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General / Lol
« on: June 11, 2013, 08:38 am »
Smh. Notice a similarity?

Private Messages / Project Creation / TSP Archive
« on: June 07, 2013, 11:15 pm »
Owner: Pink Fed
-1st Article
As our first paper I will do half of the categories because our staff isn't quite ready.

Category: Sploder News
Article Title: The Heathens: Sploder Freedom Society
Written by: Brick Tamland

If you were not online the morning of March 31 then you missed something big.  As an April Fool's prank the Generals decided to change Sploder.  Superluigi77 became the new leader of Sploder.  He changed the look and layout of Spldoder as well as put in weird music that nobody could mute.  Here is how the morning went.

The morning started as a normal day.  People talking about weird topics, advertising their forum/game, all that normal stuff.  Then Jagger made a thread that said all the fused threads in General were missing.  He was right.  All of a sudden Superluigi77 makes a thread titled Things are going to change around here...  A suspicious title.  Everyone wanted to check it out.

The thread said that Sploder would change completely.  Superluigi77 would become the new leader of Sploder.  Everyone must "bow down" to him or they would be punished.  At first people thought it was a joke, but then Paradon was given a mysterious rank: UltraHeathen.  People did not know what that meant.  It meant Paradon did not bow down.

A couple minutes later Ravicale made a thread titled If you do not bow down to Luigi you will be thrown in... When you clicked the thread you were given the answer: Intervention Camp.  That's where Paradon was sent.  People thought Luigi and Ravicale were going to far and protested.  They made threads saying DOWN WITH LUIGI and things like that.  There was a group of people who did that.  The group was made up of Paradon, SGX, Ninjalime, Jagger, Whtever, and yours truly (Brick Tamland).  This group was known as The Heathens, the rank they were given when they enter Intervention Camp.  They were thrown in Intervention Camp once Ravicale saw the threads.

Intervention Camp was pretty much a prison.  No posting, no making threads, no communication with the outside world.  Intervention Camp was the only board you could see.  You couldn't even send PM's!

Suddenly something happened.  The Heathens could now post in the Shoutbox, send PM's, and post in the Intervention Center board.  The Heathens then made "Let Us Out" threads in IC.  No response.  Later the Heathens recieved a PM from Ravicale saying Paradon could release them and the UltraHeathen was a fake rank.

Meanwhile on the outside world people were getting fake Lieutenant ranks with 10 stars.  Luigi seemed to have fun ruling Sploder. 

Once the Heathens were released Luigi was still ruler.  The terrible music was still playing.    The background of Luigi faces were still staring at you.  It was all madness.

Finally Luigi said it was all an April Fool's day prank.  But it went wrong.  It wasn't April Fool's day.  It was March 31st.  Fellow Lieutenant Moolatycoon told us a mod took things too seriously and banend the ringleaders of the prank.

But something still wasn't right.  Whtever and Paradon were still in IC.  Cortez250, a fellow General, saw people acting weird when he logged on, not knowing what had just happened.  He insisted people tell him their problems.  They all said one word: "Luigi".  Cortez soon found out and brought things back to normal.  He got Paradon and Whtever our of IC.  Paradon, once back to his General rank, recovered the deleted fused threads and everything was normal.

~Brick Tamland
1st Paper
The Sploder Paper

Today's Stories

TheSilentBang: Iron? Written by Amdri and EpicDerpyPenguins

An Interview with WWE: Written by Brick

Geoff, or Goeff? Written by Master106

Gameshow Update.  Written by Dudeguy1

Let's get started!

Article 1:

Title: TheSilentBang: Iron?
Author(s): Amdri and EpicDerpyPenguins
Category: News
NOTE: This is split into 2 parts: 1 by The Nub, and one by EDP

Amdri's half:

Alright so Ironmonkey was placed in PoW a while ago, I am not quite sure why I think he asked to be placed there, so he could leave. [I am not 100% sure though]

Anyway he has an alt named TheSilentBang and TheSilentBang bypassed and posted pornographic material and now TheSilentBang is in PoW along as Ironmonkey. Now I think that Ironmonkey is trying to get himself out of PoW I am not 100% sure. And I think many of us hope to see him out soon.

EPD's half:

PoW in a second: TheSilentBang

Raulmenedez revealed that his 17 year old brother was very hyped about joining sploder forums. The next day, this member joined. He then revealed that Raulmenedez had left, and this showed that TheSilentBang was probably an alt. At first, this member seemed cool, and had some potential. And then it all changed. In the words of ninjalime;
Quote from: NinjaLime on Today at 12:58 PM
You post porn (not what a soldier does) you plagiarized a review (not what a soldier does) you bypassed (not what a soldier does) you act inappropriately (not what a soldier does)

TheSilentBang has been thought to be charis, or an alt of raulmenedez, and spellmage doesn't want him banned.

Two similar stories.  1 topic.

Article 2:

Title: Geoff, or Goeff?
Author(s): Master106
Category: News

After those jokes Geoff's fake account made a page called No More Pranks.
He says that he told the members of the moderation staff that there won't be
pranks on april fools this year. That he didn't want any comfusion.
But they ignored the warning anyway. Then geoff placed every single moderator in P.O.W
camp and removed the rank of Lieutenant.

People started to think that it was also a prank. It wasn't a prank! They were actually in P.O.W
camp. Later Geoff said "there will be new Generals". Then he put a link that says apply here.
When you click the link it goes to a new page it says Moderator Application and under that
there's a video called RickRoll'D.,modapp.html
We said that was a prank then Geoff said It wasn't a prank and he is testing us. You have to sit through the whole song. He said it will trigger a pop up at the end of the song with the real
Application. It won't trigger if you skip through the song though.

Then everyone watched through the whole song getting annoyed. Finally the songs done but, there
was no pop up. Then everyone that watched through the whole song posted that they
didn't see the pop up. It was a prank.

Happy Confusing April fools weak!


Good story.  I like it.

Article 3:

Title: An Interview with WWE
Author(s): Brick
Category: Interview

Brick: Out of 10, what would you rate your game making skills?

WWE:  I have to say 1/10.

Brick: If you could have any of the following, what would you have:
5 Features
1 EGL Game.

WWE: I would choose promotion because I rarely come on the MS

Brick: How would you rate your maturity?

WWE: 6-7/10

Brick: Do you agree to all recent promotions?

WWE: No. I'm not gonna say who due to how people here act.

Brick: If you could change one thing about the forum, what would it be?

WWE:  I would probably make it waaayyy more lenient.

~End of Interview~

Title: Gameshow Update
Author(s): Dudeguy1
Category: News

Hey there! It’s Dudeguy1 here giving you an update on the Gameshow. Well, it's been a while since the storm hit. The home page of the Gameshow is being swarmed with people protesting against their, what they believe, unfair death. Many of them were logged out when they died. Spellmage, the Administrator of the Gameshow, is now revising the deaths. He has allowed Wweandmetalmusic, Jadenstrand75, Tookewl, William2542, EthGamma, and Exposure to live. Many others are following.
There are rumours made by Survivors that the Gameshow could grind to a stop. Why? Well, mainly because the Survivors are saying the Helpers aren’t helping. Or at least very much. They say that when they Scavenge, or look for supplies, some Helpers ignore them altogether. The Survivors are saying that Redstorm97 and Qwertybro are the culprits.
Well, it looks like Survivors are now getting hold of each other’s skin. So far, Mr. Person has challenged Redstorm97. Their battle went for 4 pages, and Red ends up being defeated. RIP. Minjaze also challenged Nijkolime. Their battle was 6 pages, and Nijkolime was killed. RIP. Mijaze received backup from Kittysocks and Mr. Person. I’ve also been in a PvP battle. I fought Casper11. Our battle was only 1 page long, because I managed to escape before Casper got the advantage. Wow. 3 battles -2 major- already initiated. Who’s next? Who will die? Only time can tell.
Well, that’s it for now folks. Until the next article, Dudeguy1 out.

Thanks for the update, Dudeguy1!

That's it for today.  Have a good weekend!

2nd Paper
The week's paper.  If I forgot your article tell me.

The Sploder Paper
Today's articles:

The Truth. Written by a mysterious guest.
Quotes of the Week. Written by Daydream
An Interview with Creatingames. Written by SEB
Not so biased TroyiO. Written by Nijkolime
Records and Voting. Written by SEB

Article 1:
An Interview with Creatingames.
Author(s): SEB
Category: Interviews

Me:  Do you prefer the members before or after the vanilla forums?
CG: I prefer the older members but they have been on here for much longer of course so they'll be more experienced than the newer members.
Me: Out of 10, what would you rate your game making skills?
CG: 8/10
Me: Would you rather be promoted to lieutenant, get a game in the EGL, or have 10 featured games?
CG: 10 featured games
Me: If you could own the forums or the MS, which would you choose and why? Or would you not own any?
CG: MS because more people are on.
Me: If you could add a game maker, what would the game maker be?
CG: Kart racing creator
Me: 1 more question. Who is your favorite member from each rank?
CG: Private: Epicorange789
Soldier: Mat7772
Lieutenant: Moolatycoon
General: Paradon
War Veteran: Brocky

Article 2.

Quotes of the Week
Author(s): Daydream
Category: LOL

~Quotes Of The Week - For Sun. Apr. 7/13 - Fri. Apr. 12/13~
Presenting This Week’s Best Quotes!
Brought to you by: Daydream

Almost Always On The Hunt For New Quotes! There (hopefully) won’t be a week without quotes!

~Somewhat Funny Quotes~

Topic Name: Cyclone43 Is On Sploder Friendliest
I didn't know a computer site could get high on weed...

Topic Name: Make A Song!
There was a person,
that lived next to, GIRAFFES!
-and made rhinos and pants with candyyyyy,
then TARIDses had a baby,
Geoff closed sploder for your health,
-and safetyyyyy!

IMMA died so sceptile killed geoffs grandpa!
The president killed taylor swift,
with a one barreled shot gun,
but one day,
taylor was dragonoid disguised,
because he was gayyyyyy!

-And a Korean dude got a dog,
-and a cat raped Mr. Dragon and,

Meanwhile Kittysocks attacks Geoff57,
Himself and he cried and killed barak with 1D IQs,
The trollface used Justin, TROLLFACE.

This is 91 because of eldarado but whatever we can finish it here.

~Stupid/Idiotic/Weird/Out Of Place Quotes~

Topic: Hall Of Fame Voting
>:(this songs suck exept 21guns i like it

~Let It Be Known That…~

Topic Name: My Computer Is Racist
It's black, and whenever I try to use anything white (i.e, a mouse, microphone, headphones), it refuses to work.

Topic Name: I Was At The Park Today
And, I was wondering 'why do frisbees appear larger as they get closer?'

Then it hit me.

~Quotes To Live By~

Topic: Parents & Teachers Page
Yeah, It's not blocked at my school, but it's not on the list of "approved" websites. Anyway, I don't think my school would ever use it, so... shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave every day and you'll always look keen!

Topic Name: Hai Sploder
Hey guys, what's up? :3

Up is a magical movie about an old man venturing to Paradise Falls in a house that uses balloons to fly. :3

~Fresh From The Shoutbox!~

ERROR: No quotes found in database “~Fresh From The Shoutbox!~”!

Article 3.
The Truth.
Author: Xploder584
Category: News

You want to hear the truth? I'll give you your truth. Stay here, Raul.

Aiight, Flashback to 2012 January when I joined the forums, That's probably the same month Iron joined. Well Guess what? I'm not Iron. In fact, I'm Malaysian and I come from Ireland.

It's been a two week Easter Break actually. Do you want to know why my buddy Raul here says he's Xploder584? Because we are.

We went to Co. Galway during our holiday to visit our father. I wanted to stay inactive when I'm Xploder584 because I barely get any thread views, I have a bad sense of popularity. Since the I.P. was different, It encouraged me to make alts on the MS and Forums to act cool and popular.
 Then I made Raulmenendez. I focused on getting a promo to Soldier and it almost actually worked! I made myself act like a 25 year old. Everyone fell for it! I was so amused. So I started posting my Editor/Moderator apps and I wasn't getting enough thanks. So I told everyone my brother TheSilentBang(Who isn't really my brother, actually me) is hyped about joining to make sure the coast is clear. I used that account to thank my Raul apps so I get a better chance to get the Test for the MS Positions.

Then I got carried away and I started swearing. Swearing and bypassing to get everyone's attention. I swear a lot of Real Life so I was good at it.

You lot thought I was Charis and Iron. No way.
Of course, I'm an alt of Raul also being an alt of Xploder584.

Do you want to know my real bro? Startrekzooka. xP
Not Raulmenendez. Startrek is too busy focusing on his exams. That's what.
I'm 12 years old and I don't get enough attention. I have over 180 smites. 80 smites once in an hour.
I went to POW 3 times, I apologise and I'm sorry.
I was just hoping to see what others react and I felt bored, that's why.
Really sorry to everyone. Especially to Becky. Spellmage. Nza. Budz. Shadross. DarkScreamex. Everyone.

I will never be a Editor or Mod. Btw my Raul apps has been thanked to an extent, so uhh can you check them out later, kthxbai

Article 4.
Not so biased TroyiO
Author(s): Nijkolime
Category: Interviews.

Title: Not so biased TroyiO
Everyone feels that the gameshow was biased due to Troyio's win but I thought I would interview him. When sending the pm to him I felt kind of nervous if the outcome came out really bad but I've got to say, I was shocked at the outcome. Notice: This was not on the day the gameshow ended
Interviewing Part:
Questions about the gameshow
Nijko: How do you feel being part of a group that has the most members surviving now?
Do you think you are a top survivor?
If you ever die, who do you expect to win?
What has been your closest experience to death?
If you die, what will be your reaction?
Did you expect surviving this long?
Troyio:How do you feel being part of a group that has the most members surviving now? - I'm the leader and I expected this.  We all put in planning and strategy to get here.
Do you think you are a top survivor? - Hm, no.  There is no top survivor.  You need people in this.  I may be strong but all it took was flip and sonic to almost kill me. 
If you ever die, who do you expect to win? - Honestly, I'm not sure.  Things would probably go crazy without me cause all my things would be on the market.  Everyone left has an equal chance of winning.
What has been your closest experience to death? - When Sonic and Flip jumped me.  Great strategy on their part and I merely was able to call it a tie.
If you die, what will be your reaction? - Depends, if I get just overpowered I'll be mad at myself but if I go out like a champ, I'll be fine.
Did you expect surviving this long? - Yes, I had a good feeling my strategy would work and it's going well.  Now it just comes down to luck almost.

Article 5.

Records and Voting
Author(s): SEB
Category: News

Tbremise has released a poll voting for ideas that sploder like. Every user gets a maximum of 15 votes on this poll. The poll contains the following;
1.) No longer an option.
2.) Mute button on the Retro arcade
3.) more keys/specific keys
4.) weather sounds instead of music
5.) Collision layers of child objects
6.) Avatar extras
7.) Mainsite Mods able  to delete innapropriate games
8.) Retro arcade changes
9.) Featured Collections
10.) Locking on sensor
11.) Accept all group requests
12.) Cutscene /thumbnail creator
14.) Appear offline on the MS
15.) Speedometor in the plat
16.) Repeat on sensors
17.) More frames in graphic maker
18.) Another retro addition
19.)  Screen recorder for sploder
20.) Controls configuration in PPG
21.) Show collections on page
22.) Private groups from being on your page
23.) Full screen option for games
24.) Level up bar for MS
25.) One time use portal
26.) Larger screen for when making a game.
27.) Merge two incomplete games.
28.) Replies notification
29.) Personal preference for colors.
The highest voted will be sent to the LL where it will be discussed, and sent to geoff later.
Click here for updates on the poll:,321822.0.html
In other news, LiamNight has launched the sploder book of records. This book has not been put in general, due to the amount of fused threads there. The current position of the book is unknown, but will hopefully be in general soon. It contains many faults which will be fixed, and new records will be added soon.

That's it!  See ya next week.

The Relay Race!
The idea is that I will select two membergroups to race to 25 the first. Anyone who contributes to the winning team will be thanked. If you don't belong to either group, you can sabotage one group.

Complete In-game Simulation:
Person 1 - MG 1:
MG 1 (Membergroup 1): 1 - RELAY
MG 2: 0

Person 2 - MG 2:
MG 1: 1
MG 2: 1 - RELAY

Person 3 - Neither:
MG 2: 1

If you have any questions, PM me

Current Race: Disruptors's vs. Launcher's

Copy and Paste this, First Relayer:
Launcher's: 0
Disruptor's: 0

Race Archive
1st Race: Disruptor's vs. Launcher's

Private Messages / Project Creation / Nvm
« on: May 06, 2013, 08:17 am »

Welcome!  This is the Sploder Paper!  This is a newspaper where you can find out the latest Sploder news!  There were many of these maid in the past but they are all inactive (except the Informer) so this one will stay active.  There will be 1 paper each week. It's Dudeguy1 here! Our Forum:

Our Categories:
There are 6 categories in each paper.  They are:

News (Sploder News)
Promotions (Latest promos)
HOT HOT! (Hotest threads of the week)
LOL (Joke section)
The Weekly Interview (Interview of another member)
Puzzles (Puzzles, brain teasers, and more)

Reporter Application:
If you want to become a TSP Reporter, fill out the following application.

1. How long have you been on the forums?
2. Describe your writing skills.
3. Are you willing to spend your time on this?

PM me the filled out application and I will accept/deny you.

Our Ranks:

-Main Reporter (Dudeguy1) The owner
-Retiree (Fed) Former owners
-Co-Owner (Firetrolik, Sree) The second-in-command
-Editor (Treyt) Edits all reports
-Skilled Reporter (SEB) A reporter who has been great at their job.
-Basic Reporter (Heat6andking,  Toberstertobes, Cmbdxx, Chlorede,  Furfurrykitty, Gamekid) A Recruit.
-On Leave (Kyleissocoollike, lil amdri,  Daydream, Master106, Kittysocks, Mshaayfay, Ninjalime, LevelOrange011, Eim, Waffle) Someone who is inactive. Will not receive the Registration pay.

Writing a report:
To write a report you must first PM the report to an Editor.  They will fix some mistakes and make sure it is worthy.  If the Editor says yes, PM me the report and I'll put it in the paper for that week.


Kinda like the Hunger Games, except Sploder style.
Current Stage
Sign Up's
In this stage, you can perform any of these two actions:
Volunteer: You Volunteer yourself
Dictate: You Dictate others into the Games

Living Tribute
Dead Tribute
Dictated Living Tribute
Dictated Dead Tribute

How this works
This is just like the classic Sploder Battles. You vote for each member pair and the winners move through. But I have added Sponsors like the Hunger Games.

The Tributes
The Tributes sit there doing the battles. They MUST vote for themselves, though they may vote for other members in other battles. If you lose, you MUST thank the winner or everyone has the right to smite you.

The Sponsors
They do the betting. They choose ONE person to root. They may not vote, but if their person wins, every better MUST thank that person once. I then decide how much *'s you get. * is the currency. You can buy weapons for your rooted Tribute. They then start off with a head-start in the remaining battles.

Well, Dictations get deleted after that Game. That's the reason why I wasn't bothered to get their avatars

May the votes ever be in your favor.

The Layout
Main Rank
Variable Insert
Global Victories

Dudeguy1 (Guy The Dude)

Main Rank: Gamemaster
Side Rank(s): None ATM
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil

Becky (Becki)

Main Rank: Gamemaster
Side Rank(s): Dictated Living Tribute
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Sponsor
*'s: 10
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil

Waffle (Iball4)

Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Dagger {+2 Votes}

Sploderepicbros (SEB)

Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil


Main Rank: Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Victories: 0
Global Victories: 0
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

G1 (Gerald123)
Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Beefburito (Pink Fedora)
Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Blackhole2 (Mr Black Hole)
Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Minjazemunka241981 (Minjaze)
Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Redstorm97 (Red)
Main Rank: Dictated Living Tribute
Sponsors: Nil
Items: Nil

Please join.
1st joiner: 3 gold MS awards+1 thank+instant moderator on Cano Forums
2nd joiner: 2 silver MS awards+1 thank+instant moderator on Cano Forums
3rd joiner: 1 bronze MS award+1 thank

General / Retro Week
« on: April 01, 2013, 05:42 am »
This was my oldest avatar. I am SO gonna change this when it's over

Thanks to Maximus3322110. Play his Would you survive. . .in my imagination?
You are a pathogen trying to infect someone. Fill in this to start.
Pathogen: (Bacteria, Virus etc.)
Pathogen Name:
Target: Can be anyone. . .even Sploder members!
Entrance Route: (Nose, Mouth etc.)

Pathogen: Parasite
Pathogen Name: PA-365
Target: Garbage Collector
Entrance Route: Ear

Whoever get's to 30 first can break chains.


Record Time*
34 days

*According to me

How many times have you seen Geoff online on the "Users Online" list? The highest number in every 20 posts by different gets an MS award. No re-posting after you have won.

I'll start.


Member's Leaderboard in This Game
Amdri: 69
Firetrolik: 24
Dudeguy1: 7

Member's Leaderboard of All Time
Amdri: 69
Firetrolik: 24
Dudeguy1: 7

Bugs / The Shooter Game AI Track
« on: March 17, 2013, 04:34 am »
When I was making a Robot Shooter Game, I made an AI Track. I put friendlies near the track but they didn't follow it. They followed me. Do you know why?

Valsinore's Nomads RPFG
v. 1.3.4
This is an untold story before the good King Herbert’s reign. It's 1300. Valsinore, an assortment of terrain ranging from grassy plains to steep mountains, is being invaded by the wicked King Praline’s men. As a former apprentice of the Nomad of Nomads, and now a Scout of Valsinore, you must prove yourself worthy! But beware of Korrupt, one of the King’s shamans, for he may manipulate you to the point where you will be doomed to serve Praline for life! Your journey starts now!

Character's name:
Gender: [Male/Female] (could affect battles)
Dominant hand (could affect battles): [Right/left]
Preferred Weapon: (See in "Starter Weapons")
Personality: (See "Personalities")
Description (could affect battles):

Starter Weapons
Melee:  Rusty Melee Dagger
A basic weapon. Does not provide much durability as rust has eaten away at most of the blade.
Damage- 2-15
Range- 1 space

Ranged: Flimsy Throwing Dagger x100
Nothing special. A basic blade.
Damage- 1-10 per blade
Range- 20 spaces
Durability- N/A

Magical: Balsa Wand
Made from the weakest wood in the world, it provides little damage and durability. However, because of its flimsiness, it can conduct it spells the further than most of the basic wands.
Damage- 1-5
Range- 35 spaces
Durability- 15

Character Stats
What are they?
Attack: Your starter Attack Number. Battles run with this help.
Defense: Your starter Defense Number. Battles run with this help.
Luck: As the name says it, this is your starter Luck Number. Luck can help you on your quest and can be used in battle like this- when you hit, you can use Luck to make them lose 1 extra Stamina. If you take a hit, you can use Luck to soften the blow, taking only 1 Stamina point.
Stamina: It is basically Health.
Resistance: Can resist the effects of Luck on you. I’ll deal with that part.
Instinct: Chances of involuntarily attacking or defending yourself, an attacking enemy or any enemy

Passive: -5 Attack; +5 Defense; +3 Luck; +1 Stamina; +-0 Resistance; +1 Instinct
Aggressive: +5 Attack; -5 Defense; +3 Luck; +1 Stamina; +0 Resistance; -1 Instinct
Lucky: +1 Attack; +1 Defense; +5 Luck; +1 Stamina; -1 Resistance; -2 Instinct
Fit: +2 Attack; +1 Defense; -4 Luck; +5 Stamina; +2 Resistance; +2 Instinct
Strong-willed: +1 Attack; +1 Defense; -3 Luck; +2 Stamina; +5 Resistance; -3 Instinct
Instinctive: +2 Attack; -2 Defense; -1 Luck; +2 Stamina; -4 Resistance; +5 Instinct

Note that if you want to see you status, just ask me!

24th March 2013: +100 Coins

More to come!

Skill Evolution
Skill Evolution is when you can change into another class when you are strong enough. I will tell you when you can.

Grimm, The Grim Reaper(Dudeguy1)
Watcher of the Gate
Special Class
Attack: ∞/∞
Defense: ∞/∞
Luck: ∞/∞
Stamina: ∞/∞
Resistance: ∞/∞
Instinct: ∞/∞
Level ∞
Exp ∞/∞
Coins: ∞

Exoriah Dudikoff (JJLCL)
Level 1
Basic Class
Attack: 26/26
Defense: 26/26
Luck: 22/22
Stamina: 22/27
Resistance: 30/30
Instinct: 22/22
Exp ~10/15~
Coins: 0
Flimsy Throwing Dagger's: 97

Travien (MonkeyLocks)
Attack: 25/26
Defense: 25/26
Luck: 22/22
Stamina: 17/27
Resistance: 30/30
Instinct: 22/22
Level 1
Exp 35/15
Basic Class
Coins: 0
Flimsy Throwing Dagger's: ~93~

Windeh (TheWindLord)
Attack: 27/27
Defense: 26/26
Luck: 21/21
Stamina: ~0/30~
Resistance: 27/27
Instinct: 27/27
Level 1
Exp 10/15
Basic Class
Coins: 0
Flimsy Throwing Dagger's: 98

Max Demos Stormer (Maximus3322110)
Attack: ~25/27~
Defense: ~21/23~
Luck: 24/24
Stamina: 25/27
Resistance: 21/21
Instinct: 30/30
Level 1
Exp 0/15
Basic Class
Coins: 100
Flimsy Throwing Dagger's: 98

Amdri (Amdri)
Level Class
Level 2
Attack: 31/28 OVERLIMIT
Defense: 17/26
Luck: 21/21
Stamina: 31/31
Resistance: 27/27
Instinct: 27/27
Exp ~31/20~
Coins: 100
Flimsy Throwing Dagger's: 90
Melee Blade

Sir Chlorede (Chlorede)
Level 1
Basic Class
Attack: 20/20
Defense: 30/30
Luck: 28/28
Stamina: 28/28
Resistance: 30/30
Instinct: 23/23
Exp 0/15
Coins: 100
Flimsy Balsa Wand

v. 1.1.1: Creation of a new RPFG!
v. 1.1.2: Added genders.
v.1.1.3: Added day and night.
v.1.1.4: Added time with day and night at header.
v.1.1.5: Added monster's names.
v.1.1.6: Added move's names.
v.1.2.1: Added Instinct statistic and Instinctive personality.
v.1.2.2: Now mentions weapon names.
v.1.2.3: Separates your and enemies stat fluctuation. [ and ] are yours. { and } are enemies.
v.1.2.4: Conditions added.
v.1.2.5: Exp. limits for each level
v.1.3.1: New Offers section
v.1.3.2: Public Stamina Stats
v.1.3.3: New Public Stats
v.1.3.4: Last stat fluctuation: ~ ~

By dudeguy1
Hello, I'm monkeylocks, Today I'll be reviewing Valsinores Nomads as well as review objectives and describe gameplay.
I've known dudeguy1 for quite a while so when I saw that he had created an RPFG of his own, I immediately checked it out.
As far as I can see the game has no objectives, that's not at all good. Objectives help your player when they play to make them feel that they are both there for a reason and have a purpose.
Gameplay never kick-starts in RPFG's it usually takes time to get to the good stuff. Unfortuanately Dudeguy1 holds this tradition strongly. Minus a pie point for you my good sir.
When the gameplay got interesting was when the battle started. Something unique about this game was how well planned out the battle's were. They weren't totally by random, but actually had something new. +1 pie point.
The new thing that I noticed was the way that he kept a sensitive finger on the pulse of the player.
The method in which he did this was pulled off perfectly, almost like a magic trick done right. He used the weapon of my choice against me, and not only that, but perfectly created a pulse pounding situation. I had 4 people in one room, throwing knives that did 10 damage, and that not only left me in a stressful situation, it also has kept me hungry for more.
Objectives: -1/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Pie Points: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Bronze Award
Post this in your game! You have earned it!

Here's one to start off!

General / wat in ze world
« on: September 28, 2012, 04:28 am » flag has gone weird...again! :o is there any way to fix dat other than refreshing+clearing cache

General / Arghhhhhhh! I am so annoyed!
« on: September 23, 2012, 06:25 am »
Help! I need help! Somebody help me! I recently changed m' avatar! On the online members list, I look like the old me, but on any other page, I look like the new me! I tried refreshing, but it don't work! Help! I need help! ???

Hiya, readers! Dudeguy1 here to give a review! Today, it's on the smash-hit game, "Getting Your License", made by the renowned Bobbler. Usually, I don't play "Classic Shooters", but the sound of the game's name enticed me to just have a quick turn. Based on past experiences with Bobbler's games, I predicted that "Getting Your License" would have humorous speech, a good story-line, possibly even a game with the same game-play as one of Bobbler's other famous game, "Cyber Gangstar", and LOTS of thought and effort.

Just looking at the thumbnail is a recipe for disaster. The spaceship, which is supposed to be a car, driving out of a primary school and into the unknown abyss sounds somewhat menacing and ominous. By accomplishing that, Bobbler has captured the attention of the player, a vital part of a successful game.

Gameplay was as I imagined it would be. Humorous speech is flying around everywhere. Phrases such as "Um sir, we haven't gotten that far in the book yet" and "Too late for that. I'm not allowed 50 feet near any cars anyways"  gives humor to this game and encourages the gamer to continue. The story-line is basic, just like "Cyber Gangstar". "Getting Your License"'s story is to merely pass a driving test, and "Cyber Gangstar"'s story is just about the acts of a gangster. The point of these games are very similar. "Getting Your License"'s name says it all: get your license!  ::) "Cyber Gangstar" is just about a gangster in a cyber-like world going on raiding sprees. Like all of Bobbler's other games, one thing is obvious. It is so obvious even a newbie couldn't miss it. Bobbler put a mountain of effort into this game. Without thought or effort, Bobbler couldn't have achieved such an entertaining game, in both speech and game-play.

*Scenery and Decorations*
Scenery is very creative. Bobbler ingeniously uses MudPoly's to create the sidelines of the road. With the original terrain map, Bobbler uses it to represent grass. He also uses Polygon's to create the tar on the road. In Publix, the game requires you to 'buy' things. He uses Mines, Bombs and Missiles as blackberries, Crystals as bananas, and Mines and Missiles again as limes. In addition, he uses a Speeder as a cashier. Maybe a HotPoly or two could be placed to signify a result of a destroyed car or cop after the engine has burnt the road. The smaller Obstacle could possibly be used to represent a civilian in town, because, what is a town without civilians? Also houses are dotted around the place, which reinforces my suggestion. Bobbler also hinted the representation of the original enemies into everyday hazards an offender could face. For example, a Guard represents a weaker obstacle such as a lightly-armed guard or pedestrian and a Heavy Cruiser represents something stronger such as a cop car. One down was that for some reason, Bobbler placed Missiles and Health in random parts of the road in town. It just doesn't seem to fit in. Also, a player's spaceship sometimes gets caught on the roof because someone could 'drive' the wrong way, end up on the roof and find that they're stuck there because the One-Way door, the entrance to the buildings, has closed behind them. Despite that, the pros outweigh the cons and "Getting Your License" is still an entertaining game.

"Getting Your License" captured my attention since the first second after I pressed "Click To Play". It had its challenges, twists and outcomes, but that only enhances the experience. It is a one-of -time experience during one's time learning to drive. Congratulations, Bobbler, for creating such a successful game!

*Report and Scores*
Challenge: 8/10 80%
Item Placement: 6/10 60%
Enemy Placement: 9/10 90%
Puzzles: 7/10 70%
Creativity: 10/10 100%
Grand Total: 39/50 78%
Average: 7.8/10 each

This is Dudeguy1 signing out! Check back next time for another of my reviews!

*External Links*
Visit my page at:
To find your way to this reviewed game, follow this link:
To navigate to Bobbler's page, follow this link:

General / The Name "Sploder"
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Please vote! I'm curious!

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