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Game Discussion / Imagine If Space Warrior Was My EGD Game
« on: March 11, 2018, 11:22 AM »
If Space Warrior was my EGD game; Instead of Sonic Boom Rol in EGD 2017. Do you think the results would have been for the better for me then?

If you haven't played either or just one, here are both games:

Please make sure you've played both before voting. Thanks!

Sploder Play / So This Year My 4th Anniversary Is Coming
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:14 AM »
I registered my account way back in 2014, and from there started making games here ;)
Idk if anyone recalls or really cares (I don't blame ya) but I did have Castle War 2 as my 1st anniversary game in 2015, and Mind Chaos as my second anniversary game in 2016.

During the whole 2017 I didn't celebrate my game-making into an anniversary game.. I just published Sonic Boom Rol and Space Warrior. It had to do with that I wanted to focus first on actually making rather salued games, then build from there..

So I did intend to do the same in 2017.. but ultimately canceled it to not rush out a boring game like I used to do.

Anyways I think I definitely wanna do something this year... I've got ideas above in mind on how I may celebrate. Just vote what you think sounds lit! :)

General / Alright Now That I'm 18..
« on: March 09, 2018, 10:05 AM »
I feel like I have this big bag on my back that I cannot barre.. And I'm also kinda stressed out over that I'm an adult now.

How do you guys I should manage to be an adult?

General / Ok Soldiers, This Is Enough
« on: March 09, 2018, 09:36 AM »
I know the thread so-called "Sweden's quote keeper" does exist within your barracks. It was made long ago. It was made by someone as his way to make fun of me by sharing posts I made.

Now.. I know it's not "allowed" technically speaking for me to see/get access to it. But I swear to God.. I will never get over the fact that I cannot access to it. It's a thread about me and I think it's my right to access to it!

It's not because I'm upset or anything.. But I do think I should have that right. I mean.. isn't it common sense for me to see a thread made about me? I just find it illogical and insane that I am "not allowed" to see it.

General / Loki Apologizing In Advance
« on: March 04, 2018, 01:30 PM »
For those of you who've gotten banned from him on discord; he has now unbanned you. He wasn't thinking clearly when he chose to ban, but now he has calmed himself down. He is apologizing for this incident. And he is willing to talk to you all.

Loki asked me to get the message out, so there you go.

Game Discussion / Length On My Sploder Plats
« on: March 02, 2018, 07:10 PM »
I'm wondering what length you guys want from my sploder plats. I'm asking this because my Sonic Boom Rol plat had a length of about 30 to 45 minutes and got complains about being too long.. While Space Warrior was around 5 minutes which got the complaint of being too short (at least once).

I wanna find a saluted middle ground, so please vote!

So basically I'm planning on making a bonus edition of my Sonic Boom Rol plat. It will have bonus content that you obviously wouldn't / cannot access in the main game.

This is supposed to basically be like "DLC" of my Sonic Boom Rol plat within already existing levels.

Ideas I have in particular are:

1) Being able to play as Eggman in tropical zone (level 1) and fly around in his egg mobile.

2) Being able to play as Sonic through tropical zone during sunset + the level having changed terrain.

3) Being one of those ancient guard enemies from the main game and guarding a temple.

4) Playing a new version of level 3 (that deserted level)

I need some ideas from you guys to fuse it up! Especially since this is supposed to be fanservice. What would you like to see?

General / How We Could Be Helping Each Other (Please read!!)
« on: March 01, 2018, 09:30 AM »
Hi folks! You probably know me for my life threads, but I just came up with a new concept... How about we all help each other (:p)? I know it sounds cliche and kinda stupid (probably) but hear me about xD

So basically, we share each other motivational quotes; that we find has to value in some big way. And then we define them ourselves or let someone else do it :p

It could go both ways too at the same time, really. The general idea with this is that we help each other self-improve our thinking, so we get a clear picture of life's general rules and how it works, so thereafter we can achieve the things we want to achieve easier in life!

But that's not all! I think while we are at it.. why not share with each other here our personal experiences with the growth given via applying these new thinking habits? :p

Why do this? Well.. here's definite benefits:

+ We could learn from each other

+ We could be motivated and inspired by each other

+ We could help each other (with how we apply these new thinking habits in our lives)

+ We get to know each other in deeper way

+ We can encourage others who haven't done this before to get into this.. since they'll probably be interested by seeing this thread's activity

+ We could get amazing insights at life

+ We could grow as people (especially together)

+ We can see opportunities in ourselves and our life that we never could before

+ We could learn to help each other more

+ We could learn how to be social in a deeper level (this thread gives opportunity for that)

And WAAAAY more reasons.

So let's do this yall, please? :))

General / Could Someone Capture Footage Of My New Game?
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:34 AM »
Here it is:,518152.0.html

I intend to make a trailer for it!
And well.. What I need (and is asking for) is footage.

However, unlike the footage for the trailers I made before:
I want it to be full screen, as it's being captured.

It's fine if you would just edit it so that the game itself comes in full size.. so long as it isn't very blurry (which should not happen in the first place).

Now.. Obviously, I want the recording to be at least (preferably) 720p (HD) but I'm fine with 480p (HQ) so long as it ain't blurry or pixelated.

Now.. If you can help me... You'll get an early copy of the game, and I'll from there.. hand over further instructions. :))

General / Hint To The Upcoming Life Thread
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:29 AM »


General / Anew
« on: February 14, 2018, 03:14 PM »
I don't see why you guys talk bad about him.. all I know is that he is a cool guy. What's the problem? I don't get it.

General / Personal Life Thread
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:37 PM »
I use this thread for my own benefit of discipline. I post it publicly to stay to it better.

General / Hey Guys :)
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:49 AM »
I've been a bit inactive here as of late. I've mainly focused on studying. But I'd really be down with studying 2 hours here at home and then about 19:00 doing whatever I want; coming by here and such.

I intend to publish new life threads and new games on the ms. All I need is to make a schedule and go from there :)

Sploder Play / !HYPE! [Castle Mania] - Swedenplatformge
« on: January 29, 2018, 05:19 PM »

Previously known as "big sploder plat" this game is an adventure sploder plat that consists of over 3 levels. Every level has its own completely different style in how it plays.

Castle Mania is a spin-off game of my already established Castle War series. For those who don't know Castle War was the first sploder game (game in general really) I made and published way back:

It went on to recieve a sequel, Castle War 2:

This is an additional spin-off game to the series because it explores the world outside of those castles. It is also a spin-off because it changes the darker tone to a lesser serious and goofier one. That's not to say that Castle War 2 and Castle War one didn't have its fair share of goofiness or at the very least lightheartedness.

General / How To Get A Life (Step By Step)
« on: January 26, 2018, 03:12 PM »
1) Vision

You want to have at least 2 or 3 things that you focus on mainly in your life... By this I mean actual stuff that matters to you. In the case of us, teenagers school could easily get the first spot. If you're working out put that then as your second focus.

Why is it important to focus on 2 or 3 specific things? Well that's because that if you don't ever know where you're life is heading and why, you won't ever be truly satisfied and happy. The only way to be TRULY happy with a long-lasting effect is if you have focused on what you do and make sure that you're always heading towards that direction.

Because when you do focus on the things you want to focus on and keep doing it... You'll feel better about yourself as it will boost your self-worth, your intelligence and so on.

2) Splode distractions

Naturally, if you are focusing on a goal or specific things.. You don't want to spend 6 hours on Facebook every day, or not even an hour.. When you choose to spend time on anything, whether it would be facebook or actually pursuing your goal... You're choosing to spend your time.

Whether it would be subconsciously or consciously. Don't be one of those people that subconsciously make decisions.. You know.. when people do stuff like spending hours on social media. Because let's be honest.. when you're spending a lot of time on social media you aren't being effective towards reaching your goal. And you aren't even as consous about yourself and your life as you could otherwise be if you threw that phone away for at least a moment.

I'm not telling you to eliminate all distractions. But you definitely should minimize your time with it if you spend 30 minutes up to at least an hour on social media doing nothing really effective to your goal. But ultimately you should follow a schedule that works for you.

3) Take choices, and don't settle after

Don't be scared to make a choice that revolves around the things you want to focus on with yourself in your life. By making choices your guts tells you is right, you are actually doing you a favor. Because even if that turns out to be a bad thing, in the end, you actually earned experience out of doing it opposed to the guy that didn't follow what he wants to do.

Want to approach and talk to a girl? Just splodeing do it! Don't overanalyze the splodeing situation, just approach the girl.. say whatever you feel like saying. Because again, even if you mess up.. you get experience out of it opposed to if you didn't choose to talk to her for the first place.

Naturally, when you make a mistake you need to analyze it. Think of what it is that you exactly did wrong, and from there make your next move... Don't spend a lot of time overanalyzing it... At some point, you gotta get back to focusing on the splode that actually matters in your life. Eliminate pointless thoughts and pointless thinking, focus on the splode that actually matters to you.

Which leads me to...

4) Stop being offended, stop complaining, stop crying, stop complaining,
 stop blaming others etc.

There's a difference between being productive and unproductive. In the case of your life.. you want to be productive. So make sure that you stop overanalyze situations so much and just do splode. Don't think so negative and stop being so overdramatic on things.. Because eventually, all your problems go away. That exam you failed at? Well, soon you'll get over it anyways. So there's no real point in draining your energy by negative thoughts.

Eliminate general negative thoughts and try to focus on the positive. Just do it because that's how you'll feel good about yourself and boost your self-worth and confidence.

5) Meditate

Whenever you feel unfocused by having thoughts all over the place, so you can't actually focus on the splode that matters to you; or when you're just in a messy emotional state with something like rage or whatever... Stop for a moment, sit down and meditate.

Meditation has proven to increase the focus and positivty in one's life.. It helps people be more calm, relaxed and focused as they are surrounded by general positivity and calmness. So there's definitaly health beninifts for you to meditate, not just for your mood but also for how you generally treat yourself.

There are easy tutorials to follow on the internet that will teach you how to do it. It's not that hard at all.. The general idea is that you are able to clear your mind and be more focused by the time you're done.

For you meditation noobies out there I suggest you start with 5 minutes and put a timer on when you start.. With meditation, you should focus on your breathing and nothing else. Unless you're going through some spiritual meditation.

There are different kinds of meditations (I won't go through them here) but naturally, you should do what suits you the most... All though I would recommend regular meditation if you're new or not that proffesional generally speaking.

General / The Reason For My Inactivity
« on: January 21, 2018, 02:23 PM »
I've just gone through depression a few days ago again. It's been quite the time since I last experienced it before that... It probably was a combination of the stress and anxiety through my life the days beforehand which led up to that point... That's usually why depression triggers from personal experience.

I just need to find an identity, and stop having anxiety for not having an identity. I need more time for myself and self-healing. While this means the progress of my upcoming plat will take longer - it'll be nessasary.

Game Discussion / Space Warrior - Alpha + Beta
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:51 PM »
A brief description of the development: Early in development, the levels were way bigger (this you will spot way easier on level 1 specifically). However, due to crash problems during development.. I limited the scale and that's where I started to get the idea that the levels could play out like Classic Sonic levels. Where there's lots of platforming but it doesn't necessarily drag on, in addition to spectacles.

At this point, the game came over its alpha form and hit beta... Both of these are playable. And as you will probably notice there are differences in the placements of things.

What you'll probably notice is how the game during early form wasn't nearly as fluid in its platforming- that's because it wasn't yet to be largely based on the platforming of the Classic Sonic games yet. By the time that the final product came; the game mostly got its philosophy in level design from that.



General / Is The Discord Quote Keeper Thread Gone?
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:34 PM »
I mean, now that nub barracks is gone... Does it mean that the discord quote keeper is gone too?

I did this twice. I've done it with Blockie (which was a ppg plat that got canceled I think back in 2015) and I did this with Sonic Boom Rol which had a very early and messy demo.. to say the least.

However, if I were to make demos in the future, they would definitely be way closer to the final polish of the game. Would you be generally down for it?

General / How To Make Life More Positive
« on: January 11, 2018, 02:54 PM »
1) Stop making excuses

Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it! This is your life. Your life is your will. Stop making excuses before actually doing what you wanna do. Because then you're basically planting a seed and getting rid of it before it has any time to grow.

And it was completely up to YOU to get rid of that seed, nobody else splodeing did it. It's not your neighbor or your friends that is stopping you from pursuing to do the stuff you want to do.

To prove my point, think of one of these women nowadays that call themselves feminists, around youtube. Who constantly blames males being more dominant and there's no gender equality so that's why they can't get a job and "blablabla". Like what the splode, shut the splode up!

Of course when we see this scenario like this, it just makes us laugh and makes us avoid doing the same thing. Which leads me to my next point...

2) Watch from a third person view

That feminist example I made was to show you how stupid it's in actuality; to blame on others and other things as to why your life is splode.

You can think of your whole life like this... Whenever you're feeling down, either acting frustrated or crying... Hold the thought for the moment, of you being a person watching yourself doing what you are doing atm. And you'll probably realize that what you are doing is stupid, which will let you re-act your actions so you don't make yourself look like an idiot; as you're watching yourself from that third person view.

I found this myself useful when I wanted to get things done, as I got constantly distracted from getting the things done. But as I constantly used a method like this, it was far more easier for me to just stop getting distracted. Since I looked liked an idiot for myself from an outside perspective.

Of course, am I'm not saying let other's make the judgment call on you, you do whatever the splode you want. Say.. if you want to do something that people would find really weird, but you wanna do it anyways.. then splode it! Just splodeing do it, this is your life! Don't assume that you have to look at yourself from a third person view from social statuses and opinions.. You should look at yourself from a third person view from your own view and desire, and follow through with that. 

If you aren't enjoying what you are doing, then there's clearly a problem. By doing what you enjoy doing.. you have to do what you enjoy doing. Regardless if others enjoys it or not. So long as you aren't hurting anyone it's fine.

The general idea is that you do whatever suits you the most.. But when you don't do it look from that third person view and get your splode off and do it anyway becauase you know you should.

3) Understand people

All of us are humans. (Well... Assuming you're not an alien watching this from your ufo at space).

We all act a certain way for our own reason. Whether that would be acting from anger, happiness, joy, being confused etc. We have all been at these different emotions at some point in our life. And all of us; your family & friends; will continue to go through these emotions from here on out.

For example... The next time someone is pissed at you, either arguing with you or is just playing mean with how it treats you. Instead of taking it personally and getting defense think from that person's perspective. Maybe that person has an abusive family. Maybe that person has anger issues. Maybe that person has a really bad day so he or she couldn't care less for anyone less. OR MAYBE that person just has terrible social skills.

Many times when a person acts negatively it could be any of those things really...

Whatever the reason... Try to see from their view, and from there move on with your day, because...

4) Don't let others control you

Your life is called your life for a reason. That 'YOUR' before the word 'LIFE' wasn't put there by an accident. If you decide to take something rude someone said to you personally, then guess what? You're going to take it personally.

And then you waste your energy on that either by anger or something like being sad. And that's not healthy for you since that leads you to a negative mindset. Which also drains your energy for the day.

This is your life. It's your choice whether you will let other's judgment get the best of you. Or if you yourself will get the best of yourself by yourself and on your own. It's good to listen to other's only if they want to bring the best in you. And that's what you wanna do.. to bring the best in you. And you can only do that by NOT thinking so much about what other's think about you and what you're doing. Literally just focus on yourself and become the best you.

Don't listen to others, just do you.. nobody thinks about you 24/7 broo. (I'm not telling you to do a splodebag now, and also... that's going from one extreme to the next). When you get down to it.. just generally be you without trying to offend somebody else.

In summary:

- Just do what you want to do, your choices shouldn't reflect on others.
- Realize that you are the one in control of your life so immerse yourself in it.
- No bullsplodeing, this is your life.. nobody has got time for that "blablabla" bs
- When you're mad at someone; try understanding that person and then just move on with your day.

Now feel free to take notes on these pieces of advice or whatever, and try to apply at least one of them to your life. Don't just assume that you will magically become the best version of you by just have read this.. take actions and new mindsets that are reflected from these things I listed.

And feel free to share your experience at life from doing so here.

Also, I'm open to suggestions on more bits of advice you'd like me to give you. It can be anything.


General / Swedenplatformge And Sonic
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:59 PM »

Credit goes to this guy who made this:

He is a great friend of mine, thought I'd share since this was pretty funny Imo, lmao.

Sploder Play / Project: Big Sploder Plat
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:11 PM »

More info coming soon...

General / How To Instantly Improve Your Life Version 2.0
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:16 PM »
Do you struggle with each day?  And does that lead to you feeling full of regrets with how you spent the day once it's up? Don't worry, I'm here to help. I've got your back bro ;)

1) Don't waste your time on pointless things

Whatever it is you do that you know you shouldn't do and don't want to do, why the hell do you waste your time doing that thing? It could be something like sitting on facebook for 6 hours or whatever, it really doesn't matter what it is... If there's something you are wasting your time on that you clearly don't want to do, then splodeing stop.

2) Find a way to turn it from mediocre to tolerable (if not even more)

There's always a way to turn a boring bit in your life into something more fun, or at the very least... tolerable. For example if you're studying you could try studying with friends or find new strategies in studying.

Like if you're for example trying to learn a new language and all you've done so far is repeat the words in your head... and that in itself is boring as splode to you. Then try to figure out what suits you best and try it... And even if that thing doesn't suit you, continue trying. What do you have to lose by trying? Which leads me to my next point...

3) Learn from your missteps

Instead of dwelling on your mistakes you make and failures that occur around you... try to learn something from them. Give them an actual purpose, by actually paying attention to what it is that you did wrong. So that a mistake or failure in your life wasn't just random but actually made you grow further.

Learn from each and every one of your mistakes and...

4) Always move forward

Don't give in... Always move forward. What this means is that you always know where you're heading and is sticking to that. And of course... if you fail, pick yourself back up and learn from that mistake you made. As long as you have a vision you're stuck on, you'll have the whole universe go by your side... So you'll be like the God of your own life.

5) Stop wasting time on social media

The reason for why I'm bringing up social media is the biggest platform with the most potential of you wasting your mind. Because all social media platforms are designed to essentially bring you endless content so you won't lose interest, and if you're trying to focus on a goal as social media distracts you by 3 or so hours a day... Then that certainly is no good since you are essentially telling yourself subconsuesly that your time isn't worth it. And the more you do it, it will get stuck in your head like it's "no big deal".

Understand this:

Your time has value if you keep reminding yourself that. Just like when you convince yourself constantly that your time ain't worth it by using social media for hours since it has become a subconsues thing in your mind... Try to do that BUT instead remind yourself constantely of what better you could do without social media, and the more you do this... The more your mind will subconsciously tell you that social media generally isn't too worth it and then you'll spend more time being a cool person doing what he or she likes doing.

So in summary... try to ignore your messages and inboxes as well as possible... Only try checking them out and social media if your schedule is open, but if you got splode to get done... Then focus on that, since you owe that to yourself.

That's all for now, let me know if you guys want more of these ;)

Game Discussion / Sonic Boom Rol In Alpha (Playable)
« on: December 02, 2017, 10:38 AM »
This was an early (and messy) demo given of the game about 4 months before its launch:

It was private within 7 or so days of release as a demo. Since the feedback, I received quickly made me quickly wanting to spend more effort into improving the game and so I did fairly soon, so I decided the demo was irrelevant within days of polishing it more so I wanted to private it.

More demos & prototypes of the levels are planned to be linked here soon. I'm hoping to find the extremely early version of level 2 (ancient temple) but it seems I won't be able to access to it anymore, but I'll keep trying.

NOTE: The level order & names weren't different. So wasn't the music. I just lazily executed level 1 & 5 into this poor demo without bothering changing the name or music to what it's supposed to be.

General / After You Read This, You Won't Care For Other's Opinions
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:31 PM »
Let me tell you a story... There was this guy called Peter, and he decided that he wanted to buy a car. There was a car model he really wanted, it was called Car ratio. As he discussed regarding this to people he hung around with at school... They told him that he shouldn't buy it but instead something like a car blue or car zero.

So he did that, just to impress on them and please them... And he did that, he felt that joy as he drove by them at school as they were staring...Peter walked up to them and received lots of compliments. But after about 10 seconds of those compliments, they stopped caring and switched topic. And Peter started wondering what all that hassle and work to buy the car that suited them was all for.

Moral of the story: People don't give a splode. SO JUST DO YOU. At best people will think about something you did or you in general for like 10-30 seconds but then they move on anyway. And you'll think about your life throughout the day for way longer than that. So make decisions that suits you.

But whatever you do as you do that... just don't be a splode. Don't go from one extreme to the next. It's called balance.

Now imagine if this story went the other way... Peter did buy the car model called car ratio which was his wish to have... Sure his friends would care for 10 seconds either being negative or potentially positive... But at the end of the day, Peter enjoys himself in that splodeing car and that's what matters.

General / Swedenplatformge's Sploder Blog #1
« on: November 29, 2017, 02:42 PM »
Hey guys, I figured I would start doing this since it seems pretty fun as a concept plush it can have you know what I'm up to around sploder. ;)

My sploder plat Space Warrior has been featured since 2 days ago. So far the attention is receiving is about as much as I'd expect, nothing too surprising... Hitting about 100 views at this rate is a rather impressive move on the featured page so I am glad my game could hit that milestone.

The game is definitely getting praised, which I'm glad. The game did take a lot of work to get done and it was not easy at times working hours onto polishing it. But I definitely had lots of fun down the road, and I feel I've earned experience from making that game.
But most importantly I am continuing to earn even more as you guys (you know who you are) leave negative things you found, which is highly appreciated and useful (usually).

Current plans for my next upcoming game has definitely been made. I intend that it will be finished before this year's end so I intend to release at least publicly one last game after the current Space Warrior.

That's all for now, cya around :))

Game Discussion / Sonic Boom Rol VS Space Warrior
« on: November 29, 2017, 02:11 PM »
Which of these two games I made are better? Please only vote if you've played both of them.

General / Hey CG
« on: November 25, 2017, 03:56 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

General / I've Learned Something Today
« on: November 23, 2017, 02:56 PM »
This guy has more personality than my ex:

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