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Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on April 21, 2012, 09:43 pm
This is a thread will informative news will be held. Soldiers+ have a thread in their category where they put in their reports. The purpose of the thread is to answer frequently asked questions that is being asked numerously of a certian direct subject. Lt+ will post here the reports/news by copying and pasting from the other thread to here. Keep check from time to time.

Here are several examples. One example is the event of the annual prom, where users simply asked when it happened, what it is and different questions that relate to the subject. A reporter with full knowledge of the situation may post a news report about the prom with the information that answers the question. If a question about the Prom was also asked into the public, false information may be given by the user who is answering the question.

Another situation would be PoW-related issues. When a certian paticular member or user is sent to PoW, questions are being asked on what happened, why it happened and such. A news article would be given on the information full of answers. If you ask, we have Darut's sploder answers thread in the basic training category where one user asks and a Soldier+ answers. The differene between the news thread and darut's thread is that the thread of sploder Q&A benefit one user at a time. The news thread would be made public and provide information to not just one singular user, but many users. It is also shown in Darut's thread that users who asked a question never looks back at previous pages to see if another user asked the same exact question.

Have an idea for this? Post it in the Ideas category with a [news] tag at the beginning at the title so I can come in and see it!

Was the article you read helpful to you? If so, thank it to show that it was helpful!

If this thread gets inactive (i.e no article for a few weeks) it will be put into the RPFGs category until it is active again.


Official Article Suggestion Thread
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 21, 2012, 10:58 pm
Come to think of it, this will hardly been seen here. You might as well move this to general. You can do that from the link I sent you. I will delete my posts once you see this.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 22, 2012, 12:45 am
News, news, news

Created by: Liamnight

What is this thread? What is this? This is an article for the thread! The thread will be full of articles that would be helpful for the forums. Examples written in the first post! Sadly, the permission for writing reports are for Soldiers+ at the current moment. If you didn't know, these articles would be mostly on frequently asked questions! So if you have a question you are going to ask, check here first to see if your answer is in here! Hope this news/report will be helpful in a successful, positive way!
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 22, 2012, 12:54 am
Epic Game Drop

Created by: Superluigi77

Yes, it's that time of year again, time for the Epic Game Drop. What is the Epic Game Drop, you ask? Good question! Without going into the specifics, Epic Game Drop is Sploder's biggest contest of the year, with the winning game possibly going into the hallowed ground that is the Epic Game Library. If you are interested in this then it is time for you to start making your best game yet because the competition is going to be beyond fierce with entries from such game-making artisans as ravicale, swallowthesun, Youngcaliman and many, many more. I may even have something up my sleeve this time around. This year if you want any chance of winning you're going to have to be perfect.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 22, 2012, 01:17 am
Epic Game Drop Continued...

Created by: Myownself

Many people wonder what the EGD is.  Well, first off, don't mistake it with the Epic Game Library (EGL) although it does play a part.  The EGD is actually a contest that is usually around June where people release there game at the same time.  Prior to this each person that signs up gets a fused thread for a certain amount of time in general.  These hype threads should not be your everyday ones.  They need to be eye popping so that they get people's attention.

You may ask,  "What's so special about this contest?  What makes it so great?  What are the prizes?"  Well, first of all,  the winning game in each genre does not automatically get into the EGL despite popular belief.  Any game over 80% does get a feature, and any thing over 95% gets a CHANCE to get into the EGL.  This is a great contest and everybody should participate in it.  Even if you don't do the best, it's a great learning experience.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 22, 2012, 05:03 am
The Mystery Continues

Created by: Liamnight

Suspence rises while many questions on the 'shadow avatar'. A special method might have been done to make this shadow avatar, starting along with Superluigi77 and 10000truths. Now, Raviclesalt and Okkeny has figured out how making the method look easy. Just one problem stands: If you ask how, most likely you will not find out. The method has not been released to public so you need to figure it by yourself. What is the method? Texture? Glitch? It's up to you to find out.

Quick addendum by superluigi77
If you do find out how to do it you are obliged to not reveal the secret. After all, if everybody knows how to do it then it loses all of its value. Also, by figuring it out you risk 10000truths coming to your house and bludgeoning your head with a baseball bat until you lose all knowledge of the glitch. Any other knowledge lost in the process is just collateral damage. He's already en route to the homes of ravicale and okkeny, in case you are wondering. Now that you've been warned you can undertake this challenge at your own risk.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: YoungCaliman on April 22, 2012, 12:47 pm
Just to add to the avatar thing: Can we just stop talking about it? I'm tired of seeing everyone arguing about it. It's just an avatar...a fake identity for a website. Yet, people are flaming each other because of it, and much disrespect is resulting from this whole shadow avatar thing.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 22, 2012, 05:01 pm
All games Currently Hyped for EGD


Created by: Babybuster4ever

Current list:
Assassins of the Great
By Thewindlord

Handicapped Remix
By Vaporeon

Blockhead Chapter 1
By Chucky12

Dawn to Dusk
By Jackjoshseb

By Youngcaliman

By Enzo186

By Potatomash

By Lordeldar

By Babybuster4ever

Adventure Quest
By Aditya75

By Swallowthesun

Grand Quest: The Darkest Hour
By Ravicale

By Applepieofdooms

Undead Glory
By Sportsdude105

By Creatingames

By Tedbear2

By 10000truths

Water City
By Rus3000

By Avatar1097

Super Charisma Bros
By Charismatic

Lonely Roads / Mirrors Edge
By Spellmage

Travelling Through Time

Brocky, Shadross, Myownself


The Owl Is coming to kill EARTH
Alexmd, Toad01

Journey to the Center of the Earth


The Game

Sploder City
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 24, 2012, 07:26 pm
Identify Theft

Created by: Liamnight

It seems that some of you are concerned about Identity theft or any other other issues with posting a certain picture of you, revealing your age, or any other similar situations. Some users want to know what other users look like or show what they look like. Posting a message such as "you will get kidnapped!" etc. does show that you are concerned of the safety of yourself and others, but it was their choice to show it or not. If you show a picture of yourself, most likely you will not get kidnapped or get your identity stolen because there are many people in the world that looks like you. Though do not get me wrong, revealing your absolute location and location address will bring you in danger. Now users can also show their age, if a person wanted to kidnap a certain target, they will need more information than just their age. Saying something like "I’m 12" or "I’m 13" will not get you in danger.

Identity theft is most likely done by stolen identity cards (ID's) or anything else that shows physically who you are.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 27, 2012, 01:47 am
New Lieutenants

Created by: Superluigi77

It's been about 4 months since last we promoted any soldiers. Since then the soldiers have all been working hard to prove their mettle and take that step up to be counted among the Sploder Elite. Through blood, (Typing until their fingers were worn raw) sweat, (From all that furious typing) and tears (From all the times their long comments were lost to the many glitches of this forum) three valiant soldiers distinguished themselves and received the call to the Lieutenant League. They are myownself, 1twenty1guns, and benisaewsome. You can look forward to them serving you well in the future as keep up the hard work that got them to where they are now. Treat them with the dignity and respect with which you would treat any other Lieutenant or General. Your fate is now in their hands. Now would be a good time for you to start groveling at their feet.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 27, 2012, 03:02 am
Stop, Think, and Post

Created by: Liamnight

STP, an acronym made bybutterball2standing for Stop, Think, and Post. You've seen it before, someone posts without thinking. This might not help immediately, but it will give a nudge saying you're harmful or anything related. Example? You can give a whisper saying "STP, stop thing and post". This would give the user a 'wake-up' and see if the member did anything wrong. Also, a quick notice. Don't go around saying "STP!!!!1!!" all over Sploder. The user might not know what it means, so instead of "STP!!!!1!", say "STP, stop think and post".
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: myownself on April 28, 2012, 01:13 am
New About Bypassing

Created by: Myownself

It has come to our attention that users are using the phrase "da fuq" or "the fuq" a lot in general. This is still bypassing. If you continue to use this, you will end up in POW for a good chunk of time.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: myownself on April 28, 2012, 11:29 am
Posted By: liamnightUnnecessary Madness

Created by: Liamnight

Recently, many users has been arguring about copying someone else's news thread or something similar. There is no stated rule that "copying a thread" is not allowed. Actually, you aren't even copying, news has been around for forever. Here are some quotes of a message on this forums, though the username who said this willnotbe revealed.

A Message Used in Forums.... So sploderinformer is the first active one made in a while.  Therefore, this is a copy of it.  Please move to PMs. ....

A Message Used in Forums....  I'm simply stating the fact that you made a copy, that it's wrong, and should be moved ...

What I am trying to say is that making a news thread is not copying and it is not against the rules. It is not wrong, and it does not have to be deleted or moved to another category i.e the private message category. Do not critisize a thread for copying your 'idea' and do not insult the user who made the News/Informer thread.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: myownself on April 28, 2012, 11:31 am
Posted By: liamnightUnnecessary Madness

Created by: Liamnight

Recently, many users has been arguring about copying someone else's news thread or something similar. There is no stated rule that "copying a thread" is not allowed. Actually, you aren't even copying, news has been around for forever. Here are some quotes of a message on this forums, though the username who said this willnotbe revealed.

A Message Used in Forums.... So sploderinformer is the first active one made in a while.  Therefore, this is a copy of it.  Please move to PMs. ....

A Message Used in Forums....  I'm simply stating the fact that you made a copy, that it's wrong, and should be moved ...

What I am trying to say is that making a news thread is not copying and it is not against the rules. It is not wrong, and it does not have to be deleted or moved to another category i.e the private message category. Do not critisize a thread for copying your 'idea' and do not insult the user who made the News/Informer thread.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 28, 2012, 10:55 pm
Users of the Week

Created by: Liamnight

We will start a section called 'users of the week' by voting from Soldiers. The users of the week will come in 2 sections, the most productive member and the most creative member. Let's see what we have this week!

Most productive member


Most creative member


Congrats Superluigi77 and Yugioh77!
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 30, 2012, 03:31 am
What You Do When A Spammer Comes

Created by: Liamnight

When a spammer comes, first thing you do is to try not to make any threads about the spammer. This includes PoW request threads, Giblet request threads, and any other possible threads with a related subject. This would most likely encourage the spammer to spam more, ignore the spammer and don't reply to the spammer. Additionally, do not even reply to a spammer even if it is a big speech about how they are doing something wrong, since most likely they will ignore you and do their naughty things. When a user spams, 50% likely they will show inappropriate content so I am highly recommending you to leave the site and come back a few hours later. If you stay on to watch the 'spammer action', the user would possibly make a thread insulting about you or anything that insults you, your race, your country etc and you won't be happy about it.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on April 30, 2012, 03:31 am
Remember The Informer's Purpose

Created by: Liamnight

The informer is based mostly on news and informing. I might have been giving some events not related to news such as the users of the week that gives a quick encouragement to the most productive member and the most creative member each week but apparently users has forgot the full meaning of the informer. The informer is not meant for any commercial purposes or advertisement purposes. Some users has frequently PM'd me to advertise a certain game or thread and the informer is not meant for that. I will deny any requests to anything related to advertising, even if you are a friend or a very respected user. You will have to find an alternative way to advertise your game or thread and also remember the stated one thread advertising rule on this forums. Additionally, do not expect me to forget this. Therefore, your games and threads are not meant to be advertised in the informer.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 05, 2012, 04:34 pm
Glitches of this Forum

Created by: Superluigi77

Vanilla forums are known for having numerous glitches and loopholes in their systems. We all know this by now. That being said, if you happen on to one this forum's glitches you should NOT attempt to test it. You should immediately report it to a Lieutenant or a General so we can take steps to fix it, if that is at all possible. If you are caught abusing a glitch you can expect a stay in P.O.W. Camp for it.

Furthermore, I believe at this point we all know that there is a glitch that allows users to post in closed threads as well as threads that they shouldn't even be able to see. Using this glitch is expressly forbidden unless permission is procured from a GENERAL or Commander-in-Chief. If there is a thread that you can not post in then there is probably a very good reason for that. We will not be lenient on people caught using this glitch. (Don't even try to figure it out for yourself. I couldn't even figure it out for myself. I needed somebody to explain it to me. It's just that complex.)
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 06, 2012, 05:31 pm
Most Underrated Game Makers Of Sploder

Created by: Spellmage

Here we are honoring the three greatest underrated game makers as voted upon by the soldiers. These game makers tend to be unnoticed, or their games just don't get as much attention as they would like, we are here to tell them, their games ARE great and that we hope they will continue making their amazing games.

Our number one most underrated game maker is Ravicle:
Written by Charismatic:


Ravicale is a very creative game maker. He can give you a long game with an in-depth story and many levels, or a simple little game that uses an interesting concept. He is the creator of the GrandQuest series, which is a platformer with a long story and many levels each with a different setting. Almost all of his games are interesting and fun, which is why he is featured on this list.

Our number two most underrated game maker is Crunchynut:
Written by JackJoshSeb:


Crunchynut is a creative game maker on many parts, and has a lot of abilities. He favours the Shooter creator and excels in incorporating amazing art and symmetrical gameplay, making his games enjoyable for not only us Community Members, but also some of the younger Mainsite members that like games that lookneat. Crunchynut has earned himself 14 Featured games ranging from a lot of different genres, including RPGs (See; The Red Planet [RPG]), Puzzle and Traps (see Into Sandys City) and a load of addicting action games. Taking a look at Crunchynut's game list will do you good, and somehow he seems underrated among others.

Our number three must underrated game maker is Elroy:
Written by JackJoshSeb:


A creative game maker that flies under the radar, Elroysice keeps on keeping on. With that creativity, I believe Elroysice was the first member to have the idea of Badge Earning into his games, such as the RaveQuest games, RPG styled, detailed, and long games that we all enjoy. He's not as well known as some other members, however his game making is brilliant. He's earned himself 12 Featured games and I believe is currently working on some more. He keeps us updated and we'll be seeing some great games in the near future, from this underrated game maker.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 06, 2012, 05:36 pm
Html Tags

Created by: Liamnight

I have seen posts where a user has forgot to put in the end tag. When you do not put an end tag of a specified code for Html, the posts below you will messup. That includes marquee tags, italics tags, and listing tags. I am reminding you all to double check your html to see if you put an end tag.

Html without an end tag:

< marquee > Moving Text < marquee >
< marquee > Moving Text

*This will make the posts below your comment move with the moving text.

Html with a tag:

< marquee > Moving Text < /marquee >;
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 06, 2012, 05:37 pm
Helpful Youtube Videos In Making Games for the Classic Shooter Creator

Created by: Liamnight

Here are some links to youtube videos that might help you advance in making games in the Classic Shooter Creator.

Sploder Training Video 2- Advanced
Additional Information: Tutorial made by Checkthepan.
Nzad'amnz21's Guide To: How to make a Basic Shooter on Sploder
Additional Information: Tutorial made by Nzad'amnz21.
Sploder - How to Make Curves and How to use Them
Additional Information: Tutorial made by mrdragon
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 06, 2012, 05:38 pm
Privates... Soldiers Take A Quick Look Here

Created by: Liamnight


Soldiers, recently many users has been asking questions on me about if they can start a section in the informer. You do not have to ask me to start a section or start an article, since I don't want the informer to be based on an 'ask liam for permission on almost everything' concept. I do not want the informer to be run by just only me, I want the informer to be run by majority of the Soldier. I assume that soldiers won't go off topic from the Informer's Purpose and I trust you guys. However, if the article is not relevant to the Informer's Purpose, and you feel that it should be in the informer, you must ask my permission or majority of the soldiers needs to agree. Lastly, though the informer is run by soldiers+, you do not have to be active in making articles.


I've noticed some few suggests on what to write into the informer, and that is fine by me. If the suggest is good, a Soldier will write an article from the suggestion. Unfortunately, the suggests i've seen recently is irrelevant to the purpose of the informer and if the suggestion was added into the informer, it would have no meaning to have its presence there. Before you start a discussion on the suggestion, STP (Stop, Think, and Post). There are some standards the suggestion has to qualify, and if they do not qualify, there is no meaning to start a discussion about the suggestion.  

Obvious Standards:

All in all, the suggestion you make must be legit and follow the obvious standards. PM a soldier instead of making a discussion if you would like to also!

And for a late announcement on the informer...

Congratulations for Tookewl's Lt. Promotion!
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 07, 2012, 01:49 pm
Posted By: myownselfNew About Bypassing

Created by: Myownself

It has come to our attention that users are using the phrase "da fuq" or "the fuq" a lot in general. This is still bypassing. If you continue to use this, you will end up in POW for a good chunk of time.
This should also apply to using the phrase "FUUUUUUUUUU". This is essentially a partial bypass as you are censoring the last two letters by simply not adding them or putting anything in their place. Since this is only a partial bypass we will be lenient. Don't make a habit out of saying this and we won't have a problem, capiche?
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Parry on May 13, 2012, 06:52 am
Official Article Suggestion Thread

Created by: Liamnight

An official article suggestion thread has been made with instructions and information inthis thread. When giving a suggestion, remember that it shouldn't be some kind of idea where any user won't agree!
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Parry on May 13, 2012, 06:54 am
The New Fresh Start

Created by: Liamnight

There has been a clean-up of soldiers in the barracks leaving only 18 soldiers to left. Soldiers are now able to sink threads and the standards have doubled. Additionaly, this isn't the first time a Soldier is able to sink. When the soldier rank was first created, they were able to sink but the permission was deleted  to let more members in. However, do not give up on yourself! If you do not give up, you will get yourself a chance to become this rank!
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Parry on May 14, 2012, 01:08 pm
Pushing The Boundaries For Attention

Article Created by: Liamnight

Idea given by: al3xhw

Since many of the users can't see your behind that computer screen, nothing can stop you from lying about your age, name, or real life situations, but there is a limit. This isn't recent, it's been throughout the dawn of Sploder where people have pushed the boundaries for attention. Lying about death and disease isn't acceptable, it won't get you anywhere. If you think you will get popular, you will, but many users will not trust you anymore. Additionaly, the Sploder Community Forums is not a place where you discuss about real life situation either. A thread about the situation is okay, but numerous threads about it is not acceptable.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 15, 2012, 02:34 am
Plagiarism: What it is and why you shouldn't do it

Article Created by: Superluigi77 (and common sense)

Plagiarism is defined as taking somebody else's work and presenting it as your own. This includes a wide variety of things, from quoting somebody without citing your source to straight up copying/pasting something and then trying to pass it off as your own. This is something that is taken very seriously not only here on Sploder but almost everywhere in real life as well. If you get caught plagiarizing a paper for school you will be in very big trouble. You will likely get a failing grade for the assignment as well as face other disciplinary measures. When you are in college for repeat offenses you can get kicked out of the class or even kicked out the school altogether. In the work place it can easily cost you your job.

Here on Sploder we also have little tolerance for plagiarism, especially when it comes to recruiting for MS positions. If you plagiarize your review application you will be banned from applying for a very long time. Do it again and you will likely be banned permanently. Same thing for MSM applications. You'd think that this wouldn't be a problem for MSM applications but unfortunately you'd be wrong. As for Editor applications I should certainly hope that plagiarism wouldn't be a problem. I'd certainly feel foolish if I'd sent the application to somebody who'd be willing to plagiarize.

In summation: Plagiarism = Very Bad
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 18, 2012, 04:23 pm
Lieutenants & Generals: To Fear of to Friend?

Article Created by: Superluigi77

This article is more so aimed at you newer members who have yet to really get to know the higher-ranked members. There seems to be a perception among you guys that the Lieutenants & Generals are users to be feared and avoided at all costs. "Don't annoy us or else!" seems to be our perceived mindset. However, not only is that a myth, it could not be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief we are actually a really nice bunch of guys. (Except jammyt2. Jk. Jk. lololol) We enjoy meeting and getting to know new members. Part of our job descriptions is about helping and educating you guys so don't be afraid at all to approach us. We can always make time to help you or to just chat.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 18, 2012, 04:35 pm
Maturity: How Exactly Does One Acquire this Fickle Trait?

Article Created by: Superluigi77

Contrary to popular belief, maturity is NOT something that you can just suddenly decide to be and then just like that be it. It just doesn't work like that. You can attempt to change your mindset and to make more responsible decisions but true maturity is developed over time. When you try to just suddenly be mature you are only putting on a charade and eventually your true self will show through. It's not going to work so don't try it. You will just end up looking foolish pretending to be something that you are not.

If you want to develop true maturity you need only to be yourself and to learn from your own experiences and from your mistakes, as well as the examples set by the people around you. Slowly but surely you will learn and you will grow. Becoming mature can be a very slow process but it will happen eventually if you are just willing to let it.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 25, 2012, 02:35 pm

Article Created by: Liamnight

From time to time, users come and talk aboutbugmenotand worry about the safety of Sploder. I am going to say that talking about bugmenot and how it is unsafe is unnecessary since you cannot do anything about it, and most or all of the passwords given are fake. If you find a real/valid password in there that is your pass or someone else's, do not make a discussion about it and PM a LT+ instead.

Quick Addendum by Superluigi77: You should also obviously never post your account information on bugmenot. That would just not be a smart thing to do.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 25, 2012, 02:36 pm
Inappropriate Graphics

Article Created by: Liamnight

Idea given by: heat6andking

This is a reminder that everything in the forums or the mainsitemustfollow theToS(Terms Of Service). All graphics shown in the forums or made in the mainsite must not be inappropriate. Any inappropriate graphics will be deleted by Lt+ and you will have potential into going to PoW. Graphics cannot include any por'nographic, libelous, slanderous, hateful, profane, threatening, or vulgar material. This means that the graphics must be G-rated and will be classified as appropriate to a 1st grader.

If any inappropriate graphics are shown on Sploder, report it to a Lt+ immediately.

To summarize this up, inappropriate graphics are not allowed and will never be allowed to be shown.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 25, 2012, 02:37 pm
The New Game Creator for Sploder

Article Created by: Liamnight

Idea given by: rooo0

Not much is given out of this new creator, but I've gathered all the info so far.

It will be similar to the Platformer creator, and it will be for the iOS. What does iOS mean? It means it will be able to go on Apple products or smartphones. Apple products include the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad. You can also use it in the computer as well. Most likely it will cost 1$ in US money.

The creator was announced and shown on new years, at tinychat. Geoff went on camera and showed the online users the creator. Hopefully, a user who has been there at the moment took a screenshot of it.

-Credit where credit is due-

Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on May 27, 2012, 04:33 pm
A Travel Back In Time!

Article Created by: Liamnight

Idea given by and Info collected by: kylepeanut12

Sploder has been on the internet for more than a half of a decade (5 years), and it has advanced over the years and it's hard to believe how different (or same) Sploder was when it was first created. kylepeanut12 has PM'd some users that were here in Sploder somewhat around the beginning. Let's see what they have said about the beginning of Sploder (near '08, '07).

FlipWell, in 08 Sploder, there was no avatars, no friend system, hardly any rules, only the Ship Shooter Creator existed. on the forums people could upload their own avatar images, and anybody could sink. We would do all sorts of stuff, raiding other forums, talk about new game concepts, show each other cool websites or talk about life. Bullying was quite a problem back then ,though. My favorite memory is when I made my game Kingdom of Sand(on my old account Jake101x) and obeliskos rated it 10/10

ThebestmanWell, as far I remember, Tookewl and few others people were there. It's almost the same as now- members spamming and insulting other users. I was actually given the privileges to either close or sink a thread. But I lost mine back in November.

TheimageIt was really the same, except there were more older members present. Many of them have left or have gone inactive since then. My favorite memory was probably Samus64. He was going to call the cops on Jason or something like that.

Wxg58Everything seemed to have a better sense of community, there were not many members so everyone knew each other, this went for both the mainsite and the forums. There were no ranks and not many rules, it was basically make games, share them and have fun. The mainsite was dominated by about 5 people. Me, Maxliam, Raiden, Teb and skorm. Favourite memory would be on the forums where maxliam and westknight3 were having a website fight.

Quick Supplement by Liamnight:

If you are intersted into seeing what Sploder looked like before today, check out the links below. All these links uses an internet archive.

(Date: Jan. 8th 2007)...Sploder MS
(Date: Aug. 9th 2008)...Sploder MS
(Date: March. 5th 2009)...Classic Shooter

(Date: Aug. 21st 2008)...Forums
(Date: Mar. 24th 2010)...Forums
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on June 03, 2012, 01:04 am
Sploder Game Collections!

Created by: JackJoshSeb

What Are Game Collections

The Game Collections have it's very own page on Sploder, but Geoff never got around to adding a link on the Mainsite for it, so naturally, half of you most likely won't know about them.

Game collections allow you to make a collection, in that collection, you choose games to out in the collection. If a member sees your collection of games, they will click on it, maybe even comment on your collection, then play the games.

Your Collection(s) can have any games, and contain anything, for example: Your favourite games on Sploder, the hardest games on Sploder, the funnest games on Sploder, maybe your best games on Sploder, your contest winning games, or even your featured games! Maybe your reviewed games,  your most viewed, anything you like. The options are endless.

They're also a whole lot of fun to make, manage, and even browse other people's!

How Do I Make A Collection?

It's simple really, just go here: Make a Collection!.

Once you've opened that up, it should say "Create a Collection". First you make a name for your collection, pretty simple really. Yep, just like a group. Then make a description, again, just like a group, very simple.

Then below it, type in the game you want, if you KNOW what member made the game, type that member in the bar below that. Then go above and search, that will restrict the name of the games you search to only by that particular member. If you want to search games made by yourself, in the bottom bar type in YOUR name, nd finally, if you want to search the whole of Sploder for the game, leave the bottom bar, blank.

You can also change the order of the games, when they appear. By looking to the right there are 3 options, up, down, and remove. If you want to change the order, click up for the game of your choice to go up, and down for the game to go down. Simple as that, this way, you can make your game look and behave exactly the way you like!

How Do I Browse Other People's Collections?

To look at other member's collections, go here: Browse Member's Collections!

I think it's pretty simple from there, scroll through the pages, and most importantly, have fun!
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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 03, 2012, 03:01 am
Check out Sploder's Latest Stuff

Article Created by: Liamnight

Do you know where our site's Facebook page and Twitter page is?

Most of the page contans the features but sometimes info is given in that page.

Sploder's Facebook Page

Sploder's Twitter Page



Geoff's Official Youtube Channel
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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 06, 2012, 02:39 pm
A New iPad Game

Article Created by: Liamnight

I thought I should share this with you all, and you all might be interested. Geoff, the creator of Sploder seems like he is making an iPad game from a recent twitter post.

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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 06, 2012, 02:40 pm
Congratulations To Our Newest Soldiers!

Article Created by: Liamnight

Congratulations to our newest 3 soldiers!

Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on June 08, 2012, 02:31 am

Article Created by: Superluigi77

Do. Not. Use. Alternative. Accounts. On. The. Forum. (Unless, of course, you have permission from a Moderator.) If you are caught using an alt you will be sent to Prisoner of War Camp. You have absolutely no reason to be using an alternative account here so this shouldn't be a tough rule to follow but apparently it is. Just know that if you do use an alt you will be caught. There are those Lieutenants who can spot an alt a mile away. Some can even sometimes spot an alt just by its name.

You have been warned. (For the ten thousandth time, no less!)
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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 08, 2012, 11:33 am
Hi I'm New!

Created by: Boredgame

Idea Given by: Faisal908

New members can come at any time here on the forums, and honestly, they are newbs.

Considering they are new, most likely they wouldn't really know their way around here. But is it really right to facepalm at their mistakes, or flame at them because they misunderstood? I wouldn't think so. Everyone's gone through this stage at least once. We all have at least an idea on how it feels like to be somewhere you're unfamiliar with. So instead of messing around or getting mad/annoyed at those who are probably clueless on how things work around here, be patient with them and maybe even show them the ropes. Let them understand how this little forum works, and what you should and shouldn't do here. Show them that they are welcome here and introduce them to our Sploder family. I know I'd want that if I were them.
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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 08, 2012, 03:29 pm
A Warning to all Reviewer Applicants, and Reviewers

Created by: SwallowTheSun

Yes, Sonicdude102 is going to be demoted from reviewer status. I will be honest, we've been discussing his badge removal for a little while in the Barracks, and this final review was the final push to make us do it. The review was flat out... not good. I admit, it's normal for reviewers to put out an occasional bad review, but this wasn't exactly his occasional bad review, and we found it to be unacceptable.

Even if you GET accepted, don't think you can write what you did as an applicant and get away with it. We take a reviewer's job very seriously, as this is an important job. There is a reason us recruiters have a tendency to be hard on you guys, and it's not because we enjoy denying people, but because we only want the best reviews on the main site.

If you write a bad reviews, you are going to be denied, and once you are accepted, you need to keep writing good reviews.
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Congrats To Our Newest Soldier!

Created by: Liamnight

(Belated) Congratulations to:

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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 22, 2012, 01:09 am
Issues in the Reviewer Lane

Created by: Mrdragon

Recently the reviewer lane has been filled with people yelling 'quality over quantity' or giving advice about a review when they are not a reviewer themselves. That is not the aim of the reviewer lane. First off, 'quality over quantity' does not mean you can write a review less than a paragraph long and expect it to be accepted. Reviews do require a good length to them to even achieve good quality. They require thought and time to make. You cannot just expect a poorly written review that barely says anything about the game to even pass. This also applies to reviewing your own games. Another difficulty the reviewer lane has been dealing with is the issue of non-reviewers. If you are not a reviewer, then do not give advice. This has become a huge problem and applicants have started responding to this 'advice'. How can you have any advice to give if you never passed an application? That's why reviewers are the only ones who should give advice in these circumstances.

The reason for the original word limit was to make the reviews longer, with more effort put into them. That was removed due to people just filling in the blanks to achieve the word limit. since that is not what was wanted in the first place. The 'quality over quantity' system then took its place. Ever since the 'quality over quantity' method has been installed however, people seem to believe that horrible reviews will be accepted. This is not the case. Remember, the standards have been greatly raised for becoming a reviewer. Remember that next time you write an application. Lastly, DO NOT INCLUDE THE WORD COUNT. THIS DOES NOT MATTER. If you cannot even listen to those rules given, then what is the chance of you being accepted for your review?

For further information about reviews and applications, visit Myownself's All Around Reviewing Guide in the Reviewer Lane.
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Post by: Superluigi77 on June 22, 2012, 10:48 pm
EGD Staff

Created by: Superluigi77 with a hand from Whtever

This is the EGD Staff in case you have questions about the competition. Feel free to ask anyone of them.

Host: Whtever (I sincerely hope you know this by now.)
Head of Hyping: Superluigi77 (Please note that I may not be prompt in answering your questions. I've gotten into the habit of procrastinating with my PMs and now I'm being punished with having to respond to 30 lol)
Co-Head of Hyping: Netshark
Head of Editors: Moolatycoon
Reviewers: LcraniumL and Spinachie (may add more to this)
Judges: There are 7 of them, but their identities are to remain classified until EGD is over, to avoid bias.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on June 22, 2012, 11:29 pm
Oh, and the concept artists are Shadowlordsean and Npc10000. Talk to them for all your concept art needs.
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Post by: Superluigi77 on July 03, 2012, 11:27 pm

Created by Lumberjay

Recently, there have been some altercations between members of the forum (whose identities will remain confidential). When we allow such conflicts to rise, they can make forum life far too hectic for all members. Since we are all human beings (Thrash notwithstanding), we should follow a simple guideline that will help us get along: PLUR, or Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

Peace: Don't try to make matters worse than they already are. If you see a situation where a flame war may develop, try not to instigate the members or feed into the argument. Feel free to tell soldiers+ about the issue, and we will help to the best of our abilities. We like forum life to be as laid back and as fun as possible, since this is after all, a game maker's forum.

Love: Show compassion to all members of the forum, no matter how bad things get. Whether someone is amoral and rude, DON'T FEED INTO IT. Be kind and caring to everyone, regardless of age, beliefs, etc. Show love to all members and expect to be treated the same way. :D

Unity: We're all in this together. You will most likely be dealing with everyone here for a very long time. Let's all be friends and not let petty arguments get in the way of those friendships.

Respect: Everyone deserves some amount of respect, whether they are rude, inconsiderate, and just downright nasty. Even if they don't show you respect, be the bigger person and prove that you are better than them by being mature about the situation.

I hope you guys continue to follow PLUR in the future, and be the awesome members I know ya'll are. ;)
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Post by: Superluigi77 on July 03, 2012, 11:32 pm
The 7 Sins

Created by: Whtever

On June 5th, 2010, I started a tinychat and invited several members to join. In this tinychat we ranted about how strict everything had gotten since '09. That was the chat's only purpose. I wanted to talk with my dawgs from the old days. But, one thing led to another, and we started planning a takeover of the forum.

Cheepshot insisted we come up with a name, and since there were 7 of us in the Tinychat that I counted, I called us the 7 Sins. I actually didn't keep track of the number of members that well and people kept changing their names, which ultimately bit me in the butt. But anyway, the original members of this group were:

And myself

Now this was name I gave to that group of people. It actually does not accurately cover who ended up being involved. GameRaterz came into the chat the next day; I believe Darut recruited him. Darut also recruited Spellmage who was actually a spy for Grant. Grant was in the chat the previous night just listening to our plan, so he knew most of it.

The plan was to rally to get GameRaterz promoted, and then one night he would promote Darut and then they would POW Thrash and Grant, and reorganize the rules and ranks. In the back of our minds, we were all smart enough to know that this would never work. But were having so much fun that we pushed on. Anyway, the mods had already caught wind of this and were very on edge.

Tookewl decided to post a taunt thread...something like the title being "30 Minutes" and the first post being "For the ones who know". This thread didn't mean anything, but since Grant had only seen the first conversation and not the second, he assumed we were acting right away and POW'd everyone listed above and GRZ and Spell. Spell admitted to being a snitch upon arrival and then promoted to Major. GameRaterz, bless his heart for he only did it on a whim, started posting inappropriate content everywhere, including getting on alts and posting it in General. Now this caused Grant to put the forum on Lockdown, making so that Privates could not post or start threads. Unfortunately, he didn't actually delete the inappropriate content until the next day. GRZ was IP banned by Geoff.

In POW the rest of us stayed for a month, even though, as I've tried to explain many times, Neal and Splatter actually did not contribute much to the planning at all. They really deserved to keep their ranks in my opinion. There were hackings in POW, which Spell got involved in and promptly lost his Major rank and went to POW with us. This prolonged everyone's stay except for Neal, Splatter, Tookewl, and myself who were not involved and don't know much.

After that, we all had a promotion ban. No Soldier for 2 months, no Major + for one year. I was lucky to be promoted to Major after that one year passed, but no one else has made it past Soldier again. It's not something I'm proud of nor do I want to look back on. I, personally, just got really carried away with stupid fun. Again, we all probably knew it would not work, although Tookewl really wanted to the chance to take over and ban Jason, who Grant had let back.
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Çöñgrãts Tø Òür Ñewéšt Šöldïër

Created by: Liamnight

Congratulations to:

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Post by: Mechanism G on July 17, 2012, 04:00 pm
What counts as bypassing?

Created by: Casper11

Help by: Mrdragon and Liamnight

Suggested by: Heat6andking

Bypassing has always been an issue here, but there are many people who bypass without knowing that their comment will be classed as a bypass. A certain emoticon, which portrays a person making an obscene gesture, is classed as a bypass, as sign language is still a language. Any emoticons that are used in an unsatisfactory manner, such as obscene gestures will not be tolerated. This goes the same for pictures and phrases hinting towards swear words. Discussions containing bypassing, including the emoticons, will be sunk immediately, until said bypasses are removed. We will provide a reason each time, also. This also includes the use of obscenities in languages other than English. It would appear that even the worst swears are not censored when written in languages such as French, Spanish, etc.. We will not tolerate bypassing of any kind, and, now you are clear on what we class as a bypass, there will be no excuse.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Superluigi77 on July 17, 2012, 04:40 pm
To add onto this^ using a certain emoticon to portray a certain male body part is, well, not really classed as bypassing but it is still against the rules and is subject to the guidelines set forth in the above comment. If you use this emoticon it will probably just be deleted, though, rather than sinking the thread.
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Post by: Mechanism G on July 20, 2012, 12:53 pm
Land ho! Promotion Island!

Apparently another user was promoted to Soldier.

Congratulations to dpnuozeb!


And a (belated) congratulations to another promotion!

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Post by: Mechanism G on July 20, 2012, 12:58 pm
Land ho! Promotion Island!

Created by: Liamnight

Apparently another user was promoted to Soldier.

Congratulations to Budzopen!


And a (belated) congratulations to another promotion!

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Post by: Superluigi77 on July 21, 2012, 02:05 am
Soldiers no longer have the sinking ability

Created by: superluigi77

Due to recent events with one or more soldiers misusing their powers the Generals have decided to once and for all revoke the soldier's ability to sink threads. On behalf of all the members of the Lieutenant League I sincerely apologize for the rude and vulgar things posted earlier today and the trouble that was caused. We will continue to do our very best to prevent such atrocities from happening in the future.
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Post by: Mechanism G on July 25, 2012, 05:31 pm
Promotion, Re-Promotions, Polls, and More!

Created by: Liamnight

Leniency and Polls

Geoff had a big discussion about the forum's leniency and ended up having an interest in addinga few addons, such as the community management addon. Though, with many agreeing and disagreeing, the Polls addon ended up getting uploaded to the forums. The Polls addon is a simple addon that gives the ability to make polls. While a few users were hoping for the ability to be available to everyone, Geoff ended up making it so that only CiCs and Generals can do the ability. Keep in mind that it's likely this won't be permanant. Furthermore, the addon comes with a few settings. If you go to the 'forum preferences' at your profile, you have a choice of either turning off the notifications from the polls or making the most active poll available in the panel.

New Rules

After the sinking incident, the Generals decided to re-arange the rules. The new rules can be found in this thread which can be found in the Basic Training category. The new rules are still a bit similar than the old rules but yet different. Keep in mind that even though the rules has changed, you still have to follow it.

Geoff's Concern of Changing The Forum's Program

It seems that Geoff had a concern of changing from vanilla to another program for quite a while. He is thinking of changing the program to either Xferno or Simple Machines.

Promotions and Re-Promotions

Paccreator on Soldier.

7Grant2 on General. (Re-promoted)

Mrdragon on Lieutenant. (Belated)

Netshark on Soldier.

Metallica48 on Soldier.

Bobbler on Soldier. (Re-promoted)
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Post by: Mad Z on July 29, 2012, 01:11 pm
A Wrap Up of The EGD!

Created by: liamnight

Suggested by: whtever

After days of suspence and excitement, all the results were finally in. Let's wrap up this year's EGD results, or EGD 6 as others might call it. We have winners from sections divided by the game creator (Shooter, 3D, PPG, Robot, Plat) and winners from overall.

EGD Winner

The winner of this EGD isLonely RoadsbySpellmage

This game has won 20 votes by the judges in overall and won 1st place in the platformer section as well.

What Spellmage says about winning the EGD:

You know, I honestly wasn't expecting it. I kinda expected Oceans to get the spot, so when I saw how voting went, I was pretty humbled. Especially since some people have really ridiculed the game. I would say that winning the EGD with my first plat is a pretty big accomplishment and I am really proud of my game, no matter what other people say.

Written by Mat7772

Lonely Roads is a stunning RPG Platformer, and there's no denying it. The gameplay is long and magnificent, taking over an hour to complete, and even more, if you would like to do sidequests. Each level was designed very carefully, and spell really put lots of thought into each level, and even each block. The storyline was magnificent and became better throughout the game. I could barely, and probably go as far as saying I saw no flaws in this game. Lonely Roads is a game of complete perfection and epicsauce, and Spell has raised the bar for RPG Plats dramatically, and I certainly hope to see more RPG Plats from Spellmage in the future. Well done on a fantastic game that the whole of Sploder will never forget, Spell.

This game has gotten into the EGD as well. Description:

Written By: Moolatycoon

Lonely Roads is truly a game of epic proportions. Not only is it long, hard, and creative, it is also the first real multi leveled RPG to ever be inducted into the EGL. It could also be one if not the longest game ever created on sploder, taking at least 2 hours to complete all that the game has to offer. Spell has created a brilliant work of art, not to mention the sheer amount of effort put into this game. This game definitely deserves it spot amongst the other greatest games. The ideas Spell was able to create were beyond many others, making one of the best RPG's on this site, not to mention that this is Spell's first platformer making it even more impressive that he has dome this far in one try. This game very well takes it spot on the shelves of the Epic Game Library.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Mad Z on July 29, 2012, 01:12 pm

EGD Follow-Up And 3rd Place

Other than giving a congratulations to Spellmage, we must also congratulate the follow-up and 3rd place winners.

Follow-up winner:

The 2nd place winner isQuestZonebyMoolatycoon. Congratulations!

Quest zone is a platformer game who has won 3rd place in the platformer section also.

What Moolatycoon says about winning 2nd place:

I didn't really expect this compared to the other games that were supposed to be made, but I was extremely happy when I found that these so called monsters crumbled. I think Spell did a really nice job, and it was really close considering he beat me by 1 point. So I was pretty proud of myself, but I'll do better next year =P

This game has gotten into the EGD as well. Description:

Written By: Youngcaliman

Quest Zone is the first multi-level'd puzzle platformer ever to be inducted into the Epic Game Library, and it's obvious to see that this game would stand out in a crowd. Credit must be given to Stanleykitten for creating the scenery in this game, and with good reason. The visually appealing maps that were designed by Stanley allows the puzzles to shine even brighter, as it is perhaps some of the best scenery ever used in a platformer. Moolatycoon created the rest of the game, including the marvelous variety of puzzles. Each level is a different theme, and each theme utilizes different puzzles that match the theme beautifully. Much thought was put into each level in every aspect of the game. With the combination of StanleyKitten's stunning scenery and Moolatycoon's enticing array of puzzles, Quest Zone has rightfully earned a space within the Epic Game Library shelves.

3rd place winner:

The 3rd place winner isInvasion..Fall of the Humans..bySuperpiggy.

This game was also won in 2nd place for platformer finalists.

Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Mad Z on July 29, 2012, 01:16 pm

4th and 5th Overall Winners

A War StorybyParadonwinning 4th place being a terrific Algorithm Crew game.

OceansbySwallowTheSunwinning 5th place being a great platformer game.

Platformer Winners

Platformer Group 1:

1st Place:Quest Zone - 18 votes
2nd Place:Bioshock - 13 votes
3rd Place:Question - 8 votes
4th Place: King of Hearts - 3 votes

Platformer Group 2:

1st Place:Oceans - 15 votes
2nd Place:Atlantis - 13 votes
3rd Place:Crimson - 6 votes
4th Place: Level Up Glitch - 2 votes

Platformer Group 3:

1st Place:Lonely Roads - 15 votes
2nd Place:CyberGangstar 2 - 10 votes
3rd Place:Invasion..Fall of the Humans - 8 votes
4th Place: RaveQuest3 - 6 votes
5th Place: InfinityRim - 2 votes

Platformer Voting (among finalists):

1st Place:Lonely Roads - 14 votes
2nd Place:Invasion..Fall of the Humans - 20 votes
3rd Place:Quest Zone - 6 votes
4th Place:Oceans - 5 votes
5th Place: CyberGangstar 2 - 3 votes
6th Place: Atlantis - 2 votes
7th Place: Bioshock - 1 vote

Ship Shooter and PPG Winners

Ship Shooter Winners:

1st Place:Crystal Cave - 13 votes
2nd Place:Locked Out - 13 votes
3rd Place:(','..',') - 11 votes
4th Place: Hang Castle III - 5 votes

PPG Winners:

1st Place:Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits - 17 votes
2nd Place:Yin Yang 2 - 11 votes
3rd Place:Necrocortex - 6 votes
4th Place: Jungle Joe - 2 votes

Robot and 3D Winners

Robot Winners:

1st Place:Wake - 15 votes
2nd Place:Landscape II - 13 votes

3D Winners:

1st Place:A War Story - 20 votes
2nd Place:One the Horizon - 12 votes
3rd Place:Glee - 6 votes

Other Overall Winners

(1-5th winners is up at the beginning of article)

6th Place:Locked Out - 9 votes
7th Place:Wake - 6 votes
8th Place:Atlantis - 6 votes
9th Place: (','..',')
10th Place: Crystal Cave
11th Place: Gunman 6 Ebony Awaits

Best of The Rest: Ravequest 3 by Elroysice

See You Next Year!
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Post by: Mad Z on July 29, 2012, 01:18 pm
A New Feature Added Into The Forums

Created by: Liamnight

A few days ago, a new feature was added onto the forums. The feature gives out the ability to warn users and it uses a similar pattern as if you received an award. The ability is given to users who are lt or higher, including War Veterans. The user who created the addon is Liamnight who started the voting for the addon months ago. Furthermore, if you receive a warning you can make it viewable by public by going into your preferences in your profile. I do not recommend that setting though, but it will be useful sometimes.

In case you didn't know, warnings will not be used for spam. You should not ask a lt+ for a warning for fun as well. If you do receive a warning, you should follow it or disciplinary actions may occur.
Title: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: Mad Z on July 29, 2012, 01:21 pm
A New Soldier

Created by: Liamnight

Congratulations to sailormoon16!
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on July 31, 2012, 12:40 am
Congratulations to our New Soldiers!

Created by: Liamnight


Congratulations to Hivetyrantofawesome!


(Belated) Congratulations to Okkeny!
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on July 31, 2012, 11:31 pm

Created By: Liamnight
Idea Brought By: Theimage

Signatures are a feature this new forums include. Signatures can be your slogan, a quick joke you give or it could be silly. Though sometimes it could get repetitive and old, and you just want them out of your sight. That's possible, by clicking a few options. Go to "Modify Profile-->Look and Layout" to turn them off.

I am also going to tell you that you should not put your signature as a very large photo. It can get quite annoying, and users are not going to appreciate it. Even though this is a bit obvious that you shouldn't do this, some users still tend to give out large photos.  Additionally, inappropriate content in signatures will never be tolerated.
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on August 03, 2012, 01:28 pm
Awards (Updated)

Created by: Liamnight

Yesterday, a new feature was added to this forums consisting of awards. Unlike the previous forum, this feature seems to have more of a variety. The feature lets Lieutenants and higher to give out awards, including War Veterans. The awards a user receives will appear below the avatar when they comment, and if you click on a trophy-like picture, it will bring you to all of the user's awards with their descriptions. Unfortunately, the feature does not tell you who sent the award. At the moment, their are a total of 33 different types of awards.  

Different Types of Awards:

(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/1-mini.png) Bronze Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/2-mini.png) Silver Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/3-mini.png) Gold Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/36-mini.png) Diamond Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/4-mini.png) Staff Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/5-mini.png) Deputy Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/6-mini.png) Arrow to the Knee Award Forum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/7-mini.png) Flash Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/8-mini.png) Gamer Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/9-mini.png) Arcade Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/10-mini.png) Artist Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/11-mini.png) Glitch Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/12-mini.png) Comment Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/13-mini.png) Sharpshooter Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/14-mini.png) Editor Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/15-mini.png) Reviewer Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/16-mini.png) Holy Grail Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/17-mini.png) Big Heart Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/18-mini.png) Burner Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/19-mini.png) Evil Genius Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/20-mini.png) Great Idea Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/21-mini.png) Precision Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/22-mini.png) Collab Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/23-mini.png) Notable Member Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/24-mini.png) 3rd Place Contest Winner
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/25-mini.png) 2nd Place Contest Winner
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/26-mini.png) 1st Place Contest Winner
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/28-mini.gif) Classic Platinum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/29-mini.png) Weird Platinum Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/30-mini.png) Classic Gold Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/31-mini.png) Ghetto Gold Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/32-mini.png) Classic Silver Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/33-mini.png) Classic Bronze Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/34-mini.png) EGL Award
(http://forums.sploder.com/awards/35-mini.png) Troll Award


Awards are meant to be awarded to users who deserve them. Users who ask for awards will not be getting any awards and just wasting their time. Awards are also supposed to be an accomplishment, not a bragging material. Any bragging on their awards will bring no more awards rewarded to the user. Additionally, only the previous forums uses background awards. This forums does not, read Geoff's fused discussion on how to make a background, it consists of adding the image BBcode in your location.
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on August 04, 2012, 09:23 pm
Updated awards in awards article.
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on August 05, 2012, 11:51 pm
Members of The Week (Soldiers)

Created by: Liamnight

The Member's of The Week voting started for the Soldier rank and the results are in. Congratulations on the winners!



Coming first is Tookewl with an outstanding count of 15 votes (~yall)


Coming second is Charismatic with a count of 11 votes

*Coming 3rd was a tie of Casper11, Yugioh77, and Metallica48 of 10 votes


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Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on August 08, 2012, 09:01 pm
Getting Attention

Created by: Liamnight

Recently, there have been a few threads where a user fake a situation, possibly for attention.

For example, there was a recent thread where they said their neighbor's house was on fire. The user also posted an image form the internet showing a house on fire, saying it was their neighbor's house. The image was fake obviously, since the image was linked to a product safety website. Faking a situation will not be tolerated, since it could cause choas or a flame war. You will not gain any respect from doing this either.

If there was danger near the user, it would be unintelligent to be on the computer rather than leaving their home. Additionally, i'm not pointing out all the events that are relevant to this. I just need you to get the message.
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Post by: liamnight on August 10, 2012, 08:16 pm
I am now updating the awards in this thread (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,290460.0.html) instead of the awards article.
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Post by: liamnight on August 16, 2012, 03:20 pm

Created by: Liamnight

SGT2012 has started, standing for Sploder Gameshow Trials 2012. The gameshow starts with 30 users and each challenge, one by one will be eliminated. Soon, there will be one left and they will be the winner. Gameshow updates will appear in the Informer, so check this thread from time to time.
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Post by: liamnight on August 20, 2012, 06:24 pm
Recap on the Game Creators and iOS Games

Created by: Liamnight

Let's review on what the new game creators are and the iOS games in making by Geoff. The following information is true and does not have any false information as well.

New Upcoming Sploder Game Creators

  There are 2 new game creators that are coming up that were officially anounced a while ago. The first one is called the 'arcade scroller' being released first. The second game creator is another platformer creator. During new year's eve, Geoff actually came onto Tinychat (a website that allows video broadcasting) and showed a bit of the game creators that he's working on. Some users that was on during Tinychat defined the new platformer creator as 'more smooth' and 'less rough'. The release date for the game creators have not been announced yet.

  The new game creators will be available on both web page and on Apple products. Apple products include iPhones, iPods, and iPads. No one is sure if it will be released for Android as well, or any other product. Since the new game creators are not an attachment to the available creators at the moment, most likely the updates after the creators will be an update to one of the 4 creators. When the game creators come out, it will have a cost of $0.99 when bought on the App store. It will be free when played on web page, since it's been shown that all game creators on web is free. Additionally, it will be most likely that the updates given to the 2 creators in the App store will be free.

  Notice, details on the Arcade Scroller has not been announced yet. You can only guess what it might look like by the name, and which game creator it might be most similar to. If you ask for my opinion, I think that the Arcade Scroller will be mostly similar to the Physics Puzzle Maker than the other available game creators.

  Also, NPC1000 has contacted Geoff asking about any production on anything similar to a music creator. He responded with the following sentence: I think a simple music creator would be a great addition to Sploder. We'll see!. Seems like Geoff is putting some thought on a music creator. If you would like to know what NPC exactly asked, read the quote from below.

Dear Sir,

If you look in the "Ideas" category of the Sploder forums, you will realize that a great number of members have been requesting the same thing - a Music Creator. Since uploading music from your computer onto the games is a bust idea because of copyright issues and whatnot, I thought it would be a better idea for members to let their creativity flow and make their own! I think it is a great idea, personally, and I don't see any issues on how to program it. I really think this idea is one of the best lately.

If you could, please respond with your statement/opinion on things.

Shooter Creator on the iOS

  Not too long ago, Geoff has explained that he might be able to get the shooter creator to function on both the iPad and the iPods (Newer iPods). That means that if he's able to get the iPad/iPod to talk to the shooter creator, you'll be able to make classic shooter games and play it on both the iPad and the iPod. If it was available for the specified Apple products, it could have a cost of $0.99 like the 2 new game creators but we're not sure. Geoff also said that the discovery was recent so he can't promise any close date of this. Geoff has also said that he might be able to get the Android as well. Though he is not sure because he didn't test the technology yet.

  During his announcement, 2 users asked what he meants by 'newer versions' of the iPad and the iPhone.  It has been said that the 'newer versions of the iPod' includes the 4th generation of its product. It has been also said that the iPhone also falls into the category, but most likely it will be compatible with the iOS5.

I'm excited to say that I've done some testing on a new technology that I came across and was able to get the original shooter creator and game running to some extent on the my iPad. This means that chances are very good that all original shooter games will be functional on the iPad (and newer ipods) at some point. I can't promise a date because this is very new.

New iPad Game in Production

Last month, Geoff has been talking about the iPad game he's been working on. The following twitter post game the clue:


Coming from his latest twitter posts, it also seems that the new game will have something to do with rotating the product.

Want to write an article for the Informer? The HQ is found in the Lounge, and if you cannot see the Lounge, you can PM me! (You should also know that the request could get denied)

Anyway, thank this post to show that this article was helpful and you appreciate the hard work I put into this!
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Created by: Liamnight
Suggested by: Mrdragon

Lately, users have been forgetting the rules on bypassing for General. Bypassing isn't fully allowed, it's only tolerated to a certain extent. The words you are allowed to say can be found here. (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,284664.0.html) If a user bypasses the allowed amount in their thread, it will get closed immediately with a warning. If a user keeps bypassing the rules, disciplinary action will be used.

If you have a question about this, PM a Lieutenant.
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The Informer is Back up!

Article Created By: Liamnight

Coming Back

Well, It's been a while since the Informer had an article. So let's have a reboot. What is the Informer exactly? Well, the Informer is a news kind of thing, where small pieces of news are placed. This was created before the forum transition and it was active, but I grew busy and forgot about it when I was running the gameshow. Remember to look through the articles in the other pages here, there might be some articles that you could find appealing.

Official Sploder Gameshow Trials 2012 Wrap-up

This gameshow ended around October, so if you're new, you probably don't know what this is. This was a gameshow started by Liamnight and ran by both Liamnight and Moolatycoon, with the gameshow having a survivor theme. It first ran on teams, then it broke up into a free-for-all game. This was one of the gameshows that finished successfully.

Credit to the hosts (and others)

First, let's give credit to all the hosts who helped out with the Gameshow. These helpful hosts helped start out the gameshow:  Jackjoshseb, Elroyice, Lcraniuml, Okkeny, Metallica38, Superpiggy. And well, Liamnight and Moolatycoon for running it. And I would also like to give credit to the Generals who helped start the categories out and such. Also, credit to are private 'secret' hosts, who were Npc10000, Eclipserain, and Ppphantasm

Winner and Runner-up

The winner of the gameshow was Spidapig, with the runner-up being Jmc10. This was Spidapig's main response of his winning and at an interview:

Haha, ummm...  Where to start...

Well, it was a fun gameshow.  There were parts that were action packed and others that just seemed stagnant, but it was a great experience overall.  I would like voice my approval towards the staff of the gameshow.  It was a success. 

The participants kinda came and went as expected.  If I gave you a list of who I thought was going to make it to the merge before the gameshow started, I probably would've had 5-6 of the people correct.  There were some plot twists, and levelorange proved me wrong.  He was probably the best contestant in the gameshow.  I also predicted Alonessix to get farther, but hey, you can't win em all.

I was really in it for the competition, and I got some.  The teams were well set up, and I was impressed by a couple of the challenges.  Yeah, fun times.  I never expected to win.  I always lost the gameshows I participated in.  I remember the last one I entered, I lost in like the final 8, and Vinniepaz became the winner, and that disappointed me so I kinda used what I learned in losing to win this one, and I figured it out in the end.  In the public vote part, I really expected to get booted out, so I worked to get in the lead.  Don't even say I played a "shadier" game.  It is a gameshow, and if it's legal, then it's fair to do so.  All is fair in love war and gameshows.  I meant no harm towards any of the gameshow, and I really don't harbor grudges against most of you (some of you i just don't like, but it wasn't because of the gameshow.  you can figure out who for yourselves).  Thanks for the support, and those fine bets on me.  You can gladly claim your rewards.  Hope to see you in Vault 67.

Spidapig out.

Stats and Information

Total amount of user participants: 72
    Users who went into the gameshow: 30
    Users who went on the alternative list: 36
Gameshow started: August 18th, 2012
Gameshow ended: October 27th, 2012
Amount of challenges: 21 1/2


Starting at beginning:

Team Red:

Paradon (leader of team red)

Team Blue:

brocky (leader of team blue)

Teams after Challenge 3

* The winning team chose the special prize, which was a team recreation and rename.

Team Super Ponies (Team Red)

Paradon (leader)

Team NOIS [No One Is Safe] (Team Blue)

Deathleaf (Leader of Team Blue, eliminated and replaced with LevelOrange011 as leader)
LevelOrange011 (leader)

Teams after Challenge 6

* Users can't back out anymore and switch with another user

Team Super Ponies (Team Red)

Paradon (Was leader, eliminated, replaced with Stanleykitten)
Stanleykitten (Was leader, eliminated, replaced with Alonessix, Jmc10, EpicOrange789 as leader)
Alonessix (Was leader, eliminated)
Jmc10 (leader)
EpicOrange789 (leader)
Flidsyufi (Was brought back in)

2 Teams Merged, after Challenge 15

* Also known as the Final 10


2 Finalists



1st Place:
1st Place Trials Award
A custom title
A custom rank
A custom online color

2nd Place:
2nd Place Trials Award
A custom title

Users in Alternative List

What was this? This was basically a list of users who participated to be an alternative. So, if a user switches out of the gameshow, one users from this list could have been switched with the user.



There was a bit of a twist at the end of the gameshow. What the juries were is that it had the eliminated users from the "Final 10", with a couple other users from the gameshow that made it more dramatic. The juries took a big place in the final challenge, where they voted on who should win. (Jmc10 or Spidapig)

Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on December 03, 2012, 12:14 am
List of all Challenges

1. Hurt or Heal

  The 2 teams fought in a fun classic game of Hurt or Heal. Team Blue ended up winning in the marvelous game of Hurt or Heal with about 5 users still alive. Team Blue has tasted victory while team Red had to walk the plank

Team Won: Team Blue
Challenge Started: August 15th 2012
User Eliminated: Flidsyufi (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/f/l/flidsyufi_24.png)
Prize Picked: See General
Special Prize: words describing the next challenge, getting them an idea what the next challenge might be and possibly get them prepared, unless they get the wrong idea


Team Red:

All dead

Team Blue:

TheWindlord 4/5 HP
Alonessix 5/5 HP
Sonicewerehog234 5/5 HP
Cheesepudding 2/5 HP
tfandmetalmusic 5/5 HP
Quentin 5/5 HP
Brocky 5/5 HP

  What Flidsyufi says about getting eliminated:


2. Pass the Bomb

  The 2 teams fight in another classic game but it's invented by Wxg. With only a few min. before the bomb explodes, the team kepts passing the bomb from one another. Since there was always a close tie, it was unexpectable on who wins.

  Team Won: Red
  Challenge Started: August 18th 2012
  User Eliminated: Jaggertoo (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/j/a/jaggertoo_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: The next time the team wins, they can view more than the General category. (Ideas and RPFGs category etc.)


Eclipserain +50 points (Red team)
EpicOrange789  +30 points (Red team)
Paradon +10 points
Peruguy -10 points
Jaggertoo  -10 Points
Sportsdude105 -10 points
Sonicwerehog234 -10 points
Milking -10 points
Dale18 -20 points
Drummer -20 points

  What Jaggertoo says about getting eliminated by his own teamates:

Annoyed at my team, not because they demoted me, but they could of got a different player due to I was inactive -_-

3. Large Collab: To Succeed or Collapse

  The 2 teams had 4 days to create a game as a team collab trying to make a better game than the other team. During the Challenge, a hard-worked game from Team blue got mysteriously deleted. Did a user from Team Blue gave the password out? Did a user from Team Blue deleted their own game? It's unknown. At the end, Team Red won because Team Blue had nothing since the game was deleted. One of the Traitors were Tfandmetalmusic.

  Team Won: Red
  Challenge Started: August 21st 2012
  User Eliminated: Quentin (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/g/o/gokusupersayain6_24.png) Peruguy2005(http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/p/e/peruguy2005_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Re-create the teams


Red Team's game (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/redteam/play/red-for-the-win-2/)
No Game from Team Blue

  What Quentin says about getting eliminated by his own teamates:

"Baii [bad word]"

  What Peruguys2005 says about getting eliminated by his own teamates:

You made the right choice, Blue Team. I agreed to myself that I would've caused trouble, if I didn't already. I bid you a farewell, and good luck. Beat Red Team for me, and for everyone that was or is gonna be on the team.

See you later.

4. The Tyranical Trio

  The remaining 26 contestants had a few days to try to get into 3 hard games as much as possible. The games were Lonely Roads, Quest Zone, and Oceans. Team Red was able to get into far into the game and provided many screenshots as proof. Team Blue sat arond hoping for another teammate to do the work, well I don't know, they did not provide any screenshots at all. At the end, Team Red won for the 3rd time in a row and Team Blue yet again votes off a few members. Uste, Kyleissocoollike, and Deathleaf gets voted off. Yes, their own team voted off their leader.

  Team Won: Red
  Challenge Started: September 1st, 2012
  User Eliminated: Deathleaf (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/d/e/deathleaf_24.png) Kyleissocoollike(http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/k/y/kyleissocoollike_24.png) Uste(http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/u/s/uste_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Get the losing team to eliminate another player


Team Red got far into the game
Team Blue did not

  What Kyleissocoollike says about getting eliminated:

I'm happy

  What Uste says about getting eliminated:

I can't believe I was betrayed like this. I thought I was important and helped out alot.
But after the team change i knew that was it for me. So... FUK YE ALL! (and may the odds be ever in your

  What Deathleaf says about getting eliminated:

Doesn't bother me hahaa, was no use to the team and was inactive more then ever before.

5. The Culprit

  The gameshow gets into a lockdown with the 23 remaining contestants. 2 users who volunteered is taking a few users to hostage past each hour. The contestants must figure out who the culprits are before they all get captured. The volunteering culprits were Dale18 and EpicOrange789. Team Red won since they guessed the culprits first. Then after the gameshow was set back to normal, Team Red had to pick their selection of either General or Special Prize. They picked Special Prize and it brought misfortune. The Special Prize made it so that Team Red had to eliminate a user from their team instead. During the voting, Paradon the leader, tried to cheat by making it seem like General won during the prize voting. Paradon got caught and Team Red got a few punishments because of the Leader's cheating. After the voting ended for Team Red, Paradon and Ticktatwert was the top 2 leading users. Ticktatwert was picked and had to walk the plank.

  Team Won: Red
  Challenge Started: September 6th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Ticktatwert (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/t/i/ticktatwert_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Get the winning team to eliminate a player instead


The volunteering culprits were Dale18 and EpicOrange789. Team Red won by guessing one of the culprits correct first. The culprit was Dale18.

  What Ticktatwert says about getting eliminated:

Not particularly bothered now that I can see general.

6. Déjà vu

  This challenge brang the contestants a choice on replaying another challenge. After voting, Challenge 4 ended up being re-played and the contestants had to play 3 new games. The 3 new games were Chapter I, Human Race Destiny, and The Insidiark. There was a close tie this time but Team Red won again for the 5th time in a row. Team Red picked the special prize and Team Blue picked Dale18 to be booted out of the gameshow.

  Team Won: Red
  Challenge Started: September 10th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Dale18 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/d/a/dale18_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Get the losing team to see all private-viewed categories


Team Red (Team Super Ponies)

Chapter I: Level Before Last
Human Race Destiny: Level 5

Team Blue (Team NOIS)

Chapter I: Level 3
Human Race Destiny: Level 5

  What Dale18 says about his elimination:

I wanted to be out of the gameshow and I did.

7. Let's follow t' pirate's tradition!

  Each team had 5 clues to figure out to find out the secret code. Spidapig from Team NOIS zoomed as fast as he can and led his team to victory. Team NOIS has finally broke the streak of winning from the Team Red and might turn the gameshow to a different outcome. Team Red eliminated their teammates and it led a tie with the leader, paradon, and Raider. The leader, paradon ended up to get eliminated. It seems like Troyio was the one who got Paradon eliminated.

  Team Won: NOIS
  Challenge Started: September 18th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Paradon (also known as Parry)(http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/p/a/paradon_24.png)
  Prize Picked: See General
  Special Prize: Get the winning team to bring back an eliminated player and the losing team to eliminate another user


Team NOIS won in the first day the challenge came out

  What Paradon says about his elimination:

I don't really care lol. But I don't think I was the right person to get rid of at this time. :3

8. Phun Physics

  The 2 teams had a few days to collab on a game on the Physics creator. As of before in Challenge 3, an unknown user tried to sabotage their own team by trying to deleting the game. It took palce in Team NOIS. Spidapig recovered the team game by making a copy of the collab game on a seperate account. Then, someone gave his team collab password (team red) to a user, possibly Spidapig hoping to sabotage his team as well. Spidapig told his teammates to not do anything with the account and Team NOIS listened. Team NOIS won and Team Super Ponies (Team Red) lost. Team Super Ponies had to eliminate a user from their team and it was the newly volunteered leader, Stanleykitten. The users who in Team SP who keeps eliminating the leader is unknown, but it's possibly Troyio. The special prize was for them to eliminate a user from Team SP instead. Paradon, the previous eliminated contestant is a LT so he can see all gameshow categories. He told Team NOIS about the special prize so they would pick it. Paradon told Team NOIS because he hoped that Team NOIS would eliminate Troyio, the eliminator for Paradon and it worked. So, Stanleykitten got his butt saved by Team NOIS. Paradon also said that he is the one who deleted the game from Team NOIS, but it's unknown if that's even true or not.

  Team Won: NOIS
  Challenge Started: September 20th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Troyio (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/t/r/troyio_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Get the winning team to eliminate the user from the losing team instead


Team NOIS: Game (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/noislegacy/play/nois-legacy/)
Team Super Ponies (Team Red): None

  What Troyio says about his elimination:

I knew it.  Had fun and disappointed I got out this early.  Good luck to my bros, you know who you are.  Also, don't think it is over.

9. Blur It, Change It, Distort It

  The remaining 19 contestants had to guess on what the main object was in 15 images. The first one to guess correct on an image wins their team a point. Team SP (Team Red) got the first point but then the team got crushed badly by Team NOIS (Team Blue). At the tend, Team NOIS won and Team SP walked the plank for the 3rd time in a row. Team NOIS voted to pick 'nothing' and Team SP eliminated their new leader (Stanleykitten) and Cyrman. Stanleykitten was eliminated last challenge but got saves by Team NOIS because they picked the special prize, but he became unlucky again. Some brutal strategies some users have.

  Team Won: NOIS
  Challenge Started: September 28th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Cyrman (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/c/y/cyrman_24.png) Stanleykitten (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/s/t/stanleykitten_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Nothing
  Special Prize: Change Team Name


Team NS/Blue: 11 Points
Team SP/Red: 4 Points

  What Stanleykitten says about his elimination:

I saw this coming. Sorry if I let ya'll down, and here's to a red team member winning this thing.

  What Cyrman says about his elimination:

Meh, I was leaving anyways. If I wasn't leaving, I'm pretty sure I would have made.

10. Unscramble The Mess

  The 2 teams needed to figure out 11 members that has 3 hints and their username scrambled. The Red was close to winning to be Team NOIS's winning streak but Team NOIS won by 10 minutes.

  Team Won: NOIS
  Challenge Started: September 30th, 2012
  User Eliminated: TheWindLord (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/t/h/thewindlord_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Hint of next challenge


Clue #1: A Lt.
Clue #2: Specializes in the Ppg Creator
Clue #3: A popular forum host.

Clue #1: Former Major
Clue #2: Ran Reviewer Recruitment
Clue #3: Troll

Clue #1: If you can't get this you are an idiot.
Clue #2: If you can't get this you are an idiot.
Clue #3: If you can't get this you are an idiot.

Clue #1: Popular Ppg Maker
Clue #2: Was mentioned on a sploder podcast as a rising legend
Clue #3: Starts with m

Clue #1: Sister of a banned member
Clue #2: Made a game about Minerva
Clue #3: Used to come on the forums a lot.

Clue #1: When donuts come out to play, he is here.
Clue #2: Ran a sploder newspaper
Clue #3: Climbed up to at least soldier rank.

Clue #1: His name is two words in one.
Clue #2: He received a positive review by Empoleon
Clue #3: He only has 4 features

Clue #1: A former soldier
Clue #2: Has raged over his rank before
Clue #3: One of the older members

Clue #1: Two featured games
Clue #2: These two features were pretty 'crafty' ppgs.
Clue #3: Joined about a year ago.

Clue #1: His initials are LJ
Clue #2: He has been deleted off of the member list but indeed existed
Clue #3: He is not Lumberjay

Clue #X: Was an alt of Jason, recent (Not now, but in the past year or so)

  What TheWindLord says about his elimination:


11. Mystery Boxes

  The remaining contestants needed to pick which box they want where it might cause fortune or misfortune. For example, one box brings elimination and another box is a secret prize. Team NOIS picked both the 'team winning' box and the 'team losing' box so they don't get anything. Raider and Probe5 picked the 'Elimination' box so they walk the plank. The new leaders for Team SP that is going to replace Stanley because of his elimination is Alonessix, Jmc10, and EpicOrange789.

  Team Won: None
  Challenge Started: October 2nd, 2012
  User Eliminated: Raider (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/r/a/raider92150agent_24.png) Probe 5 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/p/r/probe5_24.png)
  Prize Picked: None
  Special Prize: None



2- Jacmas


1-Special Box
3-Special Box
4-Team Loses
5-Black Base
7-Special Box
10-Special Box
11-Team Wins
12- Mystery
13-Special Box
16-Special Box

  What Raider says about his elimination:

Sorry Guys,caus my computer broke down so I've been offline

  What Probe5 says about his elimination:

It was fun while it lasted. I just like to say good luck to the remaining people and hopefully there will be another game show or event in the near future!!

12. Fast Action

  The remaining 15 contestants had to collab on an Algorithm Crew game that is 5 levels. They had to create a beginning stage, a testing stage, and a final stage game. They both did well, but Team SP did a bit better, from the host's vote. So, Team SP wins breaking Team Nois's winning streak. Since Team NS lost, they had to eliminate their teammates. Jackboymogura123 and Foghornleghorn02 was voted off. Team SP won, and they picked the special prize over general. The special prize was nothing though, bummer. But... the instant winning prize Team Super Ponies got from winning was to bring back an eliminated player from the Gameshow. Flidsyufi who got eliminated in Challenge 1 is brought back!

  Team Won: Team Super Ponies
  Challenge Started: October 6th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Jackboymogura123 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/j/a/jackboymogura123_24.png) Foghornleghorn02 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/f/o/foghornleghorn02_24.png)
  Prize Picked: Special Prize
  Special Prize: Nothing


Game from Team NOIS (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/noisteam/play/nois-captured-retreat/)
Game from Team Super Ponies (http://www.sploder.com/games/members/superponiesreign/play/destruction-2/)

  What Jackboymogura123 says about his elimination:

I'm Eliminated?

  What Foghornleghorn02 says about his elimination:


13. A Sample of the Future

  The remaining 13 contestants had to fight on a second and final game of Hurt or Heal. (First game was Challenge 1.) But instead of a team version of Hurt or Heal, it was a free-for-all game. Everyone fought, and each user did a good job. At the end, Sportsdude102 won and the prize for him winning was to get invincibility for the next elimination voting. Because Sports won, he got his team to win, which was Team NOIS. So, Team SP needed to vote off 1 member and it was one of their team leaders, Alonessix.

  Team Won: Team NOIS
  Challenge Started: October 13th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Alonessix (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/a/l/alonessix_24.png)
  Prize Picked: There was no prize picking this round
  Special Prize: None


Sportsduded wins with a remain of 1/8 HP.

  What Alonessix says about his elimination:

I'm not angry at anyone besides myself. I'm angry at myself for letting me become a target by JMC and his crew... But I suppose there's nobody who can fix it now. Good luck to Spida, he was my ally. So, concluding, I'll say that I had fun and that's good enough.
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Post by: liamnight on December 03, 2012, 12:15 am
14. Take it and Change it

  On the final challenge when the players play as teams, they must do a final collab on puzzles. They needed to collab on about 5 puzzles varying from each creator. Both teams could not finish the puzzles in time so they both needed to eliminate 1 user from each team. From Team Super Ponies, 559369 got eliminated. On Team No One Is Safe, the gameshow victor of the 'island', who is Vinniepaz, got eliminated.

  Team Won: Both Teams Lost
  Challenge Started: October 14th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Vinniepaz (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/v/i/vinniepaz1234567_24.png) 559369 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/5/5/559369_24.png)
  Prize Picked: No prizes
  Special Prize: None


Both teams did not complete challenge

  What Vinniepaz says about his elimination:

I'm a little sad. I expected to be voted off eventually. I wasn't really going for the win though, just for fun. ;3

  What 559369 says about his elimination:

Voted off? Well, I was not really active anyway. I am actually happy that I made it that far for not really contributing to anything. Goes to show how much my teammates were actually paying attention, lmao.

15. No More Teams

  The teams are merged and the gameshow is now moving to the free-for-all stage. The users got a break during this challenge because the users from the Lounge chose on who gets eliminated this time. After the poll ended, it was shown the Flidsyufi, the user brought back a few challenges ago, is eliminated. 

  User Won: None
  Challenge Started: October 18th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Flidsyufi (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/f/l/flidsyufi_24.png)
  Prize for winning: No prizes


Flidsyufi got the most votes from the audience in the Lounge

  What Flidsyufi says about his elimination:

Looks like I get eliminated again. Oh well. Too bad for me.

16. Dead or Alive

  A fast-paced challenge inspired by the well-known ball game of dead or alive. Basically a host 'throws' a ball and the users must post to claim it. The game ended quickly with Spidapig winning, so he won invincibility from elimination in the gameshow. After elimination voting, Milking and Sreebrothers had to walk the plank.

  User Won: Spidapig
  Challenge Started: October 20th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Milking (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/m/i/milking_24.png) Sreebrothers (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/s/r/sreebrothers_24.png)
  Prize for winning: Invincibility from elimination voting this round


Milking - 100 Points
Jacmas - 500 Points
Jmc10 - 0 Points
Spidapig - 1000 Points
EpicOrange789 - 50 Points
Sportsdude105 - 200 Points
Sreebrothers - 300 Points
Drummer - 200 Points

  What Milking says about his elimination:

I just want to say, good luck to others. =)

  What Sreebrothers says about his elimination:

Feeling sad, anyway I should have been eliminated long time before and the ones who are not eliminated deserves to continue because they have the talent. If I was not eliminated this time a another person who deserves to continu will be eliminated, so I think was right choice eliminating me was a right choice. But I will miss the fun and spirit of gameshow. Best of Luck to everyone who are not eliminated.

17. The Fifth Wheel

  The lucky 7 users left needs to pair up with a limit of 2 members in each group. Since there is an odd number, a user will be "group-less" and that user will be eliminated. Quickly, Spidapig teamed up with Jmc10 and Jacmas teamed up with Sportsdude105. With that being grouped, Drummer, EpicOrange789, and LevelOrange011 were the users left not grouped. With Drummer and LevelOrange not being online at the moment, EpicOrange tried to team up with someone waiting for them to come online. Drummer decided to team up with LevelOrange011 instead. All in all, EpicOrange789 was eliminated.

  User Won: None
  Challenge Started: October 21th, 2012
  User Eliminated: EpicOrange789 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/e/p/epicorange789_24.png)
  Prize for winning: Not getting eliminated



Spidapig and Jmc10
Jacmas and Sportsdude105
Drummer and LevelOrange011

  What EpicOrange789 says about his elimination:

I didn't expect it really, but everyone's time in the gameshow runs out sooner or later. I don't really think I deserved to be eliminated, however everyones time in the gameshow ends. I'm not really too bothered.

18. Cash Fever

  The 3 teams teamed up from last challenge (LevelOrange011 and Drummer, Spidapig and Jmc10, Jacmas and Sportsdude105) and they played a game of deal or no deal. Sounds familiar? It's from the popular real-live TV gameshow of Deal or No Deal. What basically happens is that the 3 teams must pick cases every few turns and the cases the cases they pick gets 'eliminated'. After all the cases are gone, the remaining case is the amount of points the team will obtain. Though, every so often, deals will pop up where if you accept that deal, you take that amount of points instead and their turn is over. At the end, Team LevelOrange011 and Drummer lost by 50 points and they went to elimination voting. LevelOrange011 got eliminated at the end with 2 more votes than Drummer. Team Jacmas and Sportsdude105 got the most points so they won invincibility for elimination voting next challenge and they do not have to participate next challenge.

  User Won: Jacmas and Sportsdude105
  Challenge Started: October 22nd, 2012
  User Eliminated: LevelOrange011 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/l/e/levelorange011_24.png)
  Prize for winning: Invincibility for next challenge's elimination and does not have to participate next challenge



Spidapig and Jmc10 - 150 points
Jacmas and Sportsdude105 - 200 points
Drummer and LevelOrange011 - 100 points

  What LevelOrange011 says about his elimination:

Look, guys, I really don't care that I got elimanated. My primary goal of this was to enjoy the oppritunity to hang with my friends and ultimatley have fun. This was all a new experience to me, and I'm glad I got to enter the realm of this new gameshow and dive further into the depths of it's challenges. Winning was never an option. Up against 37 members, I'm immensly proud of even making it past the merge into the Top 6. But hey, what goes is what goes. Don't get mad. Don't rage. Just let the path of life take it's course amongst your journey. This was my very first experience with a Sploder Gameshow and I'm happy that I got to be here for it. I never even expected to get in. I could have been the happiest man in the world. But when the time comes, the time comes. Thanks to Liamnight and Moolatycoon for making my Gameshow experience the best it can be. I can't wait for the next one. And GO DRUMMER!

19. Scavenger Hunt

  Credit to Jackjoshseb for suggesting this challenge. The remaining 5 contestants (but only 3 plays this challenge because of last challenge's prize) needed to hunt for answers in the forums and this challenge could be related to a trivia-theme challenge. Spidapig finished the challenge 28 minutes later and the challenge was over. Elimination passed by and Drummer was eliminated.

  User Won: Spidapig
  Challenge Started: October 25th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Drummer (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/d/r/drummerrocker_24.png)
  Prize for winning: Elimination Vote counts twice


Spidapig finished 29 minutes later.

  What Drummer says about his elimination:


20. Public's Hate

  Jacmas, Sportsdude105, Spidapig, and Jmc10 was voted on by everyone to choose who gets eliminated, and 2 gets eliminated this challenge. At the beginning, Spidapig and Jacmas were in the 'Danger zone' of getting eliminated and for Spidapig got users to vote the other contestants by bribing the users with potential features and platinum awards. At the end, Jacmas and Sportsdude105 got eliminated with 46 and 51 votes.

  User with lowest amount of elimination votes: Jmc10
  Challenge Started: October 26th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Jacmas (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/j/a/jacmas_24.png) Sportsdude105 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/s/p/sportsdude105_24.png)


Spidapig: 36 votes
Sportsdude105: 51 votes
Jacmas: 46 votes
Jmc10: 22 votes

  What Jacmas says about his elimination:

Well, the gameshow was fun, but it is over. It was a great experience except when Spidapig was bribing people.

  What Sportsdude105 says about his elimination:

All I'm saying is that I don't mind being eliminated. But It's like all over again.

21½ The Ban Hammer!

  Jacmas and Spidapig gets voted by the past eliminated 11 users with Paradon and Stanleykitten. The voting took a while, and it was hard to tell who would win. At the end, Spidapig won.

  User with lowest amount of elimination votes: Spidapig
  Challenge Started: October 27th, 2012
  User Eliminated: Jmc10 (http://www.sploder.com/friends/avatars/j/m/jmc10_24.png)


Vote #1
Caster: EpicOrange789
Recipient: Jmc10
*Reasoning:  I think that he's played the better game. However, he had dishonesty when explaining about Jotreo or whatever. However, spidapig was also involved in that.

Vote #2
Caster: Jacmas
Recipient: Jmc10
Reasoning: Obviously, I think he may have just wanted some sweet revenge after being campaigned against in Challenge 20.

Vote #3
Caster: Flidsyufi
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: I guess he wasn't taken out twice by Spidapig.

Vote #4
Caster: Paradon
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: No idea. Maybe Parry just likes Spida more? Only the highest can see that itmoi's reasoning.

Vote #5
Caster: Sportsdude5
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: Perhaps he felt betrayed. At first his vote was to Jmc, but he changed his mind later on.

Vote #6
Caster: Milking
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: No idea. Milking wasn't too involved.

Vote #7
Caster: Stanleykitten
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: Perhaps it was because of Jotreo, idk. Stan mentioned "I like the way JMC played more, and he was on team ponies with  me and I want more than anything to have a pony member win, but I really think Spida might have him beat."

Voter #8
Caster: LevelOrange011
Recipient: Jmc10
Reasoning: First off, I would like to apologize to Level, but it would flow better to show his vote. I know he had a tough time choosing.

Voter #9
Caster: Sreebrothers
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: Idk.

Voter #10
Caster: Liamnight
Recipient: Jmc10
Reasoning: N/a

Voter #11
Caster: Troyio
Recipient: Jmc10
Reasoning: Spidapig voted him off and lead against him. Nuff said.

Vote #12
Caster: Drummer
Recipient: Spidapig
Reasoning: I know you wanted it privately, but hopefully they are both mature enough not to get all butt hurt over a gameshow.

Vote #13
Caster: Moolatycoon
Recipient: Spidapig
Description: After looking at both of their styles I thought things over for a while. Jmc played a good honest game, but didn't really prove himself to deserve it that well, Spida played a shadier game, and did some not so nice things, however I feel he played the better game, and he brought up some really good points and rebuttals in Challenge 21 Phase 1.

And, for those of you who can't count.... CONGRATULATIONS TO....

Champion Spidapig


Spida won in a close 3 vote difference! congratulations!

  What Jmc10 says about his elimination:

(picture of Cartman saying he's going home)
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Trials 2013?

Well, it's possible, but I'm not entirely sure of it. If it was made, it would most likely be run my Moola and I again.
Title: Re: [News] The Sploder Informer
Post by: liamnight on December 03, 2012, 11:57 pm
Upcoming Game Creators Up-To-Date Information, New Hidden Pics For Upcoming Platformer Creator

Article Created By: Liamnight

Upcoming Game Creators

The Arcade Game Creator

  One of the upcoming game creator is the Arcade Game Creator. The creator will have seven different game-play types which are all variations on the side-scroller but with different player types/vehicles and objects [* (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,299794.msg3334567.html#msg3334567)]. The planned seven game-play types has not been specified, except for one. One of the types will be the Platformer Creator, (a new one) which will be released earlier as a preview of the Arcade Creator. It is aimed to be released for the week after Christmas [* (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,305700.msg3411533.html#msg3411533)].

Platformer Creator - The Arcade Game Creator

  During the new years holiday of 2012, Geoff came on and went to Tinychat. He went on camera and showed what he's been working on for a bit. What he showed was the Platformer Creator in production. From the users were who online in that chat, users described it as 'more smooth' and 'less rough', compared to the original platformer creator. Unfortunately, none of the users who where online during that time took a screenshot of it.

  The full platformer creator (not the preview) will be set to be available on both the website and on Apple Products. They include Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods. It will have a cost of $0.99 on the App Store, and the following updates are most likely going to be free.

  The creator is set for for long, narrow playfields, for horizontal scrolling. It is currently being testing with a grid of 192 blocks wide by 24 blocks high. It could go wider. [* (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,305700.msg3414258.html#msg3414258)]. A video preview was released not a while ago as well, link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fHsD0bQuSx0).

  If you saw the preview from the link above, you could tell that it has a big difference. It is indeed 'less rough' and 'more smooth', and it can be related to a similar game pattern as the original mario series. You can tell that the player did not loose any health from lava, and that is because the game rules have not been written yet [* (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,305700.msg3411461.html#msg3411461)] .

  The player of the character is also found when you reload the chat of the forum, spotted from a user a few weeks back.

Other Game Creators

  Geoff has also stated that he's been working on an RPG platformer game creator but stalled it for certain reasons [* (http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,299794.msg3334567.html#msg3334567)]. Geoff has also stated in the comments that the creator is complete non-linear. That means that the storyline isn't a straight line. For example, Minecraft is a non-linear game.

  A few months ago, Geoff has explained that he might be able to get the shooter creator to function on both the iPad and the iPods (Newer iPods). That means that if he's able to get the iPad/iPod to talk to the shooter creator, you'll be able to make classic shooter games and play it on both the iPad and the iPod. If it was available for the specified Apple products, it could have a cost of $0.99 like the platformer game creator but we're not sure. Geoff also said that the discovery was recent so he can't promise any close date of this. Geoff has also said that he might be able to get the Android as well. Though he is not sure because he didn't test the technology yet. During his announcement, 2 users asked what he meant by 'newer versions' of the iPad and the iPhone.  It has been said that the 'newer versions of the iPod' includes the 4th generation of its product. It has been also said that the iPhone also falls into the category, but most likely it will be compatible with the iOS5.

  Also a few months ago, NPC asked Geoff about a simple music creator. He replied with the following statement: I think a simple music creator would be a great addition to Sploder. We'll see!

Twitter Posts

  From Geoff's twitter account, there are a few posts that he might have been referring to the upcoming game creators. Let's check them out.





  Why can't I see the entire twitter post? Fake! Not, it is not fake. The reason why the last one has the entire twitter post but the others don't is because I didn't have time to make it look pretty.

New Pics for Platformer Creator

This was the pic that was teased on the forum:


These are the new pics that were found on the Sploder Twitter Account:

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Official Sploder Gameshows

Article Created By: Liamnight

Vault 67: How It's Not Happening

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the gameshow is not happening anymore. Spellmage, the main host, cannot run the gameshow anymore due to problems in real life (I will not state the problem was, since it was in the Barracks). The only way to keep this gameshow alive is if one of the hosts want to continue the gameshow by themself.
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More Pictures of the New Creator, Game Being Tested On Ipod Touch 4g With Retina Display

Article Created By: Liamnight

New Pics

So a few more pics of the new creator arrived a few days earlier. Be sure to check the article with up-to-date info on the creator!



Game Being Tested On Apple Products


A recent twitter update posted in the official twitter account, shown up above, talked about the product it's being tested on. The picture that was linked to it was the first picture in the 'New Pics' section of this article. Since it's being tested on a phone, and in the explanation of the small fingers, the penny was probably added to show how tiny the screen and the objects are.
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New Pic For Creator

Article Created By: Liamnight

This picture was released on the official Facebook account of Sploder. The picture's description is "Some powerups for the new creator!"

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More Pics For Upcoming Creator

Article Created By: Liamnight

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New Pic For Creator, Twitter Post Shows Hard Work

Article Created By: Liamnight

A new image teasing the new creator [2 hours ago] has surfaced on the Sploder official account of Facebook, with the message "Yay! Tunnels are working!".


On Geoff's Official Twitter account, he showed an image of his errors he encountered:


Now you're going to ask, What does this have to do with the creator?. First of all, the new creator can also be played on the apple products (Iphone, Ipod), and the first error says "Missing Retina 4 Image Launch", and the Ipad 3 and the Iphone 5 uses retina display, therefore, it shows that Geoff has been working on the apple products also!

Nice work Geoff!
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Lounge Being Deleted Due To New Plan

Article Created By: Liamnight

The Lounge:  August 13, 2012 - December 26, 2012.

   A plan established by 7Grant2, taking effect on soon, will result in the removal of the Lounge and change around a few more things. Looking forward to have a Hero Member rank? Was your plan removed since the Lounge is getting deleted? Don't be! Hero Members are tied with the new plan. 
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Something new, I see?

Article Created By: Liamnight

   New forum job is coming soon for the Forum.
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Cyber Gates moves down

Article Created By: Liamnight

   After much discussion in the LL, if you have not noticed, the 'Gates to Cyberspace' has been moved to below the Archive category.
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New World Type Announced; Has Previous Teasers Revealed Upcoming Worlds?

Article Created By: Liamnight

   According to the official Facebook account of Sploder, a new world type in creation has been announced, which is a cave world type.


   And attached to the facebook comment, has a preview on what Geoff has so far for the Cave World Type:


   Also, before the game creator was released, teaser images were released on what Geoff had so far. Some of those teasers aren't in the creator yet. Are these enemies and images/videos a clue to the future world types?

One of the first few teasers teased. (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A6waL9aCAAAyAoB.jpg)
This enemy isn't listed in the game creator (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7r82OICcAAY_XG.jpg)
This background isn't possible yet in the game creator (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7r8-eACUAA_8I4.jpg)
These blocks/background isn't shown yet in the game creator (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7r9IfsCAAAXdET.jpg)
Same with the link above. (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7r9QSCCYAAJmml.jpg)
This is also found from the first video teaser released (http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/21917_10151138084317596_2049120730_n.jpg)
Rabbit with eyepatch? Not yet. (http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/559845_10151155481882596_162401179_n.jpg)
Not released yet. (http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/74270_10151155481887596_38165389_n.jpg)
Same with this. (http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/28067_10151155481897596_1338071420_n.jpg)
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New Enemy for upcoming retro arcade world?

Article Created By: Liamnight

 This photo was released on facebook:


What do you think?
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New World Coming Soon

Article Created By: Liamnight

Geoff has announced on the Sploder Official Facebook with the message "Cave World coming soon to the Arcade Game Creator! Stay tuned!". This image was linked to the message: