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Title: Welcoming Skega...after 3 months?
Post by: segasilver99 on August 09, 2012, 06:20 am
Lol I never introduced myself or anything on the forums, and I've probably failed at an early chance promotion, but here goes...
Hi, I'm SegaSilver99 (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/segasilver99/), but people call me Skega. I will soon have a YouTube account where I can post my vids and stuff like that. I enjoy playing piano, classic and modern, and love music. Not singing though, I suck at that. I also love Sonic, Mario, Final Fantasy etc. and play video games. Now and again I may deliberately troll, but that hasn't been in AGES!
I rarely post emoticons, so don't expect me to be a spammer sort of member. However, I enjoy figuring out BBcode and HMTL codes to use. You can expect some pretty epic games from me, I'm redoing my account on the MS, keeping a few games. I am hoping to be a Reviewer and Moderator later on, but for now I'm just cruising through what I can :).
You can also see my on skypwn (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/skypwn/) although its been a while since I've been on there.

That's all folks!