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Posted By: crunchynutPMs will be sent out soon. If they don't reply within two days, they are disqualified.
please no because i am not allowed to play on school days

Posted By: mat7772
Posted By: mat7772Crunchy, make a time limit which they have to post their move in by, otherwise we'll be here for ever.
Thankful People:PitfulHuman
noo dont i am not allowed to play on school days

if we got denied,can we join this?


The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: May 12, 2012, 11:28 am »

2-4 months on both

3-A moderators job is to look for these things,






and inappropriate games,or graphics.

And if they catch any of this behavior they ban,or warn.The warn is if you just bypass a little,the ban is if you bypass alot.Spamming is warn worthy,hacking is ban worthy,flaming depends on how much you do it,swearing also depends on how much you do it,bullying is warn wothy(if only a little),and inappropriate games or graphics is ban worthy.As a mod you need to pick the right punishments for these things.Mods have different punishments for some things.

4-why you should vouch for me,

You should consider picking me because,i am very mature when it comes to these things and im really nice.I am not a person that is strict and WANTS to ban people,i am nice and sometimes give people chances.I dont get in fights alot either and i like protecting people.Thats why you should pick me.;)

Posted By: samerrassam10x(::) claw machine 3 times thanked 5 posts
you forgot this

10x(::) claw machine 3 times thanked 5 posts

i love this thread so much!!!!!

Posted By: thewindlordUsername:Thewindlord
Why do you want to join mrezman's world: Cause it seem's fun.
What do you want to do most on Sploder: Have fun :P

Now, here's an atempt at the joke contest:

There were 3 men, non of which knew any English. However, they watched English T.V. All three learned a phrase.

The first one learned: We did it, We did it!
The second one learned: Shut the splode up, splode!
The third one learned: Plug it in, plug it in!

They then where brought to a murder scene, and the police asked "ALRIGHT, WHO DID IT!", and the first man said "We did it! We did it!". The Cop said "Get in the car, im taking you'l to jail!". The second man said "Shut the splode up, splode!". The cop put a gun to their head's, and lead them to the cop car. Later, in the jail, after being found gulity, they tried to break out. A cop saw them and screamed "Chump's, get in the splodein cell, or i'll kill youl!". He then stuck his riffle agianst their heads, and they went back to the cell, but not after kicking the guard in an unpleasent spot. About 10 guards then rushed in, and the 3 men where sentenced to death by an Electric chair.
When they were in the room, the guard said "Get in the splode chair!", and they did. The guard decided to give them one more chance before death, and said "Ok, listen. If you'l don't behave, I will kill you'l. You'l can go back to your cell!". The third man then said "Plug it in! Plug it in!"...
hey!>:( that was exactly like my joke! you dont win contest by coppying jokes!!!!>:(

The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:41 pm »
oh sorry ;)

The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: April 09, 2012, 06:13 pm »
good application senbaki

The Bin & Board Archives / Mainsite Moderator Recruitment [MSM]
« on: April 09, 2012, 06:03 pm »
1.username:samerrassam long ive been on mainsite:4 months
forums: 3 months

                           3.what a mainsite moderator does

A mainsite moderator needs to,look for people that bypass or flame others.Such as picking on others or cyberbullying.The mods need to be good members of sploder not the members that refer to bully others.They also need to make sure the site is safe for the kids to view.Mods need to be mature with the job. not someone who bans people right away.They also cant just be strict with people that swear.They need reasons and they need to investagate the things people do.I for one dont like to stand around when people get picked on and feel hurt.So i took the opportunity to apply here.

                                   4.why you should vouch for me

I dont usually have anything to do on sploder and i just look around on peoples profiles.You wont belive how much swearing and flaming i saw.Everyone gets picked by bullies.So i know i need to help.I am really mature when it comes to banning people.I dont wanna be a mod just cause i can do more things than other people.I wanna be one to save sploder.Im a guy that dosent ban alot if i could i usually think i should give warnings before baning.Thats why i wanna be a moderator

false the next person should play my games

97% you got really good games!

General / Moola's Sploder Story [Final Chapter Out!]
« on: April 07, 2012, 03:08 pm »
Posted By: moolatycoon
Posted By: Mariokartfan
Posted By: moolatycoon
Posted By: hivetyrantofawesome
Posted By: MariokartfanMOOLAH

lol u gon die in the next chapter now :P

Don't ruin the surprise ;D

I know EXACTLY how you will die MFK!






Mario Fricking Kart


Posted By: nolanalexanderhuntIt's my honest opinion from what I've seen. Just know that it can improve.


u no wat i think u r all mean 1% all of u

Posted By: peanutbutterman10/10.I LOVE THE NAME Sam.

:D yay! 10/10 i like peanut butter

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