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Title: Anyone wanna collab? I'm doing a classic shooter series.
Post by: jaylynnh12 on June 11, 2013, 09:35 pm
I'm making a classic shooter series called Terragracia. This is my first time making a classic shooter because I was inspired by dudki.

The story:
 (Believed to be a conspiracy) There used to be a city named Terragracia. But in 2013, a bio-chemical terrorist group BTA (Bio-Terrorism Agency) destroyed it. From the September 11th attack in 2001, Taliban worked with the BTA and BTA took the bodies. Using a bio-virus they had created, these people were chemically turned into meat-eating zombie creatures. They launched these creatures onto Terragracia, lauched toxic air, and atomic bombs. Eventually, Terragracia sank and the BTA moved on to other islands and countries. Legions of people were dying at the certain time and these legions became these creatures. The character and his allied partner, Alonzo Luigichini, are on a mission to go onto BTA's head lauchship (boat) and collect the powerful virus core used to destroy the world.

this is just the story to game 1. but its a series.

if anybody wants to collab then reply on this post  ;D ;D ;D