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Reviewer Applications v.2 / [Application]Puzzles Puzzles Of Cakes?
« on: February 03, 2013, 08:10 pm »
Ohai Sploderians,It's DeMoonLight here with my 2nd review of a Physics game by the name of Puzzle Puzzle by vaxen.Have a seat & enjoy the review.As you know,I didn't really do great on my first review and I review games that are feature-worthy until I found this game.And I knew this is one of those neat games.

It's no secret that Vaxen is a good maker when it comes to Physics games.Many of his games admired people to play & won a few contests.When I saw this first,I though this wasn't very neat until I saw that this was created by the creator I know.If I haven't known this member,I wouldn't had playing this neat game.Seeing this game was like a fresh out of the box.Somewhat of a challenged to them.I wasn't sure why it was,but I could see why.Some of the stages were very hard & unique & had to do with a challenge to them.Level 1 & 2(both in the game) were pretty good enough until when I got to Level 3(in the game),it was pretty hard because of the stubborn exploding objects.Let's break down the rest of the game, shall we?


The controls for the Physics creator were very easy;only had to used the mouse to move the blue player.It pretty did made the levels a bit easily to handle with;not really hard,but not impossible.The game had a few hotspots you need to do(mainly the second level of the game).


The game is somehow limited in scenery,which Vaxen managed to look good nonetheless.The first level(in the game)looked like a green-lonely room which made it to need a little more work to the background,but I do think,however,it could had a little more decorations to it;just looked like a little box.Otherwise,it was pretty good.


I don't have many suggestions to for Vaxen,maybe a second life for each level,but other than that:it's good enough.


-Neat level designs

-Good enemy placement

-Good placement


-1st level looked sort of lonely

-Lack of one life in the game

-Was kinda short




Final Verdict

A good game from the physics creator. Well made, and fun. Deserves a review-worthy. Keep up the nice work, Vaxen!

Well,hello there,this is a review by demoonlight.Have a seat & enjoy reading this review.This is a review of-

Game's Title:Psychopath
Game Maker:Proxyrox
Game's Type:Platformer

Hello,this is demoonlight & I'm here for my first ever review.I thought of some games but I choose this game,"Psychopath" by Proxyrox.Proxyrox is a experience-well member in Sploder who created his first featured game,"Psychopath."This game caught my eye because when I first saw it in the "Play Games" section,I knew there was something special about it so I decided to make a review of this.The gameplay was an average though it was fun & enjoyable game.However,I would had liked the game have more space because there wasn't that much room to play.The beginning was a great start for a platform game though with the tiles that admired me to like it more.He is a truly well creator when it comes to platform games like this.

It wasn't really visually appealing to me. It looked kinda boring in my opinion, but since I knew who the creator was(well a little), I still had to give it a try. If this game were created by another user, I might not have wanted to play it as much as I had.As I though while playing,this was the one to review.

 Psychopath really surprised me because the game had amazing qualities & I liked how the description caught me in my both eyes.However,puzzles weren't that much of a positive game than a nice hard game.Also,the puzzles were like shattered pieces of puzzle picture but I liked how it didn't have no lag problems.The design proxyrox used were very special & excellent .One initial thought I would had said that the game isn't that very high.So I would say an average game.It is different from most puzzle games out there right now.

It is tricky to complete and forces the player to think, which I really like about this game.This game really would take many times & even minutes to do this which I like about puzzles game like this game.Now, since this was such a long game,proxyrox may have tried to avoid placing too many traps in the game.This game didn't really focused more on challenging the player with tricky puzzles than focusing on few enemies.Proxyrox didn't really tend not to focus too much on the scenery in his games.

They were a lot of puzzles that annoyed me though which made me like the overall.Overall was a good example of a game like this but not very interested with it.Action was very amazing included with the description in the storyline.The puzzles presented the game a lot when I though about it.The placement was part of what made the puzzles so interesting.

      Final Scores

Action: 8.5/10. I loved the storyline because it really fitted into it.

Traps & Puzzles: 7/10. Some of the traps & puzzles weren't in the right place.

Placement: 6.5/10.

Scenery: 5/10. Not very interested.

Creativity. 9/10. This game had a amazing one.

Overall: 6.5/10.

Psychopath was a average game that isn't not exactly like the best cake in the world, but it certainly not is like the best one.If you played others,it would be fairly like this one with hard puzzles.Feature worthy?I would say yes.The game of the creativity makes what it featured.I would recommend other players to play this.

Game Hyping / New Game Coming Soon:By DemoonLight!
« on: February 02, 2013, 01:15 pm »
Hello,I'm demoonlight & you should know about me now.But if you don't know me,I'm a young boy who's from California.I making games once in a while.Anyways,I am making my first arcade  game called "The Black Hat."This game would take sometime to create it.If you want to check out my profile,feel free to do it.I would like to thank Geoff for creating not only Sploder but the creators in the past & today's creator.

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