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Welcome to the SSSS. Join the most powerful Society in Laniakea as anything you've ever wished to be, that's right. Life may not let you choose your own face, but in SSSS, you can.

Transcendent (#1) (I only hold this rank)
Ascendent (#2)
Descendent (#3)
Macroscendent (#4)
Freshscendent (#5) (Newcomers)

Punishment Ranks:
Noncescended (Mild punishment-Forgivable)
Super Duper Premium Extrasensory Displacement Of One's Being In Sacred Sigil Stone Society Deluxe King (S.D.P.E.D.O.O.B.I.S.S.S.S.D.K) (Banned from the society)

Join now!

Application form:
* Name:
* Age:
* Element: <B, F#, E or C>
Why you wanna join:


Name: Sigelia
Age: 18
Element: A

Name: Sral
Age: 54
Element: C

Name: Fool
Age: 11
Element: E

Name: Loser
Age: 20
Element: E

Name: Mr. Bohobe
Age: 33
Element: B

more to be added and stuff.

Inner Rage / Router
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:00 pm »
splodeing splode piss router splode internet crashing all the time why i crash into your mom then we'll see how you'll get below -150dB now splode splode you and your quality ass loading page for 10000 eons mothersplodeing duck you splode i hate you and wanna eat your circuit panels and led diodes as well as slurp that splodeing cable like a spaghetti and takr that antenna and stuff it up my bum splode u and your provider duck head

General / Hey guys
« on: March 28, 2019, 11:21 am »
I know there are a lot of you who I still haven't met, but I joined like 16 days ago after being inactive for 6 years. I remember this place being super active back in 2013 when I joined Sploder. I may not have been as active back then on the forums more than on the main site. This place is slowly drawing its last breath and I barely get motivated to stay here. I still love the game creators and miss all the good times I spent making games and playing others'.
I am still looking forward to make an EGD game but can barely find enough time. Either I am too lazy or I am not at home. I also found a cool new job here in ABQ and might get a chance to stay longer before possibly moving back to "Republika Srpska" (Bosnia region, my real home).
I get to sit with some cool guys that are running a Counter Strike 1.6 Community in some guy's room which he turned into a studio and design levels for their server. The best thing about the job you do is loving the job you do. We laugh every day, I'm improving my social skills and I got accepted easily as their pal. The payments are pretty good for a cs 1.6 level, lol.
That being said, I am focus more outside Sploder and would like to thank everyone who accepted me here and on the Discord server. Lately I was avoiding the Discord server because It's so dull and I often feel like I'm getting my messages skipped, but that's none other than my own fault, I suck at socializing, but like I said, I'm improving ever since I met these guys. Wish me luck and I wish everyone luck with whatever they have to deal. Cheers!  :D

General / Heyo
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:14 pm »
How are you?  ::)

So I've got an object with free movement, a dragger and an adder. With the room gravity on and material set to other than balloon it is not affected by gravity and is not solid. I can drag it around freely and choose where I want it to spawn itself on user input. It is then affected by gravity and responds to its collision, passthrough and sensor layer settings. But I want it to remain in one fixed position. Is it possible to lock the movement of the spawned object and not the pre-spawned, aka the spawner itself? Basically I want to be able to drag the spawner around and spawn stationary objects.

General / Greetings.
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:36 pm »
My name is Mladen. I joined Sploder, the site, back in 2013. and used to mess around with the Platformer and Shooter creators and I think that I've joined this community too. I remember this site being full of people and lots of content, but after reuniting it all seems like it went down some sort of hill. When did you join Sploder? I can see a lot of changes on the Sploder "main" site and here as well. Nostalgia kick it!

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