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Title: [Application] Gaming Masterpiece
Post by: raulmenendez on April 03, 2013, 11:56 am
Hello there!  Right now, you're reading a reviewer application by me, Raulmenendez.   I should as well tell you the game I am reviewing, and the member behind the making xP.
 So today, I'll be reviewing 'The Gamer' by Deathleaf. Now, let's get started. Grab a chair, sit down and be amazed by my awesome reviewing skills. xP


Alright, Let's start from scratch.
 I’m pretty certain all of us know Deathleaf, you must be pulling your string if you're aren't. Deathleaf is an epic game maker. He is well known for the amount of featured games and his three positions on the mainsite.
He grabbed my attention when I saw the amount of features he had in store for us. Because he has his own spotlight for game making, it really makes him one of the greats. :3
 So like I said, he grabbed my attention and because of my curiosity, I decided to review one of his games to maintain an accurate score. Right now, I'm pretty certain it might make a 4/5. Let's get started and see if it really exceeds my expectations. :3


The thumbnail is pretty basic; to admit, there's barely anything in its midst. It probably adds to its mysterious theme. You'll never know what's going to pop up. I could see a door and some 'voodoo' that makes up the scenario. There barely is anything to talk about; It's just bland. That, I'm guessing the action's going to have to wait a while.
Brace yourself, the 'hate' comments are coming.


The game starts off pretty simple.
You have a wizard, an owl and a general introducing you to Gamer and how the game works. Gamer is basically a game where you go into the game and play as yourself, so you're basically saying it's almost like a paradox.
 After that, it's like opening the door to a whole different aspect. That, my friends is where the use of 'Fun' comes along. Then, there’s action, puzzle, traps and challenge. I also liked the fact that the majority of puzzles were pretty new to the concept. To admit, It was quite impressive because I'm not pretty good with finding puzzles for the Platformer creator and seeing that I just started, this game becomes a whole new change for me and my game making skills. :3

Well I'd admit, the game was filled with puzzles. Puzzles here and puzzles there and as I said earlier, most of them were like fresh out of the box; new to the oblivious world as we speak. Although some of them were much of a struggle, and some were as simple as falling off a cliff.
As for traps, there weren't many and they were pretty simple. For example, on the second level,  there’s trap doors aligned above the lava. Some weren't as dangerous, while others lead you to death. There was also one where you went into a dead end in a tunnel and a closer would close and then you get pretty frustrated. Then there's some where you had to move objects to clear your path to the oblivious world of Gamer. That’s pretty much it from what I had noticed. So overall, puzzles were excellent while the traps were alright. It's not as tasty as chicken, but you get the idea.

The power-ups and health were quite limited. Sometimes my health bar would be so low, and I was in the middle of a tireless battle. I was like pulling my string because the resources were pretty scarce so sometimes after the battle ended, I fell off my seat because I survived, with one speck of health left. Well, thanks a lot, Deathleaf.
 Sometimes I wished I would've made the sacrifice because I can't get through a game with a speck of health, the guy deserves some health.  But at times, I wished Deathleaf would put a cookie in there. I'm pretty hungry and I really deserve it after so much has ended. 
The extra health placement was pretty good, the fact I only got it when I truly needed it and considering it made my player pretty satisfied. Yes, so health placement is up to its extent.

The enemy placement was superb. I would've thought our man Deathleaf could’ve done no better. There were enemies right there in the game that weren’t used as puzzles were placed quite strategically and sometimes stunned you like a chicken being hypnotised, leaving you as the baby fish in the pond. So I'd admit, that was pretty annoying lol. I've got wounded many times and I felt like I dropped my tongue. Overall, the enemy placement was commendable.
It's more tastier than a box of chocolates, I would suggest.

Okay, I’ll start off by saying that the scenery isn’t the brightest color of the rainbow, especially the later levels in the game. The light fades as you go from one to another. As for the first level, it was alright. From level two, the scenery is very plain, and doesn’t make the game exciting for me, because it looks a bit off there, rather bland and dull. I'm afraid it wasn't cooked enough.
For me, scenery is almost like your average Bruce Lee because it makes the game look and feel a bit more hyperactive. Without it, I feel like the game's missing out an opportunity. I'd admire an expedition to the various landscapes of Gamer, but the scenario is pretty dull. Overall, there are scarce bits of scenery in the game. I'm afraid we should've stayed inside. xP

Well to admit, It might be safe to say that Deathleaf was creative and resourceful with this game if you put it that way. He used lots of puzzles that he made up, and included a creative storyline throughout the game that really kept me going. I don’t think I could call anything in The Gamer uncreative because it would blow his opportunity, but maybe just some of the traps needed some improvement here and there.
Good work, Deathleaf. Now, it's about time we see our scores.
But will Deathleaf make it?


Creativity: As I said earlier there was nothing I could call uncreative in this epic game. The puzzles and traps contributed to its creativity, I'm impressed what Deathleaf pulled over there. 

Puzzles and traps: The puzzles and traps – especially the puzzles – were excellent and very creative. It wasn't like building blocks what other games might do to pull off a terrible display which definitely raised its standards. As for traps, they was alright. It just needs some fixing here and there. Deathleaf just needs to know what tools he must use and when he uses them.

Enemy placement and variety: As I said earlier, enemy placement was superb; If I was Deathleaf, I wouldn't intend to remove or add any enemies to Gamer because they are and used placed very well. Also, the enemy variety was commendable. The enemies made it feel like a real, techno world. As much as I love mythology, robots are definitely going in the bag. :3

Health placement: Health placement was impressive; like I said earlier, my player was pretty satisfied. Even though I never really did complete The Gamer which is a shame because I never got to see the ending since I'm so curious. I got quite far into level four, but sadly died. But hey, at least I died an honorable man in battle.

Challenge and addictiveness: Well, this game is quite challenging here and there, and I'm certain it's extremely possible. Like I said earlier, I almost completed it, but not to the extent. Also, the challenge of the game made it extremely addictive and it really grabbed my attention for quite a while. Because of my curiosity and the game's pure addictiveness, led me to keep going on and on to while I roam the oblivious landscape of Gamer.


Scenery: The scenery was extremely bland and dull and there was barely any hyperactivity to make it seem fitting. You could really see it at the thumbnail; It didn't display much effort as I expected it to be, and I guess I could say the game's missing out on the opportunity. I could really see that Deathleaf is aiming to make it seem more futuristic and technical, rather the scenery wasn't well being focused on. The chicken wasn't cooked well enough, I'm afraid.


Action: 4.5/5. The action was strongly used, even on the first level to make it seem like it was worth playing. The only level that didn’t have much action was level two which I wasn't too satisfied with apparently, but the action was being focused on the puzzles in Gamer as well as the traps which I wasn't too fond of in particular. The action was pretty impressive itself, but the question is still pondering about the traps. :/

Difficulty: 4/5 This game is definitely difficult. I struggled a lot here and there and eventually made it to Level Four, like I said earlier. It took me a while and because I was new to game making, I wasn't expecting much. I guess you can say I was right, the difficulty really led me to some frustration but it was still addictive at the same time.

Creativity: 5/5. I'm pretty satisfied with the Creativity. It really exceeded my expectations and the resources there were straightforward and spot on. I wouldn’t have thought of puzzles, traps, basically everything was creative which adds it up to the biggest slice of the chocolate cake.

Puzzles and traps: 4.75/5. To admit, I would've said the puzzles are pretty impressive and should've made ts way to a full 5/5. They were creative, new, and quite challenging which I was more than satisfied with. There couldn't really be any better. However, some of the traps were good, but not good enough to get what I hoped, so I reduced the score down to 4.75/5. Deathleaf just needs to keep working on his traps, there just wasn't enough resources to keep me satisfied.

Placement: 4.5/5. The placement of everything was quite good and I would've said it was spot on. However, block placement could’ve been improved a tiny bit more in the second level of Gamer, to prevent cheating the fact I've pretty much seen a lot of it before lol.

Overall: 4.5/5
There you go, just like I expected. Now we bring ourselves to the conclusion. Here we go


Overall, I would say The Gamer deserved a big 4.5/5. The Gamer game is truly amazing. Despite the lack of scenery, I found this game extraordinary here and there, like the queen on the chess board eliminating the opposing team with every move. So, I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. Even if you don’t like challenging games, go ahead, because some things are truly amazing and it's something that should improve your standards in game making. :D

Feature Worthy? Like I said, the game was like a queen on the chess board. It was more like a bawss. :3
  I loved the creativity in this game, and the fresh new puzzles got me over the edge there, and I should say that this magnificent masterpiece should be recognised. Truly amazing.

So, that's  pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviewer application.
Thanks for reading.

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Accept now.
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Post by: raulmenendez on April 04, 2013, 01:51 am
Accept now.

Lol, thanks for the appreciation. xP
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Bumpasaurus. ;3
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I'll bump for you.
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Good app. You might get accepted!
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Good app. You might get accepted!
Says Raul.
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