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RPFG's, Groups, Contests and Forum Games / graphicraft
« on: May 01, 2013, 10:38 am »
so, this is were you can get custom graphics done. how you buy a graphic:

step 1: state the graphic you want

step 2: I'll tell you how many awards it will cost

step 3: if you agree to pay, I'll start working on it

step 4: after its done, ill upload a picture of it. if you don't like this, you can say so and i'll make a different version

step 5: if you do like the graphic, say you'll buy it, send the required number of awards to neostars111, and the graphic will be released to public

#1: if a character is from a video game series, tell which game you want the sprite from.

#2: animated graphics cost more. the price is multiplied by the number of frames used.

#3: I may not be able to find pictures of a certain character, or it may be to complicated. if this is the case I won't be able to make a graphic.

#4: avatar graphics always cost 2 awards per frame, no exceptions.

General / inspect element
« on: April 30, 2013, 10:42 am »
just brag about what you've done with inspect element. so far I've figured out how to send yourself awards and get the shadow avatar.

remember not to reveal how to do it. they will not be nearly as special if everyone knows the secrets. and keep away from doing harmful things with it.

welcome to the fulminata forum rpg! hopefully I won't abandon it. here are da rulez

#1:you start out with a shortsword, 10 hp, 3 mana, and no gold/rubies.

#2:if you use a spell or technique you don't have access to, you stumble and the enemy gets a free hit.

#3:I can only handle 5 players at a time. if they decide to quit or do not play for 1 week, they will lose all progress, and a new spot will be open. later on I may start to accept more members

#4:swearing will event in your data being erased.

#5:you can only craft at a forge. try to craft anywhere else and monsters may ambush you.

#6: when you run out of hp, you lose half your gold, UNLESS you pay 10 rubies.

#7: if you have trouble getting rubies, just send an award to neostars111 on the mainsite. each award sent gets you 5 rubies. you can also join the group legion fulminata for 15 rubies

#8: you and the enemy take turns attacking. you can only use 1 action per turn, the enemy goes first unless said otherwise.

#9: when you level up you receive a random boost in stats. to level up you need to kill a certain number of enemies, represented by a fraction by your level.

#10: each turn you can run away from the battle, use a consumable from your inventory, use your weapon in an attack, or use a spell/tech. each one of these counts as an action

#11: the most important rule... have fun!


armor:fulminata armor
level:50 (max)
max hp: 2300
max mana: 800
techs/magic: fulminata wrath
gold: 500000
rubies: 5000
storage: medusa soul (5)
elixer (5)

#1: alonessix
weapon: shortsword
armor: n/a
level: 1 (0/2)
max hp: 10
max mana: 3
techs/magic: n/a
gold: 300
rubies: 10
storage: n/a

#2: dudeguy1
weapon: shortsword
armor: n/a
level: 1 (0/1)
max hp: 10
max mana: 3
techs/magic: n/a
gold: 0
rubies: 0
storage: n/a

max hp:
max mana:

max hp:
max mana:

max hp:
max mana:

Reviewer Applications v.2 / [application] I think my thumb is dead
« on: April 14, 2013, 06:59 pm »
Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing Sonic52789 Tower Defence by Darkluigi.

The thumbnail was terrible. There is not much to else to say about that. It was pretty much a mess of random graphics, but I have seen games that simply dont need good art. nevertheless, the thumbnail is important in getting people to play your game in the first place.


The game had its ups, downs, and all arounds, but this is the games strong point. What you do is simple, but addicting: aim and shoot. This captured the tower defense genre nearly perfectly. The only thing holding it back from a perfect ten in this category are the glitches. Its very possible to freeze the game if anything explodes to high.


Quick question: why in the world are megaman and angry bird graphics in this game? Nothing about the game looks attractive, I'm afraid. You can tell very little thought was put into graphics choice, since everything looks random. It would have been better if he didn't use graphics at all.


Darkluigi proves games don't need to be impossible to be fun. The game is not completely unfair at the start, and is not a laugh at the end.  This is quite hard to pull off and make the game fun.


Entertainment Value
Even if it is button mashing, the game still keeps you hooked until the very end (or at least until your keyboard breaks). After beating it, if you can get past the art you will likely want to play again


The only problems were art related. If you don't care about art you should love this game. My advice to Darkluigi: choose better graphics. Its a shame that the art is so terrible, and I would like to give this game a higher score. But all games should be judged fairly.

total score:

Darkluigi, you managed to deliver an amazing game, only hindered by its art. Simply find better graphics, and we might have a feature worthy sequel.

Neostars111, out.

(yes, I know that name was way to long. :P)

alright, just wanted to know what you would think if I started doing a sonic boss collection. I'd go and find some memorable sonic bosses from all the games, and convert them into a sploder game. right now im working on perfect chaos from sonic adventure and next I MIGHT do final hazard from sonic adventure 2. and ill make sure to leave out the music so you can play the music for that boss while you play. carnival windup doesn't seem like it would fit a epic battle with solaris

Game Hyping / blocko
« on: March 18, 2013, 10:25 pm »
part 1:

this is an 8-bit style game I created. you take the role of blocko in a quest to stop the evil scientist, maldur. this is gonna be split into separate parts, and I will add the other bits as I make them. the game will have you jumping through over deadly spikes, fighting massive bosses, and building your way to victory. the main gimmick of the game is that you can place blocks at will, and will have access to 2 types. more parts will be added

Game Hyping / the lost islands
« on: February 07, 2013, 06:01 pm »
I'm making a hotel on a bunch of floating islands. there are currently 5 plots of land to choose from, and more will come soon. each player may only have 1 house. the houses have NOT been built yet, and it will not be made until the land is bought. link:
if you want to buy some land, tell me. I may accept special requests, for more awards.

this is an application review of alexroberts Cut the Rope HD full v1.5.

I was looking around for a nice game to play, when I hit this little goldmine. My pre-thoughts were, "Okay, its probably not much like the real game. Lets just play this anyways." Thats were I was wrong.

If you dont know what Cut the Rope is, it's a game on the iPod that revolves around feeding a cute little monster candy, through the use of highly complicated machines, instead of hand-feeding it. this game revolves around the same mechanics.

First off: The gameplay. The levels range from impossible to lose (The first level) to tear your hair out (The last) in difficulty, with the latter being were I got stuck. You use this little white blade to cut ropes, and try to swing it into the monsters mouth. There are spike walls, moving strings, and stars you have to collect that complicate it further. However, the game doesn't overwhelm you. 5/5

Graphics: The game is no worse graphic-wise. You could just walk in on someone playing this, and think its the actual game. The game is eye candy, and your the monster. 5/5

Challenge: The game is ridiculously easy at first, but goes nuts on you in the later levels. Personally, I think the difficulty level varies to much between levels 4 and 5, but thats the only bad circumstance. I can forgive the last level, because its supposed to catch you off guard. 4/5

Fun factor: Of course its fun. Whats to be said about this game thats bad? As long as your willing to do a little trial and error, you'll find this game amazing. 5/5

Overall: 19/20

I see very little that could have been improved. However, I would have appreciated it if we controlled the moving platform with arrow keys instead of the mouse in level 8. He landed spot on with the gameplay, the graphics, and came close to home with difficulty. This is one of the few games I've seen on sploder that I want to keep playing after death.

Game Hyping / the legend of zelda plus
« on: February 03, 2013, 03:36 pm »
alright, hope im doing this right (its my first topic, gimme a break). anyways, I am making a legend of zelda game series. this is were i'll be making announcements regarding it. like new releases. i'm also making a large amount of graphics for you to use. for whatever reason, zelda graphics are non-existent on sploder. here are the links to the games I've finished
part 1:
part 2:

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