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Minjaze and rus!kylepeanut12151011
Wow, You Guys Are AssesYourFriendlyGuy1435030
The weirdest most awesomest thing happened to me todayLaurenisawesome111031
This Is MY SPACE!!YourFriendlyGuy331538
congrats to our new soldierminerva191177
I might try something...Alonessix4638
I'm Disappointed in The Xbox One's Release DateOmega512827
I have have a big idea!(accepted)master106693983
people take that too seriously, xDThebluefire20112471
I don't see why people make high school out to be so badglowingbluewolf231316
You private noobs Goml goml goml gomlbobbler162168
So, this is what I'm learning in precalculuskittysocks161160
Today Was Quite GoodChumpion161347
My dad just asked if Las Vegas was a state.kylepeanut1211865
Come here NAO!sreebrothers6698
Prison Cell Trailer!matthade222998
Say hello to our new soldier...pokemaster579764571
Count to 50 before benno98 posts.benno985558
make a songIball4311096
Anyone want a free drawing of their avatar?minjazemunka241981431883
WHO WANTS A FREE AWARD? (when i get out of the gameshow)paradon462198
My neighbors are idiots -.-EpicOrange789151037
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