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General / Dentist
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:48 pm »
I'm actually posting for some advice.

My teeth are terrible. I'm 17, my mom is 54. Her teeth are in much better condition than mine. I know this is my fault, but it's worth mentioning, because it means that I have to visit the dentist much more frequently than people usually do... however...

I've been avoiding the dentist for almost an entire year now. Last time I went was on July 13th, 2018. I remember this because it was the day of prom. I fear going to the dentist so incredibly much. Yes, it is partly because of how bad my teeth are - last time I went I had what is known as a deep clean, because I don't brush properly apparently (that and I drink way too many fizzy drinks) and I've said this ever since it happened and I still stand by it: it's the most painful thing I have ever experienced so far.

For most people, it's pretty bad, but because of the condition of my teeth, the 5 or so minutes it was going on for felt like a living nightmare. The thing is, I'm not only afraid of going because of that. My dentist is not a good dentist. She once broke my tooth by incorrectly using the tools and said "Oh, you have a hole! Surprise! We need to fill that". I've spoken to my mom about this previously but she doesn't believe that it's the dentist's fault. Not only that, but she refuses to allow me to switch dentists.

I've had a hole that's getting quite big in one of my teeth for about 3 - 4 months now and I really want to get it (and my other teeth) sorted out. But I refuse to go to that particular dentist because, well, I think it's quite clear why. At the same time, I'm also sort of afraid to go, because I'm at the point where it's either I have anaesthetic or I won't have anything done, because I can't deal with that pain again.

Basically, I'm not sure what to do. Should I just... go? Even if that's the best option, I don't know if I'll be able to do it. And if I don't go, my teeth are going to continue to get worse. I could wait until I'm 18 and switch over myself, but that's another 11 months and my teeth will probably be destroyed entirely by then.

Any suggestions?

Personal Exhibition / Bricc's Sploder Discord Server
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:12 pm »
Join here.

I made my own Sploder Discord server because I've recently been inviting many people to join Sploder (you can find a list of those that joined here) and thought it might be more comforting to have my own server for them rather than pushing them straight into the main Sploder Discord. Also, a lot of them do not yet have forum accounts as they need to familiarise with the site first.

All existing Sploder members are welcome to join, so you can head over there if you'd like to! :D

General / Invited my Discord server here
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:14 pm »
I've got some people who had accounts from their childhood to return and some new members, and hopefully there's more to come. I'm posting this so the admins of the forum check the admin panel when they can to accept new members, I'll post here when people join that I know of.

Joined the forums:

dreamshards (awaiting approval)
adr1234 (awaiting approval)
jecket (awaiting approval)

Joined the main site:


Sploder Games / [RELEASED] Saving Princess Bricc (Arcade)
« on: March 30, 2019, 12:30 pm »
Saving Princess Bricc

This is a little project I've been working on for a while, but progress has been very stop start, mostly due to having link logic trouble. With the help and guidance from Lordeldar, I present to you: Saving Princess Bricc! You're a traveller doing the norm - visiting places - until you find yourself in Ensvale. Once you arrive at Ensvale Village you find the village's scientist, who has failed his duty to protect Princess Bricc. Help him save the princess to save him from being banished from Ensvale forever!

Sploder Games / [RELEASED] Skyhigh by Bricc (Platformer)
« on: March 29, 2019, 05:29 pm »

Skyhigh is pretty much a remake of those casual mobile games where you jump as high as you can on those platforms before you lose, except in the Sploder Platformer creator. Since I'm really inexperienced with the Platformer, I thought I'd make a little minigame using it. This is something I made just for fun, so don't expect much from it.

General / I might have RSI
« on: March 28, 2019, 02:22 pm »
Today I've been getting extremely sharp pains in my right hand really frequently. The first few times I just ignored it, but it keeps happening and my mom suggested that it may be repetitive strain injury, which makes sense considering how frequently I use a computer (and I do Games Design at college, so I'm always on a computer there too).

Hopefully it's not and it's just some weird occurance. :/

General / Opinion Thread
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:44 pm »
I guess this has been a trend recently, and being off the forums I haven't made/participated in an opinion thread for years (excluding Sean's). I really like hearing opinions on me, and I guess most others do too, so I thought I'd do one. :D

Sploder Games / [HYPE] Bricc Remastered Trilogy - Bricc (PPG)
« on: February 15, 2019, 01:14 pm »
Bricc Remastered Trilogy

Welcome to my big upcoming project, Bricc Remastered Trilogy. You may have noticed that my games "Oppose" and "Visualize" have been removed from my profile. This is because I am not happy with the finished products; every game released on my account should be of a high quality, and these two games don't quite meet my standards. I was going to make Raft: Expansion, however I will instead combine it into this game to create a game containing 3 remastered versions of my old games which contain much better art and improved gameplay.

The first 3 levels will be Raft: Remastered. It will be the replacement for Raft: Expansion, because the truth is I don't feel like making a full game for it, especially as it uses the same concept as my previously published game, Raft. The first level will be fairly easy and reminiscent of the first level of Raft and very easy. I won't spoil any details about the next two levels since they are completely original and not based off any areas in the original Raft. The gameplay in Raft: Remastered will be much more consistent than the original and pretty much bug free. I am really looking forward to showcasing this in the future.

The next 3 levels will be Visualize: Remastered. The original game was fairly well received, but failed to achieve a feature and I knew I could improve on it much more. As with all of the games within the trilogy, the first level will be much easier than the other two. The original game was put together very quickly without enough planning and that is why it didn't do as well as I had hoped. I hope to add a few new twists in this edition of Visualize and hope you will all enjoy it.

The final 2 playable levels will be Oppose: Remastered. This is a game that I had some really neat ideas for, but failed to execute well because I got tired of working on the project too quickly. In this remastered version, I hope to include some of those ideas and make it a much more enjoyable experience. Instead of the player rolling instantly, the player will have time to plan out their route for it to go and then press a simulate button to start, similar to Raft. There will be more ways to kill the player in this version and may or may not continue to be solely keyboard based; the mouse may be involved with this version too! I hope I can make up and satisfy you with this version as opposed to the original... :))

So there you have it, this is what I am and have been working on. I hope you like the idea of this, where I have 3 games combined into one, but with each one being improved in just about every way. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this gets received!

Removed Games

I have removed "Visualize" and "Oppose" from my public account, but the games are still uploaded privately. I will provide links below if you would like to view them. I kept these games so you can play through them if you want and see how much better the Bricc Remastered Trilogy is once it's released.


General / Who would find interest in this?
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:17 am »
A while ago, I made an RPFG called Splodercards. Generic name, but it gets the point across. The cards were really tedious to make, however, and it didn't end up going very far.

I recently had some ideas that I think would be extremely cool, but if you guys aren't going to find it interesting then I don't want to waste my time making it.

I would make myself a little program to make cards really easily, so it won't be tedious to do so any more, meaning there won't be a lack of cards. Then, my idea was to have cards earned in various ways, some of which promoting main site activity. For example, to unlock the Bricc card, you'd have to complete Raft. There'd be many other ways too, and I thought we could have a global ranking system to see who is the best/won the most battles.

And speaking of battles, I was thinking of making some sort of multiplayer game. It would be very reminiscent of Card Jitsu from Club Penguin, because it's easy to understand and very fun.

Everything would be live; I would make a small website where you can login, see your stats and play live battles.

It's just an idea to revamp Splodercards and make it something more interesting and unique. What do you think?

* I was already accepted for reviewer but since I don't have my main site badge yet I thought I'd post my review here for now.

Welcome to the second part of my editor application! I'm Bricc, and this time I'll be reviewing "Through the Steel and Rubble 2", a game created by giratina8000. I got really far through the featured page, determined to find a game that was old but gold even to today's standards, and I may have just done that. I saw the title of this game and I recognised it and the game maker's name, giratina8000, for some strange reason. I later remembered playing this game a few years back and it still stands as strong as steel. Let's get right into my second review of the day!

I may have played this game a few years ago, but being years ago I didn't remember much about it before trying it out again. I checked out giratina8000's profile, and with only one featured game, I didn't quite know what to expect. Considering this game had made enough of an impression years ago for me to remember it even now, I set my expectations a little above average. I'm usually really picky when it comes to thumbnails; I expect to be able to get some sort of idea of what to expect from the game and prefer it to be vibrant and stand out. However, I actually feel slightly different about this one. It's got a brown background that's not too dark but light enough for you to see the (what appear to be floating) dark structures that appear to be a factory or evil base. The thumbnail provides a sense of mystery which, in my eyes, is very appropriate here as the player begins the game with no knowledge of their surroundings and slowly being fed information throughout the levels. It would be extremely anticlimactic for us to figure everything out from the thumbnail to then be told the story in the game. I think it might actually be a snapshot of one of the later levels of the game. Whether or not this was intentional or because giratina8000 didn't think to create a custom thumbnail, it certainly works well in this scenario.

I think the story in this game works really well. While looking at some of the contenders for this review to be written on, I noticed a lot of the games had complicated storylines. It's great having a storyline, but they were so lengthy and detailed that it was a bit... too much. I think Through the Steel and Rubble 2 gives the right amount of information to the player so that they can comprehend it and even add more details on their own accord. Maybe the evil villain has an afro, wears green sunglasses and has pink slippers. Throughout the game, our knowledge of the situation increases, which is something I really like. A lot of games will just shove a story under your nose right at the beginning and you'll either not bother reading it, or you'll have forgotten half of it by the end. At the end, the player learns that they hold valuable information that is required to conquer an alternate world, and that an evil mastermind is trying to obtain it and has therefore captured you. Overall, it's not too generic and works for this sort of game, so I see no issues with it.

The gameplay in this level is not bad. It for sure has its flaws, but doesn't every game? In general, I hate platforming PPGs. That's just how it is. If I wanted to play a platforming game, I'd head over to the Platformer or Arcade creator games, because I see physics puzzle games as minigames. However, this one controls much better than most. It felt much more responsive and I felt like I was in control, the way the player should feel. The player being a circle shape definitely helps and reduces the amount of times you get stuck, for example on ledges. The goal is to escape the base, and to do so you usually have to enter through pipes at the end of the levels. This isn't anything new, don't get me wrong, but it's still much better than placing a coin at the end to collect, and given the storyline it does work well. Lots of games fail to mix the story and gameplay well, but Through the Steel and Rubble 2 doesn't. In this game, giratina8000 makes sure each obstacle makes sense in the location of the game (an enemy base). We expect to see things such as lava and various traps in an enemy base, and that's what we get. I agree it isn't the most original, but it fits in this instance. I liked the timing elements mixed in with the platforming gameplay. Together, they just worked. Having to time your jumps rather than just jumping around willy nilly adds to the stress and overall feel. If you woke up in a secret base in real life, how would you feel? Probably tense, anxious and not knowing whether you're going to make it. This is the feeling you get from Through the Steel and Rubble 2.

This game, particularly for the time it was made, looks fantastic. You get the right vibe from it and you really do feel like you're in some sort of base or factory setting. You probably know by now that I'm a fan of the default PPG textures - when used correctly they can look great, and giratina8000 did not fail to impress. There are plenty of structures to be seen, collidable and non-collidable and I'm confident in saying all of them are well placed and fill up the perfect amount of space. An essential part to a game is being able to tell what is safe and what isn't and you probably already guessed that is no issue here. Giratina8000 uses default textures such as skulls to signify that an object is deadly and the player doesn't have to sit there questioning it. Through the Steel and Rubble 2 sticks to using the default textures as opposed to mixing them with graphics, which I would say only looks good if done very well, and I think giratina8000 has made a good decision to keep things fluent here. Another thing I absolutely love about this game compared to many others is how alive the environment feels; there aren't just static spikes but also crushers, spilling acid, etc. Small touches like this are what we take for granted and don't pay attention to when these all add to the game's overall atmosphere. I can't even say my usual line about the game maker not using the full potential out of the design, because I really think giratina8000 has. All in all, I'm really impressed. The way this game looks is fab, even 7 years on.

Through the Steel and Rubble 2 has fairly good difficulty. The first level isn't too hard, and allows for the player to get comfortable with the speed, shape and jump height of the player, since all of these can be a little different from game to game. The game's difficulty increases the further you go, but not by much. A few levels in and it begins to get too easy, slowly driving the player to boredom. As long as you don't make many slip ups, you won't lose your patience with this game and can easily persevere through it... until level 7. There was a huge difficulty spike here. I get that it's the final level of gameplay, but that difficulty jump is like going from Super Mario Bros to Super Meat Boy and it just becomes tedious if anything. Apart from that little issue, the replayability is pretty good for this game. I rebeat it before writing this review in order to refresh my memory on a couple of things and it didn't feel like a chore at all. The final thing I have to say in this section is that, even at its top difficulty, any gamer with any level of skill could beat this, which is great as it's accessible to a wider audience and allows everyone to experience what it feels like to stop a supervillain from steeling the world.


Story • 4/5 • I like how it is presented and its simpicity.
Thumbnail • 4/5 • Genuinely one of the most intriguing PPG thumbnails I've seen in a long time.
Visuals • 3.5/5 • Executed really well and suits the style of game.
Gameplay • 3.5/5 • Not original as such, but fluent controls and smooth gameplay.
Difficulty • 3/5 • Pretty good, needs work and level 7 definitely needs a nerf.

Maybe it's just because I'm a huge fan of games like this, but I love it! I may have praised it quite a lot, though admittedly it is only just about feature worthy nowadays. However, when considering it was made in 2012, it is quite impressive that a game could still have been featured 7 years on. I enjoyed returning to Through the Steel and Rubble 2 after all these years and hope I've inspired you to give it a go. Thanks for reading, see you again soon!

* I was already accepted for reviewer but since I don't have my main site badge yet I thought I'd post my review here for now.

This is Bricc back with another review. I'd usually be out on a Sunday, but today that isn't the case, and with the opening of the new recruitment, I thought it'd be the perfect time to write the first part of my editor application. While searching through the featured games page, I happened to come across the game "Puzzle Pyramid" by rjgsuper. It looked interesting to say the least, so I decided to give it a shot. Either way, at some point I have to review a feature worthy game and one that isn't, so it didn't really matter to me whether my expectations were to be blown out of the water or to be sunk to the ocean floor. With that said, let us begin!

The thumbnail for Puzzle Pyramid is very dull and unattractive. It showcases what seems like a clutter of blocks on the left, and a blocky pyramid to the right. It's clearly a snapshot of the game's one and only level with no attempt at a custom thumbnail whatsoever. Visually, what's there is really plain and boring, and since it's a snapshot of the level, it gives us some sort of insight on what to expect from the game. In this instance, for me, it wasn't a positive insight. You can see there is a really simple dark blue background, reminiscent of the default PPG background. It's generally accepted as a "bad" background and tends to indicate a lack of effort due to many game makers not taking the time to change the background settings. This thumbnail definitely needs a dash of vibrance to it and preferably be custom made. It doesn't really give any information out about the game, either. We already know it's going to be a pyramid of puzzles from the title, and if anything all this thumbnail serves to do is turn people away from the game. With a lack of an attempt at making a thumbnail, I can already feel a lack of effort put into the game overall, though we're still yet to see if this is indeed the case.

As you'll see throughout this review, this game has a lot of unused, thrown away potential. This is certainly true for the story, because there isn't one. A game needs to have all of its elements work well together: the art/scenery, the gameplay and the story. Yes, this game would work without a story - and it does. However, it would work better with one because it would then better link the elements of the game together. Why not style the game around an Egyptian pyramid in which the player has been permanently banished by a corrupt god and must make his/her escape? This, of course, could be built upon, or even be left vague for the player to develop their own ending in their imagination. When you watch a movie, you follow a story around a character (generally) and then have empathy for them and want them to succeed in their goals. A game's storyline can work the same, but instead of progressing through rooms in an ancient pyramid in order to obtain a staff to defeat the gods, and feeling as if you have saved the country from this mythical creature, you just beat a game with no meaning. Sure, it's still fun to play, but the player isn't as involved as they could be. Not having a story (combined with the faults we've already established) just adds to my "this game has a lack of effort and was made for a quick feature" feeling.

I know I've talked down on this game quite a lot already, but I do want to emphasize that I do think Puzzle Pyramid is a good game, it's just that it's not much better than "good". I love the concept of this game despite it being so simple. You have a pyramid on the left and a downscaled one on the right to show your progress. There are a total of 15 rooms, with the top of the pyamid being one room and the bottom being 5. For each room you complete, the corresponding room on the smaller pyramid will turn green, allowing you to pass through it. Your player starts at the top of the smaller pyramid and must reach the bottom by going through the green rooms, meaning by completing rooms on the upscaled pyramid you unlock a pathway to the end on the smaller one. If you fail a room, the corresponding room on the smaller pyramid will turn red and you'll never be able to pass through it. It's a simple concept, but surprisingly hard to explain in a concise paragraph! What I really love about Puzzle Pyramid is that you can choose from a variety of different pathways to reach the green goal at the bottom. For example, if you messed up on the left room on the second row down, you'd have to complete the one on the right or you'd no longer be able to progress. In all honesty, though, this is something more or less any intermediate PPG maker could create, so rjgsuper was lucky to think up this concept before anybody else.

The controls are extremely simple, but they work well for the game; green blocks can be moved with the arrow keys and blue can be dragged with the mouse. I think this is great, because literally any player can pick up this game and understand what to do. One issue here, though, is that sometimes when you click on a green block to select it, it'll move in a random direction and usually hit a red block, causing you to fail that room. I know this is a PPG bug, but it could have been prevented by placing a touchable platform below the player in each room (since that's the direction it tends to move in by itself). Apart from that little bug, the player movement is quite smooth as rjgsuper has enabled motion gravity and disabled gravity - a very appropriate choice for a game like this, especially as the player goes through some seriously tight gaps in some cases. While everything that's there works consistently, it does get old, and quick. All you really do is drag some blocks around or move them with the arrow keys, and in each room it's just avoiding the red walls. There could be button sequences; maybe even some rooms that could join together with the press of a button in one of them. I feel that the game needs just a little bit more to it in order to feel less repetitive. Puzzle Pyramid is only one level, so it isn't as bad, because if I had to do the same thing for 8 more levels I'd have no perseverance to do so. I do wish rjgsuper would've made it a little more clear initially that you had to move the player in the smaller pyramid, though, because at first I thought as soon as 5 connecting rooms were green you'd win, hence why I was left a puzzled Bricc for a while.

Generally, the placement was average. The puzzles were clearly not thought out very much but rather put together quickly. It still works fine, and is still a bit of a challenge, but in reality this wasn't really a puzzling game - just a challenging one. It's more or less a test of how accurately you can move your mouse along a course or how well you can lightly tap the arrow keys to fit into a gap. Some rooms could have required the player to think a bit by having to pressing buttons, and that sort of thing. I feel like there wasn't enough content, though, and that if there was more varied gameplay, there could've been so many more levels that would be fun to continue playing. On the other hand, though, the way the game is right now fits better as one level, because its replayability has already hit a zero for me, and I haven't even beaten it yet.

Back to my complaining, because the artwork in Puzzle Pyramid seriously dissatisfies me. It's merely an outline of a pyramid with red walls inside to kill you. What this game could have utilized and would've worked so well with is the default PPG textures, because literally everything just looks too basic. This is another situation where I would say the game would've worked better if it was themed; the pyramid could have been more triangular and looked more like an Egyptian pyramid. This would allow for more interesting details in other areas. For example, a sandstorm background showing intensity and a huge desert full of decorations like cacti. It wouldn't have been hard to do that, and this is another thing that just makes the game feel a lot more effortless. Credit where credit is due, you can clearly make out what each object is. Red is known as the colour of danger and therefore by instinct, players avoid it without rjgsuper explaining that they make you fail. Coins being yellow also makes it easy for the player to realise that the goal is to collect them. Again, with the visuals, there is just way too much unusual potential. No game maker is going to be perfect, but there are way too many flaws here.

I have to say, I think rjgsuper has gotten the difficulty just about right with Puzzle Pyramid. The further down the pyramid you get, the more difficult the rooms become. This makes sense because you get more opportunities towards the bottom as there are more rooms. At the same time, they aren't too hard to be totally inaccessible to average players. While the difficulty is pretty much where it should be, because the gameplay can become extremely tedious (particularly if you lose 2 to 3 times), it's easy to lose motivation to go back and recomplete the rooms you've already done. Though, I would say this issue is down to the gameplay, so I won't really deduct any points from the difficulty because of it. If rjgsuper had stuck to a theme for this game, there could be more dangers involving themed objects rather than just red walls. For example, with my ancient pyramid theme, there could be falling bricks that you have to time correctly to pass. All in all, I'd say this is probably one of the better aspects of the game.


Story • 2/5 • I'd usually give this N/A, but I see so much potential that never came to be, so I'll give it just a slightly below average instead.
Thumbnail • 1/5 • Very poor. No effort whatsoever.
Visuals • 1.5/5 • You can make out what objects are supposed to be at least...
Gameplay • 3/5 • Nice concept, works consistently (apart from movement bugs), but needs work.
Difficulty • 4/5 • Gets significantly harder towards the end but still gives the player a chance.

Straight up, this game is not feature worthy. There are far too many flaws and it really does feel like a game that was put together in a couple of hours in an attempt to get a quick feature. I loved the concept and ideas behind it, but it could have been executed so much better and failed to impress. I didn't quite finish the game, and I don't plan to, because I've chosen not to sacrifice my sanity. A sequel with some better ideas/theming implemented would be awesome, but due to rjgsuper's inactivity, I doubt we'll get to see that.

Thanks for reading!

Sploder Games / [RELEASED] Oppose - Bricc (PPG)
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:03 pm »

In Oppose, the character is not controlled by the player and is a circle that rolls through the stages. The player's goal is to kill this character by making it touch some form of spike by manipulating the environment using the keyboard. Spawn in objects, remove objects and move platforms in order for the character to roll to its death. There are coins around the map which will cause you to lose if the character touches them.

* I was already accepted for reviewer but since I don't have my main site badge yet I thought I'd post my review here for now.

I'm back once again, this time with my third review on "Shifting Boxes", a physics game by sivershadows. Today's been a seriously long day - it's a Thursday again, and that means sitting through a 3 hour 45 minute Games Design lesson. However, this afternoon, instead of developing my own game I'll be taking a look at sivershadows' finished product over here on Sploder. I chose this game because I knew it was one of the only physics puzzle games left in the EGD (a competition that, if I am correct, is held annually) queue waiting to be reviewed, and thought I'd pull my weight and review it. On with the review!

I know sivershadows fairly well from the forums where she's known as "Crazykittyzz". I don't, however, know what her game making skills are like since (I think) I've only ever played one of her games, and that was years ago. This meant I had to base my expectations off the facts I do know. Sivershadows has 3 featured games and the majority of her games are PPGs. From this information, it seems to me that sivershadows knows what she's doing when it comes to this creator since it seems to be the one she has focused on and used the most. Although, keeping in mind I haven't got any other knowledge to base my expectations on, I went in expecting a mediocre game and just thought "maybe I'll just have a nice surprise".

As I stated previously, my motive for reviewing this game was merely because it was in the EGD queue and nobody had claimed it, meaning I didn't even look at the thumbnail before playing the game. I'd usually write about my prethoughts from the thumbnail here, but I guess I'll just give my opinions on the thumbnail as a whole. I have to admit, I don't think it's interesting in the slightest. It's very dull, with the colours mostly consisting of shades of brown. It doesn't display any real information about the game. If I were going into the game now for my first time, I'd still be as clueless after looking at the thumbnail as I would have been before looking at it. The title, however, does give the player at least a little idea of what they'll be doing during the game, so at least the title is relevant. The thumbnail appears to just be a capture of what I recall being level 4, whereas in this instance a custom thumbnail would've done the job nicely in my opinion (and a dash of colour).

I think sivershadows took the best approach for this type of game when it comes to the story. It's very vague and not overcomplicated for a game where you simply move boxes around, but also works a little better than no storyline at all. It also leaves the player with a bit of freedom to continue the story however they wish in their mind; maybe you're trying to earn money to purchase a lamborghini with "Bricc" painted on the side. Anyway, the game tells you the story briefly in the first level, but it does it quickly so you don't have too much to read or get tired waiting for the game to actually begin. Your friend asks you to go outside and participate in a snowball fight, but the player responds saying that he/she can't as they have to help their stepdad move some boxes. All in all I think the story is basic but works for the game, and that's good enough for me.

And now the gameplay. I almost didn't end up reviewing Shifting Boxes, because I almost gave up on the very first level. The first thing you have to do is find a key to unlock a door so you're able to move a box. I have mixed opinions about this. On the one hand, I like how the game isn't solely moving boxes around so you aren't always doing the same old same old. On the other hand, however, some of the side puzzles/activies are frustrating or it's just really unobvious as to what you must do, which is the case in the first level (level 2 if you include the intro). I appreciated that there was small text telling me "the key must be here somewhere", but it didn't tell me that I was able to drag the little crates around. Because you can't drag the main boxes that you have to shift to the goal, I assumed you couldn't drag these crates. It's a small flaw but it really left me clueless for a while, and that's not that great for a first level. After and during completing side puzzles, you must use the arrow keys to move the larger boxes to the yellow goals. It's a simple concept, but it works.

There are also doors which can be dragged open and closed, constantly adding to the stress, considering you lose even if they only slightly touch a box. The second level introduced some nice concepts, such as having to put a bucket under some dripping water in order to save the electric boxes and turning the heating on, though the execution wasn't so good. You have absolutely no time to react and have to complete these tasks at lightning speed or you'll get 5 penalties and lose. The time for receiving the penalties should be increased in my opinion. This is especially frustrating if you're playing the level for your first time and don't know what you're doing, because you'll have to constantly press "retry" every 5 seconds until you finally figure it out. The mouse (which I swear looks like a bat) boss on level 4 is a really nice addition; it's fast paced and it gives you such an adrenaline rush towards the end, since you have such short (but a fair amount of) time and a fair amount to do. The only thing I didn't like here is having to turn off the heating, because I didn't know you had to do it for a while and kept losing and not knowing why. Final complaint! Some objects were extremely hard to drag because strangely only about an eighth of the object was actually draggable. Small fault, so moving on.

The visuals in Shifting Boxes are average. If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of just using the default PPG textures. This game does that, but also integrates graphics. Sometimes mixing the two doesn't work out too well, but sivershadows gets it right here. You can make out clearly what every object (apart from that "mouse" in level 4) is which definitely makes the gameplay smoother. The only issue I came to with the design was that, particularly on level 1, I couldn't easily see the doors. Maybe I just need better glasses, but the dark grey on the brown was not clearly visible to me and I had to die to a door to realise it was even there. As I said, I do like the art style the game uses, however it is a little bland. I won't complain about that too much, though, since sivershadows clearly makes an effort to fix this by adding little decorations such as mops, extra crates and more in places that have no gameplay elements. Overall, pretty good in my eyes (and on my screen... I'm not going to make any more jokes for the rest of this review, I promise).

One of the bigger flaws in this game is probably the difficulty. Everyone loves a challenging game, but even in some of the toughest games, we still get an opportunity to learn how to play first, before being thrown into some crazy scenario. Unfortunately, Shifting Boxes fails to do this, as right from the beginning you're left on your own with no guidance. For the later levels, this is fine, but I do feel like sivershadows could have made (specifically) the second level a little easier for the reasons I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. The difficulty at the start could make players turn away very easily, but once you've got the ropes, you're here to stay. I find the game to have quite a fair amount of replayability; most of the side puzzles, once figured out and solved for the first time, are really easy to solve again. This makes it a lot less tedious to go back through it (like I had to in order to write this review) as you can mostly breeze through it. Admittedly, if I didn't have to replay the first few levels to refresh my memory to write this, I probably wouldn't have a motive to replay it.


Story • 3.5/5 • Works well for the game but still basic.
Thumbnail • 1.5/5 • Almost as bad as having an entirely black square.
Visuals • 3/5 • I would give this an average 2.5, but it's executed well.
Gameplay • 3.5/5 • Not exactly original, but effort is clearly shown and it is indeed fun.
Difficulty • 2/5 • Jumped into some things a little too fast.

All in all, I did admittedly have at least a semi enjoyable time playing Shifting Boxes and I felt like I had achieved something when overcoming the challenges and completed it. The ratings I've given it are a little low in some aspects, but having played the game and finished it entirely, I think it is borderline feature worthy. This is the type of game that could return with an epic sequel (wink wink, sivershadows) and if that were to become a thing I'd definitely jump to play it. Thanks for giving this review a read. I noticed it's quite lengthy, so thank you for sticking with me all this way!

Game Discussion / I came up with a new game concept
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:30 pm »
Would anyone care to give me their opinions on it? I have a demo version available but it's literally just a concept showcase, it's not even a full level. :P

Sploder Games / Board Purpose & Thread Formatting
« on: February 03, 2019, 04:24 pm »
Board Purpose

The Sploder Games board is a board dedicated to sharing your Sploder games and getting them out there! This board is strictly for hype threads and released game threads - no discussion threads. Those go in Game Discussion. If your thread is not hyping up your latest work-in-progress project or showcasing your newly released game, it belongs over there.

Thread Formatting

In order to keep this board neat and tidy, all I ask is that you format your thread titles correctly. Your thread body can contain whatever you like, though I will put some recommendations below.

If your thread is a hype thread, please put [HYPE] at the beginning of your thread title. This way, it's nice and easy for people to know whether the game is actually released yet or not.

However, if your thread is a released game thread, please put [RELEASED] at the beginning of your title rather than [HYPE].

After putting your prefix, put your game's name and your username in the format "game name - username". Make sure "username" is your main site username.

Finally, specify which creator the project uses. Just put this in brackets at the end.


Here's an example game title using my format: [HYPE] Raft Expansion - Bricc (PPG). It's a simple and clean format that I hope you'll all find easy to follow.

Thread Body Recommendations

You can have your thread body however you want, but if you don't have any ideas, here are some things you might wish to include.

  • Storyline (if applicable).
  • What you do in the game.
  • Screenshots.
  • Planned features/levels.
  • Potential release date.
  • Controls.

If you aren't going to include any information about your game, don't bother making a hype thread.

Thanks! :D

Sploder Games / Sploder Games Shop
« on: February 03, 2019, 04:08 pm »
Sploder Games Shop

Welcome to the Sploder Games Shop, where you can earn points in various ways in order to spend them on some great rewards! This shop will replace the inactive Sploderheads Showdown, though you can still earn points here by winning in Sploderheads. The currency here is SG and you can find out how to earn points below.

Earning Points: Sploderheads

Sploderheads is a great way to earn SG as you don't have to wait on me to verify your win. All you need to do is post a screenshot below of your Sploderheads match each time you win. For each round you win, you'll earn 5 SG. Below are some rules for earning points via this method:

  • You must be on the win screen in the screenshot.
  • You must have the "players" tab open in the screenshot so I can see who was in your game.
  • You can only have a maximum of one bot in the match; there must be 3 regular players (including yourself).

Once you've done this and I see it, the appropriate amount of SG will be added to your balance.

Earning Points: Features

I'm doing my best to promote main site activity, and while I cannot award SG for releasing games (because they might just be bad, spam games), I'll be rewarding you for making a game and having it get featured. Any games created before the opening of the Sploder Games Shop are not eligible.

Every time your main site game gets featured, post below and let me know and you'll earn 20 SG!

Earning Points: Advice

I will also award people SG for being helpful/providing a solution to someone's problem in Game Discussion. If you ever see someone who needs help with something and you know how to help, do so and you'll earn some SG. I will be on the lookout for people who help others out around here and they will be rewarded.

Earning Points: Daily Goals

Each day, there will be 3 daily goals set here that you can complete in order to earn yourself some SG. When you've completed one (or all) of the goals, post below with the adequate proof (such as a screenshot) of completion and you'll have the SG added to your balance.


  • [EASY] Win a Sploderheads multiplayer match. 5 SG
  • [INTERMEDIATE] Earn a total of 20 SG today. 10 SG
  • [HARD] Complete The Super Cliche Adventure! by vlhobbs. 20 SG

Members' Balances

You don't need to "sign-up" here - once you start earning SG you'll be added here automatically.

STAR34 - 103 SG
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ETHAN2009 - 10 SG
DUCK5557474 - 5 SG

The Part Where You Buy Stuff

This is where you can buy stuff! Everything you can purchase here is related to the main site and helps to promote activity towards it.

  • Tribute - 15 SG - Get a game tribute towards you on the main site.
  • Award (silver) - 30 SG - Get yourself a silver main site award.
  • Award (gold) - 50 SG - Get yourself a gold main site award.
  • Review check - 85 SG - Have a reviewer check a game of your choice and review it if they find it worthy.
  • Award (platinum) - 100 SG - Get yourself a shiny platinum main site award.
  • Sticky thread - 120 SG - Have your game hype/release thread stickied for 3 days in this board.

Game Discussion / Welcome to Game Discussion
« on: February 01, 2019, 09:26 pm »
Game Discussion

This is a board in which you can discuss Sploder game makers, the game creators themselves and pretty much anything related to Sploder games. Hype threads or game release threads should be posted in this board's parent board, Sploder Games. If you wish to talk about non-Sploder video games, please do so in the Video Games board (sub-board of General).

Hype/release threads posted here will be moved to Sploder Games, but please try to put them in the correct place in the first place to save some of my time. :D

I hope this change brings more organisation to both boards. If you have any queries or suggestions, post them below. :)

Inner Rage / Sploderheads Disconnecting
« on: January 31, 2019, 07:48 pm »
It disconnects literally every 2 minutes. Whenever I'm finally doing good, or I finally hit Ethan, we disconnect. Why?! :'(

All I ever wanted was some Sploderheads Showdown points! :(

You know what else is annoying? When I get a perfect aim on someone but it doesn't hit them. You know why? Because of a tree. I'm always the first out because no tree ever wants to save me. No, it's always Ethan or Finnz. Why is everything so against me? :'(

Sploder Games / [HYPE] Algorithm by Bricc
« on: January 30, 2019, 06:40 pm »

This game is basically based off the Algorithm creator but in fact created with the PPG which I'm a lot more familiar with. It uses objects and designs from that creator with its own unique twist as well as its own custom gameplay mechanics and objects. The game controls exactly the same as the Algorithm, where you use WASD to move and click to shoot (the player looks at your mouse). This game is basically an attempt to combine the two game creators into one, allowing an algo game to feature more advanced puzzles than just figuring out the code to a lot of doors with the use of PPG features like event links and sensors.

This is just a game that I can work on when I lose motivation for other projects as it will be a full game but it's less stressful to make and it's much easier to manage.


Here is a screenshot from when I was testing: I'll add more soon.


I'll need a few for this game because I want people who can ensure the difficulty is balanced and it's a fun little cross-creator experience. :P

- Ethan2009
- Seanthechinaman

Sploder Games / [RELEASED] Visualize by Bricc
« on: January 28, 2019, 06:16 pm »

Use your keyboard to take control of a glitched music machine known as "Visualize" by a company that went bankrupt years ago. Control each section of the on-screen visualizer (using keys J, K and L) to block oncoming obstacles corresponding to that section's colour. Be careful, though. If you hold down a section of the visualizer too long, you'll increase that section's virus bar. If any of the virus bars fill up to the top, you'll lose instantly. Will you be able to stop the virus and escape the Visualizer?

Sploder Games / [HYPE] Raft: Expansion by Bricc
« on: January 28, 2019, 12:50 pm »
Raft: Expansion

With the success of my first game, Raft, which got featured, I knew I would have to make a sequel. While I am extremely pleased with Raft, there was a lot of unused potential that I now see since I released the game. So here I am, recreating Raft from the ground up, with brand new areas, new challenges, a completely revamped design and (my goal for this version) absolutely zero bugs. There were a couple of issues with the original game which, due to the way it was designed, couldn't be fixed. In Raft: Expansion, this will not be the case! :D

And no, I'm not going to keep recreating Raft for easy features. I just wanted to create a new polished up version which also serves as an expansion pack (hence the name) containing lots of extra levels for those who were left wanting more.



- Ethan2009

Post below if you'd like to test.

Sploder Games / Review & Feature Center
« on: January 28, 2019, 07:42 am »
Welcome to the Review & Feature Center

I really want to keep this board as organised as possible, and one way I want to do that is by creating a place for you to ask reviewers and editors to check out your game - all in one place. This is currently an experimental system to see if this will work with a review and featuring station mixed into one and is subject to be changed. Also keep in mind that this is not an official system. Reviewers and editors, you are free to start up your own, however you are also free to help out here.

How to request your game

We came to a conclusion that you may only be looking for a feature check or a review scan rather than both. To satisfy this, you must fill in the very small form below and post it in this thread. You can also request both. Only request your own games and one game at a time.

Link to your game:
Review scan, feature check, or both?:
Video/walkthrough (if applicable):

Note that by requesting a game here, you are not guaranteed a review nor are you guaranteed a feature. This just allows reviewers/editors to receive requests to check for these things.

Reviewers & editors

There are no "staff" for this center; if you have one of the badges and you see someone requesting a review/feature, you can check out the game. Let the user know what you will be doing with their game (eg. feature, review, both or neither). You will then be added to the log in the post below.


If you do not follow these rules, you will be disallowed from using this center for a period of time. Once banned, reviewers and editors will no longer view any games you've requested via this thread.

1) Don't pretend to be a reviewer or editor and mislead someone in this thread.
2) If you don't get that review or feature you wanted, don't complain or start drama.
3) Only post responses to the form in this thread. Reviewers and editors are the only exception, where they may respond to requests.
4) As stated previously, only request your own games!
5) You may only request one game at a time. Once your request has been seen to, you can fill in the form again with a new request.

General / @ someone who's good with PPG
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:48 am »
I released my new game, Raft, yesterday, but its thumbnail seems to be glitched. I made a custom one and published it yesterday with that thumbnail but moments later it changed itself to a really ugly shot of level 7.

Every time I press publish the thumbnail fixes for about 5 to 10 minutes and then becomes a shot of level 7 again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Game Discussion / Sploderheads Showdown
« on: January 27, 2019, 04:26 pm »
Sploderheads Showdown

Hello, and welcome to Sploderheads Showdown, hosted by Ethan and I. Our goal is to promote activity on the main site by taking advantage of Sploderheads, Sploder's multiplayer game. This will work very much like an RPFG where you can level up, purchase things from the shop and take part in battles. However, those battles will be done over on Sploderheads rather than a luck-based battle inside of a forum thread. This will allow you to earn experience (EXP) and rewards without having to constantly wait on the hosts.

How it works

Before you can start earning SP (Sploderheads points) and rewards, you need to sign up. This is so we can add you to the member list and keep track of your statistics. Once you've signed up, you're free to start playing! Each time you win a Sploderheads game, take a screenshot (of the ending screen) and post it below. When a host gets the chance, they'll update your stats on the member list. We'll let you know how much EXP/SP you gained and if your level/rank increased.


This is where you can spend your hard earned SP! Below is the list of currently available items. We plan to add more as we think of suitable ones!

EXP potion ~ 20 SP ~ Grants the buyer +10 EXP.
Tribute ~ 50 SP ~ Grants the buyer a tribute on the main site.
Award (silver) ~ 75 SP ~ Grants the buyer a silver award on the main site.
Award (gold) ~ 120 SP ~ Grants the buyer a gold award on the main site.
Review check ~ 175 SP ~ Have a reviewer check out any game of your choice which they will review if they find it worthy.
Sticky thread ~ 250 SP ~ Have any hype thread for your upcoming game be sticked for 3 days in this board.


There are obtainable ranks that show off your Sploderheads skills. Here you can see how much EXP is required to rank up.

Beginner ~ Default rank.
Sally ~ 50 EXP.
Otto ~ 100 EXP.
Reggie ~ 200 EXP.
Human ~ 325 EXP.

Additional ranks will be added once people start earning good amounts of EXP.


Events will be hosted sometimes. These encourage bursts of activity on the game as there will be greater rewards and even better, usually off-limits prizes.

There is currently no active event.

Sploder Games / [HYPE] A Tiny Spaceships Final Mission by Bricc
« on: January 26, 2019, 08:28 pm »
A Tiny Spaceships Final Mission

In this game, you play as a spaceship which, as the title implies, is on its final mission. The Sploder Space Service, who continuously work to defend the website from viruses and enemy ships, created the S-479 a very long time ago. It was once one of their most powerful, top-tier ships but now one of the most vulnerable. With its loss of ability to thrust backwards and inability to shoot missiles, the spaceship has been sent out on its final mission along with other ships created by the SSS to defeat a virus known as the V-683. The V-683 is the toughest virus the army has gone up against thus far, having the ability to take control of any ships in a certain radius of it and turn them into its allies. Will the S-479 make it through the battle and ultimately save Sploder once more?

I'll be working on this game alongside Raft. This game will be created with the PPG creator.

As of now this game is in extremely early development, so I can't share much more information such as screenshots just yet. Stay hyped. :D

General / How to friend yourself guide
« on: January 26, 2019, 10:04 am »
Apparently people want to know and it's really simple. Plus, Ethan doesn't want to tell anyone so I'm basically posting this just to be mean. :D

You need a main site alternate account for this to work (at least, the way I know how to do it). Once you've created your alternate account, log back into your main. Send a friend request to the alt account.

Now, log into your alt and check the friend requests. Surprise, your main is there. Right click on your main account's username and press inspect element. All you need to do is find where it says id="request_(number)" with your main account's username slightly below it and copy the number. (number) in this case is the number you'll need to copy.

Log back into your main and make sure you have a friend request from someone (can be anyone). If you don't, use your alt to send a request to your main. Now do the same process as above, by using inspect element on the request, but this time don't copy "request_(number)". Instead, replace (number) with the number you copied from your alt.

Press enter to save the changes and press accept. It'll say you became friends with the user who actually sent you the request, but you'll see this is only visual and not the case when you check your profile/friends tab.


Inner Rage / My tutor at college
« on: January 25, 2019, 06:28 pm »
I study Games Design in college, for those unaware. We have a project that has recently just started called an FMP (final major project). Prior to returning to college after Christmas, all the information the guy gave us was that we would be in groups of 3 maximum and could create absolutely any project we wanted. Me and a couple of my friends had already agreed we wanted to work together when the FMP came as we all had different skills that we'd need to have the project be a success and we're friends so we don't have to socialise with people we aren't so familiar with (we've been in this course only since September 2018).

So what do any good, organised students do? Plan it out beforehand to get a headstart and beat the competition. All was well and good; we had our concept/story planned out, the roles figured out and had even started prototyping the game. As the "coder guy", I had spent quite some time on this project and this project only, since we were sure we wanted to go through with it.

...Then we returned to college on the 6th of January. After about a week, it was only then our tutor noticed that we had been working as a team thus far. And it was only then that my teacher decided to say "working together? What? You're supposed to be working individually on your own projects at this point". Like, okay, fair enough, but you could've told us instead of saying that we were to be in groups and in turn screwing us over.

Because now, us 3 have to pretend to work apart, write up our own game ideas (which we are now behind on since we've been working together on a project all this time), present them individually, only to end up "teaming up" later in a few weeks to return to the project we were doing this entire time.

What is the point? It just wasted so much of our time and all 3 of us are now far behind on college work. It should've been a lot more clear, and what really pissed me off is how my teacher said it to me. He was literally being funny with me because he was clearly "unhappy" with the "work" produced (you know, none, since we weren't working on the right things because of him). So obviously the only thing me and my friends could do was say "alright, well we'll come up with our own ideas and then team up after". Then my teacher just had to say "don't bank on you 3 being able to be together". And when I asked why, he gave me the most bullsplode reason: "I just might not feel like you'll work well together".

This guy really has it in for me I swear, he's not particularly liked me since the beginning for whatever reason and this is just the icing on the cake. And then after we had that conversation (which had already got me pissed off), he said "have you finished the work on the board?" and oh my god I don't know how I kept my mouth shut here. Because he had literally 5 or so minutes ago gave us the work. And it was supposed to take us a few days. Like actually how much of an ass can you be?

He also had a go at someone in my class for "focusing too much" on their work. Wtf.

Rant over. :D

Reviewer Lane / "Who?" - A Review of Guess Who by futuremillionare
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:06 pm »
* I was already accepted for reviewer but since I don't have my main site badge yet I thought I'd post my review here for now.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This is Bricc, but this time on a Thursday after-college-noon. After working on my research document for hours and enduring a 3 hour 45 minute lesson without a break, I was in a mood to just sit back, relax, and chill. I was looking through the featured list to see if anything good was to be found. Continuing on my search for PPG games beyond page 6, where I found Seafaring Adventure, I came across a game that strangely attracted my eyes over to it as if it were a magnet, and that game was Guess Who by futuremillionare. I was a little 50/50 on reviewing this game, because I figured a game with only one level of actual "gameplay" would be difficult to review, but I decided to just give it a shot anyway.

New or old, as a member of Sploder you've most likely stumbled upon a futuremillionare game before or at the very least have heard of him. As far as I'm aware, he's good with almost all (if not all) of the game creators, though I can only vouch for his PPG skills because I'm absolutely terrible at playing games made with the other creators. To put it simply, my expectations were quite high. If I remember correctly, there was a mass unfeaturing incident at some point and the featured page, in some parts, lists the games in the wrong order due to them being featured again, so I'm not entirely sure if this is one of his newer or older projects; I can only go by the date it was published which was June 2016. That's almost 3 years ago, but even then I believe futuremillionare was a well received game maker so ultimately my standards remain high.

As I stated in my introduction, my eyes were strangely attracted to the thumbnail of Guess Who. The game has a fairly vibrant thumbnail, using bright blue for the sky and a couple of shades of green, which is honestly probably what did it. Thumbnails have a tendency to look quite dull or don't fill up the space, but that's not the case for this one. Granted, this is definitely not the most original thumbnail, but it had managed to grab my attention very quickly compared to those around it. When I read the game title, Guess Who, I was extremely intrigued. I was sure I'd heard this title before somewhere and wondered if it was a coincidence or if it was based off another game. Admittedly, the characters in the thumbnail didn't look fantastic but got me thinking "What do you mean by Guess Who?", so I clicked on the game to see what it was all about.

There is no storyline to follow in Guess Who, but I understood why once I realised that it was based off the Guess Who board game. Personally, I'm a huge fan of board games and this was one that I used to love playing. It's perfect to recreate as a Sploder game, too - everyone knows it and it can be played fairly quickly in one session. The idea is that you're given a list of people and a picture of them, ask questions to the other player (in this case a computer player) who was given the name and picture of one of the individuals on your list and you try to figure out which person they have using the answers to the questions you asked. The first level is just an intro (with no gameplay), so we'll skip over that. I have to admit that I'm quite impressed by the execution of futuremillionare's version of the game. I know a fair amount about the physics creator and how everything works, but I have no clue how futuremillionare managed to create a CPU player and pull this off. After playing through the game many times, I was unable to encounter any bugs or issues. Considering how many decisions the computer has to make, the loading screen does not appear for long at all. This in turn makes the "gameplay" (can I call it that?) very smooth and not frustrating to have to retry, adding to the replayability. You don't see many games on Sploder that rely on an interface to play, so I think I can say that's at least sort of original. Overall, Guess Who is a very consistently functional game and one that I could happily play again.

I think this game is at a perfect difficulty level. It's hard enough to lose sometimes, but not too hard that you'll have to retry a stupid number of times to win. It takes 5 failed guesses to lose and considering there are 12 characters to guess from and 12 possibilities for answers to the questions, it seems to be a fair amount of chances to give the player. Although the way the game is set up now does stick to the original concept and still works very well, I think for the Sploder version it would've been pretty neat if futuremillionare had made multiple levels with increasing difficulty. I know how difficult the event links and objects must be to manage, however keeping the same concept and changing things up a little wouldn't be impossible. For example, maybe a level where you have 4 guesses instead of 5, or a level where the accessories/questions are different (eg. freckles). Either way, I still think the difficulty works well for a game with one level.

The only downfall to this game is its appearance. I'm not saying the way it looks is bad, but in comparison to the gameplay this is where the game lacks quality. I personally am not a fan of the mix of graphics and default PPG textures. I feel that some of the features of the characters should've been made as graphics such as the beards. They look very out of place as the circles that make up the beards are way too big. I mean, I would expect that in real life you don't have either a hedge as a beard or no beard. Plus, I think keeping everything to one style is always good. Since this game relies on an interface rather than more of a physical game, I would've expected futuremillionare to have spent a little more time on the way it looks. A nicer font maybe? Maybe recreate the board from the board game? There's room for improvement in this department and a lot more that could've been done, but I've definitely seen a lot worse.


Story • N/A • Based off a board game and I wouldn't expect it to have a story.
Thumbnail • 3/5 • Caught my eye for sure, though I'm not entirely sure why. Nothing amazing.
Visuals • 2.5/5 • Very average. I'd expect this quality from an average game maker.
Gameplay • 4/5 • Sticks to the original board game very well but still more that could've been done.
Difficulty • 5/5 • As it stands (and going by how the original board game works), I'd say this is pretty much spot on.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this game. It gave me a little blast to the past of my childhood and this Sploder adaptation of the board game works very well. I can see clear effort put into this, even though it is only one level, because I can imagine how much of a pain it would be to make a CPU player like this with minimal loading time while working every time, so I'd agree with this game being featured. It's like the board game in the sense I could leave it right now (like putting a board game back in its box), play it again anytime and still enjoy it just as much. Thank you for reading this review and I apologise if it's not quite as good as my others; as stated at the beginning I didn't know how it'd go reviewing a game with one level but I don't think it went too badly in the end.

General / How do I make a custom thumbnail in the PPG?
« on: January 23, 2019, 02:10 pm »
I seem to have forgotten how to do it, and I'd really like "Raft" to have a custom thumbnail.

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