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« on: May 07, 2013, 10:27 am »
Can I advertise my game in the Game Sharing thingy? If so, I want to advertise my game called "Angry Birds Space"!!! Please play, in my opinion it is the best Angry Birds Space game that includes:

- Planets with their own gravity (sadly no gravitational field)
- Visble Planet atmosphere (with transparency)
- AMAZING ANGRY BIRD GRAPHICS! (thanks to xploder9000, the best angry bird graphic creator on Sploder)
- Space background
- A turret (sadly not a slingshot, but it fixed some bugs with aiming)
- Bird limit
- Challenging levels
- Movable Asteroids (with their own gravity!)
- 3 blue birds will spawn when you fire
- Made by me (special because I'm not a very good game creator, but I am going to become a very skilled one, due to my game ideas)
- Some (a bit bad) SPACE BIRD graphics (including the Ice Bird)
- Some easy levels
- More things that will amaze you...


Introduction (LIKE A BAUS)
Helloooooooo, everybody! Good morning, evening, whatever... Let's get to today's subject. Today, I will be reviewing a game I like, based off game I love, and that is Minecraft survival part 1 by danthekidrs (that is NOT misspelled.. LIKE A BAUS)

I just crafted something, and somebody mined it (makes sense?). That is what the name "Mine-Craft" makes me think of. C'mon man, what're we doing here??? So seriously, the description. The game started with an epic intro (LIKE A BAUS) and made me think the game will be good. I just predicted it, again (LIKE ANOTHER BAUS). Wait, wait, wait! BUTTER? That is the instruction for the intro. Next comes the (SPOILER ALERT!) Minecraft-like menu. That was a bit too many buttons, really. And no text :/. Also, the comments next to the logo (title) also had no text (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T READ!!!). I admit it's pretty hard to make text in the graphic editor, but it's worth a shot. Next comes simple epicness, writting. The game told me to write "GOLD" and each time I pressed a letter from that word, it worked!! I think I know the trick, but it's still cool. I'm just too lazy to make it :P. Next comes BREAKING NEWS. Actually, BREAKING TREES :DDDD. For getting wood, you must be a murderer, since trees have life, like all other plants. If you did this before, consider yourself powerful :). Then comes crafting. Crafting what? Wooden sticks, wooden blocks, you got it, right? A WOODEN PICKAXE! What can you do with a pickaxe? Mine. And get what? Coal. MINE THE COAL I TELL YOU! The time passes, "It's time to sleep" you say. What's left is to exit the game. It's late, you should close Minecraft and come back the next day. But here comes another cool level. The mouse "object" and mouse-pointer "sprite" are controlled! The mouse by your mouse-pointer, and the in-game mouse-pointer by the mouse in-game! Here ends part 1, but there still are! Ok, here come the ratings:

Idea: 3/10 (because it is copied from the real Minecraft)
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 7/10
Background Graphics: 4/10
Overall: 9/10

Final Words
Here comes the end of this review, :|. This game is pretty awesome, and I would recommend to play it, in case you don't know how good platformers in the Physics Puzzle Game Creator can get.

Review brought to you by radu3000

Reviewer Applications v.2 / [Application]'Can You Build It?'
« on: March 24, 2013, 08:18 am »
Okay, so this is my first review, about this epic game, that I like to call "A game maker inside a game maker inside a code'. More precisely, it is Build It by liamnight.

My opinions
I had to get used a little to the scroll bar, because it is different than normal ones. This game has a lot of objects to create great platformers, and even multiplayer ones! With this you can also create enigmas like Yin Yang or Chromaticity, create puzzles, logic games and many other things. This should definetly be a new gamemaker, probably called "Liamnight's Game Maker" and with an icon showing a screenshot of the game.

A great example
How could you not like this game? It is pure masterpiece, an incredibly good example of what you can do with the physics game maker, and by frying your brain a little bit! Ok, let's go to the ratings.


Graphics: 6/10
Fun: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Overall: 9/10

Final Words
I have much fun playing this game, but really bored while trying to find one like it. It may be one of a kind, but not until I make one too!

Review brought to you by radu3000

Reviewer Applications v.2 / HOW TO BECOME A REVIEWER
« on: March 23, 2013, 03:04 pm »
I don't get how to become a reviewer! Please help! I don't get it! Being a reviewer is my dream! That's all I want! Moderator or Editor is too hard for me! Please, please help! Only a reviewer! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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