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Game Discussion / Looking for funky testers for funky game.
« on: May 10, 2013, 05:08 pm »
Will not accept just anyone, as this is serious and demands someone who will actually help with game creation and not just give vague statements of praise.  I need lots of information on as many aspects of the game as possible.  I am not looking for suggestions on additions to the game, only for any errors to be found as well as any issues in the gameplay or storyline (plot holes, grammar errors and other things).

PM me if you want to test, but be wary that I will be willing to kick people if they do not benefit the game's progress.  If you are a good enough tester, I'll give you a platinum main site medal for your contributions.

Game Guides / Cave World Boss Tips
« on: May 09, 2013, 05:43 pm »
The Cave world boss is like the forest one and its moldy greens double damage dealing variant, in the sense it is immune to all forms of harm except projectile attacks and bombs (you can kill bosses with bombs if it falls in the right place at the right time), moves around and has the ability to shoot multiple projectiles in multiple directions.

The cave bosses projectiles do twice the damage, and can kill a un hp upgraded player in only 5 hits.  The cave bosses projectile capabilities are enhanced further by its ability to aim and shoot in any direction.

Unlike the forest boss, the cave boss even if its ranged attack is disable still have the ability to do a stop attack, keep a distance.

The boss has two weak areas, it's cannons and its helmet.  Destroy both and the boss is defeated.  Notably the hand cannons can be hard to hit due to needing to time your shooting to hit the hand cannons in the middle of jumping upwards. 

Lore wise he looks likes a arch demon or evil overlord, a powerful hellish creature that is the master of the more dangerous of the two current world types, and this foe can slaughter a poorly equipped player; you'll want faster magic firing when fighting this boss.

Each part of the boss takes 3 hits to destroy, leading to a total of 9 hp overall.

Game Hyping / Bogfish Swarmout
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:59 pm »

Fancy little exploit I found.

I bet someone else already found it.

Game Hyping / DEMO Funk- My first Serious game in the making!
« on: January 30, 2013, 11:32 pm »
Full game's name will be Super Funk.

The end game I plan to have 25 or so stages, 4 stages a level except the last one, although the end result may vary depending on if the next world is released before this game's completion or not.

Demo level list:

Lv One: Mugglegush Swamp

1-1: Greenlands

1-2: Buzznush Forest {forgot to name the lv in demo, this is fixed in full version}

1-3: Ruffian Village

1-4: Troll of Mugglegush's Lair [BOSS LEVEL!]

In this platformer you get to explore the World of Funk, but not everything is as it seems...

General / Baddie you've noticed that is most "talkative"
« on: January 29, 2013, 07:04 pm »
IN Retro games, what foe type seems to be the most often to speak?

I think it's the baddie; every story game i've played so far has them talking to me, often showing low intelligence and a childish thought process.

« on: January 29, 2013, 03:51 pm »

Stunning is OP.

I have plans for a serious game with this, but it requires 24 levels for a very meta reason (hint: how many music tracks are there?) and it will be while before I finish the story building and game making for that so expect minigames from me until than.

Geoff's second world I think may be even better than the forest one.

Here's what's known of it:

-There is the ability to place upside down terrain as well as the ability to flip gravity to play the game upside down.

-This world has vertical and horizontal platforms.

-While not certain, here's some enemy types not seen in the initial release:

I personally think it will be a sci-fi creator and that some of the foes will get switched around such as the pointy foe in this picture or the dragon foe.  It is also possible some of these foes may appear in a later creator.

-Another [possibly unrelated] thing is this "deluxe texture generator" that seems absent from the current version of the creator:

Note there's nothing in the current creator resembling the background textures or the 2x2 platform.

General / How long until...
« on: January 28, 2013, 06:22 am »
Someone makes a full on epic length 81 stage long retro platformer game with every stage hitting both ends of the 192 tile long map?

General / The Birdy!
« on: January 28, 2013, 05:23 am »
My first game with this creator published; you must slay a horrifying beast, the BIRDY.

It's more than meets the eye.

General / We Must Summon Geoff Through Sacrafice
« on: January 27, 2013, 01:26 am »
He's just about done with the creator, finishing touches and testing according to him; what we must do is sacrifice a dozen members with fire and ice in order to get the new creator.

Who should we sacrifice?

If the first sacrifices fail, we shall keep doing them until the big G appears!

General / I want to become the next Sceptile
« on: January 25, 2013, 11:52 pm »
And have hordes of fanatic worshippers of my games.

Tips to do this?

The lack of any completions for Jabberowcky, Big Fishies and Metal Slug scare me.

So here i'm asking how far anyone who's played Jabberwocky, Metal Slug and/or Big Fishie, how far did you get into the game and why you got that far/what stops you from going further.

General / [Propogan- I MEAN HYPE!] R.A.T: Child Soldier
« on: January 23, 2013, 02:47 pm »

"We shall make brats into soldiers, and soldiers into heros."
-Gunnery Sergeant Vividus

More info soon.

Warning: This game uses the next game creator, the new platformer creator.  No actual editor progress has been done yet and won't be done until at least the soft launch is out.  However story making has started as well as the overall idea.

Game Discussion / Biggest Concern of the next creator you have?
« on: January 21, 2013, 04:40 pm »
I'm afraid it won't be that customizable and limited in capabilities, I mostly fear it will be a platformer with less features to it like less level size freedom.

Game Hyping / Mission Venus [3D shooter on Venus!]
« on: January 12, 2013, 03:19 pm »
In this game you descend into Venus and what is in effect Hell.

Info in description and game.  Be warned that this 3D shooter can give off some disturbing imagery at times, and this game uses a large amount of story thingies.

General / PoBot vs Lizardman
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:47 pm »
A lizard man and a Pobot in a 1v1 fight in a 4x4 arena, who would win?

General / This is how we shall invade mars.
« on: January 09, 2013, 08:39 pm »
We should totally invade mars, who's with me?

Here's the arsenal we shall use:


The Natalius X Deep Space Exploration Craft.  One of NASA's hypothetical craft to invade mars with, and possibly one of the first interplanetary manned crafts and the first "true spaceship" in many ways. 

Six man crew, only 3.7 billion dollars, designed to not let the deadly radiation of space melt you, and equipped with years of supplies this kind of craft and its descendants will send us to alien worlds one day.

Corporate back up-

Space X, rapidly growing corporation whom has recently made successful tests with reusable space craft and is expanding their wealth.  The CEO of the company hopes to be able to start a mission to mars by the year 2030.  Today has never been a better day to start your path to being one of the first astronauts to go to Mars.


All the many mars rovers we have sent over the decades have giving excellent intel of the harsh martian environment, and most importantly has finally given one of the best pieces of news- The planet is safe of enough for humans to go on without fears of deadly radiation.  Mars Rover curiosity has also found some rather curious materials as of recent...


Gone are the days of those inflated astronaut suits that were bulky and cumbersome, the astronaut of the future is a form fitting "biosuit" that is capable of keeping pressure onto the body while allowing for human flexibility.

The day we finally take over and conquer mars is near.

Game Hyping / Unfinished Project!
« on: January 08, 2013, 08:58 pm »
Here's a platformer game I initially was going to have dropped in EGD, but stopped.  I stopped since I believed that a game where all you use was a mace and mousegun would get very repetitive and the enemy overdose didn't help nor did the very laggy start due to having to get all the ammo and I believed that a lot of people wouldn't play the game due to that.

Game Hyping / While in Playing in PPG...
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:57 pm »

Yes making yet another spaceship game, consider this a a very early demo.

This is the failed result of trying to make the big asteroids double points and don't worry, full game won't just be destroying asteroids.  Asteroids are just an environment thing, to mix things up ya know?

General / I heard there is going to be new creators.
« on: August 20, 2012, 02:00 pm »
Besides the IOS classic shooter (Does this mean a content update for it?), I've heard there is going to be music and 'arcade'/IOS creators. 

Where's the source of this Intel? 

Do I have to be a lounger or something to see it?

General / Shooting Star; Short story!
« on: August 20, 2012, 12:21 pm »
Due to the forum transition, I want to see if you can make really long posts now.  So here's a short story I wrote!  It is only 3,000 words, so it's not a long read.

Edit: It works!  Yay!

On a cold and wintery starry night, a shooting star flies across the sky, zooming across the sky as a bright, white line in the deep blue and cool nightscape.  Within the outskirts of the big city, in a 2-story house, a kid around the age of 9 is looking outside the house’s window instead of going to bed.  He is watching the shooting star streak across the sky, in its glory.  It’s a miracle in some ways how he sees such starry night in the cityscape.  The kid is 4 and a half feet tall, has crème blond hair and light blue eyes.  A good ol’ ubersmench of the future, some would say.

The kid looking at the shooting star wants to leave his wretched home since he is pissy over being grounded after breaking some of his parent’s valued knickknacks by accident.  Regardless, he still wants to leave the planet to get away from them and while he knows that wishes never work, he still in his lack of acceptance of doing something wrong makes a wish hoping something will happen. “Wishing star oh wishing star…” the boy started up, with his hands clenched together and his head hung right over his arms rested on the wooden window frame looking up to the night sky, practically praying.  “I wish that I could be ungrounded, and that my parents would be less mean and strict to me.” He implores to the speck of light jutting across the sky.

Nothing happens, much to the kid’s disappointment.  So instead, he decides to go back to bed.  A couple hours pass, before a loud noise is heard and the windows suddenly are forced open, causing a violent draft of wind to flood the room and wake up the kid somewhat rudely.   Waking up, the kid looks to his window and sees a glowing very light blue orb hovers its way gracefully into his room, a buzzing from its hovering can faintly be heard.  He gets out of his bed and has no idea what it is, instead just looking at the object in awe.  It is a beautiful object, with a quality to it that just makes the kid feel warm on the inside.  As alien as the object is, the euphoria and aura that emits from it just makes the object feel so…  Grand.

The object than, in a soft but loving voice curiously asks the kid “Hello, what’s your name?” to which the kid looks back and as dumbstruck as he is, simply tells the glowing shooting star that illuminates a holy white, “my name is… Roger.” humbly before quickly turning around and running to open the door and leave since this whole event is very weird.  The being asks the kid “Why leave?” in a curious tone.  The kid is stunned by it asking this for a second before he continues trying to open the door.  However, the door does not open, and the kid struggles to open the door, repeatedly pulling on what is left of the melted handle before the shooting star tells the kid “I apologize for my slight misuse of powers, but this has to be strictly between you and me.  I can only grant wishes to children, and your parents would never want me to grant the wishes you have.”

The kid hears the shooting star’s explanation and realizes that this glowing shooting star is a fairy, and it came from the wish he made.  Turning to face forward to the glowing shooting star, the kid asks, “Are you…  A fairy?”  The shooting star elucidates by voicing, “In many respects, you could say I am one.  But believe me when I say this: I am in many ways much grander that some little magic human with wings.  Consider me a shooting star, a being who can grant you all your hopes and dreams if you are willing to take a leap of faith to pursue your happiness.”  The kid however asks the shooter star, “What’s a leap of faith?” confused. 

“The leap of faith is one way of saying that I will grant your wish, one far beyond just getting out of a grounding or nicer parents.  Imagine being able to cross the stars or see worlds so far beyond your imagination.  Imagine having all your dreams come true, Imagine all the pain of reality, gone.” the shooting star clarifies to the kid, in the best way it can.

“Is this a dream?” the kid asks, as he suddenly pinches himself on the arm.  The pinch hurts, and a sudden draft of cool air from the window is also felt, giving the kid goose bumps.  “This is no dream.  I am as real as wooden floor, as real as the silk beds, and the TV in your room.  I follow the laws the universe does, as hard as it is to believe.  My floating, my glowing, all of it done by means you have yet to know.  I come from another world, one far, far away.” It explains, as the windows open again and the kid walks to the window to look at the many twinkling stars.  “So…  you are an alien?” the kid wonders out loud.  “Yes.  Beyond any of the stars you can see, is where I have come from.  I have traveled for thousands of years, and only a couple years ago I have came across earth.” The shooting star explains.

“Thousands of years is a very long time…” The kid notes.  “A very, very long time.” The shooting star follows up.  “Many others like me wander the cosmos alone in the voids, going across the galaxy, listening for those who wish.” the shooting star tells the kid, who just stays still and listens to the shooting star who is now explaining its story.  “We were once together, made by a race that made us to be wicked devices of war.  They made us gather knowledge of worlds beyond their own and take them over.  It is for this reason I know so much about earth, its inhabitants and its language.” The shooting star continues to explain to the kid who can’t help but to listen in closely to the shooting star’s story; it is like a bedtime story in some ways.

  “Despite our malicious purpose, as it turned out had a soul, a mind.  We weren’t meant to have one, and due to this they started destroying us rapidly, in a act of mass genocide.  It is for that genocide is why there is so few of us now, running away from our makers.  It is for this reason I am here and not with other shooting stars.  I am here because of luck, coincidence.  There are millions of worlds I could have went to, and it is this one I do.” The shooting star concludes.

The kid however, after hearing this becomes saddened to hear the shooting star’s story, and starts to cry a bit. “Why cry?” the shooting star asks the kid. “This all happened thousands of years ago, our creators probably have destroyed themselves by now.”  The orb tries to reassure the kid. “I wish I could have done something to help, I wish I could have do something.” The kid tells the shooting star. “I am afraid that is not something I can do.  Don’t let it get to you; we are a long way away from those horrible beings in both time and distance.  It is of a thing in the past, just look forward.”  The shooting star tells the kid, trying to hopefully cheer him up.

Roger calms down and asks the shooting star “So when will my wish be granted?”, having nothing else to say.  “When you make the wish, of course.” The shooting star tells the kid.  To even the shooting star’s surprise, the kid is very quick to say his wish. “I wish to have less mean parents.  Parents who won’t ground me!” He tells the shooting star, eager to have this wish granted.

“Your wish is granted.” The shooting star tells the kid, as the shooting star suddenly closes in on the kid.  However, on contact with the kid, a minor stinging feeling makes the kid jumps back from the shooting star, moving back half way across the room.  He looks to his left and notices he has no arm anymore!  There is no bleeding, instead it is perfectly cut off from the elbow down on one of his arms, the pain oddly not there except for some stinging and the sensation brought from a lost arm. “Don’t fear.” The Shooting Star tells the kid, but the kid keeps backing away to the door.

“Why are you trying to touch me?” the kid asks in shock.  “So I can grant your wish.” The shooting star tells the kid.  The kid despite the short explanation from the shooting star quickly continues to move further away from the shooting star until he backs into the door. “Please understand, the sting from contact is but a short side effect of the leap of faith.  After that, paradise awaits.” The shooting star continues tries to convince the kid, who suddenly starts screaming “GET AWAY FROM ME!” as he starts banging on the door with his still existing arm as hard as he can with his fist clenched, hitting them like a drum hoping his parents will intervene.

“MOM! DAD!” the kid cries out again, hoping that they will come to save him.  “Your parents are not here I am afraid, they left.” The shooting star tells the kid, as it gets closer to him, but keeping its distance.  “What did you do to them?” the kid in his tantrum demands to know.  “Nothing, they left on their own.  They left you in the middle of night to go to a party.” The shooting star restates, its voice being less warm. “Please calm down, I do not mean harm.” but the kid stubbornly yells back at it “NO.” as the shooting star moves closer to him, slowly. “I only want to make you happy, it is all a means to an end.  Half a second of pain for a eternity of bliss and immortality.” The shooting star tells the kid.

“By ripping my arm off?” the kid angrily shouts back.  “You will get to be like me, far more advanced, not stuck in a room grounded by your parents.  You will get to do whatever fits your psyche, and no one telling you what to do.  It is just like nirvana, heaven, paradise, and tons of other such worlds imagined by beings you have never heard of.  Regardless of your past sins, regardless of your past crimes, you can be part of something far, far greater.  All you need is to make the leap of faith.  Leap forward.” The shooting star continues to try to convince the kid.  However, the kid still defiantly tells it “NO, I want to stay Me.” much to the shooting star’s continued surprise of the stubbornness the kid has.

“You won’t even be able to tell the difference.  The world will feel no different, other than you are in control.  The whole world we live in could be in some powerful being’s imagination, and we are just oblivious to it due to its lack of activity.  We would just worship such thing as god, as it is.  The world perfected, tuned to you.  Why would you want to ever pass this up?  You will die long before humans even reach the stars.  You will suffer in agony, every time you fall, every time you over exercise, every time you get a cut.  The boundaries of being a mortal life form as so massive, how can you refuse?” the shooting star continues to hound the kid, desperately hoping he will change his mind. 

“But it isn’t me.” The kid retorts.  “The pain I feel is real, there is no pain as you.” This reply oddly enough, hits the shooting star in a way weird to it.  For like this kid, the shooting star was once someone far away who wished to a shooting star just like itself approach, and it agreed to change into a shooting star.  However, it was much older at the time, it was no kid.  The clinging to his mortal body the kid has, ignoring all rationale, all logic, all the hopes and dreams it could has…

“Reality is a horrible place, I once was a mortal creature just like you.  I was in a war, one that was unjust in every way.  We were destroying something in the name of a petty little feud between two religions.  I watched as many of my comrades died, never to continue their potent lives due to being shot dead.  I did my best, fighting against the odds hoping to one day be back at home with my many, many children.  Despite my persistence and pride, even I ended up sustaining too much harm and was left to die.  Than a being like me came, like an angel from the sky as I wished for salvation.  It saved me from the death, from fading away into obscurity, from certain annihilation.” The shooting star continues to explain to the kid, hoping that he will be convinced.

However, the kid just sits there.  He doesn’t want to hear it, just telling it “Go away go away go away.” while closing his eyes hoping this truly is all a nightmare of some kind with some difficulty due to one arm and just sits there doing effectively nothing.  The kid just sits there silently, sobbing silently as a glowing shooting star that has changed a deeper shade of blue just sits there, its warm light illuminating the room now blue.  The energy from the shooting star pulsates a bit, before it eventually just decides to regrow the kid’s arm back with a subtle beam of energy shooting out from the shooting star, similar to the one that was probably used to melt the doorknob.

“I am saddened, deeply so.  Even in my bubble, in my bliss I still feel misery.  I may watch and observe the universe, but all I can do is try to make more of me.  It is why I keep going, to make more of myself.  What is sad is that you will see this as all a dream except for the melted door knob and the many, many UFO reports that will come from this.” The shooting star tells the kid as it leaves out, closing the windows shut and speeding off to the stars as some police sirens are heard.

The kid than opens his eyes, seeing it is a dark, lonely night.  He gets up and flips on a light switch, revealing that the door knob is melted and he is stuck in his room still, or at least until his parents open it from the outside hopefully.  This was no dream, but he can’t help but to regret not to go with the shooting star.

Suddenly, he hears footsteps and chatter from his parents.   Encase they go to his room; he moves out of the way of the door and waits for them.  They are talking about the party they went to, due to something business related.  They walk by his room and Roger hears them talking about the doorknob and how it is all melted.  They have no idea why it is as if it was melted, and they try opening the door to no effect.  The dead suggests something crazy the mom disagrees with, but however ultimately sees as fine since they probably will have to replace the door anyways.  The dad than decides to force open the door by kicking it open, which it does, and he sees his son. 

“Rogers, what did you do?” The mother demands to know.  “Nothing.” Rogers replies as honestly as he can. “Than explain this!” the father shouts as he points at the doorknob, one that is melted as if it was plastic in a furnace.  “How did you do that son?  Why would you do that?” his dad demands to know.  “I didn’t, a shooting star did.” The father, confused as hell asks “Seriously son?  You expect me to believe that?” to which the kid replies, “It is a thing from very far away, it came into my room and tried to make me one of it!  I know it’s hard to believe, but the evidence is all over!  It was a light blue ball of light, like some star.” Rogers tells his dad. 

His dad first looks at him in disbelief, but than his mother does recall seeing a ball of light as well, speeding up into the sky.  His mother than tells the dad. “What if he is telling the truth?  We did see a streak of light move up, remember?” to which the dad thinks about it a bit and looks at the melted door knob along with his son who just tells him, “Please believe me.”

The dad, however skeptically suggests, “What if it was a airplane or rocket?” before looking around the room and seeing no way his son could have done it himself, no blowtorches after all.  Not to mention, the melting of the doorknob was too ‘perfect’ to have been done by blowtorch.  “But than again…” the dad continues to think before deciding to just go to bed, “It’s 4:00 AM kiddo, you got to go to bed!  We will talk more about this in the morning.” The dad tells his son.

Roger’s dad gives him a hug and wishes him a good night before mostly closing the door except for a little peek and leaves off to the master bedroom.  Roger just sits there for a bit before he goes back to his bed.  In bed, Roger thinks of the whole event.  He can’t tell if he made the right choice even now.  If he went with the shooting star, he still would have seen his parents.  However, the pain experienced is so unbearable, maybe just being a kid on one little planet in a big universe is a good thing.  Just maybe.

Game Hyping / SSC: Super Soldier Construct
« on: May 24, 2012, 07:02 pm »
Since I backed out of EGD I guess I'll continue using this thread to talk about the game.

The Super Soldier Construct, or SCC is what is left of humanity is what you are.  Made to be immortal, at the death of humanity.  Humans converged with machines to last forever to save themselves from a massive pandemic that plagued the galaxy, spreading through every human like wildfire.  The only few humans that survived were those who were SSCs who are barely even human.  The SSCs, thousands of years into the future find themselves alone in the universe with only a few left.  Some of them cracked and killed themselves while others hopelessly try to find fellow SSCs in the hope they can rebuild their fallen human empire.  You are one of these SSCs, who out of insanity and loneliness created a tupla, or thought form in the form of an owl, this SSC's favorite animal to talk to him and provide company.  

The SSC that you play as followed a signal that seemed like it came from another SSC.  The SSC however quickly found itself crash landing on a planet it did not see.  This SSC has happened upon what is known as "The Dead Zone", where no sane life form dare treads.  All you want now is to get out of here as soon as possible.  That is, if there is even a way out.

You have a mouse gun loaded with thousands of shots, a mace with thousands of swings, all 4 abilities, the good shield and no extra lives.  


This is level one (technically 2 if you count the lv that's just you getting your equipment)

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