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General / My 1337th post
« on: June 23, 2013, 12:59 am »

Personal Exhibition / The TRUE face of Rus
« on: April 13, 2013, 08:57 am »

Thanks to you jagger. I knew he was a penguin!

Greetings, I am balanache and welcome to my review.

Introduction: Without doubts I’ve seen a lot of potential in the game I review today. Besides the scenery it’s almost inexistent and the sensation wasn’t authentic at all I definitely spawned in an ancient sanctum full of unexpected traps. So, here is Seventh Sanctum, a game that should be definitely reviewed.

Puzzles: Let’s say that’s “le piece du resistance” of the game, otherwise I wouldn’t review it. Blackhole made puzzles with some weapons that weren’t highlighted in the platformers before. I consider them quite inventive and they matched with the mysterious sensation most of the time. But after playing a while, no matter how good the puzzles are the monotony of the theme makes me sleepy.

Theme and Background: I presume that wasn’t really good. The music with the background combined made me fall with the head on the keyboard and take a nap. Anyway, the shadow-like background blocks weren’t a bad idea and made the game a bit more active.

Scenery: Luckly the statues were matching with the gameplay and I can confirm that was the only part having any references to art. The game is composed by some walls with puzzles and statues. I didn’t feel like being in a sanctuary at all; with all my sincerity, but the unattractive scenery affected the puzzles.

Gameplay: Jump, break, dodge, kill, jump, break… I have a sensation of déjà-vu.. in all his games blackhole used the same invarious boring gameplay and a bit of difference and art would make this game perfect. I wanted to see ambition and interest for that platformer, some effort putted into the creation of the game..

At the start I was addicted and challenged by the game, but when the game didn’t progress it literally “lost my focus”. Now speaking about creativity I feel obliged to mention the fantastic puzzles and also to keep in mind the obscurities of this game.

I expected the game a lot different, but in this case it just was a regular game with a pretty big potential. The concern over the puzzles wasn’t the only thing it needed.. Speaking about the storyline, yeah that was obviously amazing and fortunately that is one of the things that made me play and review the game.

If we also talk about the map it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t bad at all. It was a classic platformer map and the screenshot of the game inspired me a lot of hard work. In his other PPGs I saw a lot of talent but I guess this wasn’t the best thing to review.

Now let’s rate it:

Gameplay: 3/5

Creativity 3.75/5

Puzzles 4.75/5

Scenery 3.5/5

Placement 4.5/5

Map: 4.75/5

Overall 4/5

Overall of the game:

Don’t really worth 4/5 but the puzzles were a masterpiece, I underrated creativity and gameplay for known reasons and speaking about map and placement I couldn’t reproach anything to him. This game (like I said in the first sentence of the review) has a lot of potential and I wish the next platformers of blacktrooper would attract me more.

Feature worthy: Maybe, but that is worthless anyway, the game is already featured. Perhaps I would feature it, because the game wasn’t bad and it was interesting.

Thank you for readin’, it was also a pleasure for me to write this.

I will review Newdrake  City Beta by spidapig


I want to take in consideration some few aspects that spidapig added to his simple and very original new game. First of all, I want to say spidapig presented a big
variety of games, so checking his page I found an abstract game.

=Some of my thoughts about the game =

Besides it’s simple idea and theme and it’s interesting and absorbing storyline, the puzzle is full of fun and it’s extremely challenging. The idea itself isn’t very attractive, but the way spidapig designed and projected the game was unique.

The scene and the other decorations are fine and the locations of battle are very different, creating one of the best fighting games I ever saw. The screenplays make the games’ fights to be more epic and challenging, in various places.

The enemies were really well placed, giving a realistic scene of a fight. Some elements are futuristic too, but the action and the storyline have a sense. Enemies, which in my opinion weren’t that important in the story, made the game harder to end. Anyway, still, I think they were needed in the storyline..

Idea was quite fresh and innovative and the perspective and gameplay were unusual in my option and I like it, I like playing a big variety of games. Games’ difficulty was very high due to hazards, enemies and puzzle traps. It will be a big challenge for everyone and I plan to finish it in the future.

The placement was good and the puzzles, which were a bit rarer because the game was more story-based and you had to kill enemies and accomplish tasks. Despite of that, puzzles were pretty good and the traps were complex.

So finally I realize how complex and how imaginative was the interesting story of an intruder who has to make his way and avoid the authorities in just a platformer game, created by one of the sploder’s best creator.

There weren’t many details, maybe because he wanted to make the gameplay simple and put in the evidence the story battles and I muss confess maybe the game would be a bit more attractive  with some themed decorations. 

After playing it a bit I thought it will become boring, an example are some of the featured games I played which had only a good start, I think the actions keeps being captivating from the moment you clicked the start button till you die.

So, at the one hand the game had  a simple design and the creator focused on the story and at the other hand he putted hard-to-avoid traps in the special screenplays of this games on the music which made the feeling and the experience deeper and intense.

In my opinion the game would be more interesting to see it as the collab of more people, maybe like lorderdar  who created some similar games, maybe a sequel with some  improved action would be one of the best featured games.

Back to the game,  I would like to see some fun, even dirty fun in the script of the characters, maybe giving more entertainment to the story and the game. Also, I would like to see some various themes and screenplays and less enemies who just slow you down and make the game boring.

I think the game had a first release on the forums and it’s been improved, now being a beta. I would like to see more levels and less action on the only one level, making like chapters of a story. The game has no bugs and I am pretty sure I played at least 60% of the game.

So, in the final of my thoughts, before some final impressions and conclusions, before the merciless rating and before some ending words, I would like to say I am disappointed because it’s the game isn’t really visited and also I am trying to get this masterpiece featured..

= So, some conclusions about everything=

Placements: Well placed blocks and traps, enemies placement wasn’t it’s best.

Gameplay: Simple and innovative, I am really interested of playing games with new gameplays.

Screenplays/Locations: Nice, the battle took place in different positions on the map, like sewers, town, building etc. and it was really fun to explore the game too.

Storyboard: Masterpiece, epic realistic story.

Bugs: No bugs as far as I played.

Difficulty: High, it’s a real challenge to beat it.


Placement 4.3/5

Gameplay 5/5

Screenplay 4.8/5

Decorations 4.2/5

Addictiveness 4.5/5

Originality 5/5

Enemies 3.9/5
Overall: 4.5/5

=Worth to feature=

Yes, also I made this review to get this game popular and featured, because it’s worth. So, if all the featured games would be that fresh and interesting the featured games page would be cooler that Antarctica.


So, in the end, it’s worth to play it, try it today and I hope I will see it on the featured games page.


NOTE: If anything in the review is a lie, I am extremely sorry and please delete that part.

General / Tudy's Gift Contest!
« on: December 24, 2012, 04:58 pm »

Kids, from all over the world! Want a thank or an award? Wonder what's is in your shiny gift?
Take your unique Christmas Gift and on the 25th morning, your prize will be decided by our spinner.
2.Silver Award
3.Golden Award
5.Graphic (anything you want, it's your choice)

Note: All gifts ARE UNIQUE! If someone will receive same prize, it's just purely coincidence!

If you want to participate, just post in this thread.

Game Discussion / I need some help =P
« on: December 09, 2012, 04:00 pm »

I am actually developing a shooting game. Now, is there a way to move the character's target and making it controllable with the arrows at the same time? Please answer.

Game Hyping / The Dragging Game 2 [Testers Needed]
« on: October 31, 2012, 03:55 pm »
=The Dragging Game 2=
The Dragging Game, a game created by me, in the early January, was my first try to make a good game. The game was featured and unfeatured by netshark and later reviewed by potatomash.

Youngcaliman: "I'm not sure if this is really feature worthy either. it's a good game...but doesn't seem original at all. Are the standards for a feature getting lower?"

Netshark: "After deeper examining into the game, I realized that the game wasn't quite feature worthy after all. I do like the game, but I guess that's sorta what I based the game off of what was my favoritism, and a game shouldn't be featured because of that.

Sorry, balanache but if you add some complexity into the game, and also add some more levels to it, and also put some twist into the game then I may consider featuring it again."

So, I guess I will create The Dragging Game 2, and I hope it will be a better game than the first game was. The quality of this game, the complexity, the addictiveness. 

So, if you want to test, there are some links below this. Please give me your honest opinion. Feedback appreciated.


The Dragging Game 1:

The Dragging Game 2 [First levels, under development.]:

Game Hyping / [Demo] Physcho Balls
« on: June 24, 2012, 01:41 pm »
The gameplay is easy, drag the balls to unlock walls with the same color. On touch they both remove themselfs.

    Physico Balls
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