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Hello! samuraibiz other turn here, this is my third and already failed application to become a reviewer.

GOTTA GO FAST! - Classic Sonic Blast by swedenplatformge.

Classic Sonic Blast is a Sploder remake of the Original Sonic Blast (Game Gear), the original story, according to Wikipedia, is:
"Its story begins when Doctor Robotnik shatters a Chaos Emerald into five shards with a laser. One of the shards hits Sonic the Hedgehog, who, with the help of Knuckles the Echidna, sets out to prevent Robotnik from collecting the other shards and fortifying his island base."
But I will not consider the original plot, I'll imagine myself as an uninformed player, talking about what the game transmitted to me, the game story is:
"In Palmtree Panic, Sonic, worried about Tails and Great Crocodile (Vector), went to Gigalopolis, where releases both friends, Vector falls on lava but it doesn't hurt him, he says: "I found the Computer Room!". They, with the intention of escape, go to the Computer Room and are blocked by Tails Doll and the other character(I don't get recognize), but Sonic defeats the two and the three friends go away for the Mystic Cave Zone. When getting there, find the seven Chaos Emeralds and Sonic use Emerald's power to defeats Robotic Sonic, when you defeats him, you have that face a lot of Mechas and Probes." The transmitted story doesn't have very similarities with the original, an uninformed player don't will catch all the references, making the story looks different than really is, It don't would be a bad point, but the game is proposed to be a remake of Original Sonic Blast, an introduction could situate better the uninformed players.

The game has bonus stages that give to the player some special Abilities, like Double Jump, Roll, Stomp. What I will say can be a bit heavy but, don't get any Ability, in the levels don't have any moment that you give more efficiency because you're with those powers, the experience is the same that a player that doesn't get any bonus power, because the game essence is the player being guiding by gears.
Classic Sonic Blast is full of bugs, I'll give examples of the problems that seen, like: "Sonic/Tails dies and the game simply crashes, Tails Doll and the other character pushes the player to the tiles, Sonic gets tied in the air by gears ..." It really spoils the game experience, nobody likes to have the adventure stopped by a bug.
In the maps have very gears, bounces and windmills, considering that a good using of gears and bounces gives a really fastness, the creator intention was to give a feeling of speed and flow, as all the Sonic games make, but it arrived at such an unnecessary level that, in the whole level, you are led to victory, I'll give a example, in Gigalopolis have many windmills and it gives a very slow moment, instead that gives velocity, they disrupt the player making him wait for a considerable time, in all my gameplay has THREE combats, why a player will explore and evolve if the game conducts him to win?

The scenery is very beautiful in a graphical question, swedenplatformge used with frequency the Advanced Scenery technique, that is, in the most of the areas he used more than a background/tile, this make the game seems more natural and is very pretty of see if executed with prudence, because the real life "levels" are randomics and Sweden is a very experienced platform creator, he uses custom graphics with very frequency, like palm trees on Palmtree Panic, falling ice flakes on Ice Mountain, and, obviously, the classic objects of Sonic Series like: "Rings, Chaos Emeralds, End Panel, Minecarts ..." It gives a real feeling of that we are playing an original Sonic game.
Classic Sonic Blast's level design are very confusing, the block placement has to be more different for can shelter all the gears, in many areas have blocks in-air, areas with a big empty space, as a result of this, the game become block-polluted some areas or block-less, you will be almost always jumbled by a block or just will have gears without blocks in a other area, something that should be avoided in a game that your main proposal is the speediness.

The game is very easy, there's a moment where have a gear with THREE lifes, you can beat it on the first time because the game fills you of extra lifes, the unique part that really needs of player's "effort" is the combat against the last boss, Robotic Sonic(Fire Troll), and the real boss battle against Mechas and Probes are just a lot of spreaded enemys, don't have any organization fo a decent final combat, I don't see Classic Sonic Blast as a game, I see it as an interactive experience, like all swedenplatformge creations, but this game is for people to play and remember of the Sonic Series, It's all for nostalgia.
I think that the boss battle should be more avail, the place where happens the final combat is very simple, to you make a boss in a Sploder game, you have that prepare all the scenery, using of special block, like: "Teleporters, Elevators, Turrets/Archers", the two boss battles(Robotic Sonic and Mechas/Probes) are basically: "catch an atomic, reduces a part of life from the boss, dies and repeat" Really boring, don't have tension, epicness or fun, you just repeat steps, It's really like a task.

The idea of make a Sploder remake of a game of our childhood is ever welcome, and I have to feature the music placement on this game, really animated and happy music, It gives an epic characteristic for the game, It's very amazing like Classic Sonic Blast seems like an old Sonic game, using classic objects of Sonic Series and puting musics very happy, but this game don't shows nothing of new, even if it's a small thing, I'd get really sad by this game patterns exists, every game can't be a replica from any old game of yourself or your favorite creator, except sequences, try always innovate your games to leave your mark on Sploder!


Scenery: 47/100 "Very beautiful in graphical question, but the level design jumbles the player and is very incosistent."

Gameplay: 60/100 "The game experience is very disrupted by bugs and the gears conducts you to win."

Story: 73/100 "Different from what is proposed, but still a good story."

Concept: 40/100 "Sonic game, YES! But the game does not offer any good mechanics or a hint of originality."

Balanced Difficulty: 30/100 "Very easy and unbalanced, with incoherent powerup placement and tedious boss battles."

Overall(All the ratings/5): 62,5/100 "Average game, with much possibility to improve."

Review by samuraibiz.

Sploder Games / [HYPE!] Ocarina of Time - samuraibiz
« on: April 02, 2019, 04:43 pm »
Hello people! I'm making a Sploder remake of a game that I love: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, some screenshots below:

Game Discussion / How I make thumbnail like these...
« on: March 26, 2019, 04:14 pm »
How I make thumbnail like these?

Debate Tower / About sashaobama....
« on: March 24, 2019, 10:41 pm »
sashaobama is...

Game Discussion / The recipe for creating good games.
« on: March 24, 2019, 04:45 pm »
Don't worry, this topic will be short!  :)

The tip is simple: innovate!

I'm not saying to reinvent the wheel or create the new Quest Zone, just have a hint of originality and a new thing to offer.
I'll use the example of ...

by tookewl

In 2008, shooters games were almost completely made up of action games, Escapee was a break, very puzzle-like, it was unlike anything that existed at that time.

Try to avoid all game patterns, create something that people play and say, "Wow, how different! Cool!"

I'll add another example ...

by Thrash56

Yes, a platform game without enemies! a game totally focused on puzzles and "le parkour", may seem normal today, but in those time it was revolutionary!

Create more unique and less generic games, do not be afraid to experiment with mechanics, different visuals or a non-conventional story, Bye!  ^-^

I maked a discord server, the staff vacancies are open, if you wanna post below.  ^-^

Game Discussion / 3D Game Creator Demo
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:27 pm »
A demo of 3D Game Creator that will come to Sploder.:

Music / What Do you Think?
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:24 pm »

Game Discussion / Make puzzles is so hard for me...
« on: March 17, 2019, 05:01 pm »
Somebody have puzzle ideas, if have, send me on private  (^u^)b

Game Discussion / The Horror is Real
« on: March 15, 2019, 10:35 am »
Is there any cursed game in Sploder?

Game Discussion / Tester Wanted!
« on: March 14, 2019, 07:35 pm »
Somebody want to be a tester for my new platformer? And yes, I'll give the credit.

Debate Tower / MOVED: Long live to the Javascript
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:22 am »

Game Discussion / Long live to the Javascript
« on: March 14, 2019, 08:27 am »
What do you think of redoing the current creators in Javascript? Would that prevent Sploder from dying?

"Here lies agent Stark" - A review of Skull Creek by samuraibiz

  Skull Creek, although it looks bleak, as the name suggests, is not it, the game is
lighter than it seems to be, so some songs (like the initial) seems to try to force
you are afraid, the game had to try to be darker than it is today to improve that feeling.

  In this game, the scenery is fantastic, resembling ruins, the caves are good,
although wanna to look scary. If the game had gone to a more epic or adventurous side,
perhaps it had worked out more.

  Some original Sploder graphics need to be changed in this game, like the general dog,
this character has a totally anti-climatic appearance for
the game theme, the owl is the basic of Sploder, this game must
try to be more original in visuals.

  The story is a problem. The way it is used and its simplicity
(nothing in it is detachable), discourages the player to continue,
but it is not a bad story, just a common story.

  Balanced Difficulty?:
  The placement of the Med-Kit is horrible when you enter caves (level 1),
If you want to get the shield, you're probably going to die, this game is
difficult and unfair to most players, and it's a problem.
  There are moments that are impossible for casual players to survive,
as the part that you can't avoid hurt yourself on lava.

  The Gameplay is very interesting, the maps are really big, and it's a good point,
the game is very long (over 10 minutes of gameplay) and is very explore-2-win, you
can get extra rewards if you desire to explore more.


  Scenery: 9.5/10 "Great!"
  Graphics: 4.5/10 "Mediocre"
  Story: 5.0/10 "Average"
  Balanced Difficulty: 4.5/10 "Mediocre"
  Gameplay: 9.0/10 "Great!"

  Game Rating (All the ratings/5): 6,5 "Good"

  This game needs change, story, graphics, block and powerup placement, but this experience
has great points! Skull Creek 2 can have good potential!

Review by samuraibiz.

Sploder Games / GunWatcher 1 Part 2
« on: March 11, 2019, 05:12 pm »
I'm happy to announce that GunWatcher 1 Part 2 is close to being announced!

This game will have thriller a lot and it's the final part of GunWatcher 1, don't miss comrandes  ;D

Goodbye. samuraibiz

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