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General / Ugh...
« on: July 22, 2012, 06:42 pm »
I am sorry, Forum moderators but i need to say something!
This sceptile war needs to stop!

Me and my best friend groomofabride is torn apart from it!
Because, i am on Jaden964's side and Groomofabride is on sceptile's side!

So MSM and Forum mods! Please help!

He even unfriend me for it!!!


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General / I Figured It Out!
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:12 pm »

Reviewer Lane / Sploder Review
« on: July 13, 2012, 03:53 pm »
Hello, I am Herofigher<br />As in FIRE!!!!!!!!!

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I happened upon my chartbeat stats earlier on march 16 2012 to find my traffic was spiking 400% more than normal. A little searching around the Twitter lead me to find that Sploder had just been reviewed on TV. Specifically, G4 TV’s Attack of
 the Show. Apparently it’s all the rage today, and clearly they have good taste.

They sure did make the site look great! I hoped it builds interest so I can spend more time adding cool features and game types to the site.

It looks like they produced the video before I added a whole bunch of new objects to the platformer game. I’ve added some fun new objects that really broaden the variety of games you can make. Besides nice-looking new decorative elements, there’s also teleporters, destructable blocks, two new weapons, and 6 new enemy types. The additions have gotten a solid “This is EPIC” from Sploder members.

Before the new updates came along, I tried to make a perm block start out on.(By putting the button under you at the start.) The new perm is very useful. Good job Geoff! is an online website where you can make and share your own online games. If you make an account you can save and share your games. It's all free. Thousands of people are already using Sploder and you should too. You make a choice out of four options. (Platform creator, Physics puzzles maker, the algorithm crew and classic shooter.) After you have finished making it, you test it. Save it, so it doesn't get lost. Share it, by clicking publish. Choose it, test it, save it, share it. You can also change your avatar, gain friends, make your own leaderboard, visit other peoples games and soooooo much more. I would rate it 5 stars, but it isn't multi-player! Which stinks.

We would love to hear some widgets to sploder, e-mail geoff if you find any.

So i would love to thank geoff for making!

But what i hate is when i make a game with the classic shooter maker, it always ends up as a mess.

And i would like to thank twitter for helping me find!

The best creator i think is great is platformer.
And the reason why is because the perm blocks and the puzzles on the creators make the game hard.
And i say the harder the better!

Most people think Physics is a better creator, But thats their opinion!
My opinion is Platformer, Theirs is Physics!

We can make sploder one great website!
I am going to say this one more time!

Now time for this:

Platformer: 5/5
Physics 3/5
Classic Shooter: 1/5
The algorithm crew: 2/5
Chating: 5/5
Friend making: 5/5


Well that is about all i have to say!
I hope i can become a reviewer with this review!

Basic Training / Basic training - FORUMS AND MAIN SITE
« on: June 26, 2012, 08:54 pm »

Hello i am here to tell about the forums.
Well if you are new this caption might show up: Hello *NAME* we see you have only made a few disscusions to learn the rules take basic training!
If you take basic training you learn the rules and how to become like an, editor a moderator and a reviewer!
But a rule to moderator is to be on forums for at least 2 months! i am on forums for almost 3 months!
When i was new to forums i was a noob/newbie!
Also about the report a bug it is like reporting like someone who is breaking the rules and also forums are the key to like tell private messages and if someone has a password to tell to you because you can help with a game they will!
The forums will be a GREAT experience for you!
The rules of is: No cursing, No hating on someone, If someone is cyberbulling do not get involved tell a member that is a forum moderator, And if they still don't stop the forum moderator will place them in PoW camp!


Well if you are new to the main site or so. you will have a chance to be: 1. Popular: 2.Respectful: 3. A great chance to make FREE games! is great! please do not make a account with an invalid email!
You can make some friends and uncommonly you might just be invited to that house!
Do not tell any personal information unless your account is being deleted or your giving it away!
Please follow the rules of sploder which are: No cursing (again) No hating (again), Try not to get banned, No bad reviews, No bad tags, No bad username, No bad comments


Well on the main site, if you put your password incorrect multiple times a sign that that says Forgot your password? click on it and and put a VALID email and then a message will be sent to the phone with that email
You will be able to change your password for
Also if you are trying to enter forums put in a VALID email because if you do not you will be DECLINED!


Well on the main site you have 4 game creators (Soon 5) you have: PPG, The algorimthm crew, Ship and robot maker, Pyshics puzzle maker
Also this is not a game creator but is involved for Pyshics puzzle maker, there is graphics creator where you can make graphics and animated graphics!


I hope this Basic training helps you because i will be doing some games on sploder! Hey i am herofigher and i am OUT!

General / Ideas for Games!
« on: June 21, 2012, 09:20 pm »
okay i have an idea for ALL! it is called The legendary sword! It is a PPG game. There are traps so the games could be more complicated than you think!
  Well if you know Zpacebar and Crystalcovefreak they are the BEST PPG game makers on the website!
 Okay there is still more to say! if you want to the WHOLE ideas and more give me ideas by posting it under this message!
You can even link a game from the main site and if it is good you are a recruiter!
  So come on and link it! link it! LINK IT!

                                                                               By, Herofigher

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