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General / Re: just let this site die
« on: October 27, 2019, 03:41 am »
If you don't want to be here, then leave.

We don't need your negativity.
Only be positive in sploer  :) maybe

General / Re: W E I R D N E S S
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:12 am »
Sploder won't be getting any new features, if that's what you mean... it's been a blast, but nothing lasts forever.
I just wish sploder can still go on :( Maybe we could get some of the forum staff to add new stuff to sploder and convert the code, some of the sploderians here are really talented. Like Bricc, who adds new stuff via an external source like tamper monkey or something :P that would be nice lol

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 22, 2019, 04:54 am »
nono i think you missed the point, how can you be so sure that the people who die of these diseases didn't pray more than anyone else that it would work out?
In the end its up to God, its God decision of what happens, not us. But if we pray and build a relationship with him we can hope that God will give us a miracle which can be dependent on your faith as well. Miracles happen for a reason. God does these miracles to wake us up, to open our eyes, that he is the one and only true God.

how can you be so sure the people who survived the unsurvivable didn't just do so through dice rolling and statistical chance?
Ok, imagine if you have a disease that the doctors say that you are going to die the next day and there is no way to stop it. All hope you have will be lost. But if you continue praying and building a relationship with him, a miracle may occur. And when you reach the next day, you survived and the doctors say that you have been miraculously healed. Do you think that you survived by chance? Wont you think that there is a God out there who loves you so much and cared for you that he made your sickness, the impossible healed?

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: October 22, 2019, 04:32 am »
Yay I got hakama

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 03, 2019, 11:54 pm »
How is critically analyzing the Bible and taking a different interpretation to it make you mad? Does it challenge your deeply-set fundamental beliefs, and that's why you got so angry? I believe they call that "blasphemy", which is a form of wrongthink in the modern Christian religion. Also, I never said I was Christian. I said I might've been considered Christian two thousand years ago, there is a difference there. It seems like you're still misinterpreting my points.
I stated that the possibility was open for you to try the beliefs yourself, and you didn't take it. Instead, you decided to misinterpret what I say, make your points based off of arguments I didn't even make, and went in a circular motion by explaining your religion and interpretation of the Bible while never even explaining beyond "thats just not how god works" how exactly I am in the wrong.
The point was not to refute your beliefs, but rather to open up the possibility of a different belief if you so desire. Obviously, you didn't take it and instead went on the critical offensive.
If you have beliefs and are willing to share them, you are open to the fact that you are going to get judged and your going to have a debate.Blasphemy means speaking badly about a religion you spoke badly about mine by using the Bible to attack itself. You can critically analyze the Bible and use your own analysis to determine what you think but what I dislike is the fact you got verses from the Bible and then use them to prove your point even though when you read prior verses to that verse or after that verse they have nothing to do on what you have said. Its like quoting someone saying " Puppies are awesome and they love to lick me for fun and to show they care" to "We can prove that puppies are evil by this quote where someone says how "puppies are" horrible and that they "love to lick" them for hate and disgust. You use the quotes/verses to prove an opposite point to what the whole message is trying to say. Thats what made me mad. By the way just say what religion you are for once, instead of placing it in riddles. Oh you "may call me Christian 2000 years ago" thats dumb ok. You could be any religion,you could be jewish or others. Christianity developed from Jews, be more specific. Plus just because you tell me to do  something that doesnt mean I have to do it. If you never noticed God gave us free will like I said last time. And I chose not to do what you tell me to do. The only points I got from you anyway is that we are all genies and somehow the world is not in choas or we are not like the movie Aladdin, magically.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 03, 2019, 07:47 pm »
I'm just poking fun at the differences between how our religions approach law and the sometimes excessive legalism of my own religion. I apologize if I offended you.
Sorry if I jumped out of nowhere lol
theres some stuff in the bible that i think arent true. for instance, the ark. so god said to bring 2 of every animal. what about the others? he just made this big flood and killed them? i dont believe that. and having only a male and female making babies then how did they make babies? they would have had to mated with their own family. and its not a guarantee that the female will have male and female babies. another thing, the 10 commandments. why on earth would god tell moses to put them on stone? i mean why not put them on wood or animal skin or something like paper. stuff like they used way back before paper was invented. ive read that people think the bible is just a bunch of made up stories. idk what to believe
When God said he brang two of every animal, he did. He brought two of every kind and not every species. For example you know how there is many different breeds of dogs but they all come from the kind Canis familiaris. So God would most likely bring two of Canis familiaris rather then two of every different breed of dogs. With your commandment thing I have no idea why you have anything against stone. Its God choice to place in the stone, plus if he would have placed it on animal skin or something, alternatively you will probably say why God cant put it in stone lol. It doesnt matter, the point of the commandments is to help and teach us how we should live our lives the way God wants us not what material the commandments are using.
I explained my opinion on the matter and used an interpretation of the bible to support my religious beliefs and then you started attacking it. When I tried explaining you kept using the same arguments over and over even though I had just refuted them, not only that but you also kept misinterpreting my points as well.
Dude this is what started the thing anyway, your not even Christian and the thing when you use verses of the Bible to attack itself is what really got me mad. By the way if you never noticed, the point of a debate is to attack each others points, plus you did not refute any of mine as I refuted yours.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 03, 2019, 08:07 am »
You didn't act like you had any respect for my religious position.
Dude you didnt either. You took verses from the Bible to attack the Bible plus you said how some events (When Deion mentioned about Revelation) in the Bible is a "dangerous" belief.

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:22 am »
i have smart steering off and still cant fall off the track, only go into off-road. i recommend turning it off tbh, it makes it a lot easier to control your kart
Ive been off the map before, its not fun when your first as well lol

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:21 am »
christians: oh my god my religion doesn't even explain what order i should clip my toe nails in what am i going to do im so confused

If this is just a rude joke please have some respect, just as I have respect for you and your religion of being a jew.

Just because something doesnt mention in the Bible that doesnt mean we should be in confusion. That means we are aloud to use our free choice to do what we think should be done. For example you gave the example of what order should happen when we are clipping our toe nails. Since it is not mentioned in the Bible we can take whatever order we want, what suits us the best. This also proves that we do not have a destiny as we are a creation with free will.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 03, 2019, 02:17 am »
historical documents are often backed up by physical evidence ( ie. fossils, ancient artifacts, ruins )
is it even possible to physical prove any of these miracles? how convenient

also wtf am i looking at in this video, a rainbow behind a statue of Jesus? what a novel coincidence
But we know it exists because of the people that experience them.  Which may even include ourselves. We know that they arent lying if they were an atheist, a strong atheist who now believe in God because of a miracle. They know that there is a God out there that loves them. We cant physically prove miracles by like performing one right now, they are called miracles for a reason and only happen at rare occasional times as like it stated previously, God is not a genie, miracles are a proof of a God existing. A God who loves us. Science cant prove everything. Because we arent God, we do not know everything. Because we are human. By the way for the video your suppose to watch from 2:30 mins onwards.
I wasn't trying to say no evidence existed, I'm just wondering if anything documented OUTSIDE of the bible exists.

I didn't know what to expect with that video but please don't take it seriously, whoever was filming it was just turning the exposure up and down distorting the lighting. That was a stationary sun.
Sorry if I misinterpreted it. Are you saying if the events in the Bible are supported by outside resources? If yes then thousands of ancient documents proof the events happen in the old testament and the New Testament are real such as the Dead sea scrolls. Jesus actually existed as documented from Jewish manuscripts. Other cultural documents have  referenced to Jesus existing such as this quote: “Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus …” From the roman leader and historian, Tacitus. This is exactly what the New Testament in the Bible says and Tacitus wasnt even Christian, he was Jewish. He was forced to mention Jesus because he existed even if he doesnt like it, he existed. If Jesus is proven to exist then its proof that what Jesus did could be taken truthfully as well. Jesus is the reason why how we record time existed. Another proof that everything in the Bible is legit is what we use in history called textual  riticism where we compare documents with each other in order to prove if they are reall or not. BC and AD also proves that God exists. Prophecies that have been predicted have been fulfilled as well. Jesus being alive was actually predicted by the old testament as well as Jesus death.

If the sun was really stationary and if the recorder was actually moving the camera to make it to appear like the sun is dancing then that could be proved false. This is emphasised by the people in front of the cameraman, how can the people stay still and appear stationary at the exact time the sun is dancing? This must mean that the sun is actually dancing.

Sploder Games / Re: The Escape 2 - Lordeldar
« on: October 02, 2019, 03:24 am »
wait you still make games
What he said^

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: October 02, 2019, 03:21 am »
Lost all motivation to play after unlocking the last two cups. You'll know what I mean when you get to them.
People in the mario kart tour unofficial (Even though they say its official) are freaking out with those cups lol. Im on them but to me i dont think its worth it,grinding on the last two cups to get 5 stars

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:59 pm »
Lvl 8 rn

Also did u know that u cannot fall off
lol yeah, but i have a feeling that if you turn smart steering off, it will let you

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: October 01, 2019, 11:41 pm »
is that not per chance though? ie. they're the type of disease which can be miraculously healed, or it just healed as normal and was treated as a miracle? and what about others who end up dying therefrom?
You can call it chance. Why? Because you guys dont want to believe that there is a God there, that will help. Why? Because you thought the impossible is the impossible, but God can do the Impossible including healing impossible diseases. God is higher then us, which is why he is in heaven and we are on Earth, his mind is greater then ours. Therefore we may not fulling understand his thinking. People who have been miraculously healed are open to the fact that there is a God out there and it isnt by chance that they have been healed. They knew that someone is out there helping and supporting them throughout their lives, because God loves them. Which could be the reason why he did it in the first place. He will do anything to find you. Those who are lost in the dark, no matter what. Just like the lost sheep parable in the Bible. Plus we have to understand that God is not a genie. Just because we pray, doesnt mean it automatically happens. If you want to know why, just watch the movie Aladdin. It becomes clear that man will destroy the world due to our sins if God was a genie.Healing is seen as proof of a person’s faith and of God’s love. This is shown in this example where a parent will not give everything the child wants every single time, no matter how much that parent likes that child. In other words we do not want to be spoiled. Because if you are like me, spoil kids are wierd.

Are there any cited documented instances?
Take the Bible for example,it shows
"Lists of the greatest miracles in the Bible would differ depending on whom you ask. Is the greatest miracle in the Bible the time the sun stood still for Joshua (Joshua 10:12–14)? Is it the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14)? Is it the movement of the sun’s shadow backward ten steps (Isaiah 38:7–8)? The resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28:1–8)? The feeding of 5,000 (Mark 6:35–44)? Or maybe the greatest miracle in the Bible is the creation of the world (Genesis 1)."
And dont say, just because they are in the Bible it is not true. The Bible is a historical document as well. And just like any other historical document, we can take it litterally.

Well if you still dont want to hear about those miracles there is the dancing sun in the Philippines. Where three girls phropersiced the sun will dance as a result of Mary telling them. If the three children did not trust that miracles will happen then the dancing sun maywould not occur. During this event many people too have been miraculously healed. Someone even recorded the sun dancing on youtube. (Go to around 2min and 30secs)

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: September 29, 2019, 11:52 pm »
What are your guys' levels
I'm at 15
NOOOOOOOOOOO im level 14 ;(

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 29, 2019, 11:51 pm »
What documented instances can be cited as people doing the impossible through God- things that would not have been possible in any way, shape or form without him? Not counting biblical times. Not trying to argue a point just curious if there are any you guys know of
Well through prayer many people who hve been informed by the doctors that they were going to have a speicifc disease have been miraculously healed.

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:23 pm »
yeah, its kind of lame that it tricks you into thinking they arent bots by giving them player names

theyre adding multiplayer soon tho
Ouch. Is there any evidence that the game uses bots despite the fact that some of them are way to bad in some races? :P

General / Re: Mario Kart Tour
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:21 pm »
I got pauline and the spotlight glider using the pipe without spending actual money :P

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:19 pm »
Jesus told us that we can do the impossible. Paul said in Philippians "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Jesus said in John 14:12 that we'd do even greater things than Him. The secret is that we are not performing works of our own power, but God's power. And not for our own glory, but God's glory.
lol yeah forgot to mention that. We can do the impossible through God because he gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit but we do not have more power or in this case better then him in any way because we are human :P

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 29, 2019, 03:59 am »
I still think God gave us that godly power
Well if he gave us the 'holy spirit' which is God yes. But not the I can do the impossible power.

General / Re: Post for what I like most about you
« on: September 20, 2019, 04:32 am »

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:41 pm »
Again, it was to provide a point that the mind and imagination have a greater effect on this world than people realize. You can practically do anything with this. Like I said before, if you're not willing to accept this then I see no reason to continue this discussion because we've been going in circles.
If you want to learn more and in greater detail feel free to read any of Neville Goddard's works. Otherwise there really is no reason to continue this. Your loss.
lol you need to watch alladin and see why we dont have power. I mean look at people around you who have the position of power. They become vicious,evil and not themselves. Everyone has the power of free will because God gave it to us, and look at us, we are taking advantage of it. Destroying the Earth and destroying every living thing. And yet you say we have the power to do the impossible. Thats ridiculous. Because if we cannot even handle having the power of free will, what would Earth be like if we have the power of a genie. In other words. Chaos. I mean the world now has order but if we were genies that would break. Maybe try pray to God and build and relationship with him. Know that he can do the impossible and we cannot. Thats why people seek him, not themselves

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 13, 2019, 07:40 pm »
Despite no one addressing my points, I find everyone’s assumptions of their religion a pretty good read
Lol srry, what was your doubts/questions? :)

General / Re: a break
« on: September 10, 2019, 04:52 am »
Ouch. People on sploder are slowly leaving :(

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 10, 2019, 04:51 am »
"No you didn't you said why you BELIEVE we weren't Gods, just based off of the Christian religion. Well, also based off the Christian religion (the Bible) as a certain interpretation, we are exactly Gods"

I hate it when people get verses from the Bible then attack the Bible using it. The verses you brought werent even relevant to what you were talking about. Its like grabbing a quote such as "Puppies is the best animal" and turning into, well someone said that kitties "is the best animal". You can only do that when its talking about the exact same thing as you and the point of view that the quote is saying. Dude do I have to repeat it again, I litterally said in exact words. " You said how we are gods. I said "Due to the fact that if we were God, we would not need help from someone greater then us because we are God ourselves and we will have the mindset of thinking that we dont need someone to help us and guide us throughout our lives." We are not God because we do not know what is wrong and right, only God knows.

"It's simple. How boring would it be if you were to take in creation all at once? That is, if God even intended to create everything around us and his own temporary limitations."

You mean how boring it would be to explore the world 7.6 billion times.

"How, exactly, do you know it's not a dream? Can you prove reality's existence? In very specific, vivid types of dreams, you can feel pain as a matter of fact. Some people have even been able to control their dreams in a way where they have "persistent realms" (or persistent dreams, if you will) whereby even after waking up, if they go back to bed, they'll be in the same dream they were in last night, and if they were to "die" in that dream, they wouldn't be able to experience it anymore.
Also consider that when you live IN the dream, most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell you were dreaming. Afterall, to you and I when we go to sleep 99% of the time, everything in the dream seems to make sense, it's only after you wake up from that dream do you realize that nothing made sense about it. The same could be applied to """reality""". Some people have even been able to make their dreams feel more real, concrete, and consistent by applying logic, history, and meaning to certain objects inside the dream as well as assumptions/beliefs about the current dream to make it feel more real. Some have even speculated they might be stuck there if they do it too long."

If you never noticed, we could hear people talk in our ears. So if people appear in your dreams telling you something like they are speaking they are actually using body language and facial expressions and you would instantly know what they are talking about. By the way a dream is called a dream for a reason it isnt reality. And reality is called reality for a reason. If you say otherwise might as well say a fire is ice. Also unlike life, our consequences in dreams would not be even shown to us and we wouldnt even know how we are there in the first place. Lets say you have a dream about being with dinosaurs, you wouldnt know how you got there in the first place. Did you time travel there? No! Its because in reality we have memory of what has occured to us in life, unlike dreams where events happen randomly and in not chronological order.

"We create things/beliefs subconsciously all the time. It's entirely possible that as we came into this "dream" we subconsciously started giving stuff meaning (or maybe we did it on purpose, but just don't remember). You underestimate the power of your inner imagination. How many times have you come across deja vu sensations, ""coincidences"", and other things that are seemingly impossible, such as the placebo effect. Furthermore, studies have been conducted and shown that if you were to imagine yourself working out, running, or generally exercising, then your body would lose a good amount of calories, perhaps maybe even half, or more, than those that you would lose just by working out physically!"

Just because coincidences happen doesnt mean we are God. God could place those coincidences in your life to help you learn a lesson, to help you grow as a person, as children of God or maybe to get you right back on track. I call these "talking donkey" which are referenced to the Bible, where God places these things to get us right back on track. So your telling me, everyone should not be active and exercise to lose weight, instead lets all sit on a couch and 'work out' using our minds...

"You'll never know if you don't try. I've given you the methods to trying to discover your inner power. I can't force you to do anything, but you can do the work yourself if you feel curious."

 I am not siting on the couch to lose weight. Sorry.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 07, 2019, 08:44 pm »

"You're just arguing for why Christianity is your go-to religion. "

*facepalm* I litterally said why we arent Gods, why God is perfect etc.

"I'm saying the human mask God puts on when he goes down to Earth and unknowingly takes the form of a human body is imperfect. God made everything, and then in order to immerse himself in his creation, came down and took it upon himself to become (temporarily) a human, thereby forgetting that he was God in order to rediscover himself. Our masks don't have free will, but our true selves (God) has free will."

Why would God need to discover himself then make himself forget everything? That would make a lot of nonsense. God is in heaven. We are not,yet. God knows **everything** about us. So there is no need for him to discover himself if we were God. And about your free will then you pick one or the other you cant say, we dont have free will but we do. Its like your saying you are feeling boiling hot but cold like winter.

"Think of it this way, whenever you dream and see other people as well as objects, do they exist outside of you? And, just because you have created that dream, does it mean you're lucid inside of it all the time? Just because there are people in that dream that seem to display sentience and consciousness, does that make them real?"
You have to understand that life isnt a dream. Its called reality for a reason. Its obvious that we are not dreaming if we experience physical pain if we papercut ourselves or other stuff. We create the dream in our heads which are false but we know there is a reality and something that is true if we know what is false.

"Also, about your alone argument and an external God apparently being with us in Christianity, you're essentially just saying that Christianity is superior because it brings you comfort. Get off of those training wheels and discover your true power. Feel free to keep believing in Christianity if you want, but you can always test and experiment with other things if you so choose. Personally, putting all my faith into an external being is the most discomforting thing I can ever possibly do."

Im saying that God risked having all the sins laied on him to save all of us. God is our father. Our creator. Our master. Of course he brings us confort. If you have a loving father of course you want to spend time with him. To feel loved. To feel save. We are Children of God. We are not God. Maybe you should get off your magic world thinking you have the power when you know that deep inside your heart you dont. Everyone has a weakness, everyone knows their limits. We aint spiderman or superman. And if you just noticed they are fake and only appear in the movies. Thats why we need Jesus in our life, to not only build a relationship with him but to get more and more people to know him as well. God is perfect because he knew how everything would work. If God isnt perfect our world wouldnt be what it is now. Things so detailed would not work with each other well and would cause our world to be in destruction. I mean imagine if all phagocytes does not send chemical message to nearby lymphocytes in the body to identify the type of antibody needed to neutralise the pathogens? Our body will be always sick. But because God is perfect he thought of what our body needs to fight of infection. If he wasnt perfect that process wouldnt work. Science not only proves that God exist but also proves how perfect he is. I know that through science if I throw a ball in the air it will always come down. Why? Because there is gravity on Earth. God made it so things that go up must come down. Imagine if he wasnt perfect. And if we throw a ball in the air, we dont know if the ball will continue to go up in the air or come down, why because it has faults. And if God isnt perfect, Science wouldnt exist because we would not know how things would work because things would always happen unexpectedly. Plus believing in only yourself is the saddest thing ever.  Because your hope is only yourself. Ouch.

"Nope, I'm saying I'm loving the process of rediscovering my true self."

In other words you mean yes.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 07, 2019, 01:37 am »
I refuted both your points and I don't see a counterargument besides you telling me your beliefs. I don't want to give my full faith into one external being when the power of the world is within me
I actually attacked your points if you didnt noticed. You said how we are gods. I said "Due to the fact that if we were God, we would not need help from someone greater then us because we are God ourselves and we will have the mindset of thinking that we dont need someone to help us and guide us throughout our lives." emphasising how you are saying we have to do life alone but with Christianity you dont. Not only that but God is higher in status then us, thats why he is in heaven and we are on Earth. You said how God isnt perfect, I said "Our God is so perfect he made sure all the atoms on the Earth work together to form chemical reactions or how trees gain photosynthesis. Our Earth is beautiful. Because our God is beautiful." Plus I said how we have free will as God died on our sins to show us what true love is, as before true love did not exist. See "We can remember what God had did two thousand years ago, dieing on the cross to show us what true love i"

Basically you said you love having power

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 07, 2019, 12:07 am »

yes but it can be given
If you meant the holy spirit can be given to us then yes. But if you meant God giving us genie powers then no.

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 07, 2019, 12:05 am »
Okay, cool. That only tells me what you currently believe, and it doesn't refute any of my previous points. God (you and me) bless
Techniqually it was a rebutal as well if you looked before :P about free will and why we aint God :P

General / Re: Atheists, explain why you don't believe in a god.
« on: September 06, 2019, 09:43 pm »
"You're misinterpreting my points. Jesus is god, but Jesus is also man. Jesus could perform those acts that had to be greater than his beliefs meaning that he had to believe in himself more than he believed in the physical world's "laws". People are god, but they can unknowingly use their godly power to make themselves feel like they're not god and feel like they're bound by strict, physical laws. We are able to perform things that are considered impossible.
Each person has their own view of reality as reality is ultimately subjective. Therefore, each "impossible" thing can be done when perceived by one person, yet at the same time remain not seen by others who do not subscribe to the belief that one impossible thing can be done. Creation is already finished because time is an illusion. What happened 10 years ago is still happening now, just in a different plane of existence parallel to this one. Our physical bodies don't have free will because they're commanded by the mind/imagination (which is our godly power) which happens to have free will. If we imagine something, we're using our minds' free will to pull that into fruition. Our bodies have to act it out in order for it to come true as is God's (our) power. Plus, even basic psychology proves that most of our decisions are unconscious, meaning that we felt like we decided on that decision but really, it wasn't our body that chose it"

Well in Christianity, we dont believe that we are God. Due to the fact that if we were God, we would not need help from someone greater then us because we are God ourselves and we will have the mindset of thinking that we dont need someone to help us and guide us throughout our lives. Thats why Christianity is great. Because we dont have to do life alone. We know we are not perfect. Therefore we know that we all sin. But when we are feeling those times where we are Depressed. Lonely. Or hurt. We can remember what God had did two thousand years ago, dieing on the cross to show us what true love is, to show us how powerful the almighty God is. The first and the last. The Alpha and the Omega. That is our God. Someone who will be with us every step of the way, so we dont have to do it alone. He gave us the Holy spirit. A Gift. Which will continue to give us gifts itself. The holy spirit is all we need. Ever wonder why people in China have seen Jesus in their dreams? Well its because the Bible is banned there. Its because worship is banned there. But God will always find a way, to get into our hearts, so we can get a strong relationship with him. Through our struggles. Through our hurt. We always have to remember to never 'look down, but to look up child.' Because God is watching us from the heavens. He is higher then us. His children on the Earth. Our God loved us so much, he died on the cross taking in all the sin onto himself, he gave us the power of free will so we can choose to love God, not so we are forced to love God. Our God is so perfect he made sure all the atoms on the Earth work together to form chemical reactions or how trees gain photosynthesis. Our Earth is beautiful. Because our God is beautiful. Christianity is God searching for us, not man searching for God. All we have to do is let God in. God Bless  ;)

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