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Game Hyping / Day of Doom
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:18 pm »
Yo, everybody! A new game I'm making, Day of Doom, is coming Holiday 2013. I'm using the epic Retro Arcade Game Maker for it.  ^-^
I've released a small preview for the game, called "Day of Doom Preview". I'd appreciate it if someone could check it out. :)

About the game:
The world is tearing apart. We are destined to a ruined future. Time paradoxes caused by abused time machines have brought in wacky weapons, creepy creatures and oppressive obstacles from past, present and future. And now the madness comes together all in 3041.

It's 2004. A tired man is resting. Unexpectedly, he is teleported to 3041. And to his surprise, he discovers he is what they call the Chosen One. The survivors of this post apocalyptic future believe he can save their helpless Earth. And so he does.

Follow the Chosen One through the dangers of the vast world. Defeat enemies and regain world peace. Jet50 makes his epic comeback with Day of Doom, a game with a hardcore storyline, challenging gameplay and retro graphics. The world is in your hands... and you must save it.

Additional Notice: On the character select screen, press the right arrow 5 times. You will see the character with messy, grayish hair and a brown coat. Use this character. The game is not meant to be played with any other character.


Thanks for reading! Now, here's the preview for Day of Doom:

<a href=";cs=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;cs=1</a>

Thanks, Sploder Community! Stay tuned for the full Day of Doom game.

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