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Title: Janelavaviva's Game Tips: Scary Games
Post by: janelavaviva on June 20, 2013, 05:18 pm
Hello all! I'm staring my own siries of game tips. Today's post is on:
Scary games!

Lighting Effects

 When everything is dark, I mean PITCH BLACK I it always tends fun to me to put up Tiki Torches and thoes smaller Torches. Including the torch powerup. I use this in my game, Blackout.


 Ok, teleporters are really fun, but it dosn't make scence if you are in a skybase, then you enter a teleporter and go into the center of the Earth or somthing. Unless you want it to be a suprise, it's cool.

 Aswell, thoes little bouncy pad brick thingy-majigy things are cool, espeacily whenn your trying to launch the player into the air, into some water and burn thier torch out.