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General / Cans somebody please help me with my graphics?
« on: June 08, 2013, 05:47 pm »
^It's for my new game, which I no tell you. (only the person that helps, other wise they won't get it(made in physics))Graphics needed to be made:
Joe sitting on the couch (side view)
Joe walking
Joe in a car look in out the car window ( front view)
Joe in a car, driving (side view)

Joe can be drawn anyway you like, as long as he looks the same throughout the game. The car is red.

If u help me, I'll do one of these:
Make an award of your choice (except for platinum)
Make a tribute to you
Give you the selected number of thanks (dont go too overboard with it)
Do a collab
Give you a sneak peek of the game

You can suggest the rest.


"Hello and welcome to the amazing game where we fight, train and most importantly... WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kingdom of Hearts

Hello and welcome to the Kingdom of Hearts! Here you can help build a community of people who don't fight (unless of course, in the arena or Army).

Lets get right into it.

Why do I want to be in the Kingdom of Hearts?:
Will I follow the rules:

Fill this out below and I will let you come in to the Kingdom of Hearts.
Note: Depending on your form, I will give you a certain rank(listed below)

Rank 1:King of Hearts: Only I can obtain this rank.
Rank 2:Queen of Hearts: (Girl version of Jack of Hearts) Can promote/demote/ban any member, gets $500 when ranked up. Note: PM me to know whether or not to promote/demote/ban a member.
Rank 2:Jack of Hearts: (Boy version of Queen of Hearts) Can promote/demote/ban any member, gets $500 when ranked up. Note: PM me to know whether or not to promote/demote/ban a member.
Rank 3: General of The Army: Can allow any member into the army without my permission. Receives $400 when ranked.
Rank 4:Solider: Fights in the Army. Ranked up to this point will give you $350. Can only be ranked up by the General.
Rank 5:Civilian: Automatic position at join.
Rank 6: Robber: Outcast who can only post. Ranks up when he gets enough thanks. Ranks down if I decide to.
Rank 7:Banned Member: Is not allowed to post on this site any longer.

Members: 1
Mitchellmerry145 A.K.A Your Leader
Rank:King of Hearts
Colour: Lime Green
Money: $99999999 ( Infinity )
Residence: Large Mansion
Car(s): Ferrari 458, Mustang, Lamborghini.


Here, you can browse the shop. A place where you can spend all the money you want.


Dumpster: A smelly, stinky place to live. A crab joins you inside. ( Warning: MAY contain deadly gases. WARNING 2: The crab can bite!) I'm not sure if even YOU can live in it.
Free. All you do is jump in.
Cars: No place to store.

Your Car: You will live in your car.(If you have one...). A home for yourself  :(
Free. You already bought it.
Cars: It is your home, dofus.

Apartment: A suitable living place.
$10 per night
Cars: you can store 1 in the car park.

Small  House: Your house, you can design any way you like. Note: Will be coloured with your colour. A home for 3.
Cars: Your garage can store 1.

Cottage: Watch out for Goldilocks will come and thank you every week if you let her have food.  :blank: She requires one Egg. Suitable for a family of 4
Cars: Can store 1.

Large House: A two-storey home which can hold a family of 5.
$100 Pricey...  :o
Cars: Can store 2.

Mansion: A lovely mansion decorated with your colour. A home for 6 or less.
Cars: Can store 3!

Large Mansion: The biggest Mansion EVER!! A home for as much as you like.


Close Range:

Butter Knife: $1. Deals 1 heart of damage. 1 use.
Kitchen Knife:$2 Deals 1 and a half hearts of damage. 2 uses.
Dagger: $5 Deals 3 hearts of damage. 5 uses.
Ninja Star: $10 Deals 4 hearts of damage. 4 uses.
Nun chucks: $15 Deals 5 hearts of damage and paralyses the target. 8 uses.
Wooden Sword: $16 Deals 6 hearts of damage. 30 uses.
Stone Sword:$20 Deals 8 hearts of damage. 50 uses.
Gold Sword:$35 Deals 10 hearts of damage. 60 uses.
Iron Sword:$50 Deals 15 hearts of damage. 100 uses.
Samurai Sword:$75 Deals 20 hearts of damage. 200 uses.
Diamond Sword:$100 Deals 50 hearts of damage. 500 uses.

Far range:
Pistol: $5 Deals 5 hearts of damage.
Ninja Star: $10 Deals 4 hearts of damage. 4 uses.
Bow and 100 Arrows:$30 Deals 2 hearts of damage per arrow. Can miss. 100 uses.
50 Arrows:$10 Deals 2 hearts of damage. 1 use. Only usable when you have bought Bow.
Gun: $50 Deals 20 hearts of damage.
Bazooka: $100 Instant kill possibility Deals 90 hearts of damage. 100 uses. Only can use if you have cannonballs.
Cannon:$500 Instant kill. 200 uses. Only can use if you have gunpowder and cannonball.
Gunpowder: $1 per peice. 1 use
Cannonball: $10 per ball. 1 use


Walking: Goes 5km per hour = 1 person
Running: Goes 10km per hour Can only use once every day = 1 person
Bus: Goes 25km per hour when available $5 = Everyone you have if there is enough room. Bus hold 40 people
Train: Goes 65km per hour when available $20 = Everyone you have if there is enough room. Train holds 70 people.
Skateboard: Goes 12km per hour $25 = 1 person
Bicycle: Goes 15km per hour $40 = 1 person
Double Bicycle: Goes 20km per hour $50 = 2 people NO LESS
Worn out Car: Goes 20km per hour $70 = 5 people
Smart Car: Goes 40km per hour $90 = 5 people
Van: Goes 35km per hour $10 = 8 people and 10 items
Vulks Wagon: Goes 30km per hour $90 = 5 people
Jeep: Goes 35km per hour $100 = 5 people
Ute: Goes 40 km per hour $120 = 2 people and 20 items
Lamborghini: Goes 60 distance per hour $200 = 2 people
Ferrari: Goes 100km per hour = 2 people
Mustang: Goes 65km per hour $230 = 4 people
Limousine: Goes 50km per hour $300 = 8 people


Families require a lot of work. They need to go to whatever school you want every Monday to Friday. You need to pair up with somebody from the different gender(does not have to be real, I can play as one as you date. If real, you each receive $200) Say procreate in chat to make a child ( other gender has to agree, also you need to be married.). When you marry, you share the money you have with the person you are married to. Children have a birthday every month, every 3 if born on Feb 29. You lose $50 each birthday.

Engangement Ring: $50 Get Engaged with some one (Note: If you make a baby before married, you won't receive $100)
Wedding Ring: $35 Marry the person you engaged to.


Wosh Public Primary: $50 = 10Ed every day, 1km
Camden Public Primary: $60 = 15Ed every day,1.5km
Drew Private Primary: $100 = 50Ed every day, 2km

Wosh High: $100 = 20Ed every day, 3km
Camden High: $120 = 30Ed every day, 4km
Drew High: $150 = 50Ed every day, 6km

Every Ed gives your family $5


Jobs allow you to earn money weekly.

Artist: Artists draw pictures which are help up for auction.
Shopkeeper: Shopkeepers earn 10% of what is earned in the shop.
Teacher: Teachers need to drive to whatever school at where they work. Teachers earn as much as it costs to put a child into the school at which they work.

OK, that is all you need to know. Joining time!

Hi! Welcome to the language game! First off,(before explaining the rules) I'm going to show you the language:


The message looks like nonsense, but soon, it will not after I explain it to you. All you have to do to write a message is to type your message, adding EL wherever you want. It has to be often though.

To decode a message, write the message down leaving out any EL's wherever they appeared.


Then organize the letters out into words and sentences.

Example:If you need me, aim high and I will come.



RPFG's, Groups, Contests and Forum Games / The Userbet Game
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:08 am »
The userbet game! This is where everyone chats, but you can only chat if the first letter of your name is the next letter in the alphabet.Eg:


Hello all, and welcome to the animal revolution guide! I bring all of the animal revolutions and put links to them here. Let's see them:

Llama Revolution
Cat Revolution
Dog Revolution
Mouse Revolution
Moose Revolution
Squirrel Revolution
Eagle Revolution
Reptile Revolution
Stickman Revolution
Chinchilla Revolution
Seprent Revolution
Cow Revolution (Outdated)
Duck Revolution (Outdated)
Owl Revolution
Hedgehog Revolution
Dragon Revolution
Human Revolution
Unicorn Revolution
Giraffe Revolution
Rabbit Revolution

They are the current animal revolutions.

If I forgot your animal revolution, whisper me and I will add it!

1. No spamming
2.No cussing
3. Only post if you have a question, or an updated map(needs to include all revolutions) Otherwise, whisper

Map: By ju44

Outdated. Need new map.

Last Updated:Monday July 2nd 6:49 (Australia)


Hello, and welcome to MitchellMerry145's Game Rating Service! Get your games rated today!






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