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Title: I'm Back From Vacation!!
Post by: matthade2 on June 24, 2012, 01:26 am
I loved Florida!!! We went to the spots also known as the forgotten coast: Carrabelle,Panama City, Sopchoppy, St. George Island, Port St. Joe, and about 5 other beaches..So yeah it was alot of fun but don't think I have forgotten about EGD..With only about 2 weeks left competition is tough in ppg category..I really got to step it up here! So if you want to go to my two EGD threads the links are right here:

my EGD hyped thread for my EGD game:


my EGD trailer business:


Anyway best of luck to anyone and everyone please check out my threads! If you want to comment about anything go right ahead this is matthade2 signing out!