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I love the word 'Naughty'sticki4395
I feel lonley :(Gallade265451579
mah new avatar!bloon4399
thank for a rankamdri491485
Who's your favorite superhero?mitkoizi4141522
Thank for rating...gamekid2011201039
Who do you live closest to on sploder?gamekid20111234346
Have you ever has that one song, playing over and over again in your mind?Vezon40k6438
Post for a precentage and opinionjefd65331545
Post for a Rank and a Short OpinionMilking873205
What are you guys doing this valetine's day?ticktatwert722285
What religion are you?kylepeanut12823727
I don't have a crush on anyone now. Mariokartfan291545
Longer flu facantion!pravdomir044463
Give me a movie and I actually rate itmyownself441971
What Movies Are You Going To Watch 2014-2016?ericsonmasterofplayi1494519
129 ON FLAPPY BIRDmat7772191341
If i was a girl.......tubesteak281678
Post for how I pronounce your usernamejmc1021934
name what is to the left of youamdri491383
The Sploder Mental Age Testbalanache341359
how much language can y'all talk?sreebrothers461575
What is your mental age? probe5431428
I Was In Sploder's Dark WorldYourFriendlyGuy421891
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