster?
« on: November 03, 2012, 03:03 pm »
Game : Cookie Escape
Creator : Maxliam
Format : Physics Puzzle Maker

Pre-Thoughts :
Cookie Escape is a new game to the 4X strategy scene, featuring non-linear gameplay and a demanding level of difficulty that pushes you to learn from past mistakes and strive to overcome the hurdles of galactic domination. This might not sound like everyone's cup of tea, but you'd be surprised how quickly Cookie Monster can trigger addictive tendencies. There is little in the way of story or variety in the presentation, but on all other counts, Cookie Monster is an excellent strategy game that you can potentially replay for years to come.

Game-Play :

When you begin the game, the first order of business is to define the balance required and density of the pattern you wish to vie for. In addition to the dozen or so settings available for customizing the map, randomly generated star systems ensure that no two sessions play alike. Likewise, factions and allegiances are highly customizable, should you choose to veer from the predefined selections. There are just over 75 attributes that can be applied to a custom faction, and your choices impact your ability to interact with outsiders and exploit the traps around you.

The game has a pattern to follow when playing it. Once you die, you know that the other location is the correct one. It's sort of like getting the wrong answer and knowing the other one is right. Then getting the right one, right. Whatever. Anyways as I was saying. This game has a amount of thinking going on that needs to be involved when playing the game. Patterns and Thinking. Enough said.

Scenery/Tiles :

The tiles placed and traps placed were very un-even . They weren't where they should've been to make the game more realistic and more sensable. The trick through this game was to evaluate the traps and know where they are to continue your step through. Witch is a good thing but the way it was placed wasn't. It was trap after trap. With no dead end for some sort. Or no ' checkpoint '

Once you've committed to a addictive game. You're treated to an intro cutscene in the form of a motion comic. The character and environment art are a treat, but their time in the spotlight is short and very much to the point. There's not enough backstory to justify the setting and your chosen faction, but little else. Before you know it, you're in command of a 'Cookie' of some sort in a dark galaxy with the forces of enemy traps hidden in blocks.

Difficulty/Levels :

To even stand a chance of emerging victorious, it's imperative that you hit the mouse running. Thankfully, Cookie Monster's intuitive UI holds your hand as you stumble down the unbeaten path of galactic domination. Thinking appears when you initute past the traps for the first time, and there are always reminders when anything of consequence happens during the course of a turn. You're not forced to dig through traps time and again; instead, you click on the cookie to easily access research, production, and expansion tools in an instant. This may not sound impressive, but for a genre that requires a ton of micromanagement and has historically lived deep within complicated menu trees, the Maxliam's ability to communicate in an organized and logical fashion should not be taken for granted. The difficulty is just out-standing...

Pros-Cons :

G :
Addictively challenging - Lots of thinking required - Beatable

B :
Lackluster storytelling - Occasionally complex terminology.

Conclusion :
Throughout the amazing time being played in this game. The addictive ability. The hesitation to win. The amount of suspense. Is just incredible, and it needs to be pointed out to a few members of Sploder.

If you are interested for a challenge. Dude.. You've got to play this game... Well my shoutout is done for now. I hope you all enjoyed my review.

Thanks a ton for reading it! Deuces!

Rates :

Scenery : 6/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Difficulty : 10/10

Places : 4/10

Traps : 7/10

Advantage : 6/10

Overall : 7.8 - Good Game!

Thanks, Rediculous's 5th Review Application.

Note : If you do not understand a few words search them up. Everyone is at their own level.

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: (application) Epic game
« on: September 19, 2012, 07:22 pm »
Grammar, and punctuation is not quite good. Sorry, I don't think this review will receive positive feedback. It needs more effort into it. To small as well. 

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: Awkwardly Puzzled [Application]
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:34 pm »
I became a Reviewer on my TENTH attempt.
I guess another try will do. Witch will be written on Sept 24.

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: Awkwardly Puzzled [Application]
« on: September 16, 2012, 11:38 pm »

This seems to be walkthrough ish and you could get some better grammar. Also it's 8 bit, not 6 bit.
Third Application is enough. I'm done becoming a reviewer. Thanks for your feedback, I now know I'm useless and just embarrassing myself.

Archived Reviewer Applications / Awkwardly Puzzled [Application]
« on: September 16, 2012, 06:56 pm »
NOTE : This is my Third Application, I have the authority to write my review on this date due to this quote -
I'll let it slide and let the original 2 weeks stay in play. Just wait 2-3 days.


Game : Scentistic
Created by : jmc10
Made on : Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Previous-Thoughts :

 Scientistic, is a pretty and pleasant puzzler, though it doesn't make a lasting impression.

The Goods : Clever, rewarding puzzles - Artistic touches make environments come alive  - Has an adventure-ish feel, despite being a straightforward puzzler.

On despite of this game, puzzles are on every map, every level, and every second of the playing. Witch is way off balance, and is NOT a good thing. Most games need sense in it, for it to become exiting and more entertaining. This game really had a lot of work in it but there wasn't much to WOW me.

The only bad between this game is, it's easy to become last with your strategy's of winning. It's all about thinking, and to mention it. That could be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Your brain becomes larger, and you become nerdy. Anyways, let's get back onto topic.....

Just beyond starting the game, and seeing the 6 bit graphics. I knew it was going to be large. It was most likely to relate to this statement. The game's story line, actually has an Actual science  story line and it's full of the potential for fun, but mad science has it beat in this department, because it doesn't need to abide by the pesky, or restrictive rules of reality. 'Scientistic' Platformer takes on interdimensional travels, that may not hold up to scientific scrutiny, but who cares? This clever Sploderion puzzle game gives your noggin a satisfying workout. Unfortunately, it sometimes loses its focus in some frustrating sequences that require you to combine dimension-shifting with platforming, but the buzz your brain gets from solving its tricky puzzles makes it worth putting up with these problems.

Among the words that I am speaking of, the main idea of what my message is. It's a big brain workout, but is sometimes above rating on challenge basis..*Chokes, goes to hospital* Continues....

Game-Play :

There's not a great deal of complexity to the earliest puzzles in which you can only enter and exit this one alternate dimension, but additional dimensions are progressively worked into the mix. The second dimension is referred to as heavy, and here, even the lightest of objects becomes impossible to lift, and even normally flimsy cardboard boxes are invulnerable to the destructive power of the lasers that make many of the manor's chambers so hazardous to your health. You need to make clever use of these dimensions to navigate some dangerous areas.

The Platformer has Cool aesthetic will appeal to horror and weird-fiction fans.......  ??? I don't understand either. But I think those are the words I'm looking for..

This type of game wastes little time explaining its backstory: click Start, and you quickly find yourself in the shoes of a nameless puzzled life is what it is. Really, jumping over spikes and tearing enemies to, well, pixels. Gameplay is a straightforward action-platforming experience, with some enemies placed at regular intervals for you to fight. The crackerjack timing required for the platforming and the button-mashiness of the fighting make the game tough to play on a keyboard, though, so make sure you've got a solid controller, or get ready for carpal tunnel syndrome. *Sarcasam*

Puzzles/Difficulty :

Alas, Quantum Conundrum isn't content with putting you in the role of interdimensional problem-solver. You must also be a platforming hero.

Leaping onto a slow-motion safe as it soars through the air is easy enough, but you're called upon to perform some increasingly difficult feats in the later areas of the mansion--leaping between flying pieces of furniture while also deftly switching between dimensions to keep them sailing through the air without bringing them into contact with lasers, for instance. The first-person perspective makes it hard at times to judge just where you are in relation to objects around you, and the trickiness of successfully pulling off some of the necessary maneuvers may have you second-guessing yourself.

Is what you're doing not working because it's not the right solution, or are you just not pulling it off correctly? Quantum Conundrum is at its best when it requires your brain, rather than your reflexes, to do the heavy lifting.

But the occasional frustration that results from these weaker moments isn't enough to derail Quantum Conundrum. The rewarding sense of experimentation and problem-solving that dominates this quest makes putting up with its foibles worthwhile, and the twisting, puzzling halls of Quadwrangle Manor are substantial enough to justify the enjoyment price of admission. It doesn't always play to its strengths, but the clever ideas and confounding brainteasers of Quantum Conundrum make it a mostly enjoyable journey into the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh areas.

Scenery/Conclusion :

Alas, Scentistic isn't content with putting you in the role of interdimensional problem-solver. You must also be a platforming hero. Leaping onto a slow-motion safe as it soars through the air is easy enough, but you're called upon to perform some increasingly difficult feats in the later areas of the second area--leaping between flying pieces of furniture while also deftly switching between dimensions to keep them sailing through the air without bringing them into contact with lasers, for instance.

The first-person perspective makes it hard at times to judge just where you are in relation to objects around you, and the trickiness of successfully pulling off some  of the necessary maneuvers may have you second-guessing yourself. Is what you're doing not working because it's not the right solution, or are you just not pulling it off correctly? Scentistic, and among all of jmc10's games are at it's best when it requires your brain, rather than your reflexes, to do the heavy lifting.

Rates :

Game-Play : 8.6/10
Scenery : 5.5/10
Puzzles : 9.8/10
Difficulty : 9.9/10
Enjoyment : 6.7/10

TOTAL : 7.5/10

Why? It's a fun and enjoyable game. It has a bit of a few cons and a bit of a few pros. But it sure does have an amazing touch to it's gaming. *HURRICANE* 79 Hours later....

Oh god it's still okay. Anyways I have to say my last words.

Thanks, I'm Rediculous.

Big props for reading my third review application.

Good luck, It's too small. For me to be honest, Give it a few bumps. And it should be a litter better. No Grammar Mistakes spotted, so I hope you succeed.

Best of luck!

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: Best Defined? [Application]
« on: September 13, 2012, 04:41 pm »
I'll let it slide and let the original 2 weeks stay in play. Just wait 2-3 days.
So, Sept 17? Sept 16? Alright. Will be done.

Archived Reviewer Applications / Re: Best Defined? [Application]
« on: September 12, 2012, 04:45 pm »
Recruiters rules, Recruiters decisions. Enough said, Thank you for actually taking a look at my second attempt on reviewer. I will be looking forward to making my 3rd attempt in a couple of months. ' I hope '.

I'm so sorry, I don't think the rank of ' Reviewer ' fits your type of age, etc.

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