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1. Dookie
The album that made Green Day big, this is my personal favorite album by Green Day. It is a very nostalgic album. There are the popular hits like She, Basket Case, Welcome to Paradise, Longview, When I Come Around. Then there are the hidden gems like Sassafras Roots, Emenius Sleepus, and Coming Clean. There are a lot of great songs on here. A must listen to.

2. American Idiot
I was debating between Dookie and American Idiot but decided on Dookie to take the number 1 spot. After Green Day's decline in the late 90's and early 00's. This album got Green Day back up and running. This was unique because the whole album told a story. Songs like American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, the 9 minute long Jesus of Suburbia, and the sad song of Wake Me Up When September Ends are my personal favorites on this album.

3. Revolution Radio
The most recent album by Green Day, I was not expecting a good album at first but was impressed. Songs like Outlaws, Still Breathing, Forever Now, and Ordinary World are some songs on this album that I enjoyed. If you are a fan of current Green Day, this is your album.

4. Nimrod
This album is what I like to call the end of the early Green Day era. This is the last popular album before Green Day's decline. But, this is still a somewhat solid album. I am not a fan of the more popular songs like Hitchin a Ride. But songs like Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Haushinka, and The Grouch are my personal favorites. Overall, it is a pretty decent album.

5. Tre
The last of the trilogy of Green Day albums to be released in 2012, this one is my personal favorite of the trilogy. Songs like Brutal Love, Dirty Rotten Bastards, and 99 Revolutions are some songs from the album that I liked. Just your average album.

6. Kerplunk
Green Day's second album, this album was OK. I would recommend taking a listen to this before listening to Dookie though. Songs like Welcome to Paradise, 2,000 Light Years Away, and One For the Razorbacks are my personal favorites.

7. 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day had success with American Idiot. So, they took the same concept of telling a story and did it again with this album. I felt this album had a darker tone to it which works with some songs. Songs like 21 Guns and 21st Century Breakdown are some songs to listen to on this album.

8. Warning
This album is the beginning of the decline of Green Day. There is one song that I liked which is Minority. The other songs, I am not a huge fan of. Not a terrible album, just needed some better songs.

9. Dos
The second in the trilogy of Green Day albums to be released in 2012, this one is a step up from Uno, but did not have a lot of songs that I seemed to have a liking to. The only song that I really enjoyed was Amy.

10. Insomniac
With the success of Dookie, it was hard to make an album that could top it. Insomniac was released the following year and there were not many songs that I enjoyed. Brain Stew is one song that I liked. Catchy lyrics and what not.

11. 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
Green Day's first studio album, while I did not find a song that I enjoyed, besides One For the Razorbacks, this is an OK album if you are into old school Green Day. Despite where this album ranks on my list, this is one not to ignore.

12. Shenanigans
This album is awful. I never would have thought that I would find a Green Day album that is awful. I did not find any good songs at all. The album is not all too memorable and I would ignore this one if I were you.

13. Uno
After listening to the Shenanigans album, I thought could this get any worse. The first of the trilogy of Green Day albums to be released in 2012, this album is just as bad as Shenanigans.

Debate Tower / Is a Hotdog a sandwich?
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:28 pm »
Let me hear your opinions...

General / A Youtuber to watch...
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:52 pm »
Call Me Kevin

Irish Gamer whose videos are all comedic. My personal favorite is any game that is done in VR. I do recommend watching this guy.

Channel Link

Surgeon Simulator

Music / My Top Songs 2018 (according to Spotify)
« on: March 12, 2019, 02:33 pm »
1. Blowin in the Wind- Bob Dylan
2. Thick as a Brick- Jethro Tull
3. In My Dreams- Linda Perry
4. She's a Rainbow- The Rolling Stones
5. November Rain- Guns N' Roses
6. Sunshine on Leith- The Proclaimers
7. Peace Train- Yusuf/Cat Stevens
8. Jungleland- Bruce Springsteen
9. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's
10. American Idiot- Green Day

General / Opinion thread
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:34 am »
You know the drill

Music / Music Monday Top 10: Top 10 Favorite Bands
« on: March 11, 2019, 12:22 pm »
1. Green Day

I am just a huge fan. Their music is something appeals to me on such a huge unexplainable level.

2. Nirvana

One of the best bands of all time that brought Grunge in to popularity. They have so many great songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit. They also have one of my favorite live performances under their belt.

3. The Cranberries

I got into Irish Rock because of The Cranberries. Dolores O'Riordan has an amazing voice and has some amazing song writing capabilities. Their first and second album is a must listen to.

4. Queen

With one of the greatest singers of all time, Queen is amazing. I ranked this lower because their music is something that I do not typically listen to as much as Green Day and Nirvana. But it is fact that they are great and a favorite of mine.

5. Fleetwood Mac

While Fleetwood Mac is more memorable with their early hits, they still have that charm of being a great 70's band. With songs like Go Your Own Way, I find that songs like Landslide (which was sang by Stevie Nicks) are the ones that I find myself listening to.

6. The Beatles

I felt that the Beatles should be up here. Sure, they are a great band, but I find more appeal with other groups than the Beatles. Songs like Hey Jude and Strawberry Fields Forever make this band a must listen to. I like the variety that the Beatles have in some of their songs.

7. The Who

One of the first rock bands, I like the Who because of their complex songs. Baba O'Reily and The Song is Over are 2 such examples that I have to offer. Vocals and guitar playing are just great.

8. Guns n Roses

Guns n Roses seems to be just a typical rock band. But I put Guns n Roses on this list because of songs like November Rain and Sweet Child O Mine. This is an essential 80's rock band and Axl Rose (while may seem to be a total splode) has a good voice. Add in Slash and you get some good music.

9. Goo Goo Dolls

A band that some may or may not of heard of before, this band just has a certain style that I like. Do take a listen too Iris and/or Give a Little Bit. You may or may not see what I mean.

10. 4 Non Blondes

A very underrated band. While they had only one album to their name, their music is great. Linda Perry has amazing music writing abilities and I just love their music.

General / If you want to get to Bikini Bottom...
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:41 pm »
Just catch Malaysian Airline Flight 370.

General / AMA
« on: March 07, 2019, 09:32 am »
Bombard me with your inquiring questions

Superfly- 4 Non Blondes
War Pigs- Black Sabbath
Wasp- Black Sabbath
I am the Walrus- The Beatles
Beer for My Horses- Toby Keith
Cat's in the Cradle- Harry Chapin
Platypus (I Hate You)- Green Day
Very Ape- Nirvana
Colorado Bulldog- Mr. Big
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)- David Bowie
Like a Cat- Cyndi Lauper
Karma Chameleon- Culture Club
Songbird- Fleetwood Mac
Junebug- The B-52's
King of Birds- REM
Black Butterfly- Deniece Williams
Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran
One for the Razorbacks- Green Day
Possum Kingdom- Toadies
Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters
Black Sheep- Metric
Blackbird- The Beatles
Barracuda- Heart
Brass Monkey- Beastie Boys
Rockin' Robin- Michael Jackson
Greyhound- Harry Chapin
Wild Horses- Rolling Stones
The Monkees- The Monkees
Gonna Buy Me a Dog- The Monkees
Rhinoceratops vs Superpuma- NSP
Diamond Dogs- David Bowie
Dogs- The Who
Hound Dog- Elvis Presley
The Ox- The Who
A Horse With No Name- America
Dark Horse- Katy Perry
Alley Cat- Bent Fabric
Honky Cat- Elton John
Chicken Fried- Zac Brown Band
Crocodile Rock- Elton John
What Does the Fox Say?- Ylvis
Muskrat Love- Captain and Tennille
Octopus Garden- The Beatles
White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
The Lion Sleeps Tonight- The Tokens
What's New splodecat?- Tom Jones

Feel free to post as well!

General / I think I might have Tourettes
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:51 am »
I have been noticing that I have been having some uncontrollable eye blinking. It may not be anything severe. I don't know why I am even making this thread.

I am in need of 1 judge and many contestants. There is only 1 day left for signups.

Here is the link to the thread.,342426.0.html

Music / Anyone here Green Day fans?
« on: February 25, 2019, 09:37 am »
I figured that I start something here.

I am a huge Green Day fan. I first got introduced to Green Day years and years and years ago and I enjoyed their music. I enjoy how they brought the punk rock genre into full swing. (In my opinion, Green Day was the band that made it popular. If you disagree, feel free to make a comment.) Green Day has a MASSIVE following. Nearly everyone I know has heard of Green Day and their music. I am going to be upfront and say that Green Day's older music is better than their most recent songs. Green Day formed in the late 80's (when the band was called Sweet Children) and didn't become popular until their 3rd studio album. Now, don't get me wrong, Green Day was popular by the time Kerplunk came out, but Dookie was the album that got them world wide acclaim. Even to this day Green Day is still rocking. It is hard to explain exactly why I enjoy Green Day's music.  Maybe it was Billie Joe freaking out because he had 1 minute left to perform. But, if you take a listen to their music, you will see why. Here are some of my favorite songs by Green Day.

-One for the Razorbacks
-Welcome to Paradise
-Basket Case
-Coming Clean
-Sassafras Roots
-When I Come Around
-Emenius Sleepus
-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
-The Grouch
-American Idiot
-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
-Wake Me Up When September Ends
-21 Guns

Feel free to post your thoughts and (or) favorite Green Day songs.

General / RIP Pie Pivotmontier-O
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:04 am »
Possibly one of my favorite Youtube Poopers. RIP man. The whole YTP community will miss you.

General / 2 Years
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:52 am »
2 Years since two girls that I knew and were in my grade were murdered on the local trails. It is sad to know that they are not here and that the killer has not been caught.

The 1st Annual Film Swap

Welcome to the 1st Annual Film Swap! This is where you can sign up to be a contestant or judge. Post in this thread if you want to be a contestant or judge. There are only two spots left for judges (I will be a judge for this competition). This is the only spot that I will decide who becomes a judge. My decision will be based either on entrant’s writing experience and I may ask for a sample review. Signing up to be a contestant requires nothing other than a post in this thread that states you want to be a contestant.

Rules and Guidelines

Signup deadline

-Feb 28, 2018 , 12:00 PM EST

Review submission deadline

-March 27, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

Once the signup deadline date posted above comes around, I will put all entrant’s names in to an online randomizer. This will put all entrants in to groups of 2. Groups will be posted in this thread. This is where each partner gives their partner a film to review. Here are the rules.






- Don’t limit the review to the minimum of 500 words but also don’t make it into a book either
- Split your review in to paragraphs
- 1st paragraph should be a little bit of info about the film (box office, release date, etc.)
- 2nd paragraph should be about what happens in the film. Don’t spoil the film. An overall plot description will work
- 3rd paragraph should be your overall thought about the film. Talk about what you liked and disliked about the film.  It would be best to look at both sides of why people love or hate the film you are reviewing. Then give a score of the film
- Proper grammar and spelling is essential in crafting the perfect review along with an expanded vocabulary
- If you want to add the movie poster at the beggining of your review, you can but it is not mandatory
- Make the review convincing for a reader

I wish you all the best of luck in this competition!


- kingofdanerds
- duck5557474

Video Games / Recent game pick-ups
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:37 pm »
-Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1)

A game that I played years ago, and now that I got a copy of the game, I get a chance to relive old memories. Decent game in general.

-Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (PS2)

A game that I have been wanting to get. It is possibly one of the best PS2 CoD games.

-007 Agent Under Fire (PS2)

Just your average Bond game.

-Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2)

A game that I have for Wii, but I remember playing this on PS2 years ago. Of course, I could not this game up.

-Goldeneye Rogue Agent (PS2)

A game that I have on DS, much like Scarface, I could not pass this game up. It is decent with a nice story in the Bond Universe.

-Cold Winter (PS2)

Looked interesting, so I bought it. Average shooter and I have only one problem. My TV is too small for the game. Other than that, it is average.

-Automobili Lamborghini (N64)

Nice racer for N64. But Mario Kart 64 is better.

-WCW NWO Revenge (N64)

Lastly, this game is an early 3D wrestling game. I do not seem to know what I am doing most of the time. Has nice graphics and controls, but I wish there would be a tutorial.

Music / Anyone here Nirvana fans?
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:19 pm »
I am curious because it seems that a lot of you here have a similar taste in music that I have. Nirvana is possibly one of my favorite bands of all time and for good reasons too. (Maybe I should do daily Top 10 music lists). Nirvana was a band that started grunge. Fashion and music was changed forever when Nirvana came around. I first heard Nirvana's music on the radio (song is All Apologies) and I was like "Damn, this music is awesome." It is sad to know that Nirvana ended on such a sad note with Kurt Cobain commiting suicide. One of my favorite live perfomances of all time is Nirvana at MTV Unplugged in New York. I was amazed at how a hard rock, grunge band from Seattle could come to New York and have a whole live acoustic performance. If you have not listened or seen the performance (you can watch it on Youtube) then I would recommend you to do so. Nirvana only had 3 studio albums (Bleach, Nevermind, and In Utero), the compilation album Incesticide, and many live albums. I love all of their songs but if I had to choose my absolute favorites, then these would be it.

-Smells Like Teen Spirit
-Come As You Are
-About A Girl
-In Bloom
-On A Plain
-Heart Shaped Box
-All Apologies
-Drain You

As I said, I love all of their songs. Foo Fighters (Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl's band after Cobain's death) is a band that I would recommend and maybe I will do a thread later. So, are you a Nirvana fan and if so what are your favorite songs?

General / Rate the meme/vine or video above you
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:28 pm »
It is simple. Post a video or a picture (meme, vine, etc. Anything that would make one laugh) and have it rated by the next user who posts in this thread. Just make sure you give a rating of the previous post first. Rating will be done out of 10. 1 being a bad score to 10 being a good score.

I'll go first...

General / Opinion of me?
« on: February 07, 2019, 12:17 pm »

No One Together- Kansas
One Lonely Night- REO Speedwagon
1999- Prince
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers
21 Guns- Green Day
Fast One- The Cranberries
Acoustic #3- The Goo Goo Dolls
Twenty One- The Cranberries
April 29- The Rembrandts
The Great Ones Remember- Men Without Hats
I Would Die 4 U- Prince
1984- Van Halen
The One I Love- REM
Driver 8- REM
Pop Song 89- REM
3AM- Matchbox Twenty
99 Red Balloons/99 Luftbalons- Nena
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams
Nothing Compares 2 U- Prince (I prefer the Chris Cornell version)
Song 2- Blur
1979- The Smashing Pumpkins
505- Artic Monkeys
3's & 7's- Queens of the Stone Age
19-2000- Gorillaz
5/4- Gorillaz
Zero- The Smashing Pumpkins
Say Hello 2 Heaven- Temple Of the Dog
M1 A1- Gorillaz
One for Reality- Deep Blue Something
7 AM- Deep Blue Something
16- Green Day
409 in Your Coffeemaker- Green Day
1,000 Hours- Green Day
The One I Want- Green Day
Someone- The Rembrandts
22- Taylor Swift
99 Revolutions- Green Day
30 Days in the Hole- Mr. Big
Green Tinted Sixties Mind- Mr. Big
157 Riverside Avenue- REO Speedwagon
Five Men Were Killed Today- REO Speedwagon
I'll Tumble 4 Ya- Culture Club
Eight Days a Week- The Beatles
When I'm Sixty Four- The Beatles
52 Girls- The B-52's
6060-842- The B-52's
9-9- REM
One of These Days- Barry Manilow
Seven More Years- Barry Manilow
8 Ball- NWA
3 The Hard Way- NWA
Route 66- The Rolling Stones
10538 Overture- ELO
1st Movement- ELO
Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)- ELO
Highway 51 Blues- Bob Dylan
You Just May Be the One- The Monkees
Questions 67 and 68- Chicago
25 or 6 to 4- Chicago
Poem 58- Chicago
6969- NSP
Party of Three- NSP
Orgy for One- NSP
I'm the One- from RWBY
Mambo No.5- Lou Bega
The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7- Starbomb
Running in the 90's- Maurizio De Jorio
One Day In Your Life- Michael Jackson
TVC 15- David Bowie
9 to 5- Dolly Parton
Seven Years in Tibet- David Bowie
5:15- The Who
I'm One- The Who
The Quiet One- The Who
One at a Time- The Who
Mistake Number 3- Culture Club


General / Rate the movie above you
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:13 am »
This is a new one. Rate the movie (out of 10, 1 being bad and 10 being great) that the user above has posted and then post a movie of your choice to be rated by the next user. Be specific on the movie that you post. Full title and release year would be preferred. If you want, you can just post an image of the movie poster if you want. If you have not seen the movie, do your best to give it a score. No double posting!

I'll go first.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

« on: January 24, 2019, 11:05 am »
For all you readers of my Monster Madness reviews, I have decided that I will wait till October to start up again on the reviews. For those wondering on what I will be reviewing in the future, here is the list:

  • Hellraiser movies
  • Chucky movies
  • Leprechaun movies
  • Scream movies
  • Halloween 2018

These are all that I plan on doing I was only planning on doing strictly slasher films. If you have any requests, I will see if I can do them. I thank you all for your support! In the mean time, feel free to read my Monster Madness reviews that I have already released!


A Nightmare on Elm Street is possibly one of the scariest slasher series of all time. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made people scared of chainsaws and Texas, Halloween made people scared of Halloween, Friday the 13th made people scared of camping in the woods, and A Nightmare on Elm Street took a different route. The series decided to make people scared of sleeping. There are 9 films and a TV show (which is on every now and then). The series was created by Wes Craven who created the classic Hills Have Eyes and would eventually create another slasher series. Scream. The movies are mostly about Freddy Krueger who was a child killer who was then burned alive by a group of parents. Freddy then comes back and haunts people via their dreams. What makes these films different, is each film is connected and each film is not the same thing over and over again like the Friday the 13th series. So, let’s delve in to the world of Freddy Krueger and review the films that make up A Nightmare on Elm Street.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

1984 was the year of greatness in the movies. We had The Terminator, Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, Temple of Doom, and many more. But most importantly, there was A Nightmare on Elm Street. A movie that is said to be one of the best in the slasher genre and one of the scariest. The film had great success with critics and the box office and has since become a classic. I do need to mention that Johnny Depp is in this film. Well, without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

We see this girl named Tina wake up from a nightmare involving a mysterious man. She tells her friend Nancy and she stays at Nancy’s house that night along with her boyfriend and Nancy’s boyfriend Glen (played by Johnny Depp). Tina has a nightmare which involves her being chased by the mysterious man. While she is in the dream world, her boyfriend is laying next to her and sees her moving around and eventually witnesses claw marks appear on her body which results in her death. Rod (the boyfriend) runs away and Nancy and Glen find the body of Tina. Eventually Rod is arrested and tries to convince the police that he did not kill his girlfriend but fails. Nancy falls asleep (but she does not know that at first because you won’t know until the weird stuff start happening. It’s kind of complicated to explain.) We learn the name of the man (Freddy Krueger). We see Freddy as this man who is burned all over and wearing a striped sweater and a fedora. On his hand is a glove with blades on the tips of the fingers. Nancy wakes up and when she does she realizes she is screaming out loud. (Every action you do in the dream world happens in real life except for walking. Meaning, if you die in the dream world, you die for real.) We later see Nancy visit Rod but Rod is killed by Freddy (Freddy still remains in the dream world and is thus invisible in the real world unless he is pulled into the real world.) Eventually she tells her parents about her dreams and manages to pull Freddy’s hat out of the dream world while at the doctor’s. We learn that Freddy Krueger was a child murder who was then approached by a group of parents who then killed him by dousing him with gas and burned him alive. This reveals Freddy’s motive (to get revenge on the children who told on Freddy.) We then see Glen get killed by Freddy. We see Nancy then rig up some traps and lures Freddy by falling asleep. She then pulls Freddy out of the dream world and into the real world. Eventually Freddy is caught on fire and locked inside a room. Nancy goes and gets her dad (who is an officer) only to see Freddy killing Nancy’s mother. Then Nancy kills Freddy by becoming not scared of him. The end of the film shows that everyone killed is alive and Nancy gets in a car with her friends only to have the convertible top (which is the pattern of Freddy’s sweater) fold down. Nancy’s mom gets pulled in through the small window in the door way and the film ends with kids jump roping and singing a song.

This film was amazing! I had doubts about this film before I watched it but was amazed at how wrong I was and how amazing this film is. The concept of being killed in your sleep was a great idea especially when slasher films are becoming popular. The way the dream world is portrayed is perfect despite my inability to accuarately describe it. The acting is great and I must say that the characters worked well. You have the tramuatized teen who has parents who do not believe anything she says and the one boyfriend who wants to believe her but at the same time does not. It just works so well. The scare factor is top notch. The effects in this film were done well with plenty of blood and gore. Wes Craven is god because of this film. I have to say this has to be the best slasher film that I have ever seen. A must watch for horror fans but not for bed wetters.

Rating: 10/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

One year after the success of A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge was released. The film saw success with box office but did not share the critical success that the first film did where it recieved mixed reviews upon release. This is one film in the series that I don’t hear a lot of talk about. Which made me want to watch the film even more. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

We open up with a kid on a school bus. It turns out it is a nightmare and we see Freddy about to attack our main character Jesse. It later turns out that Jesse and his parents moved in to Nancy’s old house (from the first movie). Jesse and this girl find one of Nancy’s diaries that talks about Freddy Krueger. We see Jesse and this kid get in trouble and the two become friends. Jesse has more nightmares and eventually starts walking around town where he runs into his P.E. teacher at a gay bar. The teacher tells him to go run laps. We see the P.E. teacher get killed and see Jesse with Freddy’s glove on his hand. We then see Jesse attend some party and Jesse goes to sleep and Freddy comes out of his body and kills this guy. Jesse eventually tells this girl about it all. Eventually Freddy kills people at the party and eventually it is Jesse versus Freddy. The girl kisses Freddy and Freddy dies. The end of the film results in Jesse back on the bus and having the same nightmare he had in the beginning. The End

I do have to agree that this film is not better than the first film. I do have to complain about the absence of any kills for the first 20 minutes or so of the film.The acting is good, but the way that Freddy “died” made since but could have had another way to make Freddy “die”. The kills are nothing too special and the scare factor is there but not like the first film.  I can see why this film is not talked about a whole lot. This film had nothing too special about it. In conclusion,  tt is not a terrible film but rather an average slasher of the 80’s. I am just glad it is not filled with ridiculousness that a lot of slashers are filled with.

Rating: 5/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

It was 2 years after A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 that A Nighmare on Elm Street 3 was released. This film was to bring back the cast from the first film whose characters survived. From what I know, after A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 the people who made the film were unsure of another sequel. Wes Craven said that A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 would be the last in the franchise. Obviously, that is not the case. I was really hyped to watch this film because I heard a lot of good things about this film. The film achieved mostly mixed to positive reviews and did good at box office. Well, without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

We see this girl who is having a nightmare with Freddy. Freddy tries to kill her but only manages to slash her wrists. The parents of the girl see the wounds on her wrist and send her off to a mental hospital. We then see Nancy (the main character from the first film). She is working at the hospital. We then meet all of our characters who are the children of the parents who killed Freddy before he became a dream killer. We then see Freddy attack again but this time we see the girl (who is one of the main characters named Kristen) drag Nancy into the dream. This is one such character who has an ability and one that will be used to defeat Freddy. More kids keep getting killed and it starts to worry people. Some nun later reveals some back story on Freddy Krueger. Freddy’s mother was a nun who was raped and who gave birth shortly after. The only way to kill Freddy is to lay his remains to rest properly. This is where Nancy’s father comes in because supposedly he knows where the remains are. We then come to this big dream scene where we see our Dream Warriors. Some of the warriors get killed and the surviving warriors manage to rescue Joey who does not talk. Nancy’s dad is burying the remains and the remains attack and kill him. Freddy disguises himself as Nancy’s dad and stabs Nancy. Freddy tries to kill the others only to have Neil (a character who appears to be major, but the only important thing I see him do was finish the job of burying Freddy’s remains). Which is what he does. The film ends with Neil at Nancy’s funeral and he sees the nun who is revealed to be a ghost of Freddy’s mother. Then we see a model house that looks like Nancy’s house from the first film lit up as if someone is living inside it.

This film is good and does a great job at getting the series back on track. But I do need to mention that it is still not as good as the original. The concept of having Dream Warriors is quite an interesting idea and in my opinion, it translated well. It is almost like a comic book but on film. I like the characters and the acting was good for the new characters. As for the returning characters, the acting could have been better. Nancy was only there to guide the characters and I honestly felt that she could have done even more. The effects were pretty good as well. I like the fact that more of Freddy’s back story was introduced. This film is good and is possibly one of the best sequels in the franchise. I just wish it could have been one that surpassed the original.

Rating: 7/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A year later, we had a new A Nightmare on Elm Street film. In my opinion, if a film series has a film released the next year after an installment, it is not going to be good. But that is before a watch a film and the end result varies. The film saw the return of the surviving Dream Warriors (only for a bit). So, when it came to watching this film, I had no idea what to expect. The film had mixed reviews but came out to become one of the highest grossing in the franchise up until Freddy vs. Jason. So, without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

We open up with Kristen. She believes that Freddy is returning and she drags the remaining Dream Warriors in to a dream. There is a lot of fighting between Kristen and the Dream Warriors and this goes on until Freddy gets ressurected by dog piss. Freddy eventually goes and kills Joey and Kincaid who were the Dream Warriors. Kristen eventually falls asleep and Freddy tells her that she is the last Elm Street kid and that he wants more people to kill. Kristen drags one of her friends into the dream before she dies. When she dies, her friend Alice gains her dream powers. More people start to die and Alice realizes that when someone dies, she gets some sort of power. Eventually, the showdown between Alice and Freddy. Freddy is killed by his own reflection. The film ends with Alice seeing a reflection of Freddy in a wishing well, who ignores it and walks away.

Well. This film starts to show that the series is running out of ideas. I mean, Kristen has to drag people who are not even apart of the Elm Street business. I did not like how the Dream Warriors die early in the film and I would have liked them to fight Freddy and kill him for good which would make this film have a fitting conclusion. This film does a decent job at being a slasher film. I would compare this film to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. There is nothing too special about this film but there also is nothing terrible about this film. It is one of those films that some love and some hate. I am just in between.

Rating: 5/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

In 1989, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 was released. This was one year after A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. This film brings back the surviving characters from the previous film and focuses on their survival against Freddy Krueger. This film was the first in the series to have gained negative reviews upon release. So, without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

We see Alice and her boyfriend graduating from high school. She has a nightmare and witnesses what appears to be Freddy Krueger’s mother give birth. The baby crawls and grows in to a full sized Freddy. She wakes up and tries to call her boyfriend but her boyfriend has fallen asleep whil driving on the road. He is attacked and killed by Freddy. We then learn that Alice is pregnant. Freddy goes on to kill some of Alice’s friends in many gruesome ways. We are then introduced to this boy who claims to be Alice’s son. There is a lot of running around and eventually Alice goes to sleep to face Freddy. Alice finds Freddy’s mother and eventually Freddy’s mother kills Freddy by sealing him away in time. The movie ends with Alice having a picnic and the sound of song playing.

I have mixed opinions about this film. It is not as bad as what many would say. The plot seemed really confusing when I watched this the first time around and had to watch this again to get a better grasp. Even still, I am still confused. There were not a whole lot of kills but the kills were fairly gruesome. There is a much darker tone to this film which is one thing I enjoyed from this film. The acting could have been better in my opinion but the Freddy is still great. In conclusion, I wanted more from this film and got about half of what I wanted. There really is nothing too special about the film except it is just another average slasher film of the 80’s.

Rating: 5/10

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

In 1991, the final film in the series considered canon in the franchise. (Then next film is not canon.) This film decided to follow in the footsteps of previous horror movies like Friday the 13th Part III by making the film entirely in 3D. Now, I watched this show on TV and not on DVD which I believe includes 3D glasses. This film had a higher budget but had a fairly decent box office return. But this film suffered from negative reviews. For the longest time, I did not know this film exist (maybe because there is no number 6 in the title?) So, let’s get to the plot!

We see this guy who has a case of amnesia. We then meet our group of people to get killed off. The guy who cannot remember anything joins our group at this shelter. The doctor there decides to make a roadtrip to Springwood to help the guy remember things. The group stows away in the vehicle without anyone knowing. Eventually they are found and eventually Freddy kills them off one by one and we learn that the doctor is Freddy’s daughter. We learn that Freddy’s powers come from these demons which resemble fish. Freddy’s daughter pulls Freddy into the real world, steals his glove and stabs him. To finish him off, she sticks a pipe bomb in to his chest and Freddy blows up. The End.

I knew that this film was going to perform lower than the previous films but I did not expect that it would perform this low. The effects they used for 3D were terrible. Of course, I don’t have the glasses. There was more backstory on Freddy which is something I like. This film is not really much of a horror film. A 5 year old could watch this and still not be scared! People praise this series for it’s comedy but the comedy in this film was absolute garbage. It is not the worst slasher film, but it is by far the worst in the series.

Rating: 3/10

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

In 1994, the world was introduced to a very unique installment to the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. As I mentioned in the previous review, this film is not canon. This film was very unique and basing the events in the real world. I will talk more about this in the plot. The film got positive reviews but did poor at box office compared to the previous films. So, let’s get to the plot!

We open up with Heather Langenkamp (the actress who played Nancy in the first and third films and she plays herself in this film.) She has a nightmare of Freddy Krueger (who is a character in the films that she is working on. Remember, this is set in the real world.) Some workers for the film get killed. Heather gets a call to work on a new Nightmare film. Some guy dies and Heather’s son starts acting really weird. We then see Heather talk to Wes Craven who reveals that Freddy is a demon that has started to attack since no new films have been released. Meaning, to stop the real life Freddy, another film has to be made. Eventually Heather and her son kill Freddy and wake up to find that everything that had happened has been made in to a script. The End.

This film is great. It takes a very unique concept about a film set in reality and it works. It is somewhat hard to explain but who cares! The acting is amazing and the special effects are great as well. It is also the scariest since the original! This film was a great way to bring back the series and a great film to end the series despite it not being canon. This film is just absolutely amazing! There are some small things that I can talk about but nothing can change my opinion on this film. Freddy’s looks are unique and I wish this look was used to begin with.  In conclusion, this film is scary, with great acting and the best I have seen since A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

Rating: 8/10

General / AMA
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You know the drill.

Red Like Roses- from RWBY
Redbone- Childish Gambino
Red Light- Deep Blue Something
Red- Taylor Swift
Red Red Wine- UB40
99 Red Balloons- Nena
Orange Crush- REM
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- Elton John
Yellow Submarine- The Beatles
Green Green Grass of Home- Tom Jones
Green Tinted Sixties Mind- Mr. Big
Green Tambourine- Lemon Pipers
Green Day- Green Day
Mr. Blue Sky- ELO
Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
Pleasantly Blue- 4 Non Blondes
Boy Blue- Cyndi Lauper
Blue Letter- Fleetwood Mac
Blue Orchid- The White Stripes
Anna Blue- Blue Angel
Purple Rain- Prince
Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane
White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation- Marty Robbins
Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
Silver and Gold- Burt Ives
Golden Slumbers- The Beatles
Paint it Black- Rolling Stones
Gold Dust Woman- Fleetwood Mac
Golden Years- David Bowie
Black Balloon- The Goo Goo Dolls
Blackbird- The Beatles
Black and White- Michael Jackson
Back in Black- AC/DC
Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
Black Magic Woman- Santana
Black Smoke Rising- Greta Van Fleet
Black Betty- Def Jam
Silversplode- The Smashing Pumpkins
White Limo- Foo Fighters
Black Rain- Soundgarden
Fell On Black Days- Soundgarden
Cold Black Night- Fleetwood Mac
Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)- The Smashing Pumpkins
Blackstar- David Bowie

Debate Tower / The Terminator vs. T2: Judgement Day
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The first two Terminator films are my favorites in the series. Though I prefer T2: Judgement Day over the original and for many reasons. The expansion of the story was done well and had great acting and action scenes. The original had all of that, but T2 did it much better. (Rise of the Machines was OK, but not great. Salvation was boring and I have not had the chance to see Genisys). The general consensus of Terminator fans is that T2 is better than the original. But, I came across something. The Terminator was given a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes while T2 was given a 93%. I am still standing by my decision that T2 is the best of the series. What do you all think?

FRIDAY THE 13TH series

Friday the 13th is without a doubt the biggest slasher series and one of the most popular. Everywhere you go there is Friday the 13th. T-shirts and posters and everything else. The series started with the release of the first film in 1980. In the last 38 years the series grew up to a whopping 12 movies. The movies are known for there gore and nudity which means I will be talking about the MPAA a lot! The main killer of the series is machete wielding Jason Voorhies. The movies mostly take place at Camp Crystal Lake. Well, without further ado, let’s begin the Friday the 13th series review!

Friday the 13th

In 1980, we seen the release of a film that would go on and start a whole series of slasher films. Friday the 13th is considered a classic by many and I do agree. This film did suffer heavily from the MPAA but I did happen to have the Uncut version of the film on DVD. The film had mixed reviews upon release and had a fairly low budget which made this film a box office hit. I am going to say that this is the only film in the series where Jason is not the main killer. Many people who know the series and might have watched some of the newer films would find themselves dissapointed with this film because their mindset is that Jason is going to be the killer. Well, let’s get to the plot.

In 1958 at this camp called Camp Crystal Lake, we see two counselors start having sex when someone kills them both. Many years later, we see this girl who is a counselor for the newly opened Camp Crystal Lake. She gets a ride and gets to town and starts hearing stories of a curse and the drowning of a young boy and the murders that followed. This girl gets another ride and is eventually killed. We see the rest of the counselors at camp rennovating some of the cabins. We see 2 of the counselors go into a cabin and have sex in a bunk with a dead body on the top bunk, but they don’t know that. The girl leaves to go into the restroom leaving the guy (played by Kevin Bacon) to then be killed with an arrow to the throat. Eventually the girl is killed with an ax. We see some more kills until we are left with 2 more counselors, this one guy and our main character Alice. Eventually they notice that things are not right and they do some searching. The guy counselor eventually is killed leaving us with Alice. Alice finds some of the dead bodies and then she sees a vehicle pull up. Alice goes up and meets this lady named Mrs. Voorhies. We then learn that she is the mother of the boy who drowned all those years ago. Mrs. Voorhies starts going ape splode and eventually Alice kills her by using a machete on her head. Alice then gets in a canoe and it drifts out into the lake and she falls asleep. She wakes up and sees cops on the shore and then this corpse who is obviously Jason snatch her and tips the canoe over. Alice wakes up in a hospital with cops surrounding her with Alice insisting that there is a body in the lake and the officers insist there wasn’t. Then the film ends.

The ending of the film is literally the scariest part of the film. I see that this film, rather than being scary, went with the gore and suspense approach. Which is fine with me because slashers are not neccessarily supposed to be scary. I do like the suspense leading up to the revealing of the killer. It worked but I would have liked having Mrs. Voorhies introduced in the beginning as one of the people who are helping with the opening. The special effects are great (thanks to Tom Savini) but the only way to see the film in it’s entirety is to watch the Uncut version. The film had it’s boring moments and that would be the entirety of the middle portion of the film. This film has its flaws but in general was a good film.

Rating: 6/10

Friday the 13th Part 2

After the financial sucess of Friday the 13th, film makers decided to make the Friday the 13th into a series. One year later, we got Friday the 13th Part 2. This is the film where Jason is the main killer. Many people will find themselves dissapointed much like I explained with the first film. People see Jason as the hockey mask killer and this film is not the one with hockey mask Jason. This film, he wears a bag over his head. This film had a higher budget, but was still a box office hit. The reception was mixed but over the years it has grown its own following. This film, along with the rest of the films, had a hard time with the MPAA. To be honest, I have a feeling many recent editions of this film (along with others) add all the deleted scenes because I do think that now these days we have films much gorier than any 80’s slasher so they decide to add the deleted scenes. That is completely my opinion and anyone who thinks otherwise has the right to do so. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

We open up with Alice, (the main character from the first film) at her house. She opens her fridge and finds a decapitated head and then someone kills her (at the time nobody knew it was Jason, but now you do!) We then move on to Camp Crystal Lake where we see a new group of counselors. We see this girl and her boyfriend, this wheelchair guy, and other people too. We move to this scene where our characters are gathered around a campfire and the story of Jason is brought up. Then this prankster guy scares the people around the fire. We see this guy who appears to be a tramp (he was in the first film as well) walking around the woods and he is eventually killed. Later we see the girl and her boyfriend walk around the woods but are caught by the sherrif. The sherrif drives the couple to the camp and starts heading back to town when he sees Jason. He follows Jason into this shack where he is eventually killed. We see Paul (one of the main characters) and the rest of the counselors (except the girl and her boyfriend, the wheelchair guy, another girl, the prankster, and another girl) go into town to have a couple beers. The counselors who are still at camp get killed one by one. The girl and her boyfriend get killed while having sex, the wheelchair guy gets the machete to his head, the other people get killed in uninteresting ways. Paul and Ginny (the other main character) come back to camp early only to have Jason chase Ginny. Ginny comes across the shack which has all the bodies and on an altar, there is the head of Mrs. Voorhies and the sweater. Ginny puts on the sweater and makes Jason thinks that she is his mother. Jason eventually attacks Ginny but Paul comes and stops Jason and Jason is about to kill Paul but Ginny uses the machete on Jason. Paul and Ginny go to another cabin and they think everything is fine until Jason crashes through the window. Ginny wakes up and sees herself being taken away to the hospital. The end.

The ending was really unclear. Did Paul die or what? Many people (including myself) wonder how Jason is grown up when we last saw him as a child. The film in my personal opinion is not as good as the first which goes against almost everyone’s opinion. It is a nice introductory film for Jason but could have done better. One other complaint that I have is why does Jason go out of his way to kill Alice? He never does that again and yes I know this is an introductory film but how does Jason know where she lives? There was plenty of suspense but this film lacked the mystery that the first film had. This film did have the nudity that you would expect but lacked the gore (thanks to the MPAA.) In conclusion, this film fell short of my expectiations.

Rating: 4/10

Friday the 13th Part III 3D

After the release of Friday the 13th Part II, there was a sequel in the works. There was also the idea to make it a state of the art 3D film as well. So, here we are with a 3D Friday the 13th film. The 3D effect probably worked better in the theater because all you get with the DVD is two cheap red and blue 3D glasses and it is not the greatest 3D effect. Luckily there is the option of watching the film in 2D. The film did good at box office but recieved negative reviews. This is the first film to have hockey mask Jason, which is something that many fans love. So, without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

The film does a recap of the scene where Jason is attacked with the machete. After that, we see Jason get up and walk away. This can only mean that the part where he crashed through the window was either a dream scene or completely forgotten. Then we see this guy and his wife who own a store close by. They are watching the news which reports of killings at the camp and that there was only one survivor (Ginny). This means that the film will take place on Saturday the 14th. Anyway, the store people are killed by Jason. We then meet our characters. We have Chris, our main character who was attaked by unmasked Jason years ago but she does not reveal this until later. We have Debbie and her boyfriend Andy, Shelly. They go to pick up this girl to take with them on a weekend camping trip. We see Shelly (who is this prankster character who only pulls pranks to get people’s attention because he feels like a nobody) scare everybody. They all realize that the van is on fire but it is actually the two pot smoking hippies in the back of the van. (Honestly this made me laugh.) They all drive to the camp and they notice police cars and they are all smoking pot and they frantically try to get rid of it but soon realize that the police are going to the store where Jason killed the two people. They meet this homeless man who tells them that they are doomed (much like in the first film). When they get to the camp, we meet Rick who is the boyfriend of Chris. Shelly and the one girl go to a nearby store and get into it with a biker gang and eventually Shelly drives in to their bikes. This action causes the bikers to get mad and they go to their camp and take all of the fuel out of the van. One biker chick gets distracted and goes into a barn and is killed by Jason and then the 2 others go and are killed. After they are all killed, Rick and Chris go out and this is where Chris reveals that she was attacked by Jason. Back at camp, Shelly pulls another prank and this is who Jason gets the mask from. Everyone starts getting killed and Jason cuts the power. One of the pot smokers goes and checks out the fusebox but is killed. Chris and Rick come back to camp and realize something is not right. Rick gets killed and Chris starts finding the bodies. Jason starts chasing her and it turns out that one of the bikers survived but he gets killed and then Chris hits Jason in the head with an ax and he dies. Chris takes a canoe and takes it out and falls asleep. She wakes up and sees Jason running towards her but then she does not see him. Then dead Mrs. Voorhies comes out of the water and capsizes the canoe. But this is all a dream because Chris wakes up with cops at the cabin and Jason dead in the barn. The End.

This film was worse than the 2nd film. This film recycled old material from the first film and did nothing better with the recycled material. A lot of the effects were not all that great. Rick’s death is one such example. This film is gory with more kills but there is less nudity. Trust me, one of you out there are going to want to know this. I like the nice backstory with Chris but it was not a major focus which was something I was hoping for. The only character I felt that I could relate to was Shelly and he was not really a main character. The biker gang was something I thought was going to prove as a challenge to the main characters but that is the complete opposite. It would have been nice to have seen them a little bit longer. In the end, this film fell short and was some what of a dissappointment.

Rating: 3/10

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

From my knowledge, Friday the 13th Part III was supposed to be the final film but when it was released, it decided that the 4th film would be the final film and the series would eventually go on to become an anthology series. But we all know that is not the case. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was released in 1984 with negative reviews from critics, but did good in box office. This is the start of what I like to call the Tommy Jarvis trilogy because Tommy Jarvis is a character in Parts IV, V, and VI. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

The film shows police at the camp where Part III took place. Meaning the film now takes place on Sunday the 15th. They take the bodies of Jason and the characters from Part III to a morgue. Jason wakes up and kills the only two people in the morgue and goes back to his hunting grounds. We then meet our group of teenagers. We see two couples, a prankster named Ted, and this one guy named Jimmy. He thinks he is a “dead splode” because he does not have a girlfriend. We see this hitchiker who gets killed by Jason almost for no reason. We then meet Tommy Jarvis, his sister, and his mother. They live in a house in the woods because of a divorce issue. The house next to them is going to be occupied by the group of teens. There is a scene where Tommy is trying to sleep and he looks out his window and sees two of the teens having sex. We see the teens meet these twin sisters. They all get naked and go swimming in the lake. Tommy and his sister stop by the lake but have to leave because Tommy is a twelve year old boy who does not need to be seeing this happening. They start heading home when they are having car trouble and a man named Rob helps out. Later that night, the teens start partying. Everyone starts getting killed. There is this one part where Ted is watching this silent, black and white porn film and all he does is laugh while watching it. While he watches it, Jimmy is killed and then Ted is killed. Tommy, his sister, and Rob get back home but the mom is nowhere to be found. Tommy stays at the house and his sister and the Rob leave. Rob reveals that his sister was killed by Jason. They both start worrying about Tommy and they head back home. They go next door and see the bodies and Rob gets killed. Then the final scene involves Tommy shaving his head to look like Jason when he was a boy. Tommy uses a machete to Jason’s head and Jason dies. Tommy’s sister is at the hospital and Tommy comes to see her and all we see is Tommy staring. The End.

This film is better than Part III. But not better than the original. It is about as good as Part II. There is more gore and nudity and swearing. Which is what people want in a horror film. The ending was good (the Deluxe Edition includes a lost ending). The film appears to be a good film but the first film just set a standard so high that a film like this could not match it. The fact that this film is called the Final Chapter when it is not, is just dumb. In conclusion, it is just your average slasher film of the 80’s. Nothing new to add to the series except the “death” of Jason.

Rating: 4/10


The Halloween series started in 1978 with the movies first release. While the series is not as absurd as the TCM series, it has had it’s ups and downs. The series differs from the TCM series because it is focused on a killer (Michael Myers or The Shape) in a neighborhood rather than a family of psychotic killers in a secluded area. Plus, Halloween has a bigger fanbase than TCM and more movies. Other major differences will be explained throughout the review. Without further ado, let’s begin!


In 1978 the first in a long string of slashers was released. Halloween (1978) was the movie that made slashers popular. Sure, there was Texas Chainsaw, but the film was not as popular until later on. The film like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic. Making it must to watch on Halloween. Halloween acheived critical success with critics and did fairly well in box office. Which is something because there was very little advertising for the film. The film was created by John Carpenter who has had made numerous of films. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

1963. Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois, A kid named Michael Myers kills his sister. He is taken to a mental hospital under the supervision of Dr. Sam Loomis (don’t talk about Psycho references please.) 15 years later, Michael escapes and kills a man steals his boiler suit and steals from a store including the iconic white mask. Michael then stalks the main character Laurie Strode. Dr. Loomis finds out that Michael’s dead sister’s headstone is missing. They go to search the old Myer’s house. Then Laurie and her friend are all babysitting separate kids then the friend decides to give Laurie the kid that she is babysitting and is killed by Michael. Another one of Laurie’s friend is with her boyfriend. Boyfriend gets killed and soon does Laurie’s other friend. For some reason Laurie goes to the house next door and finds the bodies of her friends. She escapes but then Michael finds her. Laurie is then chased around the house by Michael until Dr. Loomis comes and shoots Michael who falls of a balcony. Loomis goes to check on Michael and finds him missing. Then the movies ends.

The movie ended on such a great cliffhanger. Like, I cannot think of a better way to end a movie like this. Sure, I knew Michael survives because knew that there were more films in the series. The movie had a more realistic feel rather than the documentary style of TCM. The music is eerie and classic. There are some moments in the film that are kinda boring, but the overall film is great.  I like how John Carpenter developed Michael to be the silent killer. It makes it more suspenseful and even more creepy. Without a doubt a must watch. Horror movie fan or not, it is great.

Rating: 9/10

Halloween II

After the success and cliffhanger ending of Halloween in 1978, it was obvious that there had to be a sequel. Three years later, Halloween II was released. All the major characters who were in the first film and survived were brought back into their respective roles. The film did good with box office returns. Many people say that the first film was better than Halloween. As for me, that remains to be seen later on. So, let’s get to the plot!

After the events of the first film, Michael escaped and kills someone early on in the film. Laurie is taken to the hospital and Loomis is searching Michael Myers. Some police officer accidentally kills someone because they thought it was Michael. (It was not). Michael finds out that Laurie is at the local hospital and goes to the hospital. Michael manages to kill a lot of people in the hospital (except Laurie). Loomis finds out that Laurie is the sister of Michael Myers. Loomis ends up the hospital and Michael kills the rest of the supporting characters that are left in the hospital. The final chase scene involves Michael trying to kill Laurie and Loomis. Michael injures Loomis and Laurie shoots Michael in the eyes. Laurie leaves the operation room and Loomis decides to save Laurie by flooding the room with gas and igniting the room. Loomis dies and Michael walks out of the room burning and he then dies. Then the movie ends.

I do like how the film setting changed from an open neighbor hood to an enclosed hospital where we see the main characters struggle to escape and survive. The film had its scary moments but the first film had more to offer. There is more blood and gore than the previous film which is good.  The movie for some reason was not entirely a good film on it’s own but did good as a sequel. The ending was good but would have been better if Halloween II was the last in the series. Which I cannot blame on the film itself. It is not the best slasher film but I would not ignore this one. In general, the film is a mixed bag and I cannot find anyway to make the film seem more likeable than unlikeable.

Rating: 4/10

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Before I watched this film for the pupose of this review, I was contemplating on whether or not to watch it. Season of the Witch is the only film in the Halloween series because it does not have Michael Myers in the film. The series was meant to continue on as an anthology series. To be honest, I would have liked to see the Halloween series be an anthology series. Nearly everyone I know that has seen the film has said bad things about it because of Michael Myers being absent from the film. In this review, I am not going to be that person. The film did not do good at box office and with reception (take a guess). So, let’s get to the plot.

Our main character is Dan who is a doctor at a hospital. We see a man go to the hospital and is later killed by another man who then kills himself. A relative of the patient (Ellie) and Dan decide to investigate and end up in this small town. It is revealed that a company called Silver Shamrock Novelties might be the cause. Some townsperson gets injured and is driven away. Dan and Ellie decide to go to the Silver Shamrock Novelties and they confirm that Silver Shamrock is the cause for the death of the patient in the beginning of the film. Ellie gets captured and Dan attempts to rescue and then finds himself captured. The CEO of SSN, reveals his motive. He wants to return Halloween to its sacrificial ways. The CEO says that when a certain commercial on TV comes on, the masks will react and cause the wearer to die. Then the CEO kills some people. Dan is then put into a room with a TV and mask but manages to escape and rescue Ellie. He kills the CEO and tries to stop the commercial from being aired. He does so, but of course there has to be the one station that airs the commercial. The film ends with Dan screaming.

I stated before that I am going to do my best to review this film without stating that Michael Myers is not in the film. I do feel that the creators did try their best at making this film. One thing I do criticize this film for is that it is not really a slasher. There is no scary aspects of this film. It was somewhat suspenseful and the ending was OK. The kills were OK but all we see is people dying because of these masks. Could they have changed it up a little bit? The story and acting is decent and in my personal opinion, this film was better than Halloween II. Because by itself it is not entirely a bad film. Sadly, it had to be part of the Halloween franchise.

Rating: 5/10

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Due to the fact that Halloween III was a failure in the eyes of many, many began questioning whether the Halloween series would continue being an anthology series. Nobody expected (or maybe did) movie makers to bring back Michael Myers. But it was 5 years after Halloween III that we saw Michael Myers (but a further 7 years after Halloween II). Of course, bringing back Michael Myers meant bring in more money for box office. Halloween 4 not only had the return of Michael Myers, but Dr. Loomis! More about that later. Let’s get to the plot.

Halloween 1988. Michael Myers has been in a coma since the events of Halloween II. (Do remember the second movie takes place right after the first.) Michael breaks out of the coma and kills the ambulance people. He then learns that Laurie had a daughter Jaime. (Which makes Michael an uncle.) We then learned that Laurie died sometime after Halloween II. Loomis finds out that Michael escaped and follows him only to have Michael escape. Then we see Jaime who has been having nightmares of a man. Jaime is living with a foster family. We also have Jaime’s foster sister Rachel as a main character. Of course the parents have Rachel babysit Jaime. Jaime goes trick r’ treatin with Rachel only to then have the whole city blackout. (Michael’s handy work.) Michael kills some officers and some mob forms to kill Michael. Rachel, her boyfriend, and Jaime are then inside a house hiding from Michael but Michael is inside the house. Boyfriend gets killed. Jaime and Rachel escape and meet up with some of the mob members who take them along in a truck. Mob guys get killed and Michael is on the truck only to be rammed off. Michael then is shoot by every single bullet that Haddonfield can spare and Michael falls down a mineshaft. Rachel and Jaime safely get back home only to have Jaime kill her foster mother. Loomis then realizes that Jaime has become like her uncle. Then the film ends.

So, Michael Myers returns. Great. What I am wondering is why they kept Michael. How Michael could have survived being burnt to a crisp. But, Michael is like immortal but we won’t be told that until Halloween 6. It is nice to see Dr. Loomis but how he survived is another big question. But the movie makers and a vast majority of movie goers didn’t care, they wanted to see Michael Myers back. The film looked cheap for many reasons. Michael’s mask looked cheap and to be honest, it is not the best looking of the Halloween movies. A lot of the film felt recycled and cliche. I did like that we see Jaime as a main character and the role was played well. The scare factor matches with Halloween II if not lower. It was a good film to show the return of Michael but fell short of being a great or good film just by itself.

Rating: 4/10

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

After the return and “death” of Michael in the 4th film and the possibility that Jaime could be the new killer, many were wanting answers. A year after Halloween 4, the next film was released. I will be straight with you and say that many were disappointed. The film did good at box office but in general many were dissappointed. But before I input my own opinion, let’s talk about the plot.

After the events of Halloween 4, we see Michael find a hermit. Michael goes into a coma and then kills the hermit. He then sets his sights on finding Jaime. We then see Jaime at a hospital due to the events of Halloween 4. Somehow Jaime developed some telepathic link with Michael among other psychic skills. Rachel is killed early on and we see a new main character named Tina. Some people who are making love in a barn are killed by Michael. Jaime, with help from her psychic power, senses trouble and goes to warn Tina. Michael steals a car and chases Tina, Jaime, and this one friend of Jaime’s. Tina dies and Michael escapes before Loomis and the Sherrif arrives on scene. Jaime and Loomis go back to Michael’s childhood home and wait it out. Michael arrives and Loomis tries talking to Michael but only fails doing so. The final chase scene involves Jaime having Michael take his mask off and then getting bet up by Loomis. The cops come to arrest Michael Myers. Some guy comes and helps Michael escape. Then the film ends on another cliffhanger.

The film was not that good. Words are failing me. I would have liked to see the role of killer go to Jaime and not have Michael be revived yet again. Yes, it is nice to see Michael on screen, but it starting to become a pattern. When we think Michael is done for, he really is not. This is the first film in the series (besides Halloween III) to actually go down the supernatural path. The deaths were weak. The main characters are really the only redeeming factor of this film. I honestly cannot think of another reason why this film should be enjoyed. If you are a fan of the Halloween series, you will not enjoy this one as much.

Rating: 2/10

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

So, Halloween 5 left us on a cliffhanger, but fans of the Halloween franchise waited and waited. Almost to the point that nobody cared that there might be a sequel. Six years after Halloween 5, Halloween 6 was released but of course the number six is not in the title. The film was panned but did well at box office. To my understanding, there is a Producer’s Cut where there is an alternative ending and extra scenes, but since I don’t have it and never scene it myself, I have to review the film as I have seen it. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was Donald Pleasance’s last film before he died. To be honest, Halloween 6 is not the final movie that I would work on before I died. Without further ado, let’s talk about the plot.

Six years after the events of Halloween 5, we see Jaime give birth. She then tries to warn people that Michael is returning. Then we see a retired Dr. Loomis who then hears Jaime over the radio. There is a chase scene and eventually Jaime is killed by Michael. We then meet our new main character. Tommy (who was in the first film) is kind of into Michael after what he witnessed in the first film. The Strode Family is now living in the old Myer’s house. Somehow, Tommy finds Jaime’s baby and takes care of the baby. Tommy and Loomis meet up and the eventually believe that Michael is going to be returning. Michael goes to his old house and kills one of the Strodes. Tommy goes on to say that Michael is under a curse which appears on the arm as a thorn. Those with the curse must kill the next of kin. Meaning, Michael has the curse and his motive has been revealed. Michael goes on to kill some people and the man in black is revealed to be a friend of Loomis. A lot of things happen including Michael getting beaten with a pipe. Tommy and the two Strode kids escape with Loomis going back and all we hear is the screaming of Dr. Loomis. Then the film ends.

This film without a doubt is terrible. I do like how we got around to Michael’s motive, but that could have been explained much earlier in the series. It is kind of riduculous but at the same time it does make sense. I do not like the supernatural feel of the movie because it ruins the series for me. The acting is not good even with Dr. Loomis in the film, it feels somewhat old. The script to me was really weak. To my knowledge, the Producer’s Cut is supposed to be better with many changes. But of course I have not seen the Producer’s Cut. It is one of the most absurd films in the Halloween series and probably the most absurd slasher film.

Rating: 1/10

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