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Game Discussion / Space Warrior - All The Easter Eggs!
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:23 AM »
I'm quite fund of placing Easter eggs into my games.. Since pretty much Forest War in 2014, I've loved to place Easter eggs into my games. Does this mean that my most recent games: Sonic Boom Rol and Space Warrior have it too?

They most definitely do!

Anyways, here are the easter eggs that exists within Space Warrior:


As some of you already know, Space Warrior was inspired by Metroid and Sonic. It took the graphical style of Metroid and the gameplay and level design of Sonic, specifically: the Classic Sonic games. So making an easter egg of these two, as a "mini-tribute" to those franchises, in respect of them.. only came naturally to me. And the fact that both of them would be on level 1, I thought would be the best option for me (at the time up to release).

First, let's dive into how to find Samus (Metroid):

When you enter the first level, behind the ship you start inside.. exists Samus, inside her armor. Simply go behind the ship, and there you'll find her!

Now, getting to Sonic is harder than it is to get to Samus.. Because getting Sonic is about fast reflexes and timing your jump in-time. So basically, you have to become Sonic to meet Sonic, ironic huh? Haha.

Basically, you need to get on the top of the level. Like literally on its absolute top. In level 1 (which is where you'll only find Sonic) you need to go to the top of the maze-like structure (not literally the top, I mean the top as in you would on a normal playthrough). You need to use the first purple rollercoasters that appear there (and within the whole game) and if you time it just right.. you will be able to reach the other purple rollercoasters, waiting up in the air for you. And after that, you will eventually get to that section shown above, and then.. it's up to you to time it right.

After some trial and error, you'll likely succeed. It's not easy on your first goes (which was intentional) but eventually, you should succeed. I might add that if you do this on multiple goes, you will have to restart the game a few times, because you only get one try, per time that you boot up the game.

So yeah.. be prepared to restart the game a few times :p

But once you've succeded.. I'd say that your reward was well worth it. Because once you meet up with Sonic standing there, making a cool-pose he tells you to "step it up". Which is a reference to his earlier days, when he sounded super young and cool: And Sonic also goes "step it up" not only because of that, but also because quite some tiles away from him.. is the ship. So yes, if you've succeeded on getting to Sonic, you have then basically skipped a big portion, of the first level. Which includes the first boss fight!

As seen here:

The reason for this easter-egg, and this option of skipping pretty much the whole first level (and its boss fight for that matter), is because.. this is so hard to perform in itself, so that I thought it would be neat to have an easter egg + alternative like this for the players.

Especially for speed-runners.. Since because Space Warrior is a great game for sploder speed-runners, I consider this form of option: a great fan-service to them! And it isn't only because of Sonic saying "come on, you've got this, get to the ship quickly!"

So yeah.. Let me know if you knew of this before or didn't. I will definitaly read, and apperciate that you post!

^^ Cheers!


Sploder Play / !HYPE! [Space Warrior Deluxe] - Swedenplatformge
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:42 PM »
As the creator of: Space Warrior I now present..

Space Warrior

Space Warrior was a game I released in November, at the year 2017:

And it is now receiving a new and improved version of it! Improving flaws that people found from the original, by making changes within the already existing levels the original game provided.. While adding new content within those levels!

And finally most exciting of all.. Space Warrior Deluxe will include: ONE BRAND NEW LEVEL! Yes, you heard me right! The final level you know in the original level is only BEFORE THE ACTUAL LAST ONE!!


Show that you are! As you should be!

General / I Would Love A Graphical Artist To Help Me
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:32 PM »
The game previously mentioned that I'm working hard on, I would love to have an amazing look! If you happen to be a very pro on making graphics, or even just sprites in-general.. And are interested in helping me, then please let me know :))

I will very much appreciate the help and give you full credits for what you've done!

General / Need A Game Tester
« on: June 14, 2018, 11:31 AM »
Working really hard on this sploder plat, and I need someone to try it and give criticism. Let me know if you're interested.

General / Want Me To Continue Life Coach You?
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:11 AM »
Then follow my life coach Instagram account! I will put so much fire under your splode that you'll become a successful man by tomorrow.

Username: the_life_coach_guy

General / Spider-Man Burger
« on: June 07, 2018, 01:26 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

General / I Need A Title Logo Designer
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:29 AM »
I have 2 new games coming, and I need someone to design the title logos for them. Anyone interested?

General / Post Your Opinion On Me
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:22 PM »
And I'll share my opinion of you.

General / Be Honest
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:21 PM »
When I accidentally start a storm on the discord, and ask what exactly I did wrong; as I say "I'm asking to improve". Do I come off as odd?

I mean, I really am just trying to improve. But maybe I'm not supposed to say it out loud?

General / Hey Guys
« on: May 18, 2018, 03:23 PM »

Read this first:,512904.msg6498398.html#msg6498398

So after she rejected me, she was willing to become friends.. I accepted it and called her "best bud". After that I didn't text her in ages, other than one occurrence months later.. But after that?


It was literally over a year ago since I last texted her. And then.. suddenly she now recently started following me on Instagram. why does she follow me on Instagram? What does she want? Does she want to be my friend? Did she follow me on accident, but didn't wanna unfollow for embarrassment? And how do you guys think I should handle this?

This situation is just weird and awkward, so Idk.

General / How To Use Your Time Effectively
« on: April 02, 2018, 07:47 PM »

1) Focus on 2-3 things

Yeah I know.. I already brought this up, but itís still very useful advice. You should always mainly have 2-3 things that you focus on daily. If you are in basket, put that as your first focus. If you also study, then put that as your second.

You donít have to overanalyze this one.. Just write down the things you know you should spend most of your energy and time on. And then make sure that everything you essentially do will take you to those things in your focus.

For example.. if you play basketball and wanna start snowboarding.. and youíre on a train: go ahead and get yourself an audio book about snowboarding. Or read articles about snowboarding, watch tutorial videos, join a forum of people who snowboard and introduce yourself as completely new and interested.

Make sure everything you do is productive time toward those 2-3 things. If youíre walking on your way home or to work.. Think of those 2-3 things and what youíll do with them today and forward.

Every move you make.. should essentially be productive time to those 2-3 things. And of course.. if you come up with random things you need to do in the middle of it all.. Just write it down and randomly knock it out during the week. This form of list is what I like to call ďthe random list.Ē Anyways, donít let it distract you from the main things..

Always move forward, with those 2-3 things always in-tact.

2) Goals to those things

Make a list of those things to update those things you focus on to keep yourself updated and motivated. You need to make a list of things you can knock out which connects to the things you need to focus on. And then make sure the order goes according to the most important step to the least important.

For example in my workout (which is one of my main focuses at life) I make a list like:

*Master usage of squats lifting

*Bulk (gain weight + increase lifting weight)

*Master condition exercise

I know that mastering how I lift first: before even thinking about putting on weight and eating more is far more important.. Because thatís like the basics. Or rather specific.. it is the far more important thing for me, so I should do it first. Because if I donít master the skill of how I lift and just put on weight I can risk injury.. so it would only be natural for me to follow an order that works accordingly. And you should do the same with your list!

Another example is if you focus on say school.. and your list consists of stuff like;

*Preparing for essay test in 2 weeks

*Studying for the math test on this thursday

Naturally, you should focus on that test first and let the essay wait for a bit.. Rank that according to the other stuff on the list and let it wait.. and just knock out everything as you immerse yourself in each and every task. And keep doing it until that whole list is gone.. And BOOM youíve knocked out the entire list, congratulations bro.

You can do this with the list you put random tasks too.. And I would strongly recommend you do that.

3) Avoid distractions

I know this should be obvious, but it obviously isnít for most. On social media there are so many opinions expressed: through pictures, selfies, arts, videos, vlogs, blogs and all sorts of things people share.. Thereís no end to being distracted on the internet.

As I said earlier.. you want to always move forward with those 2-3 things you have that you need to focus on 24:07. So for the love of Jesus.. put that phone on silent mode, or limit your time massively on social media.

You can easily do this by having a planned schedule of when you can take breaks and when you have to do tasks for the main 2-3 things. If a schedule doesnít exactly work for you.. Then at the very least donít use social media more than you have to, and make sure you are mainly on track with your actual important splode.

4) Have a schedule

Speaking of a schedule by the way xD

Having a schedule can be very beneficial to you. Since having a structure of doing specific tasks at hand can build positive habits so youíre always focused and on-track. With your schedule.. you should be specific with when to do what task: that you need to focus on during that time.

And as brought up before.. Find spots in your schedule that you feel would be best suited for your ďspare timeĒ or rather ďdistraction timeĒ. But again, have that planned.. And make sure it is limited to keep yourself on-track always.

5) Donít multitask

For the love of God.. donít multitask. Doing more things at once sounds like it gets more done, therefore itís better.. But it is actually the opposite. By focusing on many things at a time: you make the quality worse at those things at hand you are working on.

Because your brain is constantly shifting its focus from one thing to the next.. Because our human brain is not made for us to focus on more than one thing at a time. So why the concept of multitask still exists.. is beyond me.

Focus on one thing.. What is most important to you right now? Focus on that, and then look at what youíll do next after.. Do it all stepwise, to become the best you. 

6) Keep check of how you spend your time

Build a habit of writing on a diary / journal. This is a great way to keep yourself check with your thoughts.. and growth as a person. It can save your thoughts and motivation as you try to improve your skills of being more effective and working instead of bs:ing and getting distracted.

You can write your day in great detail from beginning to end.. as you express your emotions on how you felt about everything. And spot the things you write you enjoy and the things you write you didnít.

By doing this.. you can analyze as your writing or even just after... What it is that you like as a person, and what you donít like. By doing this you can then choose to analyse the things you do enjoy and why, and from there.. Make sure those are placed at your top priority and let the lesser fun things take a backseat.
Like maybe youíre on facebook inside the train instead of reading a book you really enjoy.. So start reading that book in the train if thatís what you want. Through the journal: you can be able to start getting rid of the stuff you donít like daily, and apply the things you do enjoy to be around you more during the day.

This can be a great way for you to start spotting a difference in your progress.. as you see everything drastically change in your life by a flash. There are tutorials on how to handle a journal writing.. The style can vary from person to person.

If you want you could for example make a chart that keeps check of your time, if thatís what you want. And you could be 24:07 keep updating it to see where you spend most of your time.. And simply from there decide how you want it to look the next day, or the same.

The great thing about a journals is.. You can be very creative about it. So I highly suggest it.

7) Compete with yourself and yourself only

Your condition biologically to wanting to best others: so you can be more likely to survive. And your condition socially: is to try to appear cool by others. So that you can be more likely to succeed and rise in society..

But nowadays in most cases.. Thereís no practical use from this mindset. 

Whenever you take an IQ test on a subject.. Donít compare your IQ to otherís: compare it to your previous. Same if you go to school and get results back from essays or tests. Donít compare your grade to otherís, compare it to your previous on that subject.

Stop caring for where others are at, what others are doing and what level they are in at science. Then compare that to yourself.. splode that. Care less and less about it and always look after competing with yourself.

And as you keep practicing this skill in your mindset.. youíll eventually be far less bothered about others.

8) Get proper sleep

If your sleep schedule is messed up, because you almost never seem to get enough sleep.. Then you seriously need to fix this, right here and now..

The next day you wake up: your mood will be greatly affected by your sleep. And your mood long-term is affected by your sleep schedule. Getting good sleep will let you feel better the other day, and let you be happier.

As opposed to if you got poor sleep, and got on a far lesser pleasant mood because of that. From here on out.. Always make sure you get the amount of sleep you need. Yes, you will have to affect your schedule and yes.. it will be hard.
But try also looking into the future. If you continue sleeping poorly (if you are) you will increase your chance of getting these things:

1-Heart disease

2-Heart attack

3-Heart failure

4-Irregular heartbeat

5-High blood pressure



So next time you are thinking about working late.. Please consider looking at this list. Because this surely will be scary enough to force you to bed. Also, I strongly suggest you donít use the phone before bed at least in 1-2 hours.

So you donít wake up your brain and later struggle falling asleep all night.. Which will also increase the chance of those sicknesses you can get.. Not pleasant looking at the list, but I think it is necessary we all do to change ourselves here.

9) Be stronger than your addictions

If you let yourself be addicted to something.. If you willingly let yourself be addicted onto something, youíre basically saying to yourself that you arenít in control. And then how do you expect to control bigger decisions in your life?

Like if you for example cannot control yourself from drinking coffe every morning, then how do you expect to make bigger decisions than that? If you have an addiction, the first thing you should do is start breaking it.

You can:

*Join an addiction forum, for support

*Write a story about overcoming it on a blog

*Have family or friend support

*Make a habit of checking at cons and pros, from overcoming that addiction.

In-depth: You can start of by writing a list of negative things your addiction has led you to. Frequently look at that list... And then start to think of the good things that could happen when you break that addiction.

Write that splode down and also build a habit of checking that list daily. Make sure you check these lists at moments of doubts or as a reminder. Like if you're about to let yourself in that addiction... So you'll have the reason right in-front of you to not do it.

Just start breaking that addiction.. Obviously youíll have to start small. Because addiction is a serious problem. But the key, is that you start somewhere. Just start breaking it, whatever addiction it may be.

10) Be around positive people

Be around positive people. Preferably those that are positive around you, that want you to succeed.. That believe in you and that have great things to say about you. Surround yourself with people like this more and more and support them too if you can.

In fact, I highly suggest it! Then you can build a bond with these people, where you all motivate and encourage each other to keep going. And make sure you try and learn from them.

And donít be afraid to be inspired by them as well. And whenever you have a problem.. see how they handle their problems. If they react by solving their problem, then take that as a metaphor for you to start doing the same..

To whatever it is you need to solve as well. Or whatever metaphor you literally wanna take that in-for. The idea is: surround yourself with the great, to become one yourself.

General / Why It Can Be Good To Cry
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:23 PM »
Sometimes we have to face the truth.. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves in the mirror for how miserable we are. Tears allow stress to be released.. And the less stress you have: the clearer you will think.

Sometimes it's good for us to be alone.. And cry in a corner with nobody to be seen. It can be necessary to get the splode out that we've waited to express. It can allow us to get knowing ourselves better.. We can freely cry and think of a solution, by analyzing the issue realistically. And once we have released all the tension: we can get up, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and.. make our moves toward the solutions.

So every now and then.. crying isn't a bad thing. So go ahead, if you ask me.

General / About My Cousin
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:52 PM »
I don't actually have one (well that has a sploder account).. It was all part of a joke. An April fools joke.

You see: I mentioned basically to a lot of you via DMS that I have a cousin that has sploder. And that it's a secret, that should not be shared.

And as you probably remember I tried convincing that via a profile I found that looked similar to my avatar:

So yeah.. Sorry, fams. Especially you Cian who wanted her badly, lol.


General / I Nearly Yelled At 2-5 Guys
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:33 PM »
I.. haven't gotten this legit upset in the combination of yelling at someone since like 3 years ago. There were these guys.. that really annoyed me and got on my nerves. Because they and I had a test... But they couldn't be bothered to shut the splode up and kept talking loudly.

They weren't behaving like actual college students and all.. but more like babies, tbh.

Game Discussion / Imagine If Space Warrior Was My EGD Game
« on: March 11, 2018, 11:22 AM »
If Space Warrior was my EGD game; Instead of Sonic Boom Rol in EGD 2017. Do you think the results would have been for the better for me then?

If you haven't played either or just one, here are both games:

Please make sure you've played both before voting. Thanks!

Sploder Play / So This Year My 4th Anniversary Is Coming
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:14 AM »
I registered my account way back in 2014, and from there started making games here ;)
Idk if anyone recalls or really cares (I don't blame ya) but I did have Castle War 2 as my 1st anniversary game in 2015, and Mind Chaos as my second anniversary game in 2016.

During the whole 2017 I didn't celebrate my game-making into an anniversary game.. I just published Sonic Boom Rol and Space Warrior. It had to do with that I wanted to focus first on actually making rather salued games, then build from there..

So I did intend to do the same in 2017.. but ultimately canceled it to not rush out a boring game like I used to do.

Anyways I think I definitely wanna do something this year... I've got ideas above in mind on how I may celebrate. Just vote what you think sounds lit! :)

General / Alright Now That I'm 18..
« on: March 09, 2018, 10:05 AM »
I feel like I have this big bag on my back that I cannot barre.. And I'm also kinda stressed out over that I'm an adult now.

How do you guys I should manage to be an adult?

General / Ok Soldiers, This Is Enough
« on: March 09, 2018, 09:36 AM »
I know the thread so-called "Sweden's quote keeper" does exist within your barracks. It was made long ago. It was made by someone as his way to make fun of me by sharing posts I made.

Now.. I know it's not "allowed" technically speaking for me to see/get access to it. But I swear to God.. I will never get over the fact that I cannot access to it. It's a thread about me and I think it's my right to access to it!

It's not because I'm upset or anything.. But I do think I should have that right. I mean.. isn't it common sense for me to see a thread made about me? I just find it illogical and insane that I am "not allowed" to see it.

General / Loki Apologizing In Advance
« on: March 04, 2018, 01:30 PM »
For those of you who've gotten banned from him on discord; he has now unbanned you. He wasn't thinking clearly when he chose to ban, but now he has calmed himself down. He is apologizing for this incident. And he is willing to talk to you all.

Loki asked me to get the message out, so there you go.

Game Discussion / Length On My Sploder Plats
« on: March 02, 2018, 07:10 PM »
I'm wondering what length you guys want from my sploder plats. I'm asking this because my Sonic Boom Rol plat had a length of about 30 to 45 minutes and got complains about being too long.. While Space Warrior was around 5 minutes which got the complaint of being too short (at least once).

I wanna find a saluted middle ground, so please vote!

So basically I'm planning on making a bonus edition of my Sonic Boom Rol plat. It will have bonus content that you obviously wouldn't / cannot access in the main game.

This is supposed to basically be like "DLC" of my Sonic Boom Rol plat within already existing levels.

Ideas I have in particular are:

1) Being able to play as Eggman in tropical zone (level 1) and fly around in his egg mobile.

2) Being able to play as Sonic through tropical zone during sunset + the level having changed terrain.

3) Being one of those ancient guard enemies from the main game and guarding a temple.

4) Playing a new version of level 3 (that deserted level)

I need some ideas from you guys to fuse it up! Especially since this is supposed to be fanservice. What would you like to see?

General / How We Could Be Helping Each Other (Please read!!)
« on: March 01, 2018, 09:30 AM »
Hi folks! You probably know me for my life threads, but I just came up with a new concept... How about we all help each other (:p)? I know it sounds cliche and kinda stupid (probably) but hear me about xD

So basically, we share each other motivational quotes; that we find has to value in some big way. And then we define them ourselves or let someone else do it :p

It could go both ways too at the same time, really. The general idea with this is that we help each other self-improve our thinking, so we get a clear picture of life's general rules and how it works, so thereafter we can achieve the things we want to achieve easier in life!

But that's not all! I think while we are at it.. why not share with each other here our personal experiences with the growth given via applying these new thinking habits? :p

Why do this? Well.. here's definite benefits:

+ We could learn from each other

+ We could be motivated and inspired by each other

+ We could help each other (with how we apply these new thinking habits in our lives)

+ We get to know each other in deeper way

+ We can encourage others who haven't done this before to get into this.. since they'll probably be interested by seeing this thread's activity

+ We could get amazing insights at life

+ We could grow as people (especially together)

+ We can see opportunities in ourselves and our life that we never could before

+ We could learn to help each other more

+ We could learn how to be social in a deeper level (this thread gives opportunity for that)

And WAAAAY more reasons.

So let's do this yall, please? :))

General / Could Someone Capture Footage Of My New Game?
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:34 AM »
Here it is:,518152.0.html

I intend to make a trailer for it!
And well.. What I need (and is asking for) is footage.

However, unlike the footage for the trailers I made before:
I want it to be full screen, as it's being captured.

It's fine if you would just edit it so that the game itself comes in full size.. so long as it isn't very blurry (which should not happen in the first place).

Now.. Obviously, I want the recording to be at least (preferably) 720p (HD) but I'm fine with 480p (HQ) so long as it ain't blurry or pixelated.

Now.. If you can help me... You'll get an early copy of the game, and I'll from there.. hand over further instructions. :))

General / Hint To The Upcoming Life Thread
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:29 AM »


General / Anew
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:14 PM »
I don't see why you guys talk bad about him.. all I know is that he is a cool guy. What's the problem? I don't get it.

General / Personal Life Thread
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:37 PM »
I use this thread for my own benefit of discipline. I post it publicly to stay to it better.

General / Hey Guys :)
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:49 AM »
I've been a bit inactive here as of late. I've mainly focused on studying. But I'd really be down with studying 2 hours here at home and then about 19:00 doing whatever I want; coming by here and such.

I intend to publish new life threads and new games on the ms. All I need is to make a schedule and go from there :)

Sploder Play / !HYPE! [Castle Mania] - Swedenplatformge
« on: January 29, 2018, 05:19 PM »

Previously known as "big sploder plat" this game is an adventure sploder plat that consists of over 3 levels. Every level has its own completely different style in how it plays.

Castle Mania is a spin-off game of my already established Castle War series. For those who don't know Castle War was the first sploder game (game in general really) I made and published way back:

It went on to recieve a sequel, Castle War 2:

This is an additional spin-off game to the series because it explores the world outside of those castles. It is also a spin-off because it changes the darker tone to a lesser serious and goofier one. That's not to say that Castle War 2 and Castle War one didn't have its fair share of goofiness or at the very least lightheartedness.

General / How To Get A Life (Step By Step)
« on: January 26, 2018, 03:12 PM »
1) Vision

You want to have at least 2 or 3 things that you focus on mainly in your life... By this I mean actual stuff that matters to you. In the case of us, teenagers school could easily get the first spot. If you're working out put that then as your second focus.

Why is it important to focus on 2 or 3 specific things? Well that's because that if you don't ever know where you're life is heading and why, you won't ever be truly satisfied and happy. The only way to be TRULY happy with a long-lasting effect is if you have focused on what you do and make sure that you're always heading towards that direction.

Because when you do focus on the things you want to focus on and keep doing it... You'll feel better about yourself as it will boost your self-worth, your intelligence and so on.

2) Splode distractions

Naturally, if you are focusing on a goal or specific things.. You don't want to spend 6 hours on Facebook every day, or not even an hour.. When you choose to spend time on anything, whether it would be facebook or actually pursuing your goal... You're choosing to spend your time.

Whether it would be subconsciously or consciously. Don't be one of those people that subconsciously make decisions.. You know.. when people do stuff like spending hours on social media. Because let's be honest.. when you're spending a lot of time on social media you aren't being effective towards reaching your goal. And you aren't even as consous about yourself and your life as you could otherwise be if you threw that phone away for at least a moment.

I'm not telling you to eliminate all distractions. But you definitely should minimize your time with it if you spend 30 minutes up to at least an hour on social media doing nothing really effective to your goal. But ultimately you should follow a schedule that works for you.

3) Take choices, and don't settle after

Don't be scared to make a choice that revolves around the things you want to focus on with yourself in your life. By making choices your guts tells you is right, you are actually doing you a favor. Because even if that turns out to be a bad thing, in the end, you actually earned experience out of doing it opposed to the guy that didn't follow what he wants to do.

Want to approach and talk to a girl? Just splodeing do it! Don't overanalyze the splodeing situation, just approach the girl.. say whatever you feel like saying. Because again, even if you mess up.. you get experience out of it opposed to if you didn't choose to talk to her for the first place.

Naturally, when you make a mistake you need to analyze it. Think of what it is that you exactly did wrong, and from there make your next move... Don't spend a lot of time overanalyzing it... At some point, you gotta get back to focusing on the splode that actually matters in your life. Eliminate pointless thoughts and pointless thinking, focus on the splode that actually matters to you.

Which leads me to...

4) Stop being offended, stop complaining, stop crying, stop complaining,
 stop blaming others etc.

There's a difference between being productive and unproductive. In the case of your life.. you want to be productive. So make sure that you stop overanalyze situations so much and just do splode. Don't think so negative and stop being so overdramatic on things.. Because eventually, all your problems go away. That exam you failed at? Well, soon you'll get over it anyways. So there's no real point in draining your energy by negative thoughts.

Eliminate general negative thoughts and try to focus on the positive. Just do it because that's how you'll feel good about yourself and boost your self-worth and confidence.

5) Meditate

Whenever you feel unfocused by having thoughts all over the place, so you can't actually focus on the splode that matters to you; or when you're just in a messy emotional state with something like rage or whatever... Stop for a moment, sit down and meditate.

Meditation has proven to increase the focus and positivty in one's life.. It helps people be more calm, relaxed and focused as they are surrounded by general positivity and calmness. So there's definitaly health beninifts for you to meditate, not just for your mood but also for how you generally treat yourself.

There are easy tutorials to follow on the internet that will teach you how to do it. It's not that hard at all.. The general idea is that you are able to clear your mind and be more focused by the time you're done.

For you meditation noobies out there I suggest you start with 5 minutes and put a timer on when you start.. With meditation, you should focus on your breathing and nothing else. Unless you're going through some spiritual meditation.

There are different kinds of meditations (I won't go through them here) but naturally, you should do what suits you the most... All though I would recommend regular meditation if you're new or not that proffesional generally speaking.

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