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Here, all you have to do is to post a story!
It could be comedy, horror..ANYTHING! :D

The 101st post/story will get a thank, and a Mainsite Award! :D
The 4 best stories will also get a thank, and 2 Mainsite Awards! :D

NOTE: PM me if this thread reaches 101 posts, PLEASE? [insert puppy dog face here]
ANOTHER NOTE: You can post 3 stories in a row! (again, 3 STORIES ONLY) (NEW RULE)
Let me start.

April was a girl who was always bullied. She thought that if the transfers to a new school, she would get away from all the bullying. Others told her that no matter where she goes, there will always be bullies. She was nervous.

Until she met a boy. The boy was smart, cute, funny, kind and caring. His name was..Joshua. The two became friends.

After Christmas Day, April realised that she has a crush on Joshua. She couldn't wait to go back to school to see him again.

-On School-
April talked with her bestfriend, Faith. She also has a crush on Joshua.

Faith: I think we should never let Joshua find out..that we really like him..a lot..
April: Why?
Faith: There were a lot of girls who really likes Joshua. When he finds out that a girl likes him, he will avoid the girl. That happened a lot of times.

We never really knew that Joshua's best friends, Sean, Carl and Mark were listening to our conversation.

Sean: So you have a crush on Joshua?

Carl whispers something to Sean and Mark. Then Carl and Sean left. Mark was still there.

Mark: I promise, I'll never tell the secret.

That's when April and Faith found out that Sean and Carl are planning to tell Joshua their Mark going to break his promise?

Weeks passed. Mark never told anyone about the promise. April and Faith are now friends with Joshua.

Faith: We have nothing to worry about, they never told the secret to Joshua, what could possibly go wrong?

Then Joshua was walking to their direction.

"I hope we'll have a normal conversation.." April thought to herself.

April: Hi Joshua!
No answer. He just walked past them. Like April was just a statue.

April and Faith walked to the classroom. They could see Joshua not looking at them, and Sean and Carl laughing. Then they realised that Sean and Carl told Joshua the secret. She didn’t want this to happen. April really liked Joshua, and she couldn't believe that he just avoids her..



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