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Technicallly, this is different... You must count to 10 and then the person to post 10 will become the winner. Then the game will continue and the number increases by 10. So on Round 2, you'll have to count to 20 without the winner posting here and ruin your day. It'll continue till eternity. Haha! (BTW, it will be nigh-impossible after Round 20)

Current Round: 1

- None yet

RPFG's, Groups, Contests and Forum Games / Man Versus Machine
« on: June 21, 2013, 07:59 am »
You have been kidnapped and a secret army of the robots is planning on an attack.
They have the power. They have the technology. They have the brain. You are nothing compared to them. "You have been described by United States as the man who knows everything. Look at you now. Not that smart, aren't you?"
"We could kill you now, I guess, but that will spoil out all of the fun. I have a better suggestion.
You are going to play a fun game. If you are really that smart, everything is going to turn out just fine.
But, if luck is going to take a turn against you, you can whisper bye bye to your home land. Because you're not going to see it again. At least you won't be able to see it clear with your new robotic eyes."
The game is really simple. It is based on randomness.
Every user starts out with 10 points. He can earn more points by testing his luck. There are two main ways to get points:

Safe Drop- A random number between 1-3 is being generated. If the result is 1, the user will lose one point. If the result is 2 or 3, the user will earn one point.

Strike- A random number between 1-2 is being generated. The player decides on a number x he want to invest on the game. If the result is 1, the player will lose x points. If the result is 2, the player will win 1.5x points, with the winning value being rounded down to the nearest full number. For an example, if a player has 12 points, and he invests 7 and wins, he is going to win 10 (7*1.5-0.5) points, leaving him with a total of 22 points. If he lose, he gets down to 5 points.
-NOTE: You can't invest a number which is bigger than your current score.

Refreshing Value- Every 20 moves you make, it automatically gives you 10 or remove 6 from your score. You can't cancel it once you choose it. You have to count it yourself every post.
Unlocks on rank 2.

Extreme Refreshing- LOCKED. Will get unlocked to a user when he hits 200 points.
Assistant- ??? (locked)

When a user loses all of his points, he will lose the game, and will be able to turn to the game again after two days, with 10 points as a start.

I generate the random numbers from I PROMISE that I only use pure randomness to decide on a user's score, and that is not related of how I know the user. I am not involved in the game, it's only you and your luck.
For an example, if I let 6 players to win in a row, and then I make the next user to lose, it will seem pretty obvious that I have something against that user. But, situations like this, when counting the other side (if a lot of players lose in a row and I let a specific one to win), the chance of things like that to happen is 1 to 32. If the thread will be popular, coincidences like this will commonly happen- One time every few pages. Even a row of 12 or 13 can happen, and events with a probability as getting 50 times in a row have happened in the history a lot of times. All I'm saying here is, do not get surprised by weird results.

NOTE: You are not allowed to play if you call me an alt of Knex77!!!

Projects / Have anyone ever reached the Diamond of Peace?
« on: June 06, 2013, 09:24 am »
Just as I thought. An upcoming Platformer update. I've made some cool graphics exclusive for an upcoming game. You're on a Quest for the Diamond.

It's going to star people around Sploder, Fangdam7920, Bloonjunior, Geoff and many more (avatar graphics should do the trick). This will be released when the Platformer was updated (with implemented graphic buttons).


1500 AD, the past, No Sploder stuff yet

Many brave warriors tried to get the Diamond of Peace so that everyone and every evil being could make peace. Unfortunately, it is guarded in the Great Devil's Keep. Those warriors failed. Everyone was worried when the Great Devil said "We will take over the Earth. There shall be no peace, and all of you will surrender to my evil plans. GOOD DAY, GENTLEMANS!!! Mwahahaha!"

Until now...
2013 AD, Present, Sploder City
Bloonjunior: Man, I'm bored out.
Fangdam: Maybe time to bash up some baddies.
Blockhead: Don't tell me it's those Ice-Cream Stealers, I'm enjoying my Ice-Cream snack right now.
Bloonjunior: Man, get a hole to your brain. We need to find Bloon, and Creeperkillz.
Bloon: Hi, have you read the newswapers  recently? I heard that the Geoff plush toy is going to be released soon. WAIT, look guys, this is an interesting part:
"The Great Devil's most evil plan is ready to obliterate Earth, and PEACE. We need a mighty hero".
Blockhead: Hey Bloon, have some of my Ice-Cream. I gotta nap. *stuffs Ice Cream in Bloon's mouth*
Bloon: Looks like a heroic mission guys *accidentally eats Ice-Cream* Hey, did you know that I'm allergic to ICCCCCCCCCEEEEEE-CRRRREEEEAAAAAAAMMM (I'm not allergic to them in real life, though) *accidentally punches everyone in the face, due to sugar rush* Told ya!
Creeperkillz: Hey, I know a priceless weapon that can destroy the Great Devil instantly. It also bring peace to everyone.
Bloon: Oh c'mon. Who would want to buy a priceless peace-bringing weapon that is as expensive as Chuck Norris? Unless, you're talking about the Diamond of Peace.
Creeperkillz: No, the Peaceful Gun.
Bloon: *sigh and facepalm*

The team settle out to Nowhere find other gang members (religious2, stargreen1, radu1000, tommy123, my mom, geodesigner, vaxen2). Bloon explained everything until someone interrupted the meeting.

Bloonjunior: We need a leader of the team, man. Vote now.
Fangdam, religious, vaxen2, tommy123: Geodesigner.
Bloon and Blockhead: Whtever! *Bloon ate some Ice-Cream*
Bloon: Uh oh! *punches everyone in the face again, and then they vote for Bloon as the leader* Lolwut! That is a sugary rush accident, you should vote for Geodesigner instead, I didn't tell you to vote for me just because of a facial pun-
Blockhead: Ladies and gents! (Bloon: *whispers* There ain't no women) Oh, I thought there were one. They are beautiful. Ahem... anyways, we have a new leader, Bloon. *applauses*
Bloon: Quit this rash, better suit our weapons. *create a M2A1 Flamethrower out of magic*
Everyone else: Woah! *grabs some weapon near them*

Now, our hero are ready for a heroic quest.

Fangdam: Hey, who's that? *get knocked out*
Bloon: NO U AGAIN, PUNK, WE SETTLE THIS MAN TO MAN.*kills the Jerky Punk*
Tommy123: Man, never thought that your quest was harder than I thought.
Religious2: Everything is always hard, even for a baby.
Blockhead: Hey look, a time machine.

And the future...
It's About Time, we settle this, 3013 AD, futuristic life

Radu1000: Where are we?
Creeperkillz: Maybe a more precise question: "WHEN are we?"
Blockhead: My dad's gonna whip up on me, when I forgot to review my lessons and do my homeworks for school tomorrow.
Bloonjunior: Precisely, your parents and relatives have extincted. 1000 years has passed by them. And look at that.
*everyone looks at a destroyed modern city*
Blockhead: Awww yeah, no school...
Bloon: But also, no junk food. Hey, what the jug is that?

It was a giant machine. Everyone read it. It says "TIME UNTIL EARTH DESTRUCTION: 000 Years, 000 Days, 1 Hour, 24 Minutes, 13 Seconds Left"

Bloon: Leave this to me.

1 Hour, 23 Minutes, 33 Seconds Later

Bloon: Oh well, sacrifice. *sacrifices 1000 Mana Power to destroy the Machine*


Fangdam: The Great Devil is still alive??
Creeperkillz: Unfortunately, yes.
Vaxen2: How can a fierce create live for 1513 years. I hope Chuck Norris is here.
Radu1000: Perhaps we're having a Chuck Norris-type trouble.

A giant robot appear.

Bloon: Noob Academy? But I thought they died.
Dr. N00b: We no surrender. We strong powerful. I the great mastermind. Best. We work for Great Devil. You die now. Let settle that. TWICE AND FOR ALLLLLLLLLLLL. Get em boys.
Radu1000: Fire-breathing N00bs. Bloon, I think it swallowed your weapon.
Bloon: WHUT? The Future Research M2A1 Weapons are not edible. If they're, then I would use this as my lunch, yo.
Jerky Punk: Hi!
Religious2: This just keeps getting harder and harder.
Bloonjunior: Told ya. Wait, are we in a game? (first fourth-wall breaking character)

To be continued...

Eh, that's it for Level 1 and 2. You might see my secret projects, but I still have more (PvZ 2, Awesome Weapons, Boss World 2, SAS: Zombie Assault, Bloons Super Monkey and such).

General / Challenges
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:45 am »
Want awards for free? Well, you'd come to the right place, well, I sell awards for you if you beat my challenges. They are random, some are easy, some are hard. The harder the challenge, the more awards you get.

Just say "I want a challenge!" and then BAM!, one comin' right up for ya. Once I tell you the challenge, just say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED".

Game title: Mouse Guided Hacker Nanobot

Owner of the game: The almighty Sceptile

Type of game: Physics Puzzle game

Sceptile was an almighty game maker, don't you think so? Well, Imma here to review his worst fantastic game which I have NEVER EVER played before. Many people adore him, and his games are over-populating with views. Although Sceptile left, I'm still here to review his masterpiece.

I like the idea of that and the gameplay is pretty simple, try to get to the distorted portal that leads to hell the next level. There are computer anti-virus and you, a hacker MUST AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. There are alot of red ones, that can only be destroyed by the MechaBomb and you only have ONE of them making this game a challenge. I like the idea Sceptile made, and hopefully he will reach 1,000,000 views.

The idea is great and the gameplay is challenging, I bet I can't even pass the intro Level 3. These red monsters are really annoying and despite their size, they move fairly quick.

And about the blue anti-virus, there are few of them and they can be damaged with shots, that's a good point to make this game a piece of rubbish great work.

And the catch is, THE SHIP MOVES WAAAAAY TOO FAST. Also, the review isn't long enough, as I only reached Level 4 and thus, can't review the rest of that.

Anyway, as for Level 4, I have developed a hatred for lazers, which are incredibly more annoying than the red enemies. I can't even control the ship.

Major flaws:

-That stupid ship is TOO SLOW FAST
-These pile of rubbish lazers keeps stopping me from reaching Level 5
-Too many red enemies

Mah favorite parts:

-Good graphics (that's a minor section)
-Good enemy placement
-Great idea about the doors and switches

Rating Score time:

Difficulty: 9/10 (I didn't make it through the halfway)

Action: 7.5/10 (Just needs some more fun things otherwise???)

Thumbnail: Could use a better background but I would give it a 6.75/10

Visuals: 9/10 (the graphics are outstanding)

Enemy placement: 7.75 (Just need a little less red entities, otherwise I'm toast)

Creativity: 10/10 (Great idea, of course)

Overall Rating: 50/60 (Awesomely Epic, Grade: A-)

Feature Worthy?
No. Eeyup, as the gameplay is hard with all these pesky red anti-virus and the ship's fast speed. This could be Sceptile's 3rd feature.

Bye, noobs.

General / Post a *hard* game for me to play
« on: March 28, 2013, 02:06 am »
 Post a game for me to play, but make sure it's difficulty is 10, and make sure it is feature-worthy (you can also post featured games).

 Any games made by noobs will not be played.

Just post some rubbish stuff and you may get a MS award. There's a 3% chance of getting it so please make this a popular topic.

RULES. No double posting between 5 minutes.
           No inappropriate words
           No swearing
           Any person on my Ignore list will not get
           a MS award.

Post, post, post. Let's start now.

Hard objective, I know!

Ok, let's start!

BTW, it will take like a MONTH for me to post. So you guys can feel free to post before the game restarts.

General / I hate you, kittysocks!
« on: March 17, 2013, 03:16 am »

General / I just hacked myself.
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:29 am »
I just TEMPORARILY hacked my user account with 987,654,321 views and everything else. I have the pictures of my hacked account, but could you please tell me how to upload pictures?  :D ::)

Basic Training / I'm new.
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:11 am »
Can you tell me how to become an editor? In fact, I'm new.

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