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General / Stranger things 3
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:40 am »
Best season?

General / Confederations cup. [Poll]
« on: June 25, 2013, 11:49 am »
Vote for the one that you think is going to win.

General / Can we ask for custom titles?
« on: June 25, 2013, 11:44 am »
I see a lot of people with them. Just wondering. :/

General / Spain is invincible! (football)
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:33 pm »
Nobody can beat us!

General / Should I be feeling this way?
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:31 pm »
I am going to a school in france for 1 month. I should be happy but I prefer being with Marta, my friends and my family (not so much with my family... JK)

I feel like if it is a waste of time and money. :/ I should be thankfull. :(

Projects / EGD? Duh!
« on: June 15, 2013, 01:44 pm »
Are you too epic for EGD?

General / Best Youtuber?
« on: June 15, 2013, 06:14 am »
Post your fav Youtuber.


General / The Last Of Us
« on: June 15, 2013, 06:10 am »

Game Hyping / This game was really fun!
« on: June 06, 2013, 03:29 pm »
I really liked it. A simple idea and a simple game. Good for a first try.



Level 1: Finding information about dragons.
Level 2: Finding the sacred temple.
Level 3: Mission 1: Clean the village from enemies.
Level 4: Escape from enemies.
Level 5: Mission 2: Kill the dragon [Part 1]
Level 6: Kill the dragon [Part 2]
Level 7: ^^^^ [Part 3]
Level 8: Searching the dragon.
Level 9: Defeating the dragon [BOSS]


- Vpop
- Black

Game: Eclipse
Maker: Egnite
Genre: Platformer


Finally! I have found a game worthy of being judged. And her mum is known as Egnite. Egnite is one of my favorite creators when it comes to platforms. Egnite’s use of puzzles is outstanding, and has a very unique way of displaying his true art. He demostrates a great use of difficulty and complexity. In my opinion Egnite is a great game creator. The thumbnail was a bit scruffy and unorginazed. The thumbnail however is not the only factor of whether a game is categorized as “meh!” or “Epic!.” Now we will go into more detail my friends.


The gameplay of this game doesn´t let the player stop. The player can only go in one direction due to tigh spaces. What I mean by this, is that the player can´t get lost in the game. This game was not just a puzzle game, it also had action and traps. The puzzles in this game are not the "Oh, not again!" puzzles, Egnite uses a wide variety of new puzzles. Amazingly, the difficulty was a eight instead of a nine because of player’s lack of ability to understand the puzzles. That aside, I played this game with 2 tactics. First off was "Safe Warfare": I had to attack the traps/monsters and then immediately run away to conserve health. I use this tactic when games are too difficult to be beaten with casual gameplay, in fact, I had to play this game around 5 times before getting near the final crystal, lol.

Puzzles & traps:

In my opinion puzzles are the best part of any platform games, and that´s what I have experienced when playing Eclipse. The puzzles were unique, just like Egnite! As I said before, Egnite has created a new generation of amazing puzzles like the red switch or the granade one, where you'll have to throw grenades at the right time or you will die. The puzzles used to be direct. What I mean by this, is that if the player made a mistake he would be facing death... I have to say that the puzzle rating gets worst as the game advances. Some puzzles were even more difficult than playing the Play Station 3 during the week. Traps were not as amazing as puzzles. Some traps were easy to avoid like the lava ones that you just had to jump. Traps also linked with the decoration because the lava gave a hot feeling. In my opinion traps are not really important as puzzles. In the other hand, some traps were quite fustrating like the closer ones. The traps were definitely not the best parts of the game however they were still pretty good and might result in a relatively high score. Some traps made ​​you step back. In my opinion, this doesn´t help the game because it stops the gameplay.


In my opinion scenery is what differentiates a "Feature Worthy" and a "EGL" game.  The scenery in Eclipse was great, because he didn’t put scenery everywhere but when he did the quality was intermediate quality. Egnite used a orange theme that sticked to the topic [sahara adventure.] The torches looked nice even though they weren’t needed becouse Egnite used 8bit graphics. This gave a "hot" feeling to the players. In my opinon, this game had the perfect amount of decoration.


The placement in Eclipse was perfect. The placement of the decoration gave a realistic feeling. The power ups were placed in especific places that allowed a huge amount of puzzles. The placement of enemies was decent, and the reason why there weren’t many enemies is because this game is based solely on puzzles and traps. I loved the way that Egnite placed the Powers Up, it reminded me of "Michael Jackson." The placement of puzzles was unique, they were everywere!


It´s the first time that I see this kind of scenery. Egnite has used a Safari-style theme all over the place. There were some new puzzles like the granade or the lava one. The thumbnail was epic, it reflected the gameplay of the game. The storyline was simple but effective. It allowed you to be creative and to create your own storyline.


Puzzles: 10/10
Traps: 7/10
Originality: 7/10
Decoration: 9/10
Lag: 0/10
Action: 7/10


Eclipse is an amazing game that allows the player to have fun! It uses some amazing puzzles and traps. The scenery is awesome! It´s like a virtual picture of me.

Feature worthy?

Here comes the big surprise, I think this game is not feature worthy. Why? The game starts well but it gets worse throughout the game. This shows that egnite increased the low effort throughout the game. In my opinion, effort is the only key to success. A game that has been rushed does not deserve a feature because I believe that the primary objective of every game is to be Fun, within context.

[I have re-made my 2st application using the main structure. I have added every thing that the privates+ wanted.]

Personal Exhibition / The DUBSTEP I am making!
« on: May 18, 2013, 04:05 pm »
I want to be a DUBSTEP creator. I am making a new song.


BTW: The song is not finished but feedback is appreciated.

My artistic name= MixR Magama

General / Can you put music into your topics?
« on: May 18, 2013, 03:43 pm »

General / Join Dubstep
« on: May 14, 2013, 12:28 pm »
Just join if you love DUBSTEP!!!

General / I am so adicted to Skyrim & Sacred!
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:09 am »
Don´t expect anymore of my games!  :D

General / Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Uprising!
« on: April 18, 2013, 01:12 pm »
Can´t wait!

General / I have to make a decision....
« on: April 18, 2013, 01:08 pm »
iPhone 5 or 2 dogs...  ???

General / The Sploder topics
« on: April 17, 2013, 02:49 pm »
Main Topic of the day:

Today we will be speaking about imprisonment.

Main Topic of the week:

Did you check this Platform Creator? Lets speak about him. vpopsiclev

Main Topic of the month:

Do you like the new Arcade creator?

Wanna Join The S.T [Sploder Topic] staff?

If you wish to join, PM me or post; "I wanna join." I will accept/denie you.

General / The Platform Creator...
« on: April 17, 2013, 12:34 pm »
When I move Blockhead forward, it goes backward. Lol. Enemies are really slow and the turrets do not work. Lol.

General / Is there any update with the Platform Creator?
« on: April 17, 2013, 12:04 pm »

General / The reason of my username...
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:37 pm »
A chemical reaction took place forming SALT. [Sodium Chloride]

General / Hacking IOS applications. [Tutorial]
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:02 pm »
As you know, I am learning from the best hacker, my brother.

        Ok so first of all id like to start off by stating that I’m relatively new to cracking iOS apps but have some knowledge and skills in other areas, which has enabled me to pick this up quite quickly. But I can see how this would be really difficult for the average user so I have decided to write in my own words exactly how to crack an app from start to finish.

        It has taken me a long time to write this tutorial so if any one would like to use it else where that’s great it means I have done a good job but please credit me for my work.

        I will make some videos and add tomorrow

        What is Cracking iOS Apps

        iOS cracking is the process by which iOS applications are decrypted (cracked) so they may be used on other jailbroken devices. The method used is crude but simple: a debugger is attached to the executable and is used to dump the decrypted segments before the executable launches. The decrypted segments are then transposed onto the original binary, and the LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO load command's cryptid field is changed to 0.

        How to Crack iOS Apps

        I have been using a combination of Cluth Patched (by @FaultyClones) and also Rasticrac (by @iRastignac) so my guide will be based upon these two tools.

        ClutchPatched will patch all most all ARMv7 Apps with ease, there is a know issue with some of the apps cracked using Clutch failing to open on newer ARMv7s devices (iPhone 5 and iPad Mini) but we will include a fix at the end of the tutorial.

        Rasticrac is an updated version of the popular cracking tool PCM (PoedCrackMod). This now runs on all Devices including iPhone 5, iPad Mini .....  This is a very powerful cracking tool and I suggest using it!

        Tools you will need for Cracking

        Obviously you will need some kind of iDevice, ideally it will be at least 16gb although I would recommend at least 32gb as the cracks take space on your device until you move them off.
        You can get all the required tools from the standard Cydia repos and the AppAddict repo – please add the following repo to Cydia

        From our repo install the following packages:

        GNU Debugger (iOS 5&6)
        Rasticrac (will install quite a few dependencies from the standard Cydia repo)

        Search Cydia for the following packages and also install:


        Optional Installs to make life easier

        AutoLock SBSettings

        Also Optional NOT from Cydia Prompt iOS App (must of installed OpenSSH from Cydia for this to work locally) – Is a SSH client that can be used as a terminal window for you device. Advantages are it is able to run in the background, can launch multiple terminal sessions and also has lots of keyboard shortcuts easily accessible.

        Ok so you have installed all the required tools you are ready to crack your first app.


        If Using MobileTerminal skip this step, if you are using Prompt instead of MobileTerminal open the Prompt App, click add connection.

        SSH = localhost
        Username = root
        Password = Leave Blank

        Click on “Connect”

        This will open up a CMD prompt and ask for your root password if you have never changed it please enter or continue to enter your own password. I will explain below how to change your root password I highly advise you do this. Please follow the guide below apart from opening MobileTerminal

        Open MobileTerminal


        This will ask for your root password, if you have never changed it please enter

        (or continue to enter your own password.)

        At this point I would strongly suggest changing your root password if it is default to do this enter the following command

        Now enter your desired password
        Then confirm the password again
        If there are no errors and you are back to the command prompt you have successfully changed your password


        At your cmd prompt type the following command

        (must have capital C)

        this will now list all the encrypted applications that are installed on your device, choose the app you want to crack and write the following command

        (if the app name has spaces please place inside speech marks like so - Clutch “App Name” )

        Clutch will now begin to crack the chosen app/s and once done it will tell you and return to the command prompt. You have just cracked an iOS app! The cracked app/s are placed in

        We will explain further into the document what to do with the cracked app and how to get it off of your phone and onto AppAddict.


        At your cmd prompt type the following command

        this will now list all the encrypted applications that are installed on your device, it will list the application with a number, letter or combination of both at the side depending on how many apps you have installed.
        At the prompt type in the App/s you wish to crack using the corresponding number/letter from the side of the apps name.
        Rasticrac will now begin to work its magic and crack the app/s you have chosen. You will notice that Rasticrac speaks to you as it is cracking applications [;)] . You have just cracked an iOS app using Rasticrac. The cracked app/s are placed in

        Getting your App onto AppAddict

        Ok so you have cracked your app/s now you need to get it off your device, upload, and share the links. To do this you will need to use one of the following tools or methods to browse your iDevice’s file system

            An ftp client that can connect to sftp

        I wont go into great detail here on how to use these applications as google is your friend and this is getting longer and longer. But basically you need to use one of the above to browse to the following location on your device

        There you will see the app/s that you have cracked, move them to your Computer usually by just highlighting then dragging and dropping in the desired destination.

        Once the cracked apps are safely on your computer rename them to include your Cracker name and its time to upload them. Sign up for your favourite file hosts and start to upload the apps please see here for AppAddict’s Approved list of file Hosts HERE

        Once the app/s are uploaded you need to make a record of the links, the app versions and also get the itunes url for the app this can be done easiest I find by going HERE and searching the app. Once on the preview page with the screenshots and app information highlight the full URL from the address bar and make a note of it.

Once you have the iTunes URL, Link/s to your App/s and version/s of the app/s you can go HERE fill in the required fields and your app/s will be posted into the New & Noteworthy section of AppAddict for all to see and download.

Fix for Clutch’s cracked Apps crashing on ARMv7s Device

Some apps cracked using Clutch/ClutchPatched crash on new devices (iPhone 5, iPad mini) on iOS6, here's a really simple fix for crackers and users.

To be performed on Mac OS X

1. Extract the IPA file
2. Go into Payload/
3. Open up Terminal
4. Run this command

Replace binary with the binary of the application.

If you don't understand a word I said I suggest you not try it.

Customisation & Auto Adding Cracker Name and Credit File

So if you are going to be cracking a lot of apps it would be a good idea to customise your cracking tools slightly and have your cracker name auto added to the file name. We can also make it so a secret credit file is placed within the app with your cracker name on it, this is so people can’t steal credit for your cracks.


Navigate to the following location on your device

There you will see a file called “clutch.conf “ open this file with your favourite text editor and amend the following depending on what you want. These are probably the only things you may want to change:

NO(Change to YES to create Credit File inside app)
NO(Change to YES to add cracker name to filename)

(Enter your Cracker Name inbetween >< )

YES (Change to DIRECTORY to list apps in full form within clutch’s menu)

[email protected] (Can be changed to any email address)


Navigate to the following location on your device

There you will see a file called “rasticrac“ open this file with your favourite text editor and amend the following depending on what you want **Be carefull in here as this is the main script also for Rasticrac. Here are the things you will most likely want to change:
# - Default CrackerName (or "Anonymous").
RCcracker="Anonymous" (Change to your cracker name)
# - Should "extra details" appear in Ipa name (ie: "iPad / 3GS / etc") ? (You can hate them)
RCextras="YES" (Change to NO if you w=don’t want extra information adding to the file names of your cracked apps)
# - Should script talk to you ? (it only speaks english, only with iOS4+, only with "speak" tool from Cydia)
RCspeak="YES" (Change to NO to turn the voice off)

# - Should artist's name be used in filename ?
RCartistfrommeta="YES" (Change to NO if you don’t want developers name in your cracked apps file name i.e. Rovio)

# - Default compression level is blank (aka "-6"), and is the best speed/size ratio.
# - Recommended. Upload/download/storage will be good.
RCcompression="" (Change to desired level -9 being smallest size and minus -1 largest – I recommend -9 or -8 as the smaller the apps the easier and quicker they are to upload)
# - Maximum compression ("-9") (also "-8" or "-7") is very very slow, but size is the best.

Hints & Tips

If you installed SBSettings and also AutoLock SBSettings it is a good idea to use the AutoLock toggle and turn it to off before you start cracking this will stop the device from going to sleep.

If you installed iFile and have a Dropbox account, you can install the Dropbox iOS App and link it to iFile. You do this by going to Preferences in iFile, then to Remote Servers and then Link Dropbox. Now browse to the location of the cracked app/s in iFile, you will need to add .zip to the end of the file name then simply click the file and choose Dropbox. This will open Dropbox and click save this will now sync the app to your account that I expect syncs with your computer. Just remember to remove the .zip before uploading it to the file host/s.

Cracking iOS Applications Using Rasticrac

Cracking iOS Applications Using Clutch - Coming Soon

Glad you liked, im happy as it was my first tutorial [;)]

Yeah the configuration FaultyClones told me about but funnily enough i was unable to find this file in and build of Clutch even from their own repo so i made the file and packaged it up with our version of Clutch. So if you struggle to find the file download clutch from our repo.


Hacks Created:

- Clash of clans.

- PvZ HD

- Bike Race PRO

- Megapolis

General / Creating a cydia source.
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:14 pm »
Based on game hacks made by me.

Source name, Xhack

Source link [Not completed]:

Hacks created with iFile & Inventoria.

General / I found a hack for Clash Of Clans.
« on: April 11, 2013, 12:38 pm »
I found a way of having 50000 gems. I created this hack using a Spanish program called "Inventoria." You just need iFile [Jailbroken Device] and Clash Of Clans. I will make a youtube tutorial.

Just Post.

General / I am now creating my EGD!
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:51 pm »

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