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Title: MONSTER MADNESS #2 Halloween series review (not including 2018 film)
Post by: kingofdanerds on January 22, 2019, 11:48 am

The Halloween series started in 1978 with the movies first release. While the series is not as absurd as the TCM series, it has had it’s ups and downs. The series differs from the TCM series because it is focused on a killer (Michael Myers or The Shape) in a neighborhood rather than a family of psychotic killers in a secluded area. Plus, Halloween has a bigger fanbase than TCM and more movies. Other major differences will be explained throughout the review. Without further ado, let’s begin!


In 1978 the first in a long string of slashers was released. Halloween (1978) was the movie that made slashers popular. Sure, there was Texas Chainsaw, but the film was not as popular until later on. The film like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic. Making it must to watch on Halloween. Halloween acheived critical success with critics and did fairly well in box office. Which is something because there was very little advertising for the film. The film was created by John Carpenter who has had made numerous of films. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

1963. Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois, A kid named Michael Myers kills his sister. He is taken to a mental hospital under the supervision of Dr. Sam Loomis (don’t talk about Psycho references please.) 15 years later, Michael escapes and kills a man steals his boiler suit and steals from a store including the iconic white mask. Michael then stalks the main character Laurie Strode. Dr. Loomis finds out that Michael’s dead sister’s headstone is missing. They go to search the old Myer’s house. Then Laurie and her friend are all babysitting separate kids then the friend decides to give Laurie the kid that she is babysitting and is killed by Michael. Another one of Laurie’s friend is with her boyfriend. Boyfriend gets killed and soon does Laurie’s other friend. For some reason Laurie goes to the house next door and finds the bodies of her friends. She escapes but then Michael finds her. Laurie is then chased around the house by Michael until Dr. Loomis comes and shoots Michael who falls of a balcony. Loomis goes to check on Michael and finds him missing. Then the movies ends.

The movie ended on such a great cliffhanger. Like, I cannot think of a better way to end a movie like this. Sure, I knew Michael survives because knew that there were more films in the series. The movie had a more realistic feel rather than the documentary style of TCM. The music is eerie and classic. There are some moments in the film that are kinda boring, but the overall film is great.  I like how John Carpenter developed Michael to be the silent killer. It makes it more suspenseful and even more creepy. Without a doubt a must watch. Horror movie fan or not, it is great.

Rating: 9/10

Halloween II

After the success and cliffhanger ending of Halloween in 1978, it was obvious that there had to be a sequel. Three years later, Halloween II was released. All the major characters who were in the first film and survived were brought back into their respective roles. The film did good with box office returns. Many people say that the first film was better than Halloween. As for me, that remains to be seen later on. So, let’s get to the plot!

After the events of the first film, Michael escaped and kills someone early on in the film. Laurie is taken to the hospital and Loomis is searching Michael Myers. Some police officer accidentally kills someone because they thought it was Michael. (It was not). Michael finds out that Laurie is at the local hospital and goes to the hospital. Michael manages to kill a lot of people in the hospital (except Laurie). Loomis finds out that Laurie is the sister of Michael Myers. Loomis ends up the hospital and Michael kills the rest of the supporting characters that are left in the hospital. The final chase scene involves Michael trying to kill Laurie and Loomis. Michael injures Loomis and Laurie shoots Michael in the eyes. Laurie leaves the operation room and Loomis decides to save Laurie by flooding the room with gas and igniting the room. Loomis dies and Michael walks out of the room burning and he then dies. Then the movie ends.

I do like how the film setting changed from an open neighbor hood to an enclosed hospital where we see the main characters struggle to escape and survive. The film had its scary moments but the first film had more to offer. There is more blood and gore than the previous film which is good.  The movie for some reason was not entirely a good film on it’s own but did good as a sequel. The ending was good but would have been better if Halloween II was the last in the series. Which I cannot blame on the film itself. It is not the best slasher film but I would not ignore this one. In general, the film is a mixed bag and I cannot find anyway to make the film seem more likeable than unlikeable.

Rating: 4/10

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Before I watched this film for the pupose of this review, I was contemplating on whether or not to watch it. Season of the Witch is the only film in the Halloween series because it does not have Michael Myers in the film. The series was meant to continue on as an anthology series. To be honest, I would have liked to see the Halloween series be an anthology series. Nearly everyone I know that has seen the film has said bad things about it because of Michael Myers being absent from the film. In this review, I am not going to be that person. The film did not do good at box office and with reception (take a guess). So, let’s get to the plot.

Our main character is Dan who is a doctor at a hospital. We see a man go to the hospital and is later killed by another man who then kills himself. A relative of the patient (Ellie) and Dan decide to investigate and end up in this small town. It is revealed that a company called Silver Shamrock Novelties might be the cause. Some townsperson gets injured and is driven away. Dan and Ellie decide to go to the Silver Shamrock Novelties and they confirm that Silver Shamrock is the cause for the death of the patient in the beginning of the film. Ellie gets captured and Dan attempts to rescue and then finds himself captured. The CEO of SSN, reveals his motive. He wants to return Halloween to its sacrificial ways. The CEO says that when a certain commercial on TV comes on, the masks will react and cause the wearer to die. Then the CEO kills some people. Dan is then put into a room with a TV and mask but manages to escape and rescue Ellie. He kills the CEO and tries to stop the commercial from being aired. He does so, but of course there has to be the one station that airs the commercial. The film ends with Dan screaming.

I stated before that I am going to do my best to review this film without stating that Michael Myers is not in the film. I do feel that the creators did try their best at making this film. One thing I do criticize this film for is that it is not really a slasher. There is no scary aspects of this film. It was somewhat suspenseful and the ending was OK. The kills were OK but all we see is people dying because of these masks. Could they have changed it up a little bit? The story and acting is decent and in my personal opinion, this film was better than Halloween II. Because by itself it is not entirely a bad film. Sadly, it had to be part of the Halloween franchise.

Rating: 5/10

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Due to the fact that Halloween III was a failure in the eyes of many, many began questioning whether the Halloween series would continue being an anthology series. Nobody expected (or maybe did) movie makers to bring back Michael Myers. But it was 5 years after Halloween III that we saw Michael Myers (but a further 7 years after Halloween II). Of course, bringing back Michael Myers meant bring in more money for box office. Halloween 4 not only had the return of Michael Myers, but Dr. Loomis! More about that later. Let’s get to the plot.

Halloween 1988. Michael Myers has been in a coma since the events of Halloween II. (Do remember the second movie takes place right after the first.) Michael breaks out of the coma and kills the ambulance people. He then learns that Laurie had a daughter Jaime. (Which makes Michael an uncle.) We then learned that Laurie died sometime after Halloween II. Loomis finds out that Michael escaped and follows him only to have Michael escape. Then we see Jaime who has been having nightmares of a man. Jaime is living with a foster family. We also have Jaime’s foster sister Rachel as a main character. Of course the parents have Rachel babysit Jaime. Jaime goes trick r’ treatin with Rachel only to then have the whole city blackout. (Michael’s handy work.) Michael kills some officers and some mob forms to kill Michael. Rachel, her boyfriend, and Jaime are then inside a house hiding from Michael but Michael is inside the house. Boyfriend gets killed. Jaime and Rachel escape and meet up with some of the mob members who take them along in a truck. Mob guys get killed and Michael is on the truck only to be rammed off. Michael then is shoot by every single bullet that Haddonfield can spare and Michael falls down a mineshaft. Rachel and Jaime safely get back home only to have Jaime kill her foster mother. Loomis then realizes that Jaime has become like her uncle. Then the film ends.

So, Michael Myers returns. Great. What I am wondering is why they kept Michael. How Michael could have survived being burnt to a crisp. But, Michael is like immortal but we won’t be told that until Halloween 6. It is nice to see Dr. Loomis but how he survived is another big question. But the movie makers and a vast majority of movie goers didn’t care, they wanted to see Michael Myers back. The film looked cheap for many reasons. Michael’s mask looked cheap and to be honest, it is not the best looking of the Halloween movies. A lot of the film felt recycled and cliche. I did like that we see Jaime as a main character and the role was played well. The scare factor matches with Halloween II if not lower. It was a good film to show the return of Michael but fell short of being a great or good film just by itself.

Rating: 4/10

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

After the return and “death” of Michael in the 4th film and the possibility that Jaime could be the new killer, many were wanting answers. A year after Halloween 4, the next film was released. I will be straight with you and say that many were disappointed. The film did good at box office but in general many were dissappointed. But before I input my own opinion, let’s talk about the plot.

After the events of Halloween 4, we see Michael find a hermit. Michael goes into a coma and then kills the hermit. He then sets his sights on finding Jaime. We then see Jaime at a hospital due to the events of Halloween 4. Somehow Jaime developed some telepathic link with Michael among other psychic skills. Rachel is killed early on and we see a new main character named Tina. Some people who are making love in a barn are killed by Michael. Jaime, with help from her psychic power, senses trouble and goes to warn Tina. Michael steals a car and chases Tina, Jaime, and this one friend of Jaime’s. Tina dies and Michael escapes before Loomis and the Sherrif arrives on scene. Jaime and Loomis go back to Michael’s childhood home and wait it out. Michael arrives and Loomis tries talking to Michael but only fails doing so. The final chase scene involves Jaime having Michael take his mask off and then getting bet up by Loomis. The cops come to arrest Michael Myers. Some guy comes and helps Michael escape. Then the film ends on another cliffhanger.

The film was not that good. Words are failing me. I would have liked to see the role of killer go to Jaime and not have Michael be revived yet again. Yes, it is nice to see Michael on screen, but it starting to become a pattern. When we think Michael is done for, he really is not. This is the first film in the series (besides Halloween III) to actually go down the supernatural path. The deaths were weak. The main characters are really the only redeeming factor of this film. I honestly cannot think of another reason why this film should be enjoyed. If you are a fan of the Halloween series, you will not enjoy this one as much.

Rating: 2/10

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

So, Halloween 5 left us on a cliffhanger, but fans of the Halloween franchise waited and waited. Almost to the point that nobody cared that there might be a sequel. Six years after Halloween 5, Halloween 6 was released but of course the number six is not in the title. The film was panned but did well at box office. To my understanding, there is a Producer’s Cut where there is an alternative ending and extra scenes, but since I don’t have it and never scene it myself, I have to review the film as I have seen it. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was Donald Pleasance’s last film before he died. To be honest, Halloween 6 is not the final movie that I would work on before I died. Without further ado, let’s talk about the plot.

Six years after the events of Halloween 5, we see Jaime give birth. She then tries to warn people that Michael is returning. Then we see a retired Dr. Loomis who then hears Jaime over the radio. There is a chase scene and eventually Jaime is killed by Michael. We then meet our new main character. Tommy (who was in the first film) is kind of into Michael after what he witnessed in the first film. The Strode Family is now living in the old Myer’s house. Somehow, Tommy finds Jaime’s baby and takes care of the baby. Tommy and Loomis meet up and the eventually believe that Michael is going to be returning. Michael goes to his old house and kills one of the Strodes. Tommy goes on to say that Michael is under a curse which appears on the arm as a thorn. Those with the curse must kill the next of kin. Meaning, Michael has the curse and his motive has been revealed. Michael goes on to kill some people and the man in black is revealed to be a friend of Loomis. A lot of things happen including Michael getting beaten with a pipe. Tommy and the two Strode kids escape with Loomis going back and all we hear is the screaming of Dr. Loomis. Then the film ends.

This film without a doubt is terrible. I do like how we got around to Michael’s motive, but that could have been explained much earlier in the series. It is kind of riduculous but at the same time it does make sense. I do not like the supernatural feel of the movie because it ruins the series for me. The acting is not good even with Dr. Loomis in the film, it feels somewhat old. The script to me was really weak. To my knowledge, the Producer’s Cut is supposed to be better with many changes. But of course I have not seen the Producer’s Cut. It is one of the most absurd films in the Halloween series and probably the most absurd slasher film.

Rating: 1/10
Title: Re: MONSTER MADNESS #2 Halloween series review (not including 2018 film)
Post by: kingofdanerds on January 22, 2019, 11:48 am
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

After the failure of Halloween 6, hope for the Halloween series began to fall. The ending of the Halloween 6 made it out that there would be a sequel. But what we got was not a direct sequel. Halloween H20 (or Halloween 7) basically ignored Halloween 3 through 6. Halloween H20 was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Halloween franchise. What better way to do it than bring back Laurie Strode! The film did good in box office and with critics. But before I give my personal opinion, lets get to the plot.

We open up the film with a lady finding her house got robbed. Her neighbors go to call the police. They also go to look inside the house. The lady finds some file over Laurie Strode gone. Thinking her neighbors took it, she goes over and finds them dead and is then killed by Michael. The police come and discover the bodies and find a room filled with everything about Michael Myers (remember, Halloween 3, 4, 5, and 6 are completely ignored.) Then we go to California where Laurie Strode is living under a new name and she is the principal at a school. She has a son but appears to be single but does have some sort of affection for one of the counselors. We learned that she faked her death to get away from Michael. Laurie does still have nightmares of Michael and they appear to be getting worse as Halloween gets closer. We then see this lady and her daughter at this rest stop and this is where Michael steals their car and goes to California. Back at the school, students are getting prepared for a camping trip. Laurie fears that Michael will strike at the camp ground and does not want her son to go. Her son only stays to celebrate Halloween with his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend’s girlfriend. One character to mention is the security guard Ronny who is played by LL Cool J. Michael sneaks in while Ronny checks out the car that Michael abandoned. Michael kills Laurie’s son’s friend and his friends girlfriend. Laurie and her boyfriend sense that Michael is in the school and the boyfriend pulls out a gun and accidentally shoots Ronnie (he doesn’t die). The boyfriend is eventually killed by Michael and this is where the chase scene happens. After Laurie’s son and his girlfriend are safe, it’s Laurie versus Michael. Michael falls of a balcony and appears dead. Police come and an ambulance takes Michael away. But Laurie isn’t done and she steals the ambulance and as she is driving, Michael wakes up and Laurie wrecks. Michael is trapped and Laurie grabs an ax. Michael then reaches his hand out and Laurie and Michael touch hands and then Laurie chops Michael’s head off. The End.

This has to be the best Halloween film since the original. The film returns to the series’ roots and that makes this a better film than the previous. It was not as scary as the original but it is nice to see Michael and Laurie return in the same film once again. I do think that as the years go by this film seems to be aging. It’s one of those films that you only want to watch once because there really is no reason to rewatch it besides a marathon. Overall, it is a fairly good film but not better than the first.

Rating: 8/10

Halloween: Resurrection

Many thought that after H20, the Halloween series was finally concluded. But we were all wrong. In 2002, Halloween: Resurrection was released. It did good at box office but was critically panned by critics. Obviously, movie makers thought it was a good idea to bring back Michael in the most absurd way possible. Plus, the subtitle is kind of cliche. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

After the events of H20, it is revealed that Laurie did not kill Michael but killed someone that Michael swapped clothes with. Laurie is this hospital for the wackos. Laurie believes that Michael is to return. Michael comes to the hospital and kills some people before eventually killing Laurie. Then Michael leaves. We then see this internet competition where people have to stay in the Myers’ house for the night. There are cameras everywhere for people across the world to view. Michael kills some people but nobody knows Michael is in the house. That is until Michael kills this girl while people are watching. Only one person believes that the death was real. Then we have a guy dressed as Michael accidentally run into the real Michael and the guy yells at Michael and Michael just walks away. Michael goes on to kill some more people and then the final chase scene begins. Our main character Sara and Freddie (the guy who dressed up as Michael) are in a bedroom with help from internet viewers who by now finally realized that the deaths were real. Freddie and Michael fights and then Michael gets electrocuted and the Myers’ house starts to burn. All the dead bodies (including Michael) gets taken away. In the closing moments, we see Michael wake up. The End.

I do like the modern take of the film where they implemented the internet into the film. The movie is a mixed bag. I liked the kills and the final chase scene was good. The fact that Michael didn’t die in H20 and the explanation as to why he didn’t was uneccessary. I didn’t like that Laurie dies in the beginning of the film even though she is on the poster. Which at first makes one think that she is going to be the main character. I think they should have kept Laurie alive till the end and have her killed.  Many people hate this film but I don’t hate it but I also don’t like it. Like I said, a mixed bag.

Rating: 5/10


After Halloween: Resurrection bombed in the eyes of the majority of viewers (not me), the possiblities of another Halloween sequel were getting slimmer and slimmer. In 2007, the Halloween series got a remake. The film (along with it’s sequel) is refered to as the Rob Zombie Halloween films. Rob Zombie movies in general, are mixed bags. Halloween was the first Rob Zombie film that I ever watched and the first Halloween film I had on DVD. The film is one of the highest grossing films in the series. So, people were wanting a remake more than a sequel! Let’s get to the plot!

We open up with young Michael in school where he gets in a fight with a kid. He then goes and beats a kid to death with a shovel. Michael goes home to his stripper mom, her boyfriend, sister Judith, and a baby sister. On Halloween, Michael kills his mom’s boyfriend and his sister where he then is taking away to the mental hospital where Michael meets Dr. Loomis. Michael’s mother comes and visits only to have Michael kill a nurse and his mother goes home and comits suicide. While at the hospital, Michael becomes interested in making masks and starts to grow a collection. Michael then escapes the hospital by killing some people. He kills a truck driver and takes his clothes and goes to his old house. We meet Laurie Strode who keeps seeing Michael stalking her. Laurie goes babysit while one of her friends make out with her boyfriend and Michael kills them. Michael then goes on to kill the Laurie’s parents. We see Loomis become aware of the escape of Michael and he goes and buys a gun and he tells the Sherrif, whose daughter is friends with Laurie (and is played by the same person who played Jaime Lee in Halloween 4 and 5.) The Sherrif’s daughter has Laurie babysit some other kid and she goes and makes love with her boyfriend. Michael kills the boyfriend and injures her and Laurie comes and calls 911 but only to encounter Michael and to be chased back next door. Michael cathces Laurie and takes her to the Myers home and tries to explain that Laurie is the sister of Michael. Laurie stabs Michael and runs only to have the Sherrif and Loomis arrive. Eventually Michael and Laurie fall off a balcony and Laurie then shoots Michael. The film then ends.

I actually enjoyed this film. It was better than Halloween; Resurrection but not quite as good as the original. I do like the prequel elements that were implemented but most of the scenes felt recycled from the original. The one thing to expect in a Rob Zombie film is blood, language, and nudity which there is plenty of. I do not like how Rob Zombie made Michael a brutal killer. In the original films, Michael is a silent killer who stabs a person once and calls it done. The Michael in this film is the complete opposite. This film is actually one of the best horror remakes I have seen in quite a while. Yes, this film does seem recycled, but it is better than another sequel. It has its flaws but in general, it is a good film.

Rating: 6/10

Halloween II

So, the first remake movie was good. It didn’t neccessarily force the possibility for a sequel. In 2009, Halloween II was released. It was not neccesarily released as a remake of the original Halloween II but rather as a sequel to the first remake. The film did not do as good with critics and box office as much as the previous film. Like the previous film, this film is done by Rob Zombie. We do see the main characters who survived in the first film return for this film. Well, without further ado, let’s conclude this review and get to the plot!

We open up with this flashback scene where Michael’s mother visits him at the mental hospital where she gives him a statue. Then (back to present day) we move to where Michael is being transported and the vehicle crashes and Michael wakes up and kills the driver and goes away. Then we meet Laurie (living with the Sherrif) have a nightmare of Michael. That nightmare being this: Laurie and Annie (her friend who survived the attack from Michael in the previous film) are in a hospital. Laurie wakes up and Michael comes into the building and starts brutally “killing” everyone. There is a big chase and Laurie ends up outside where she alerts someone but eventually that person is “killed”. Laurie seems to be having all kinds of hallucinations and nightmares quite frequently. Then we see Dr. Loomis write a book, which people are criticizing him for. Every now and then we see Michael walking. There is one scene where he kills a nude stripper and this one guy. Laurie and two of her other friends go to a Halloween party where Michael kills one of the friends and goes on to attack Annie. Laurie and her other friend head back and find Annie who then dies and Michael goes on to kill Laurie’s other friend and Laurie escapes. She stops a car and gets in only to have Michael kill the driver and take Laurie away to this shed. The police surround the shed. Loomis goes in and tries to convince Michael to stop but Michael grabs Loomis (after being unmasked and saying DIE) and stabs him (I suppose that Loomis dies cause that is the last we see him, but then again, I don’t picture such a big character like Loomis dying.) Michael is then shot and then Laurie stabs Michael. The last scene shows Laurie having a hallucination of her mother and all Laurie does is smile. The End.

This film was a step down from the previous film. It does have more gore, nudity, and swearing, but that just comes to show that quantity does not equal quality. The opening scene was pretty cool but the rest of the film felt boring to me. I do like how Laurie’s character changed from the previous film to this film. I do not like how Loomis became the hated character in this film. It just does not work for me. The kills are brutal which is what people want, but it does fit Michael’s style. The hallucination scenes were ridiculous which maybe why this film in general is boring. It is not the worst film in the series but it could have been a whole lot better than the end result.

Rating: 4/10

In conclusion, the Halloween series has more movies worth watching than the TCM series. With the new movie coming out here soon, I feel that the series is going to get back on the right track. Then again, I feel that the new movie will bring the series to a conclusion. The series in general, had its good times and its bad times but what is most important is that the series in general delivered scares, kills, and one of the most popular killers in the history of film. This series is a must watch on Halloween. I would recommend watching all the films (even though I said don’t for some of them) because it is a tradition that I and many others celebrate. So, do yourself a favor, watch some of these films on Halloween by yourself or with a friend with the lights out and the TV on. Because believe me, you are going to have one hell of a time with these movies.
Title: Re: MONSTER MADNESS #2 Halloween series review (not including 2018 film)
Post by: Ethan2009 on January 22, 2019, 11:50 am
you put a lot of work into this, nice job
Title: Re: MONSTER MADNESS #2 Halloween series review (not including 2018 film)
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you put a lot of work into this, nice job

Got two more ready for release.