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General / I miss you guys
« on: July 07, 2019, 12:21 am »
Its unfortunate that I had to go and do everything i did, yall never deserved that splode. If any of you feel like contacting me, hit me up on Twitter @tanooki10

General / The Top Sploder Members of All Time
« on: May 29, 2019, 08:17 pm »
Its an idea I've been floating around in my head for a very long time. I've been trying to compile as much member data as I can to create an objective list of the most popular members on Sploder (mainsite only, forum data is pretty much useless at this point) using data such as feature count, view count, friend count, etc., along with using multipliers to account for different eras, just to make everything fair.

If anyone would be interested in something like this, let me know. I made a formula a while ago and ran about 1000 members as somewhat of a test thing but I felt certain components were weighed too heavily and that the margins were way too small for an accurate representation.

I believe the top 3 would be konnichiha, sceptile, and checkthepan btw

Personal Exhibition / A really splodety story I wrote for class
« on: May 05, 2019, 10:16 pm »
I think some people were aware of what I did, but I wasn’t gonna trip on it. I was the one who shot XXXTentacion, but I still have yet to be arrested and I’m not even a suspect. None of my biggest enemies, the Keebler Elves, were aware and I made sure of that. Such a high profile case would get me killed on sight. I was good.
   I’m in charge of a couple operations within our set. Despite being the youngest, I’m the most sensible by far. Obviously, since I have a few potential murder charges under my belt, I always take charge of murders. Some would call me a hitman, but I don’t do this for anybody. Anyone could be a cop in disguise and I don’t need my criminal past to be caught by some narc. I’ll only do the deed for someone I can trust. Back in the 90s, my friend Courtney Love wanted me to kill her husband, Kurt, and make it look like a suicide. Just recently, I helped assassinate Geoffrey the Giraffe because of his financial crimes. My best friend outside the Rice Krispie boys, Tony the Tiger, helped me orcastrate the hit. It wasn’t anything I was too worried about. He had powerful friends and bodyguards but our plan was foolproof. I shouldn’t go into too much more detail on how I did it. Thankfully I don’t have to, I got a call about a hit that I can’t resist.
The window was open and the smoke was coming out, I could tell exactly what they were doing. Those damn Keebler elves were cooking meth in their little “kitchen.” They called it the Hollow Tree, and paid off cops to leave them alone. Their drugs are never the same quality as others, but they’re all snitches, so they can get away with almost anything. One of the Keebler elves, Zoot, has had his due. He scammed my boy for 10 stacks by selling fake narcotics to him. This can only end one way.

   With the window open wide enough for me to get a good shot, I snuck by and looked for Zoot. He was sitting on a couch, preparing a line of coke. He had a cup of purple drank on the coffee table, and a bag of white pills on his lap. Zoot was in fact, zooted out of his mind. It’s a good thing I have good aim because he’s pretty far from me. I lined up the shot perfectly, and pulled the trigger three times. Zoot was gone instantly. I shot him twice in the neck and once in the head. Blood began pouring from his nose and head, and he slumped over on the couch. I ran off immediately, and never looked back.

   The next day, the news of Zoot’s murder was all over. My boys for life, Crackle and Pop, had the news on while they were counting their cash. While I was getting Zoot for his crimes, Crackle and Pop had to go beat up a lawyer for not paying a large debt. Pop was in charge of all our gambling and doesn’t like having people in his debt. He’d rather have their money or take their life, no excuses. Crackle used to be our main man when it came to smuggling anything illegal, whether it be guns or drugs. However, he became addicted to crack and was never the same. He was still Crackle, but we were all watching him slowly decay.
   I turned off the TV and went into the lab to cut the cocaine. I had 25k worth of coke to get out onto the streets, but Pop was busy and Crackle was too drugged out of his mind to do anything. As I was working on preparing the drugs, I got a call from an unknown number, probably someone needing something. I picked it up, and it was Crackle. He was panting really hard and didn’t seem alright.

“Snap, bro, you uh, gotta get me out of here. Pop is evil, bro. I thought we were gonna play poker bro, instead he took me to the Hollow Tree and uh, locked me in the basement. Get over here quick, and uh, bring the pipe please bro.”

The phone hung up.

Pop working with the Keebler elves? After all he’s done for the Rice Krispies? I should've never trusted him. To think that he was a brother.

   I grabbed my keys, the gat, and a crowbar. I drove as fast as I could down there. There were a lot of red lights as I was trying to get there, I think the Keeblers were doing that on purpose. Once I got there, the place was filled. Cars were up and down the street and music was blasting from the house. They were hardcore trapping. I put my red bandana over my face and quietly entered through the side door. The place was crowded. Elves stoned out of their mind flooded all the rooms. I have to find the basement, I think that’s where Crackle is. With all these crackheads running around and most of the lights off, I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything.
   Music blasting, drugs being taken, and flashing lights surrounded me as I tried to find their lab. I remembered the window. I wonder if the bullet marks are still there. After ten minutes of trying to find the exit, I sneaked away to the back window. It was taped off and a green flower was placed on the ground next to it. As if anyone really cared about Zoot besides his brother, J.J.? They both did nothing for anyone but themselves. I slowly ripped the tape off and what I saw made me cringe. Pop discussing things with one of the top Keebler elves, Elwood. Elwood was wearing a green tank top and baggy jeans. There wasn’t anyway I was gonna let this slide. I ripped the tape open and jumped inside, and pointed my gun at Pop. “Don’t shoot, what are you doing!?” Pop screamed as he put his hands up. I kicked Elwood down on the ground and screamed at him, “Don’t move.” I could see the fear in Elwood’s eyes, he wasn’t a real gangster. He wasn’t about that life, he just wanted the money and his meth.

   I whacked Pop in the face with my pistol. And then did it again. And again. And again. Pop starting screaming in pain. I grabbed him by the neck and gave him a very disappointed look. “Where is Crackle, and why are you here,” I asked him. Pop started to breathe heavier and sweat began dripping from his face. “Don’t lie to me, just say it. I already know whats going on. You’re an idiot, Crackle still has his phone.” The minute I said that, Pop strangely looked relieved. His breathing quieted down and he pointed at a brown door. I opened the door slowly. “Crackle..?”

   Crackle was sitting down with his legs spread out and slumped over with a needle in his arm. My face went completely white and I was frozen in time. I ran over to his lifeless body and checked his pulse. Nothing. His body was cold to the touch and he was already turning purple. Crackle’s eyes were still open and his mouth was wide open. I knew he was about that rock, but I had no idea he was a heroin addict. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself, it should’ve been Pop.”

   My judgement for everything just disappeared. I turned my pistol to Pop and he put his hands up again. I saw that he didn’t have his gun on him. He started screaming, “I didn’t do it!” I didn’t believe him. I had killed people before, but only people who had wronged me and that I didn’t care about. Pop had been my best friend since forever. He was there for me when my mother died. He was my boy from day one. He killed our friend. He killed Crackle. With one shot to the chest, Pop leaned against the wall in shock. I gave him a look of grief and betrayal.

“ don’t..don’t under...understand...I…”

As he said his final words, his body began to slide down the wall. As soon as he was sitting down on the floor, he was gone for good. Here I was, my two best friends dead right in front of me. I stood in silence for a good three minutes.

   As I was allowing myself to get back with reality, Elwood jumped back up and took a swing at me. I smacked him with the pistol and shot at his feet, but missed. “Calm down, you got it all wrong,” Elwood said. “We had no intention of putting a hit on Crackle. He did that on his own. The plan was to kill you.” I was shook. “What is the point of killing me?” I said, with my hand firmly on the trigger for when Elwood wanted to be funny. I knew this guy well enough, he could go complete psychotic at any moment and I wasn’t gonna have any of it.

“Well, Pop has a kid. He knocked up our accountant, Flo. It was by complete accident and he didn’t even know she was a Keebler elf. He didn’t want his kid to be like you guys, so the plan was to kill you, end the Rice Krispie gang become a Keebler elf. We know what you did anyway, Snap.”

And as he said that, J.J. himself walked in. I was done for, I knew it. They were getting me for the death of Zoot. This was all planned, wasn’t it?

“This one is for Zoot.” said J.J. as he shot me once. The bullet hit my left shoulder and immediately began spilling blood. I could feel everything rush to that area. “And this one is for XXXTentacion.” I was shot twice in the face, right under my left eye. My vision became blurry and I began to fall out of consciousness. I felt myself falling onto the floor.

Music / Billboard Hot 100 Predictions
« on: May 05, 2019, 10:07 pm »
eh why not

Final Predictions May 11, 2019
1. Old Town Road 645 (=)
2. ME! 594 (+98)
3. Wow. 267 (-1)
4. Sucker 253 (+1)
5. Sunflower 247 (-2)
6. 7 rings 229 (-2)
7. Without Me 227 (-1)
8. Dancing With a Stranger 221 (-1)
9. Talk 202 (-1)
10. Sweet But Psycho 201 (+1)

bad guy 182

Old Town Road: 82.4M Streams + 76.3k Sales + 63.9M Radio
ME!: 53.5M Streams + 147k Sales + 52.9M Radio

General / question
« on: April 25, 2019, 04:51 pm »
Is there a way to do spoilers with SMF?

Music / My personal top 40 charts
« on: April 25, 2019, 12:41 am »

1. Blueface - Dead Locs (+3) [1st week at #1]
2. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (+4)
3. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Look Back At It (=)
4. Ski Mask the Slump God - Faucet Failure (-2)
5. Brennan Savage - Bulletproof (+16)
6. XXXTentacion - Revenge (+2)
7. Jonas Brothers - Sucker (NEW)
8. Lil Uzi Vert - Sanguine Paradise (-7)
9. Nipsey Hussle ft. Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy - Racks in the Middle (NEW)
10. Blueface - Thotiana (-5)

11. Brennan Savage - Look At Me Now (+11)
12. Lil Wayne - A Milli (RE)
13. Travis Scott - YOSEMITE (RE)
14. XXXTentacion - Moonlight (RE)
15. Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar - Tints (+4)
16. Cameronazi, Zillakami, $ubjectz - AREYOUREADYKIDS? (+22)
17. Lil Wayne ft. XXXTentacion - Don't Cry (-8)
18. Ski Mask the Slump God & XXXTentacion - Take a Step Back (RE)
19. Trinidad James - All Gold Everything (-12)
20. Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall (NEW)

21. Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem - Forever (+3)
22. Lil Peep ft. Lil Tracy - Awful Things (RE)
23. Lil Peep - Sex With My Ex (RE)
24. Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz - 6 Foot 7 Foot (-12)
25. Lil Wayne ft. Swizz Beatz - Uproar (RE)
26. ripmattblack ft. Take a Daytrip - Sore Loser (NEW)
27. Snow tha Product ft. Alemán - Dale Gas
28. XXXTentacion - I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore (+4)
29. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie ft. 6ix9ine - Swervin (-11)
30. Ariana Grande - 7 rings (-20)

31. Ariana Grande -    break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (RE)
32. Fort Minor ft. Styles of Beyond - Remember the Name (-6)
33. Juice WRLD - All Girls Are the Same (+6)
34. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River (NEW)
35. Linkin Park - In The End (RE)
36. Post Malone - Candy Paint (RE)
37. Ski Mask the Slump God ft. Juice WRLD - Nuketown (RE)
38. Smrtdeath - Everything (RE)
39. The Weeknd - Starboy (NEW)
40.  Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You (RE)

Music / All time charts, decade end charts, and more
« on: April 25, 2019, 12:20 am »
Here is the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time list updated to this current week.

1. The Twist - 1,962,541
2. Smooth - 1,614,708
3. Mack the Knife - 1,530,671
4. Uptown Funk - 1,457,956
5. How Do I Live - 1,449,811
6. Party Rock Anthem - 1,435,904
7. I Gotta Feeling - 1,435,633
8. Macarena -    1,433,431
9. Shape of You - 1,415,089
10. Physical - 1,413,996

11. You Light Up My Life - 1,393,600
12. Hey Jude - 1,389,599
13. Closer - 1,373,992
14. We Belong Together - 1,366,784   
15. Un-break My Heart - 1,355,792
16. Yeah! - 1,353,986
17. Bette Davis Eyes - 1,327,375
18. Endless Love - 1,302,369
19. Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)  - 1,301,286
20. Foolish Games/You Were Meant For Me - 1,295,197

21. (Everything I Do) I’ll Do It For You - 1,277,683
22. I’ll Make Love to You - 1,264,142
23. The Theme From a Summer Place - 1,257,637
24. Le Freak - 1,257,573
25. How Deep Is Your Love - 1,252,229
26. Eye of the Tiger - 1,250,669   
27. We Found Love - 1,247,996
28. Low - 1,244,259   
29. I Just Want to Be Your Everything - 1,238,120
30. Girls Like You - 1,235,246

31. Too Close - 1,234,314
32. Every Breath You Take - 1,230,886
33. Somebody That I Used to Know - 1,222,060
34. Despacito - 1,216,284
35. Flashdance…What a Feeling - 1,213,796
36. Rolling in the Deep - 1,212,507
37. Tossin’ and Turnin’ - 1,210,086   
38. The Battle of New Orleans - 1,208,477
39. One Sweet Day -    1,195,856   
40. Truly Madly Deeply - 1,184,661

41. Silly Love Songs - 1,184,300   
42. Let’s Get It On - 1,183,000
43. Night Fever - 1,176,124   
44. Another One Bites the Dust - 1,173,536
45. Say Say Say - 1,162,408   
46. How You Remind Me - 1,161,911
47. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - 1,156,509
48. It’s All In The Game - 1,150,759
49. I Want to Hold Your Hand - 1,147,727
50. Shadow Dancing - 1,146,781

51. Call Me Maybe - 1,146,616
52. Blurred Lines - 1,142,861
53. Candle In The Wind 1997/Something About The Way You Look Tonight - 1,142,411
54. No One - 1,141,328
55. I Will Always Love You - 1,140,317
56. End of the Road - 1,138,042
57. Perfect - 1,135,134
58. Boom Boom Pow - 1,125,078
59. Call Me - 1,123,847   
60. Let Me Love You - 1,121,676

61. Stayin’ Alive - 1,117,318
62. Lady - 1,115,261
63. Tik Tok - 1,112,981
64. I’m a Believer - 1,112,489
65. Gold Digger - 1,112,179
66. Apologize - 1,110,944
67. The Sign - 1,106,733
68. Centerfold - 1,105,069
69. All About That Bass - 1,103,822
70. (Just Like) Starting Over - 1,097,951

71. Royals - 1,093,592
72. The Boy is Mine -    1,093,156   
73. Because I Love You (The Postman Song) - 1,092,823   
74. I Love Rock ‘N Roll - 1,090,140
75. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - 1,085,945
76. God's Plan - 1,085,646
77. Whoomp! (There It Is) - 1,085,208
78. Moves Like Jagger - 1,081,208
79. Ebony and Ivory - 1,080,988
80. Rush Rush - 1,079,491

81. That’s What Friends Are For - 1,077,130
82. Happy - 1,076,919
83. Upside Down - 1,076,516
84. Sugar, Sugar - 1,076,326
85. Just the Way You Are - 1,075,894
86. Dilemma -    1,069,250
87. Heard It Through the Grapevine - 1,067,921   
88. You’re Still the One - 1,066,757
89. Billie Jean - 1,061,953
90. Hot Stuff -   1,060,049

91. Rockstar - 1,057,417
92. Gangsta’s Paradise - 1,057,189
93. Abracadabra -1,056,397
94. You’re So Vain - 1,052,154
95. Play That Funky Music - 1,051,686
96. Say You, Say Me - 1,051,483
97. My Sharona - 1,050,956
98. All Night Long (All Night) - 1,050,192
99. Nothing Compares 2 U - 1,049,952
100. I Swear - 1,049,425

General / aight im done trolling and splode
« on: April 25, 2019, 12:17 am »
im done with the shenanigans, sorry guys. serious talk i am 100% done being a splodeing idiot catfishing and making splode up for the fun of it. its not funny, it never was, and i hate myself for thinking it was something that wasn't harmful to people who trusted me and considered me a friend. i'm sorry for acting out and being a total splodeing splodebag. i've grown up, i'm almost an adult and i can't let myself act like this, even if its just online, i still feel really splodety for doing so and hope i can make it right. all those times i acted like "oh i just need one more chance" yeah that was all apart of the act too and i hate myself for it. im sorry ive been doing this splode for nearly a whole ass decade now, it is extremely childish and i should've just always been real with everyone. im sorry.

anyway whats up

also can i change this stupid splodeing username

Personal Exhibition / my poetry
« on: January 13, 2019, 09:37 pm »
The lines I wish to brush aside
It creeps to me but I compromise
Yet no matter how much I apologize
I still contemplate suicide
My mind is gone, its the thoughts that drive
A broken heart sent here to die
Young enough for them to be horrified
Nothing I say can be certified
I'm lost to a world with no lies
No real chance to unify
I'm by myself, it wasn't ever you and I

Why can't the pain just go away
I look to everyone like a protege
But my welcome has been overstayed
I look around only to discover yesterday
There isn't anything helpful that I could say
Its my actions I play, but my mind is a maze

I'm lost in my own thoughts
The demons have spoken
You can't save me now
Baby, its the emotions
I came for success and I came for love
I'm pushed off to look down the barrel of a gun
When I say my final goodbye, don't spit on my grave
But don't act like my life was ever okay

General / opinion for an opinion?
« on: January 12, 2019, 07:59 pm »
im bored

Inner Rage / My mental instability
« on: January 12, 2019, 01:42 pm »
I try so hard to fit in with the world after everything I've done but it's not working. I can't get a job, I can't find friends, and I'm still a laughing stock who can't be trusted. I'm starting to recover and find who I really am and I just can't seem to shake off my past. Why is it so hard to enjoy anything anymore...

I wish I could start everything over...

When I eventually succeed in killing myself or whatever is anyone even gonna mourn

Why am I asking these questions am I just an attention whore

I'm sorry I just need to put this in writing..

General / am i allowed to change my name
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:44 am »
can i change it to Marijn or is that not allowed

Game Discussion / What are the newer EGL games missing
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:25 pm »,342046.0.html

I know sticki had a game after rainy nights but i forgot if there was any others after april 2017

Game Discussion / Epic Game Library
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:20 pm »
The EPIC Game Library is a hand-picked, curated listing of some of the best games on Sploder; these games are listed oldest to newest based on original game dates, so as you scroll down you'll see how 'epic games' have progressed over time. We'll be adding more games as members choose them, so check back every now and again!

Quest Zone II
By moolatycoon

Quest Zone II is another massive puzzle platformer released by Moolatycoon in collaboration with Mat7772. Spanning every level the creator has to offer, this game is one of the longest on the site with its enormous maps and time consuming puzzles. While resembling the first game, Moolatycoon has crafted a plethora original puzzles that introduce a new level of thought and challenge. Mat7772 worked on the scenery, crafting beautiful environments that matched the tone of each level exceedingly well. With this dynamic duo comes a sequel that not only lives up to its expectations, but easily surpasses them. The variety of brilliant puzzles and good scenery in combination with the colossal levels makes this truly an epic game. Quest Zone II will easily provide an enjoyable experience for all gamers alike, and will surely leave you reQUESTing more.

Chain Reaction (Battle Re mix)
By undeadspider

Undeadspider was one of the first users on Sploder to really build upon the shooter and try new ideas, and this game definitely shows that. Chain Reaction was possibly the first puzzle-like game ever created on Sploder using many door puzzles- this game has also been often overshadowed by tookewl's 'Escapee' which was inspired by this great game. It features groundbreaking game mechanics that inspired many other game creators, and are still being used and improved upon to this day. The design is very unique, and with plenty of puzzles to solve and enemies/bosses to fight it still manages to be a fun and entertaining game. For a game made way back in early 2008, this game will not disappoint you.

By tookewl

Back in 2008 the shooter creator saw practically no puzzles due to it being geared towards action games, but Tookewl saw potential in other areas. Tookewl, using pieces in new and exciting ways, created what is considered to be the first puzzle game on Sploder. While it is not without flaws and has fewer puzzles than most people remember; Escapee is a game that many shooters owe a large portion of their existence to. 

By tookewl

Duck has a simple idea to it that few shooters can easily replicate now-a-days due to lag; it is a robot game that has a focus on letting the player explore if and how they want to. One player might play through the game quickly while another may explore and spend well over 10 minutes wandering around finding new things. While it has some of the common issues most games of the time had; it is another impressive showcase by Tookewl.

Him: The Enraged
By darut1234

While this game may not have revolutionized much of anything; it manages to be a great example of the modern shooter taking form. It manages to pull out both challenging puzzles (for the time) and some amazingly hard and challenging action with about the closest you could get to flying colors for the time. One of the secrets of the game is that it uses its most intense sequences early to minimize lag during the more thought provoking puzzles later in the game.

Locked In
By tookewl

Featuring quite possibly the greatest boss in the history of Sploder, as well as very clever puzzles and rooms, Locked In is quite possibly Tookewl's best game.

The One
By obeliskos

This is a very old game, published on March 6, 2008. Back when it was released, Obe and Tookewl really were the only good game makers on the site. Back then, this was probably the best game on the site, and nowadays it's still a great amount of fun. What it did for game making on the website is amazing, and any list of the best games on Sploder that doesn't have The One near or at the top is a very uninformed list.

By thrash56

This game has no enemies. Which is amazing to me how it is still so hard. This game's puzzles are great. This game brought out where your jumping and you have to climb your way up. This game made it because the advancement in jumping puzzles and traps that have now been brought into platformer.

By 7grant2

The gameplay is pretty good, but the real reason members remember this game was the way this game revolutionized platformer decorations. 7grant2 was posssibly the first to notice that with this feature, he could now make his game look like truely amazing.

By tookewl

A game of truely epic proportions. Rest assured, you will see many more games by Tookewl as this list continues. The gameplay is amazing, with epic bosses, brilliant puzzles, and unique action sequences. But what truely makes this game quite possibly the best on the site is the plot. Tookewl does what no other game maker had ever done before him - and what very few did even after the game - and wrote one of the most graphic, emotional, and one of the longest plots in the history of Sploder. My personal favorite game.

Red Alert: Plane
By neal

One of the most intense platformer games ever created. Every second, you're mere inches away from falling to the bottom and having to restart. There will be moments where you are about to fall, only to save yourself in the nick of time with your Grapple. It's short, but sweet.

By darut1234

Heart-bouding action is included in this game by the creator, Darut1234! When you are csplode to death than headless person with no body, you must fight to find an escape, and quick, which is what makes this game so darn good. Awesomely made, this game deserves to be on this list.

By bobbler

Up there with Duck as the king and queens of Sploder robot games. In fact, it's a lot like Duck, in the way that you can play straight through it or attempt to find everything that the game offers. The lag is a bit of a problem, but not enough so to make the game anything less then amazing.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
By neal

This game doesn't really revolutionize anything, but amount of effort and love that went into the creation of this, and the fact that neal found a way to twist ordinary sequences into new things by introducing new yet subtle soltuions to things we thought were already figured out, coupled with the obvious nods to mario games and platformers alike, with the sly yet brilliant commentary on all sploder games that was evident throughout this entire game.....neal has pulled off not only an amazing feat, but has completely changed the landscape of platformers as we know them.

One Hit Phil
By shayminlord789

Shayminlord is known for making very hard games of high quality. So, what makes this one different? For a start, this game gives a constant challenge, where one hit will usually kill you with well placed traps and puzzles. The game is long enough to compete to see who can go the farthest without having to worry about a quick end, due to this the game is very addicting. While it lacks in scenery, it's lack of lag and great game-play steals the show. The game may not be for everyone, but those who are skilled enough to get far into it will enjoy it immensely.

By liv33vil

There are many unusual things about this game name choice, so, everyone should check it out. Flicker had revelotionized sploder from the begining on, from atleast my opinion because it had the puzzle-poly flicking on+off one after the other and so on throught the entire game. Liv33vil had incourperated one of the best techniques yet, which, therefore makes this game reveloutionary in my perspective. It is evident that Flicker has many great techniques, puzzles, and difficulty.

Defeat the Yeti
By bgscurtis

From what I've seen, Bgscurtis' games are top-notch. Well, this game included was not just top-notch, it broke my applouse-o-meter. Well, Defeat The Yeti reveloutionized sploder because of its capability of health, action, and hunting of crystals. This game had some hard-to-reach crystal places and was frustrating me throughout the entire game. However, there was a downer in this could easily skip some enemies that were obviouslly misplaced. There was decent enemy placement except for those flaws. Consequently, Defeat The Yeti had great action, health placement, objective placement and much more!

By bobbler

Most members consider Bobbler the greatest platformer game maker, and this assumption is not without reason. EpicX was a very good game, if a bit short. This game fixes what few flaws the origional had, and adds in things you've never seen done on a platformer before.

By superpiggy

Opprobrium is an impressive platformer in every sense of the word. Firstly, it hooks the player in with an ingenious puzzle, and it gets better from there, because Superpiggy introduces a plethora of new puzzles, puzzles that made uses of the new objects of the platformer update that no one had ever thought of before, all working to keep the player guessing and having fun. These puzzles would go on to be seen in a lot of platformers afterwards, and are still widely used today. Oh, and how could I not leave out that this game is quite possibly the longest single-level platformer ever created? That's right, its an array of clever puzzles, surprises, and intense action, lasting a good 20 minutes. This game is no doubt one of THE best of the newer platformers.

Pausing Physics
By whtever

Pausing Physics is a beyond unique game produced by the one and only Whtever. This game is truly outstanding because of the original game-play. Whtever found an amazing glitch and adopted it into his entire game. Not only does he force you to use the glitch, but incredibly, he made you complete brain-bursting multiple puzzles with this exciting glitch! These puzzles were well thought out and inspirational. The entire concept of this game was brilliant, and I am pleased to announce that Whtever really nailed this platformer.

Protraction 5
By whtever

An epic game from an epic creater with an epic storyline; Protraction 5 brings us a great gaming experianced that is matched by no other. Whtever once again has delivered a deliberate punch of awesomeness expressed perfectly within the details in the game. With great intent, the game's puzzles and challenges are voluntarily legendary, and worthily has taken it's place amongst the greatest games in Sploder where it shall forever reside.

Personal Exhibition / my artwork
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Game Discussion / Feature Center v3 or v4 idk anymore
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:25 pm »
post games

if i like them i will feature them

General / .
« on: January 06, 2019, 07:54 pm »
I'm scared to say this but I need to. Throughout my time here on Sploder I have been a total splodeup. My mental health has been very unstable and I forced it onto everyone with a lot of pathological lying, anger, and suicidal threats. I can't forgive myself for anything I've done to you all, but I hope you guys can slowly learn to forgive me. I'm still young and I'm still trying to get better. I'm getting the treatment I need to be a better person. I don't have much to say because I'm too ashamed of who I am but I'm working on my life. I won't lie anymore, but I want the opportunity to show that I'm serious this time. I want to show my real self. I'm done with being so fake. I understand that a lot of you probably hate me but I'm here to change that. I'm sorry for everything.

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